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    Move List by Jimbo

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    Dead or Alive 2 – Move List - For Arcade and Dreamcast
    FAQ by Jimbo [jimbo@ola.com.au]
    This is the second part of my DoA 2 FAQ. This is the part with all the 
    moves for the characters. If you want all the basics and to learn how 
    to play DoA 2 go and look at my Basics FAQ, which can be found at...
    You'll find it in the arcade section of the Site. That FAQ is just the 
    Basics and that's all this is where all the moves for each character 
    are found. Well let's get on with this FAQ then.
    I. Intro 
        - Intro to DoA 2
        - Revision History
    II. Controls
        - Arcade Controls
        - Dreamcast Controls [... on Dreamcast version's release]
        - Advanced Controls
        - Move Key [Conventions]
    III. Characters
        - Ayane
        - Kasumi
        - Tina Armstrong
        - Jann Lee
        - Ein
        - Hayabusa
        - Bass
        - Gen Fu
        - Lei Fang
    IV. Start Up
    V. Cheats/Extra's
    VI. Legal Stuff
    This game is simply amazing in every way. From the super realistic 
    graphics to the great control this game has it all. All of this with 
    great gameplay and hot babes, what more can a guy ask for? Well mabey 
    more girls but I think they have enough.
    Anyway this game is only in the arcade right now but it shouldn't be 
    for much longer with the US release date set for late February, early 
    March. Well here is a guide for the moves. I'll do as much as possible 
    now and then finish off with the US release on the Dreamcast and write 
    a new one.
    [Note:] Really quickly if you have any questions, comments, or you have 
    some suggestions or more information go ahead and send it in. I say 
    this because it is an arcade game and it's harder to make sure what 
    your doing is exactly right, you know?
    Well here is what the games systems are, but they seem to be encoded in 
    some secret Tecmo language!? Well mabey not but the words are too 
    complex for me.
    Poly Count: 3,000,000pps 
    Frame Rate: 30/60fps 
    Lighting: 2 Infinite Lights, 2 Point Lights 
    Screen Effect: Motion Blur, Cross Dissolve 
    Voice: 22/44.1KHz APDCM 
    Seamless Loader/Player 
    Realtime Inverse Kinematics Class 
    C2 Interpolation 
    Stage Undulation Secondary Motion: Multi Jointed Accessory, Meshed 
    Morphings: Facial Animation, Hand Animation
    ANY-way lets get a move on now...
    [Version 1.7] March 17, 2000
    Well it's been a while but I've been busy with midterms. Anyway I've 
    added 2 characters now that the Dreamcast version is out I'll be sure 
    to finish hopefully by tomorrow or mabey Sunday, not sure yet but as 
    soon and I can.
    [Version 1.6] March 5, 2000
    Here's another update with the usually. A new character done this time 
    it's big boy bass with his bad-ass moves. Well back again soon with 
    [Version 1.5] March 1, 2000
    Wow, last update was so fast I forgot to do a revision history on it. 
    Well that's to bad. Anyway I did another character and today I've done 
    Ein's move list.
    [Version 1.3] February 26, 2000
    Well here is another update to this guide, which will start to get big 
    soon I think. Well I did another character and some more so take a 
    look. I'll have more done tomorrow so don't fret. It will be done by 
    the time it's out on the Dreamcast in like 3 weeks now!!!
    [Version 1.2] February 20, 2000
    This is the third or second update because the last one wasn't posted. 
    Anyway this time I've done a few more things. I did a bit of 
    rearranging of things and I also added a cheat section and have done 
    all of Tina's move. Enjoy until the next update.
    [Version 1.1] February 18, 2000
    This is the first update to this guide and it comes with all of 
    Kasumi's moves. Enjoy for now I'm off to play RE3.
    [Version 1.0] February 14th, 2000
    This is the first version of what's going to be a HUGE FAQ, mainly 
    because of the very long character guides. It may take me a while to 
    finish because of school but I will do as much as I can during the week 
    and should do some big updates in the weekends. Well today I've only 
    II. Controls
    The controls for DoA2 are simple at first glance but have a good set of 
    depth in them if you learn them through-and-through. Here is a quick 
    show of the setup of the arcade.
    /  \ <-- Joystick                 
    \__/   ___     ___     ___     ______
     ||   /   \   /   \   /   \   |______| <-- Start Button
     ||  |     | |     | |     |      
     ||   \___/   \___/   \___/
            |       |       |
     Free -/      Punch      \- Kick
    Well that's it, just add another one to the other side of the machine 
    and you got a DoA2 setup. The layout may differ slightly but should be 
    similar in all different setups.
    I can't do the Dreamcast controls as of yet, but once it's out on the 
    DC and into my hands I'll be sure to put them in.
    Well these are the more advanced features of the controls, which aren't 
    moves though. All of these are very helpful and are easy to learn so 
    you should learn them in a second or two. Anyway here they are for you 
    to learn...
    To block an attack just pull the joystick away from your opponent 
    and then just get hit. If it's a low attack you have to hold down 
    and back to block it. This does take a bit of strategy but not 
    much, just watch your opponents attack then you'll figure it out.
    To do a simple jump just press the joystick upwards. This will 
    cause you to jump. Once you're in the air you can do air attacks 
    which will be different than normal.
    This is like the Vs. series and the newer Tekken Tag games. 
    During a tag match you can change from one of your characters to 
    another. Anyway to do this all you have to do is press all three 
    buttons at the same time. It's better if you do it as your 
    opponent is being juggled or on the ground.
    Sidestep, which is the easiest way to evade a move that you 
    aren't sure of to block is simple. All you have to do is press 
    either down, down, free for a sidestep toward the screen or press 
    up, free for one away from the screen.
    This isn't just normal moving of course. This is basically where 
    you can walk around anyway in the stage limitations. All you have 
    to do is double tap the joystick in any direction then hold it 
    and press the 'free' button. This will then let you move anywhere 
    you want to.
    This is a very in-depth thing, which I wasn't so aware of. Anyway 
    I got a bit of help and here's what I know. Counters in DoA 2 are 
    based on a sort of pinpoint hold system. This hold system is 
    where you have to pick the areas the move is going to go. Once 
    you know or think you do you can try one of the following for the 
    different types or attacks...
    To counter a high-based kick or punch you have to press: Forward, 
    Up/Back, Free
    To counter a mid-based punch only you have to press: Forward, 
    Back, Free
    To do a pinpoint hold on a mid-based kick move you have to press: 
    Back, Forward, Free
    Finally for the low-based attack you have to press: Forward, 
    Down/Back, Free
    These hold/counters are the same for every character in the game, 
    although the animations will be different to their different 
    style of fighting. Also some characters can use their parries 
    from the first DoA, which I'll add in at a later time. 
    If you aren't very good at telling which move your opponent is 
    going to do (it's harder against a CPU player because they have a 
    good variety) you can counter the last move of a combo. This is 
    exactly the same but you might have to start a bit earlier but 
    not to early as to get hit from the move before it.
    I'd like to give a shout-out to, YC Tan, thanks for the help in 
    the counters and a bit of the free movement stuff.
    Well that's all I got for now so I'll move on again. If I figure out 
    something else or remember I'll add it in. If you have something that 
    should be added in to this section gives me a line at jimbo@ola.com.au 
    and I'll chuck it in there.
