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    Jann Lee by Reno

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                      /   Dead or Alive 2: Jann Lee Character Guide   \
                                           by Reno
    Written for Monospace format
    Do the '.'s line up with the numbers?
    ----------------------- DISCLAIMER -------------------------
    This document is Copyright (c) 2000 Andrew Alfonso, all rights reserved.  This
    document may not be altered in any way, and may only be redistributed in its
    original electronic form.  This document is not to be used for promotional
    and/or profitable purposes.  Any information used from this document must be
    given proper acknowledgement.
    All aspects of Dead or Alive 2 used in this document are Copyright (c) 1999, 2000 
    Tecmo Inc.  All rights reserved.
    -------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS ---------------------
    1 ...  Version History
    2 ...  Introduction
    3 ...  Background Info
    4 ...  Conventions
    5 ...  Movelist (not complete?)
    6 ...  Jann Lee Strategy
              - General Thoughts
              - Guard Cancelling
              - Combos
    7 ...  To Be Done
    8 ...  Acknowledgements
    ==================== VERSION HISTORY =======================
    02/06/00 - VERSION 0.01: first official release
    02/12/00 - VERSION 0.05: Fixed up tab problems, edited a few
               words, and... that's about it.  More strategy 
               stuff to come when midterms are over.
    03/08/00 - VERSION 0.1:  Added Guard Buffering, Crouch Dashing
               as well as some other stuff.  If you've read my Ein
               faq, it's the same thing, only applied to Jann Lee ^^;
    ===================== INTRODUCTION =========================
    This is my second FAQ, although my first on a fighting game.  The first one I
    ever did was on Bust a Groove 2, and that was mainly to understand how FAQs
    were written.  I've been playing Dead or Alive 2 since it arrived here in Toronto
    some 4 weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure I've gotten down the complete movelist, but
    if you know of something that I missed in the movelist or any other part of this
    FAQ, let me know.  I've been planning to write this faq ever since I started
    playing Dead or Alive 2, but I know this faq is far from complete at this
    time.  Hopefully you'll get something out of this, and if you have any questions
    about the game, go visit Wind-X's Dead or Alive site at 
    It's an awesome resource for anything Dead or Alive related, and if you don't 
    find what you're looking for here, then you're SOL
    ==================== BACKGROUND INFO =======================
    (Taken from Dead or Alive 1)
    Name:             Jann Lee
    Birthdate:        November 27th
    Height:           5 foot 9 inches
    Weight:           165 pounds
    Measurements:     B=39" / W=32" / H=36"
    Nationality:      Chinese
    Style:            Jeet Kune Do
    Profession:       Bodyguard
    Favorite Food:    Hamburger, Grapefruit
    Hobby:            Watching action movies
    ====================== CONVENTIONS =========================
    P               - Punch
    K               - Kick
    S               - Free
    d/b             - down-back
    b               - back
    u/b             - up-back
    d               - down
    N               - neutral
    u               - up
    d/f             - down-forward
    f               - forward
    u/f             - up-forward
    ,               - Must be done right after the previous move
    ~               - Immediately after the previous move (faster than ",")
    >               - Delayed after
    [ ]             - Hold button(s) down
    ( )             - Guaranteed after initial attack 
    {X_Y}           - Choice between button presses, X and Y represent the choices
    ALL             - Press all buttons together (Free, Punch, Kick)
    BK              - With back facing opponent
    WR              - While rising from any prone position
    WL              - While descending from jump
    H               - High Attack       - Can be blocked high, or ducked
    H!              - High Unblockable  - Can only be ducked
    M               - Mid Attack        - Can only be blocked standing
    M/G             - Mid/Ground        - Also hits grounded opponents
    L               - Low Attack        - Can only be blocked ducking
    TA              - Turn Around       - Character shows back after move
    Standing Throw  - Used on a standing opponent
    Catch           - Standing throw with execution time
    Low             - Used on a crouching opponent
    Back            - Used on a standing opponent, facing their back