    This is the key for the move lists, which are below. This is where you 
    can find out what each thing means. Most of them are very obvious but 
    some are harder to figure out on your own.
    f = Press Forward
    b = Press Backwards
    d = Press Down
    u = Press Up
    df = Press Down and Forward
    db = Press Down and Backwards
    uf = Press Up and Forwards
    ub = Press Up and Backwards
    F = Hold Forward
    B = Hold Backwards
    D = Hold Down
    U = Hold Up
    DF = Hold Down and Forward
    DB = Hold Down and Backwards
    UF = Hold Up and Forwards
    UB = Hold Press Up and Backwards
    P = Punch
    K = Kick
    S = Free
    qcf = Quarter Circle Forward, Down, Down Forward, Forward
    qcb = Quarter Circle Back, Down, Down Back, Back
    hcf = Half Circle Forward, Back, Down, Forward 
    hcb = Half Circle Back, Forward, Down, Back
    QCF = Hold Quarter Circle Forward, Down, Down Forward, Forward
    QCB = Hold Quarter Circle Back, Down, Down Back, Back
    HCF = Hold Half Circle Forward, Back, Down, Forward
    HCB = Hold Half Circle Back, Forward, Down, Back
    + = And - press both buttons simultaneously
    , = Then – Press one after the other
    [FU/FA] = On the Ground with Face Up and Feet Away from you
    [FD/FA] = On the Ground with Face Down and Feet Away from you
    [back] = Your opponent's back has to be facing you
    trw = Throw
    std = Standing
    bck = Back
    atk = Attack
    cth = Catch
    Well there they are for now there will be more but I'll wait until I 
    start writing the move list.
    III. Characters
        A   A 
       A    A
      A  AA A YANE 
     A  AA  A ----
    - Birthdate -     ????
    - Height -        5 foot 6 inches
    - Weight -        114 pounds
    - Measurements -  B=37" / W=21" / H = 31"
    - Nationality -   Japanese
    - Style -         Ninjitsu
    - Profession -    Ninja
    This is the move list for Ayane who happens to be Kasumi's sister 
    therefore they have very similar moves. Here primary partner in DoA 2 
    is Ein, but I don't know here secondary partner yet.
    NAME of MOVE                 COMMAND     AREA        DAMAGE
    ------------                 -------     ----        ------
    Supreme Edge                 P           H           10
    Wind Murder Knife            df+P        M           20
    Earth Edge                   d+P         L           5
    Supreme Heaven Kick          K           H           27
    Flash People's Kick          df+K        M           24
    Flowing Dust Kick            d+K         L           10
    Front Arc Sky Murder         uf,P        M           15
    Front Arc Sky Kick           uf,K        M           30
    Front Earth Mount            u,f,P       M           25
    Frt. Supreme Earth Kick      u,f,K       M           22
    Arcing Sky Murder            u,P         M           15
    Arcing Sky Kick              u,K         M           30
    Double Earth Mount           u,P         M           25
    Supreme Earth Kick           u,K         L           25
    Back Spinning Dust           ub,P        M           23
    Back Landing Wolf Lance      ub,K        L           25
    Rising Illusion Lance        [FU/FA] S+K M           40
    Supreme Edge                 P           H           10
    Combo Edge                   P,P         H.H         10.10
    God's Double Mount           P,P,P       H.H.M       10.10.20
    Heaven's Kick                P,P,K       H.H.H       10.10.27
    Combo Kick                   P,P,K,K     H.H.H.H
    Wave Needle                  P,P,f+P     H.H.M       10.10.22
    Shadow Claw                  P,P,f+P,P   H.H.M.M
    Supreme Heaven Kick          P,K         H.H         10.25
    Wave Needle                  f+P         M           22
    Shadow Claw                  f+P,P       M.M         22.28
    Mount Destruction            f,f+P       M           25
    Double Supreme Kick          f,f+P,f+K   M.M         25.22
    Wind Murder Knife            df+P        M           20
    W. Murder Dragon Wheel       df+P,b+P    M.M         20.23
    Earth & Thunder Thrust       df,df+P     L           18
    Earth & Thunder Blaze        df,df+P,D+K L.L         18.25
    Spinning Nishi Knife         b+P         M           23
    Rev. People's Kick           b+P,K       M.H         23.28
    Flying Eagle Kick            b+P,K       M.H         23.35
    Rev. Earth Kick              b+P,d+K     M.L         23.25
    Flying Swallow Kick          b+P,d+K     M.L         23.30
    Floating Heaven's Edge       uf+P        H           12
    One-Two Stab                 uf+P,P      H.H         12.10
    Wind Spirit Dbl Mount        uf+P,P,P    H.H.M       12.10.20
    Wind Spirit Kick             uf+P,K      H.H         12.28
    W. Spirit Heaven Kick        uf+P,K,K    H.H.H       12.28.22
    Gleaming Saber of Light      db+P        L           18
    Dust Kick                    DB+P,K      L.L         18.25
    Supreme Heaven Kick          K           H           27
    Combo Heaven Kick            K,K         H.H         27.22
    Swift Thunder Kick           f+K         M           26
    Dragon Lance                 f+K,K       M.H         26.25
    Wolf Lance                   f+K,d+K     M.L         26.22
    Blue Heaven Kick             u+K         H           25
    Dragon Tail Fan Splitter     uf+K        M            45
    Autumn Moon Wheel            ub+K        M           40
    Hatchet Spirit Kick          b+K         M           28
    Splitting Heaven Kick        S+K         H           35
    Splitting Earth Kick         df+S+K      M           30
    Wolf Lance Kick              d+S+K       L           25
    Comet Murder                 P+K         H           24
    Supreme Edge                 P+K,P       H.H         24.15
    God's Attack                 P+K,P,P     H.H.H       24.15.25
    Dust Splitter                P+K,P,K     H.H.H       24.15.55
    God Splitter                 P+K,P,ub+K  H.H.M       24.15.30
    God Kick                     P+K,P,d+K   H.H.L       24.15.25
    Illusion Lance               d,df,f+K    M           38
    Dust Splitter                d,df,f+S+K  H           55
    Victory Thread Kick          b+S+K       M           32
    Silken Edge                  P           H           10
    Back Shadow Arc              d+P         M           28
    Back Earth Edge              D+P         L           12
    Back Heaven's Kick           K           H           30
    Back People's Kick           d+K         M           25
    Back Earth Kick              D+K         L           25
    Back Combo Edge              P,P         H.H         10.10
    Silk-Double Mount            P,P,P       H.H.M       10.10.20
    Comet Murder                 P,P,b+P     H.H.H       10.10.15
    Comet Rend                   P,P,b+P,P   H.H.H.H
    Comet Attack                 P,P,b+P,P,P H.H.H.H.H
    Dust Splitter                P,P,b+P,P,K H.H.H.H.H
    Comet Splitter            P,P,b+P,P,ub+K H.H.H.H.M
    God Kick                   P,P,b+P,P,d+K H.H.H.H.L
    Rising Attack                P,P,f+P     H.H.M       10.10.20
    Rev. People's K              P,P,f+P,K   H.H.M.H
    Flying Eagle                 P,P,f+P,K   H.H.M.H
    Rev. Earth Kick              P,P,f+P,d+K H.H.M.L
    Flying Swallow               P,P,f+P,d+K H.H.M.L
    Light Saber                  P,P,db+P    H.H.L       10.10.18
    Dust Kick                    P,P,DB+PK   H.H.L.L
    Wind Rite                    u+K         M           35
    Phantom Moon Wheel           ub+K        M           40
    Balance Wheel Knife          b+P         H           20
    Supreme Edge                 b+P,P       H.H         20.15
    God's Attack                 b+P,P,P     H.H.H       20.15.25
    Dust Splitter                b+P,P,K     H.H.H       20.15.55
    God Splitter                 b+P,P,ub+K  H.H.M       20.15.30
    God Kick                     b+P,P,d+K   H.H.L       20.15.25
    Lonesome Light Saber         db+P        L           18
    Lonesome Dust Kick           DB+P,K      L.L         18.25
    Circle Flying Wheel          ub+P        M           24
    Circle Flash Kick            d+S+K       L           30
    Empty Sky Lance              S+K         M           43
    Crimson Leaf Crumbler        S+P                     40
    God's Circle Dance           f+S+P                   42
    Light Circle Dance           f+S+P                   52
    Mist Illusion		     b+S+P                   0 
    Plum Blossom Fan             b,f+S+P                 30+30
    Avalanch Wheel               f,f+S+P                 48
    Ice Pillar Drop              u+S+P                   20
    Dreams of Butterflies        d,df,f+S+P              20+35
    Dreams of Chaos              d,df,f+S+P              60
    Wandering Sword              [bck] S+P               20+23
    Dark Raven                   [bck] f+S+P             58
    Flowing Sand Drop            S+P                     52
    Disturbing the Tea Bush      f+S+P
    Reverse Dark Raven           [bck] f+S+P             58
    Instant Drop                 d+S+P                   55
    God Hiding in the Night      db+S+P
    Sharp Cut                    [bck] d+S+P             62
    Dream Wheel                  d+S+P                   57
    Heaven's Battle Dance        db+S+P
    Twilight Spirit              f,u+S       vs. H-P     58
    Ring of Ice                  f,u+S       vs. H-K     58
    Spinning Thread              f,b+S       vs. M-P     58
    Wind's Battle Dance          b,f+S       vs. M-K     30+15
    The Withering Trees          f,d+S       vs. L-P     40+18
    Stairway to Heaven           f,d+S       vs. L-K     58
    Mist of Ice Crystals         u+P+K       Down Attack 20
    Tile Splitter                d+P         Down Attack 10
    Warasewaruwane               b,f,b+S+P+K Taunt       0
    Baka Mitai                   d,d+S+P+K   Taunt       0
    Treason                      u+P         Movement    0
    Moonsault                    ub+P 
    Billows of Wind              [bck] f,f   Movement    0
    Revolving Winds              [bck] f,F   Movement    0
    Combination of Winds         [bck] F     Movement    0
    Mountain Wind                [bck] df    Movement    0
    Mountain Wind's Frost        [bck] DF    Movement    0
    Mountain Wind's Current      [bck] df,B  Movement    0
    Mountain Frost Current       [bck] df,DB Movement    0
    Wind Dance - Tower Kick      [To Ein] f,f+P+K+S
    Double Roundhouse            [From Ein] f,f+P+K+S	
    ??                           [To Anyone but Ein] f,f+P+K+S
    KKK   KKK
    K  KKK  K
    K      K
    K     K ASUMI
    K  KK  K-----
    K  K K  K
    - Birthdate -     February 23rd
    - Height –        5 foot 5 inches
    - Weight –        105 pounds
    - Measurements –  B=35" / W=20" / H=35"
    - Nationality -   Japanese
    - Style –         Mugen Tenjin
    - Profession -    Ninja Assassin
    This is Kasumi, who's the sister of Ayane. They both have similar 
    styles and Kasumi can be ver cheesy because she's fast and powerful 
    giving her an advantage.
    NAME of MOVE                 COMMAND     AREA        DAMAGE
    ------------                 -------     ----        ------
    Heaven's Edge                P           H           10
    World's Edge                 df+P        M           20
    Earth's Edge                 d+P         L           5
    Roundhouse Kick              K           H           27
    Sidekick                     df+K        M           24
    Low Kick                     d+K         L           10
    Turning Jab                  [back] P    H           10
    Turning Tiger Uppercut       [back] d+P  M           38
    Turning Low Punch            [back] D+P  L           14
    Turning Roundhouse           [back] K    H           30
    Double Roundhouse            [back] K,K  H.M         30.25
    Turning Sidekick             [back] d+K  M           25
    Turning Sweep                [back] D+K  L           24
    Turning Moonlight Kick       [back] u+K  M           35
    Advancing Hop Spin Edge      uf,P        M           15
    Advancing Jumpkick           uf,K        M           30
    Advancing Hop TA Upper       uf,P        M           22
    Advancing Hop Sweep          uf,K        L           25
    Hopping Spin Edge            u,P         M           15
    Hopping Jumpkick             u+K         M           30
    Hopping Turnaway Upper       u,P         M           22
    Hopping Sweep                u,K         L           25
    Back Hopping TA Upper        ub,P        M           22
    Back Hopping Sweep           ub,K        L           25
    Rising Mid Kick              [rising] K  M           20
    Combo Rising Puntkick     [rising] K,f+K M.M         20.20
    Moon Lake Kick               [FD/FA] S+K M           38
    Skyscraper Kick              uf+K        M           30
    Dragon Punt Kick             u+K         H           25
    Moon Wheel Kickflip          ub+K        M           45
    Floating Heaven's Edge       u+P         H           12
    Evading Heaven's Edge        b+P         H           11
    Double Combo Punch           P,P         H.H         ??.10
    World's Edge Combo           P,P,P       H.H.H       ??.10.12
    Flashing Punch Combo         P,P,P,P     H.H.M.M     ??.10.12.15
    Michizane Flash Kick         P,P,K       H.H.H       ??.10.27
    Michizane Kick               P,P,K,K     H.H.H.H     ??.10.27.22
    Thunder Kick                 P,P,K,K,K   H.H.H.H.M   ??.
    People's Kick                P,P,K,df+K  H.H.H.M     ??,10.27.24
    Michizane Earth Kick         P,P,K,d+K   H.H.H.L     ??,10.27.22
    Moon Breaker Combo           P,P,ub+K    H.H.M       ??,10.35
    Light Bullet Combo           P,P,f+P     H.H.M       ??,10.18
    Light People's Kick          P,P,f+P,K   H.H.M.M     ??,10.18.32
    Light Rev. Murder            P,P,f+P,K,K H.H.M.M.M   ??.
    Light Void Murder          P,P,f+P,K,d+K H.H.M.M.L   ??.