    Multithrow      - Used immediately after the previous throw when
                      the words "Combo Throw" appear on the screen
               (2)  - Second Multipart, following initial throw
    Wall (f)        - Wall throw, used with wall at your front
    Wall (b)        - Wall throw, used with wall at your back
    Prone Attack    - May only be executed when opponent is prone
    ====================== MOVELIST ============================
    Primary Partner: Lei Fang
    Secondary Partner: Ein (Not Confirmed)
    Basic Attacks
    Move                    Motion      Location       Damage
    Jab                      P             H               10
    Uppercut                 d/f+P         M               20
    Low Knuckle              d+P           L                5
    High Kick                K             H               30
    Sidekick                 d/f+K         M               22
    Thrust Kick              d+K           L               12
    Turn Jab                 BK,P          H               12
    Turn Bodyblow            BK,d+P        M               15
    Turn Low Knuckle         BK,[d+P]      L               10
    Blind Knuckle            BK,d/b+P      H               45
    Turn High Kick           BK,K          H               30
    Turn Sidekick            BK,d+K        M               27
    Turn Spin Kick           BK,d/f+K      L               25
    Blind Elbow              BK,P+K        M               40
    Front Jump Knuckle       u/f~P         M               15
    Front Jump Spin Knuckle  u/f,P         H               18
    Jump Knuckle             u~P           M               15
    Jump Spin Knuckle        u,P           H               18
    Back Jump Spin Knuckle   u/b,P         H               18
    Front Jump Snap Kick     u/f~K         M               30
    Front Jump Spin Kick     u/f,K         L               25
    Jump Snap Kick           u~K           M               30
    Jump Spin Kick           u,K           L               25
    Back Jump Spin Kick      u/b,K         L               25
    Move                    Motion     Hit Location       Damage
    Knuckle Upper           u/f+P          H                 16
    Back Hook               u+K            H                 24
    High Shin Knee Kick     u/b+K          H                 25
    Rear High Kick          u+K            H                 35
    Kick Upper              u/f+K          M                 26
     Double Rising Kicks    u/f+K,K       (MH)            26,25
    Chastisement Chop       b+P            M                 26
    Sway Jab                u/b+P          H                 12
    Following can be started by using Sway Jab, Lead Jab or Turn Jab
     Jab - High Kick        P,K            HH             ??,30
     Sonic Hook             P,f+P         (HH)            ??,18
     Sonic Spin Kick        P,f+P+K       (HH)M        ??,18,30
     Sonic Low Spin Kick    P,f+P,d+K     (HH)L        ??,18,25
     Sonic Blow             P,d+P          HM             ??,18
     Sonic Upper            P,d+P,P        HMM         ??,18,20
     Combo Low Pin Kick     P,[d+P+K]      HML         ??,18,25
     Lead Hook              PP            (HH)            ??,10
     Back Knuckle           PPP           (HHH)        ??,10,10
     Dragon Rush            PPPK          (HHH)H    ??,10,10,47
     Dragon Cannon          PPP,f+P       (HHH)M    ??,10,10,45
     Dragon Slicer          PPP,d+K       (HHH)L    ??,10,10,24
     Combo Knuckle Upper    PP,[f+P]      (HH)H        ??,10,16
     Combo High Kick        PPK           (HH)H        ??,10,26
    Body Blow               f+P            M                 18
     Body Upper             f+P,P          MM             18,20
     Body Low Spin Kick     f+P,d+K        ML             18,25
    Flash Hook              ff+P           H                 18
     Flash Spin Kick        ff+P,K         HM             18,30
     Flash Low Spin Kick    ff+P,d+K       HL             18,25
    Low Dragon Hammer       d/b+P          L                 20
    Dragon Hammer           b,f+P          M                 28
    Shin Knee Kick          S+K            M                 25
     Shin Knee High Kick    S+K,K          MH             25,35
    Middle Hook Kick        b+K            M                 24
     Double Hook Kick       b+K,K          MH             24,25
    Thrust Kick             d+K            L                 12
     Thrust Spike Kick      d+K,K          LM             12,37
     Thrust Spin Kick       [d+K],K        LL             12,25
    Side Kick               d/f+K          M                 22
     Side Master Kick       d/f+K,K        MH             22,32
     Dragon Strike          d/f+P,f+P      MM             22,50