    Light Heaven's Kick          P,P,f+P,f+K H.H.M.M     ??.10.18.30
    Light Low Savate             P,P,f+P,d+K H.H.M.L     ??.10.18.24
    Flame Knee Combo             P,P,f+K     H.H.M       ??.10.22
    Flame Moon Combo             P,P,f+K,K   H.H.M.H     ??.10.22.32
    Tears of the Moon            P,P,f+K,d+K H.H.M.L     ??.10.22.26
    Heaven's Edge & Flash        P,K         H.H         ??.27
    Heaven's Edge & Combo        P,K,K       H.H.H       ??.27.22
    Heaven's E & Thunder         P,K,K,K     H.H.H.M     ??.27.22.25
    Heaven's Edge & Kick         P,K,df+K    H.H.M       ??.27.24
    Heaven's Edge & Earth        P,K,d+K     H.H.L       ??.27.22
    Flash Bullet Elbow           f+P         M           18
    Flash People's Kick          f+P,K       M.M         18.32
    Flash Reverse Murder         f+P,K,K     M.M.M       18.32.32
    Flash Void Murder            f+P,K,d+K   M.M.L       18.32.28
    Flash Heaven's Kick          f+P,f+K     M.M         18.30
    Flash Low Savate Kick        f+P,d+K     M.L         18.24
    World's Edge                 df+P        M           20
    World's Flash Punch          df+P,P      M.M         20.20
    World's Low Savate           df+P,d+K    M.L         20.24
    Flash Roundhouse Kick        K           H           27
    Combo Roundhouse Kick        K,K         H.H         27.22
    Thunder Kick                 K,K,K       H.H.M       27.22.25
    People's Kick                K,df+K      H.M         27.24
    Earth's Kick                 K,d+K       H.L         27.22
    Shadowless Knife             f,f+P       M           20
    Shadowless Earth Kick        f,f+P,d+K   M.L         20.25
    Flame Knee                   f+K         M           22
    Flame Moon Kick              f+K,K       M.H         22.32
    Tears of the Moon Kick       f+K,d+K     M.L         22.26
    Wolf's Fang Sweep            f,f+K       L           30
    360 Spinning Slap            P+K         H           26
    Kasumi Wind Kick             S+K         H           32
    Wind & Heaven Kick           S+K,K       H.H         32.32
    Wind & Tears Kick            S+K,d+K     H.L         32.28
    Spinning Low Kick            d+S+K       L           25
    Spinning Kasumi Kick         df+S+K      M           24
    Turnaway Mist Illusion       df,df+P     M           22
    Super Axe Kick               b+S+K       M           30
    Fan Dance                    df,df+K     M           26
    Turnaway New Moon Kick       b+K         H           27
    Turnaway Moonlight Kck       b+K,K       H.M         27.35
    Heaven's Advance Dance       uf+P,K      H           0.40
    Kasumi's Reversal            S+P         Std Trw     40
    Waltz of Kegon               f+S+P       Std Trw     42
    Hawk in a Catalpa Tree       f+S+P       Wall Trw    20+35
    Heaven's Cascading Kick      b+S+P
    Discovery of Silence         b+S+P       Wall Trw    55
    The Flying Swallow           u+S+P
    Swallow Reverse Drop         b+S+P       Multithrow  62
    Heat Haze                    f,f+S+P     Std Trw     0
    Thorn Drop                   d+S+P       Multithrow  60
    Thorn Crush                  d+S+P       Wall-Multi  70
    Gloom                        df,df+S+P   Std Trw     68
    Wolf's Jaw Kick              qcb+S+P     Std Trw     60
    White Rainbow                S+P         Back Trw    50
    Reverse Flying Swallow       u+S+P
    Leaping Circle Dance         f+S+P
    Flying Rainbow Splash        d+S+P
    Advance of the Swallow       db+S+P      Low Trw     60
    Flower in the Mirror         f,u+S       vs. H-P     8
    Truth of the Persimmon       f,u+S       vs. H-K     58
    White Feathers Taken...      f,b+S       vs. M=P     58
    Rain Dance                   b,f+S       vs. M-K     30+15
    Crimson Leaf Drop            f,d+S       vs. L-P     58
    Frost Sword                  f,d+S       vs. L-K     58
    Sakura Delusion              b,u+S       vs. M/H-P   0
    Sakura Illusion              b,d+S       vs. L-P     0
    Hawk's Talon Kick            u+P+K       Down Atk    20
    Tile Splitter                d+P         Down Atk    10
    Appeal - Sakura Toss         b,f,b+S+P+K Taunt       0
    Back Handspring              ub+P        Movement    0
    Heaven's Dance Flip          uf+P        Movement    0
    Double Gloom                 [Hayabusa] f,f+P+K+S
    Thunder Palm-Talon Kick      [Hayabusa] f,f+P+K+S
    Tag Gloom                    [anyone but Hayabusa] f,f+P+K+S
        T...T INA  ARMSTRONG
        TTTTT --------------
    - Birthdate -     December 6th
    - Height -        6 foot 1 inch
    - Weight -        172 pounds (yeah right?)
    - Measurements -  B=35" / W=22" / H=35"
    - Nationality -   American [USA]
    - Style -         Wrestling
    - Profession -    Pro-Wrestler
    Tina is the pro-wrestling bleached hair babe in DoA2. She's the only 
    American female and she's got all the wraslin moves you could ever 
    want. Her primary Tag partner is Bass, who's her father and her 
    secondary is Zack.
    NAME of MOVE                 COMMAND     AERA        DAMAGE
    ------------                 -------     ----        ------
    Jab                          P           H           10
    Upper                        df+P        M           20
    Low Knuckle                  d+P         L           5
    High Kick                    K           H           30
    Middle Kick                  df+K        M           25
    Low Kick                     d+K         L           12
    Turn Spin Knuckle            [back] P    H           13
    Turn Middle Knuckle          [back] d+P  M           15
    Turn Low Knuckle             [back] D+P  L           10
    Turn Spin Kick               [back] K    H           30
    Turn Sidekick                [back] d+K  M           28
    Turn Low Kick                [back] D+K  L           15
    Turn Savate                  [back] S+K  H           38
    Moonsault Attack             [back] P+K  M           35
    Front Fist Drop              uf,P        M           15
    Drop Kick                    uf,K        M           35
    Front Step Hammer            uf,P        M           25
    Kangaroo Knee Kick           uf,K        M           30
    Flying Fist Drop             u,P         M           15
    Branching Kick               u,K         M           30
    Step Hammer                  u,P         M           25
    Kangaroo Knee Step           u,K         M           30
    Back Step Hammer             ub,P        M           25
    Back Step Low Drop           ub,K        L           25
    Jab High Kick                P,K         H.H         ??.30
    Jab Straight                 P,P         H.H         ??.13
    Machine Gun Middle           P,P,K       H.H.M       ??.13.25
    Machine Gun Elbow            P,P,P       H.H.H       ??.13.22
    Machine Gun Knee             P,P,P,K     H.H.H.M     ??.13.22.30
    Knuckle Arrow                ub+P        M           33
    Blazing Chop                 u+P         M           28
    Backhand Elbow               uf+P        H           22
    Back Elbow Knee              uf+P,P      H.M         22.30
    Double Hammer                b+P         M           25
    Low Spin Knuckle             df+P        L           18
    Elbow                        f+P         M           18
    Elbow Back Knuckle           f+P,P       M.M         18.20
    Infinity Combo               f+,P,P,P    M.M.M       18.20.30
    Ultimate Combo               f+P,P,K     M.M.M       18.20.25
    Spin Knuckle Combo           f+P,P,d+P   M.M.L       18.20.18
    Low Drop Combo               f+P,P,d+K   M.M.L       18.20.22
    Dashing Upper                f,f+P       M           25
    Double Upper                 f,f+P,P     M.M         25.20
    Combo Drop Kick              f,f+P,P,K   M.M.M       25.20.31
    Tina Special                 f,f+P+K     M           50
    Vertical Back Chop           DF+P        M           22
    Vertical Hammer              DF+P,P      M.M         22.25
    Dolphin Upper                df,df+P     M           25
    Rolling Elbow                d,df,f+P    M           30
    High Kick                    K           H           30
    Ankle Spin Kick              K,K         H.H         30.30
    Middle Kick                  df+K        M           25
    Double Middle Kick           df+K,K      M.M         25.25
    Step Kick                    uf+K        H           26
    Back Brain Kick              ub+K        H           45
    Drop Kick                    u+K         M           40
    Front Step Kick              f,f+K       M           38
    Jumping Knee Pat             f+K         M           30
    Knee Hammer                  f+K,P       M.M         30.25
    Turn Low Kick                D+K         L           15
    Alley Kick                   D+K,K       L.L         15.25
    Double Alley Kick            D+K,K,K     L.L.L       15.25.28
    Crash Knee                   df,df+K     M           28
    Dancing Doll Kick            S+K         H           32
    Shoulder Tackle              b,f+P       M           40
    Short Range Lariat           P+K         H           34
    Elbow Suicida                f+P+K       M           35
    Rolling Sabot                b+K         M           24
    Front Roll Kick              f+S+K       M           30
    Low Drop Kick                f+S+K       L           25
    Moonsault Press              b+P+K       M           35
    Death Valley Bomb            P+G         Std Trw     45
    Body Slam                    f+S+P       Std Trw     43
    Texas Driver                 d+S+P       Multithrow  50
    Bust Cyclone                 f+S+P       Wall Trw    45+15
    Frankensteiner               b+S+P
    Hammer Throw                 f,f+S+P     Std Trw     0
    Japan Ocean Suplex           S+P         Multithrow  58
    Bust J.O.S.                  f,f+S+P     Wall Trw    40+30
    Tackle                       b,f+S+P     Cth Trw     35
    Oki-Agari Tackle             [FD/FA] S+P Cth Trw     35
    Tackle Giant Swing           hcf+S+P     Multithrow  45
    Piledriver                   f,b+S+P     Std Trw     50
    Gorii Bomb                   d+S+P       Multithrow  20
    Skytwister Press             d,u+S+P     Multithrow  35
    Flying Mare                  QCB+S+P     Std Trw     48
    Surfboard-Style Lock         b,f+S+P     Multithrow  20
    Japan Ocean Suplex           d,u+S+P     Multithrow  37
    Fisherman's Suplex           HCF+S+P     Std Trw     68
    Japan Ocean Cyclone          D,f,b+S+P   Std Trw     80
    German Suplex                S+P         Bck Trw     50
    Double Break                 d+S+P       Multithrow  20
    Release German Suplex        f+S+P       Bck Trw     60
    Bust Suplex                  f+S+P       Bck Wall    70
    Full Nelson                  f,b+S+P     Bck Trw     40
    Dragon Suplex                f,b+S+P     Multithrow  30
    Bass Bomb                    d+S+P       Low Trw     43
    Trans-Four Leg Lock          d,d+S+P     Multithrow  20
    Double Arm Suplex            db+S+P      Low Trw     10+45
    Tiger Driver                 d+S+P       Multithrow  10+55
    Japan Ocean Bomb             df,df+S+P   Low Trw     70
    Neck Crasher                 d+S+P       Low Bck Trw 10+60
    Locking Hammer               f,u+S       vs. H-P      62
    Spring Leg Lock              f,u+S       vs. H-K      30+32
    Arm Whip                     f,b+S       vs. M-P      62
    Dragon Screw                 b,f+S       vs. M-K      45
    Figure 4 Leglock             d,d+S       Multihold    35
    Rolling Cross Lock           f,d+S       vs. L-P      62
    Leg Split                    f,d+S       vs. L-K      62
    Hip Drop                     u+P+K       Down Atk     22
    Elbow Drop                   d+P         Down Atk     12
    Special Moves
    Appeal: "Come on!"           b,f,b+S+P+K Taunt        0
    Appeal: Guts Pose            d,d+S+P+K   Taunt        25
    Front Roll                   d+P+K                    0
    Spike Tombstone              [to Bass] f,f+P+K+S
    Double Armstrong Buster      [from Bass] f,f+P+K+S
    Bombe de la Rougeau          [to Zack] f,f+P+K+S
    Iron Claw – Skytwister       [from Bass] qcf+P+K+S
    Double Lariat                [to Bass] qcf+P+K+S
    Tag Arm Drag                 [anyone but Bass] f,f+P+K+S
    J.......J --------
    - Birthdate –     November 27th
    - Height –        5 foot 9 inches
    - Weight –        165 pounds
    - Measurements –  B=39" / W=32" / H=36"
    - Nationality -   Chinese
    - Style –         Jeet Kune Do
    - Profession -    Bodyguard
    Jann Lee is probably my favorite Male character in this game. He's just 
    cool. Anyway his primary Tag partner in Dead Or Alive 2 is Lei Fang. 
    I'm not sure who his secondary partner is though?