     Side Back Kick         d/f+K,b+K      MM             22,25
    Snap Kick               f+K            M                 20
     Snap Spin Kick         f+K,K          MH             20,32
     Snap Spike Kick        f+K,b,f+K      MM             20,37
    Dragon Low Kick         d/b+K          L                 24
    Low Spin Kick           d+S+K          L                 25
    Dragon Blow             qcf+P          H                 40
    Dragon Elbow            P+K            M                 35
    Dragon Knuckle          [d],b,f+P      M                 50
    Dragon Kick             qcf+K          H!                55
    Dragon Spike            b,f+K          M                 40
    Flash Turn              b,b+P          H                 18
    High Kick               K              H                 30
     High Spin Kick         K,K            HH             30,32
    Dragon Flare            f,f+K          M                 42
    Dragon Step High        f+S+K          H                 36
    Move                    Motion     Description        Damage
    Hell Drive              S+P        Standing Throw          40
    Dragon Gunner           f+S+P      Catch Throw             42
    Piggyback Throw         b+S+P
    OR                      WL S+P     Standing Throw          48
    The Way of the Dragon   qcb+S+P    Standing Throw    5(x5)+30
    The Wall of the Dragon  qcb+S+P    Wall(f) Throw   5(x5)20+20
    Headlock                qcf+S+P    Standing Throw          53
     Bulldog Takedown       b,b+S+P    Multithrow (2)          25
    Dragon Rave             S+P        Back Throw           30+25
    Chastisement Punch      qcf+S+P
    OR                      WL S+P     Back Throw              58
    Front Facelock          d+S+P
    OR                      WL d+S+P   Low Throw               55
    Side Buster             d/b+S+P    Low Throw               60
    Punishment Punch        d+S+P
    OR                      WL d+S+P   Low Back Throw          63
    Move                    Motion     Description         Damage
    Arcade Mode:
    Godless Shoto Knee      f,u/b+S    vs. H Punch          28+30
    Trace Gunner            f,u/b+S    vs. H Kick              58
    Double Bind             f,b+S      vs. M Punch          10+10
    Leg Sweep               b,f+S      vs. M Kick              58
    Deep the Dragon         f,d/b+S    vs. L Punch          28+30
    Dragon Twist            f,d/b+S    vs. L Kick              58
    Dreamcast Mode:
    ?????                   u/b+S      vs. H                   ??
    ?????                   b+S        vs. M                   ??
    ?????                   d/b+S      vs. L                   ??
    Trample                 u+P+K      Down Attack             20
    Enter the Dragon        u+ALL      Down Attack         15+5+5
    Low Snap Kick           d+K        Down Attack             10
    Special Moves
    Shout Taunt             b,f,b+ALL  Taunt                    0
    Tag Throws
    Skyscaper - Dragon Kick	f,f+ALL    From Lei Fang
    Double Dragon Fist      f,f+ALL    To Lei Fang
    Tag Deep the Dragon     ff+ALL     Anyone but Lei Fang
                   OR       b+ALL      Anyone initiates
    ================= JANN LEE THOUGHTS ========================
    Jann Lee is one of the quicker characters of the game, much faster
    than brutes such as Leon and Bass and about on par with both
    Ryu and Ein.
    When you first start off with Jann Lee, you'll probably learn
    most of his scrubby moves, such as P+K, qcf+P and qcf+K.  Once you
    get a feel for Jann Lee's range and speed, you should attempt to
    learn other moves and strings and stray away from the three moves
    listed above.  
    The Dragon Kick is a High Power attack, meaning that you can only 
    duck to evade this move.  If ducked, Jann Lee is left extremely
    vulnerable, because he will not fly over the opponent's body.  
    Rather, he will just land in front of the opponent, and be left
    wide open.  Another disadvantage is has is the fact that it has
    a good deal of lag time before it, as well as moving you forward
    before the attack starts.  These reasons should be enough for you to
    use it sparingly, but take advantage of any opportunities you might
    receive when in battle, such as:
    u/f+P, PPP, d+K, qcf+K
    This is Jann Lee's Dragon Slicer string, which ends in a low attack that
    causes a 'trip stun', which causes the opponent to fall on his hands and rise
    up against slowly.  This is one of the better times to use qcf+K, since it's
    hard to time the defensive hold against the kick.
    Both the Dragon Elbow and Dragon Punch are nice, but also leave
    Jann Lee extremely open for punishment, especially the Dragon Elbow.