    NAME of MOVE                 COMMAND     AERA        DAMAGE
    --------------               -------     ----        ------ 
    Lead Jab                     P           H           10
    Lead Upper                   df+P        M           20
    Low Knuckle                  d+P         L           5
    High Kick                    K           H           30
    Sidekick                     df+K        M           22
    Thrust Kick                  d+K         L           12
    Turn Jab                     [back] P    H           12
    Turn Bodyblow                [back] d+P  M           15
    Turn Low Knuckle             [back] D+P  L           10
    Turn High Kick               [back] K    H           30
    Turn Sidekick                [back] d+K  M           27
    Turn Spin Kick               [back] D+K  L           25
    Blind Knuckle                [back] db+P H           45
    Blind Elbow                  [back] P+K  M           40
    Front Jump Knuckle           uf,P        M           15
    Front Jump Snap Kick         uf,K        M           30
    Front Jump Spin Knuckle      uf,P        H           18
    Front Jump Spin Kick         uf,K        L           25
    Jump Knuckle                 u,P         M           15
    Jump Snap Kick               u,K         M           30
    Jump Spin Knuckle            u,P         H           18
    Jump Spin Kick               u,K         L           25
    Back Jump Spin Knuckle       ub,P        H           18
    Back Jump Spin Kick          ub,K        L           25
    Knuckle Upper                uf+P        H           16
    Back Hook                    u+K         H           24
    High Shin Knee Kick          ub+K        H           25
    Rear High Kick               u+K         H           35
    Kick Upper                   uf+K        M           26
    Double Rising Kicks          uf+K,K      M.H         26.25
    Chastisement Chop            b+P         M           26
    Sway Jab                     ub+P        H           12
    Jab - High Kick              P,K         H.H         ??.30
    Sonic Hook                   P,f+P       H.H         ??.18
    Sonic Spin Kick              P,f+P,K     H.H.M       ??.18.30
    Sonic Low Spin Kick          P,f+P,d+K   H.H.L       ??.18.25
    Sonic Blow                   P,d+P       H.M         ??.18
    Sonic Upper                  P,d+P,P     H.M.M       ??.18.20
    Combo Low Pin Kick           P,D+P,K     H.M.L       ??.18.25
    Lead Hook                    P,P         H.H         ??.10
    Back Knuckle                 P,P,P       H.H.H       ??.10.10
    Dragon Rush                  P,P,P,K     H.H.H.H     ??.10.10.47
    Dragon Cannon                P,P,P,f+P   H.H.H.M     ??.10.10.45
    Dragon Slicer                P,P,P,d+K   H.H.H.L     ??.10.10.24
    Combo Knuckle Upper          P,P,F+P     H.H.H       ??.10.16
    Combo High Kick              P,P,K       H.H.H       ??.10.26
    Body Blow                    f+P         M           18
    Body Upper                   f+P,P       M.M         18.20
    Body Low Spin Kick           f+P,d+K     M.L         18.25
    Flash Hook                   f,f+P       H           18
    Flash Spin Kick              f,f+P,K     H.M         18.30
    Flash Low Spin Kick          f,f+P,d+K   H.L         18.25
    Low Dragon Hammer            db+P        L           20
    Dragon Hammer                b,f+P       M           28
    Shin Knee Kick               S+K         M           25
    Shin Knee High Kick          S+K,K       M.H         25.35
    Middle Hook Kick             b+K         M           24
    Double Hook Kick             b+K,K       M.H         24.25
    Thrust Kick                  d+K         L           12
    Thrust Spike Kick            d+K,K       L.M         12.37
    Thrust Spin Kick             D+K,K       L.L         12.25
    Side Kick                    df+K        M           22
    Side Master Kick             df+K,K      M.H         22.32
    Dragon Strike                df+P,f+P    M.M         22.50
    Side Back Kick               df+K,b+K    M.M         22.25
    Snap Kick                    f+K         M           20
    Snap Spin Kick               f+K,K       M.H         20.32
    Snap Spike Kick              f+K,b,f+K   M.M         20.37
    Dragon Low Kick              db+K        L           24
    Low Spin Kick                d+S+K       L           25
    Dragon Blow                  d,df,f+P    H           40
    Dragon Elbow                 P+K         M           35
    Dragon Knuckle               D,b,f+P     M           50
    Dragon Kick                  d,df,f+K    H           55
    Dragon Spike                 b,f+K       M           40
    Flash Turn                   b,b+P       H           18
    High Kick                    K           H           30
    High Spin Kick               K,K         H.H         30.32
    Dragon Flare                 f,f+K       M           42
    Dragon Step High             f+S+K       H           36
    Hell Drive                   S+P         Std Trw     40
    Dragon Gunner                f+S+P       Cth Trw     42
    Piggyback Throw              b+S+P       Std Trw     48
    The Way of the Dragon        d,db,b+S+P  Std Trw     5+5+5+5+5+30
    Headlock                     d,df,f+S+P  Std Trw     53
    Bulldogging Headlock         b,b+S+P     Multithrow  25
    Dragon Rave                  S+P         Bck Trw     30+25
    Chastisement Punch           d,df,f+S+P  Bck Trw     58
    Front Facelock               d+S+P       Low Trw     55
    Side Buster                  db+S+P      Low Trw     60
    Punishment Punch             d+S+P       Low Bck Trw 63
    Godless Shoto Knee           f,u+S       vs. H-P     28+30
    Trace Gunner                 f,u+S       vs. H-K     58
    Double Bind                  f,b+S       vs. M-P     10+10
    Leg Sweep                    b,f+S       vs. M-K     58
    Deep the Dragon              f,d+S       vs. L-P     28+30
    Dragon Twist                 f,d+S       vs. L-K     58
    Trample                      u+P+K       Dwn Atk     20
    Enter the Dragon             u+S+P+K     Dwn Atk     15+5+5
    Low Snap Kick                d+K         Dwn Atk     10
    Appeal: Shout                b,f,b+S+P+K Taunt       0
    Skyscaper - Dragon Kick     [from Lei Fang] f,f+P+K+S
    Double Dragon Fist          [to Lei Fang] f,f+P+K+S
    Tag Deep the Dragon         [for anyone but Lei Fang] f,f+P+K+S
    E..E  IN
    E..E  --
    Well here is a new character into the mix of the series. He's pretty 
    cool and he's not all that bad. His main tag partner is Ayane but I 
    don't know who his secondary character is.
    NAME of MOVE                 COMMAND     AERA        DAMAGE
    --------------               -------     ----        ------ 
    Strike of Order              P           H           10
    Rising Strike                df+P        M           20
    Low Strike                   d+P         L           5
    Roundhouse Kick              K           H           30
    Front Kick                   df+K        M           20
    Low Kick                     d+K         L           10
    Turning Fist of Truth        [back] P    H           35
    Rounded Reverse Punch        [back] d+P  M           38
    Turning Low Punch            [back] D+P  L           13
    Reverse Back Kick            [back] K    H           30
    Turning Heel Drop            [back] d+K  M           27
    Turning Low Heel Sword       [back] D+K  L           15
    Jumping Back Kick            [back] u+K  M           30
    Front Jump Strike            uf,P        M           51
    Front Jump Kick              uf,K        M           30
    Front Jump Dbl Strike        uf,P        H.M         20.20
    Front Jump Water Kick        uf,K        L           25
    Jumping Strike               u,P         M           15
    Jumping Kick                 u,K         M           30
    Jumping Double Strike        u,P         H.M         20.20
    Jumping Water Kick           u,K         L           25
    Back Jump Dbl Strike         ub,P        M           45
    Back Jump Water Kick         ub,K        L           25
    Hilt Strike                  f+P         M           24
    My Wife                      b,f+P       H           42