    Short range + Back turned after move = extremely bad.  Try to stay away 
    from the three moves I've listed above, unless you are certain that 
    they will connect or they're part of a string.  All three have an insane
    amount of lag time once they're executed, and all of them leave you open
    for about a second afterwards.
    Crouch Dashing
    I forgot what game this technique made it's debut in, but I'm almost certain
    that it's from either VF2 or VF3.  What Crouch Dashing enables you to do is move
    forward while in a crouching position.  This is great for avoiding 
    attacks that hit high, as it puts you in a tatical advantage over your opponent.
    You can also duck all standing throws by Crouch Dashing, although Catch Throws
    will probably nail you if you try this.
    To Crouch Dash, double tap in the d/f direction.  It's basically like a normal dash,
    except you're going diagonal.  The possibilities of this technique are endless, as
    you can duck under an incoming attack, and either throw, strike or defensive hold as
    soon as you recover.
    Guard Cancelling
    One of the more nifty things in Dead or Alive 2 is called Guard Cancelling, which
    was pioneered by the Virtua Fighter series and taken a step further with Soul Calibur.
    Guard cancelling allows you to put together strings of attacks that normally would be
    impossibly to string together. For example, a PPP, K string may give you three punches 
    and a combo spin kick. However, if you want three jabs and then a regular high kick, 
    you would have to input PPP~S,K. This mixes up your offensive game a lot, as you can stop 
    your string anytime you want to and do something totally different than what your 
    opponent is expecting.  This is especially good if your opponent knows your character 
    and is risking to do a defensive hold.  You don't have to limit yourself to just 
    normal attacks after the guard cancel either.  You can tack on a throw at the
    end for even more damage.  An example of this would be something like:
    u/b+P, P, S, qcf+S+P, bb+S+P
    Here you're leading with the Sway Jab, cancelling the second of your jabs in the string and
    going straight into the headlock multithrow right into a bulldog.  While it might take some
    practice, it's an extremely deadly tatic to once you perfect it because it gives three
    options while attacking: 1) complete the string 2) Guard Cancel into a standard attack
    3) Guard Cancel into a throw
    Guard Buffering
    Another useful tactic brought over from the VF series is Guard Buffering.  It's used
    in Soul Calibur as well, but Virtua Fighter pioneered it :)  What Guard Buffering allows
    you to do is input your joystick taps while holding the Free button to guard.  For example,
    say you want to execute Jann's f, f+P, K string.  To Guard Buffer this, hold Free and
    tap f, then release Free and tap f+P... voila! you have your f, f+P without the risk of
    accidently dashing forward because you didn't time the second f right ^^;  This technique
    works for all moves in the game, as you can guard buffer Defensive Holds, throws and 
    anything else you want.  The key thing to remember is that you need to release the Free
    button before the last joystick input, or else it won't work.
    Advantages of Guard Buffering?  Like I said before, it'll prevent you from accidently
    dashing or whatnot if you're not too good with the timing yet, as well as it keeps your
    opponent guessing to what you'll do.  
    ==================  DREAMCAST CHANGES  =========================
    So far, the only changes that are confirmed for the Dreamcast is the
    inclusion of a Dreamcast mode.  In this mode, Defensive Holds are MUCH
    easier to accomplish (these changes can be seen in the Movelist above).
    Tecmo also included an Arcade mode for those old school guys who
    don't want to deviate from the arcade inputs.
    =====================  TO BE DONE  =========================
    - More General Strategy
    - Inclusion of some neat combos
    - Completion of Movelist
    - Psychological tatics
    - Clean up any grammar/spelling mistakes
    =================== ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS =======================
    Tecmo - For making the F'n game
    Wind-X - The crazy Texan that let me read his overview so that I could
    learn how to play this F'n game, he's made a terrific site for all
    DoA fans to come and talk about their favorite game
    Janiera - This girl has been sharing DoA2 related stuff with me
    ever since the game has been released over here.  Oh, and she's also
    a porn star named Angelique
    Funland Arcade - Providing me with some good (and often times, not so good) competition
    BigCat - for his amazing DoA2 FAQ, where I picked up the translations
    for all the moves, without his faq, it probably would've taken me decades
    to get all the move names right :)
    The Next Level (http://www.the-nextlevel.com) - shameless plug
    for the game site that I contribute to =)
    EFnet #soulcalibur tribe
    Dalnet #perfect-zero tribe

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