    Double Fist Strike           f+P+K       H.M         20.20
    Dusty Wind                   d,df,f+P    M           45
    Clogging Strike              u+P         M           20
    Ice Splitter                 ub+P        H           38
    Rising Elbow Strike          uf+P        M           25
    Thunder Warrior              uf+P,K      M.H         25.30
    Strike of Order              P           H           10
    Combo Punch                  P,P         H.H         10.10
    Wind Combo                   P,P,P       H.H.M       10.10.25
    Claw Combo                   P,P,f+P     H.H.H       10.10.16
    Bull Reining Combo           P,P,f+P,P   H.H.H.M
    Fog Chime                    P,P,f+P,K   H.H.H.M
    Falling Light                P,P,f+P,d+K H.H.H.L
    Roundhouse                   P,P,K       H.H.H       10.10.25
    Combo Kick                   P,P,K,K     H.H.H.M
    Low Kick                     P,P,d+K     H.H.L       10.10.10
    Scarlet Sparrow              P,P,d+K,K   H.H.L.H
    Dragon Tail                  P,P,D+K,K   H.H.L.L
    Punch Roundhouse             P,K         H.H         10.25
    Combo Kick                   P,K,K       H.H.M       10.25.27
    Claw Hand                    f,f+P       H           16
    Bull Rein                    f,f+P,P     H.M         16.18
    Claw Hand – Sidekick         f,f+P,K     H.M         16.25
    Claw Hand - Water Kick       f,f+P,d+K   H.L         16.25
    Iron Hammer                  b+P         H           15
    Low Heel Sword               b+P,d+K     H.L         15.15
    Heavenly Shores              b+P,d+K,P   H.L.M       15.15.20
    Iron Hammer Combo            b+P,P       H.H         15.15
    Purple Haze                  b+P,P,P     H.H.M       15.15.20
    Fuumon                       b+P,P,d+K   H.H.L       15.15.25
    Roundhouse Kick              K           H           30
    Roundhouse - Back Kick       K,K         H.M         30.27
    Rising Roundhouse            S+K         H           35
    Raised Front Kick            b+K         M           28
    Jumping Knee Kick            f,f+K       M           25
    Falling Star Kick            f,f+K,K     M.H         25.20
    Leftover Stars               f,f+K,K,K   M.H.M       25.20.25
    Heaven's Lance               df,df+K     M           30
    Heel Drop                    u+K         M           27
    Wind and Clouds              bf+K        M           38
    Ruler of the Skies           d,df,f+K    M           42
    Tears of Light               S+K         M           30
    Hop Kick                     S+K,K       M.H         30.30
    Water Kick                   S+K,d+K     M.L         30.25
    Jewel of Light               b+S+K       H           28
    Thrusting Elbow              P+K         M           32
    Dawn's Chimes                P+K,f+P     M.M         32.40
    Knee Kick                    F+K         M           24
    Demon Tooth                  F+K,K       M.M         24.32
    Heel Sword Kick              f+K         H           25
    Heel Sword Combo Kick        f+K,K       H.H         25.25
    Line of Stars                f+K,K,K     H.H.H       25.25.2
    Sirius Kick                  f+K,K,f+K   H.H.M       25.25.27
    Low Heel Sword               db+K        L           15
    Silver Wolf                  db+K,K      L.M         15.27
    Style of the Sword           db+K,P      L.M         15.20
    Low Heel Sword – Claw        db+K,f+P    L.H         15.16
    Thunder Cow                  db+K,f+P,P  L.H.M       15.16.18
    Celestial Thunder            db+K,f+P,K  L.H.M       15.16.25
    Global Thunder              db+K,f+P,d+K L.H.L       15.16.22
    Low Kick                     d+K         L           10
    Leopard Tail                 D+K,K       L.L         10.24
    Jumping Front Kick           uf+K        M           23
    Flying Kirin                 uf+K,K      M.H         23.25
    Wind of Light                f+S+K       M           37
    Crane Wheel                  ub+K        M           36
    Front Kick                   df+K        M           20
    Jumping Combo Kick           df+K,K      M.M         20.23
    Celestial Kirin              df+K,K,K    M.M.H       20.23.23
    Water Moon                   S+P         Std Trw     10+30
    Frame of the Dragon          b+S+P       Std Trw     15+32
    Frame of the Boulder         b+S+P       Wall Trw    57
    Firelight                    df,df+S+P   Std Trw     65
    Violent Flames               df,df+S+P   Wall Trw    15+15+15+15+15
    Billowing Wind               f+S+P       Std Trw     10+38
    Crimson Lotus                d,df,f+S+P  Std Trw     15+30+15
    Double Acme                  S+P         Back Trw    55
    Summit of Stars              b+S+P       Back Trw    60
    Flooded Moon                 d+S+P       Low Trw     55
    Peck of the Shrike           db+S+P      Low Trw     60
    Crane Fist Pinch             d+S+P       Low Bck Trw 62
    Water Wheel                  db+S+P      Low Bck Trw 65
    Chasing Waves                f,u+S       vs. H-P     60
    The Milky Way                f,u+S       vs. H-K     60
    Fall of the Network          f,b+S       vs. M-P     30+30
    Fell the Gates               b,f+S       vs. M-K     60
    Chaos Theory                 f,d+S       vs. L-P     30+30
    Light of the Pampas          f,d+S       vs. L-K     20+40
    Demon Smasher                u+P+K       Dwn Atk     18
    Low Level Punch              d+P         Dwn Atk     10
    Appeal: Koi!                 B,f,b+S+P+K Taunt       0
    Appeal: Amai                 d,d+S+P+K   Taunt       0
    Wind Dance - Tower Kick      [from Ayane] f,f+S+P+K
    Double Roundhouse            [to Ayane]   f,f+S+P+K
    Tag Firelight                [for anyone but Ayane] f,f+S+P+K
    H..H H..H
    H..HHH..H ayabusa
    H..H H..H -------
    - Birthdate -     June 15th
    - Height -        5 foot 10 inches
    - Weight -        154 pounds
    - Measurements -  W=42" / B=33" / W=36"
    - Nationality -   Japanese
    - Style -         Hayabusa Ninjitsu
    - Profession -    Antique Shop Owner
    Ryu [Hayabusa] is another character back for another round int eh DoA 
    tournament. He's a cool looking ninja with a good set of cool looking 
    moves. His primary partner is the beautiful Kasumi.
    NAME of MOVE                 COMMAND     AERA        DAMAGE
    ------------                 -------     ----        ------ 
    Jab                          P           H           10
    Mid Punch                    df+P        M           20
    Low Punch                    d+P         L           5
    Roundhouse Kick              K           H           30
    Sidekick                     df+K        M           22
    Low Kick                     d+K         L           10
    Turning Jab                  [back] P    H           11
    Turning Mid Punch            [back] d+P  M           14
    Turning Low Punch            [back] D+P  L           13
    Turning Roundhouse           [back] K    H           30
    Turning Mid Kick             [back] d+K  M           26
    Turning Sweep                [back] D+K  L           25
    Trembling Fang Drop          [back] u+K  M           28
    Advancing Hopping Palm       uf,P        M           15
    Advancing Jumpkick           uf,K        M           30
    Advancing Hop Step Palm      uf,P        M           25
    Advancing Hop Sweep          uf,K        L           24
    Hopping Palm Strike          u,P         M           15
    Hopping Jumpkick             u,K         M           30
    Hopping Step Palm            u,P         M           25
    Hopping Sweep                u,K         L           24
    Back Hopping Step Palm       ub,P        M           25
    Back Hopping Sweep           ub,K        L           24
    Double Punch                 P,P         H.H         ??.10
    Delayed Chop Combo           P,P,P       H.H.M       ??.10.24
    One-Two Backfist             P,P,b+P     H.H.M       ??.10.18
    Stepping Palm Combo          P,P,b+P,f+P H.H.M.M     ??.10.18.28
    Palm-Flipover Combo          P,P,b+P,K   H.H.M.M     ??.10.18.36
    One-Two Hawk Kick            P,P,K       H.H.H       ??.10.16
    Raging Hawk Combo            P,P,K,K     H.H.H.H     ??.10.16.15
    Hunting Hawk Combo           P,P,K,K,K   H.H.H.H.H   ??.
    Rolling Handstand Cmb        P,P,d+K     H.H.L       ??.10.25
    Jab-Roundhouse               P,K         H.H         ??.26
    Jab-Double Roundhouse        P,K,K       H.H.H       ??.26.28
    Trapping Elbow               f+P         M           18
    Elbow-Knee                   f+P,K       M.M         18.25
    Elbow-Snap Knee              f+P,K,K     M.M.L       18.25.25
    Stepping Palm Strike         f,f+P       M           28
    Leaning Uppercut             u+P         H           18
    Spinning Backfist            b+P         M           18
    Backfist-Stepping Palm       b+P,f+P     M.M         18.28
    Backfist-Standing Axle       b+P,K       M.M         18.30
    Delayed Chop                 ub+P        M           24
    Low Spinning Backfist        db+P        L           18
    LBF-Breakdance Sweep         DB+PK       L.L         18.25
    360 Uppercut                 d,df,f+P    M           28
    Roundhouse Kick              K           H           30
    Roundhouse-Downchop          K,P         H.M         30.26
    Hayabusa Axle Kick           K,K         H.H         30.36
    Diving Somersault Kick       uf+K        M           35
    Rising Punt Kick             u+K         H           26
    Punt-Falling Axe Kick        u+K,K       H.M         26.30
    Shinobi Illusion Kick        ub+K        M           40
    Rising Illusion Kick         S+K         H           29
    Sidekick                     df+K        M           22
    Sidekick-Breakdance          df+K,d+K    M.L         22.24
    Jumping Knee                 f+K         M           25
    Knee-Snapping Kick           f+K,K       M.H         25.25
    Dashing Hop Slide            f,f+K       L           28
    Breakdance Sweep             db+K        L           24
    Dance-Handstand Roll         db+K,D+K    L.L         24.25
    Dance-Handstand Option       db+K,d+K    L.L         24.24
    Double Breakdance            db+K,db+K   L.L         24.24
    Breakdancing Fury          db+K,db+K,D+K L.L.L       24.24.25
    Back Leg Sweep               f,b+K       L           17
    Light Wheel Kick             b+K         H           33
    Stepping Illusion Kick       d,df,f+K    M           34
    Rolling Handstand            d,b+K       M           26
    Shoto                        P+K         H           25
    Double Palm Strike           b+P+K       M           42
    Turnaway Tiger Up Knife      df+P+K      M           20
    Tiger-Super Axe Kick         df+P+K,K    M.M         20.28
    Flying Hawk Kick             S+K         H           20
    Raging Hawk Kick             S+K,K       H.H         20.15
    Hunting Hawk Kick            S+K,K,K     H.H.H       20.15.30
    Handspring Kick              b+S+K       H           32
    Handstand Option Roll        d+S+K       L           25
    Backroll Handstand Kick      df+S+K      M           40
    Rollout Jab                  P           H           10
    Rollout PK Combo             P,K         M           25
    Handstand Kick               K           H           20
    Double Spinning Kick         K,K         H.M         20.25
    Rolling Catapult Kick        P+K         M           35
    Hyper Spin Sweep             S+K         L           25
    SuiJuu Nage                  S+P         Std Trw     48
    Head Hunting                 b+S+P       Std Trw     50
    Rollout                      d           Movement    0
    Backwards Stepout            b,b         Movement    0
    Juuji-Karami                 S+P         Std Trw     40
    KubiKiri-Nage                f+S+P       Std Trw     45
    Church Bells Ring            f+S+P       Wall Trw    55
    Shiho-Nage                   df+S+P      Std Trw     48
    Yama-Arashi                  b+S+P       Std Trw     56
    Falcon Kick                  f,f+S+P     Std Trw     50
    Dream Shadow                 b,f+S+P     Std Trw     0
    Falling Thunder Strike       d,df,f+S+P  Std Trw     60
    Rising Thunder Palm          d,df,f+S+P  Std Trw     30+15
    -Kama-Itachi                 d,f,u+S+P   Multithrow  30
    --Hankou Drop                360+S+P     Multithrow  50
    Ura Nage                     S+P         Bck Trw     52
    Jinryuu Drop                 b+S+P       Bck Trw     55
    Falling Dragon Strike        f,f+S+P     Bck Trw     58
    Neck Hunting Flash           d+S+P       Low Trw     55
    Hopping Spin Move            d,b+S+P     Low Trw     62
    Carry the Jar ...            d+S+P       Low Bck Trw 57
    Rising Thunder Bullet        f,u+S       vs. H-P     30+15
    -Flash of Light:
    ---Kama-Itachi               d,b,u+S     Multihold   30
    --Flash of Light:
    ---Hankou Drop               360+S       Multihold   50
    Cage of Shadows              f,u+S       vs. H-K     30+30
    Rising Thunder Gates         f,b+S       vs. M-P     30+15
    -Splitting Light:
    ---Kama Itachi               d,b,u+S     Multihold   30
    --Splitting Light:
    ---Hankou Drop               360+S       Multihold   50
    Kick-Punch-Seize-Throw       b,f+S       vs. M-K     60
    Rising Thunder Kick          f,d+S       vs. L-P     30+15 
    -Bewitching Light:
    ---Kama-Itachi               d,b,u+S     Multihold   30
    --Bewitching Light:
    Hankou Drop                  360+S       Multihold   50
    Arching Blade Murder         f,d+S       vs. L-K     60
    Nara Drop                    u+P+K       Dwn Atk     18
    Double Tiger Fang            d+P         Dwn Atk     10
    Appeal 1 – Shinobi           b,f,b+S+P+K Taunt       0
    Appeal 2 – Nosomu            f,b,f+S+P+K Taunt       0
    Appeal 3 – Rei               d,d+S+P+K   Taunt       0
    Handstand Position           d+P+K       Movement    0
    Diving Somersault            uf+P        Movement    0
    Thunder Palm-Talon Kick      [to Kasumi] f,f+P+K+S
    Double Gloom                 [for Kasumi] f,f+P+K+S
    Tag Rising Thunder           [for anyone but Kasumi] f,f+P+K+S
    Tag Kama-Itachi              d,f,u+S+P   Tag Multi
    Tag Hankou Drop              360+S+P     Tag Multi
    B BB  B
    B    B
    B    B ASS
    B BB  B---
    - Birthdate - January 5th 
    - Height - 6 foot 6 inches 
    - Weight - 345 pounds 
    - Measurements - B=57" / W=54" / H=54" 
    - Nationality - American [USA] 
    - Style - Pro Wrestler 
    - Profession - Pro Wrestler
    Well Bass is back and looking more like... Hulk!? Well he's here he's 
    huge and he's a wrestler not to mention the hottie Tina's father. Well 
    his primary partner is his daughter Tina and his secondary is Leon.
    NAME of MOVE                 COMMAND     AERA        DAMAGE
    --------------               -------     ----        ------ 
    Palm Jab                     P           H           12
    Elbow Smash                  df+P        M           20
    Low Knuckle                  d+P         L           5
    High Kick                    K           H           30
    Front Kick                   df+K        M           26
    Low Kick                     d+K         L           12
    Swing Palm                   [back] P    H           13
    Round Back Knuckle           [back] d+P  M           15
    Swing Low Palm               [back] D+P  L           10
    Round High Kick              [back] K    H           30
    Round Middle Kick            [back] d+K  M           28
    Round Low Kick               [back] D+K  L           25
    Toras Kick                   [back] b+K  H           35
    TA Round Muscle Elbow        [back] P+K  M.M         28.15
    Front Air Knuckle            uf,P        M           15
    Front Bronco Kick            uf,K        M           35
    Front Neck Shoto             uf,P        H           30
    Front Leg Break              uf,K        L           20
    Jumping Knuckle              u,P         M           15
    Bronco Kick                  u,K         M           30
    Neck Shoto                   u,P         H           30
    Jumping Leg Break            u,K         L           20
    Back Neck Shoto              ub,P        H           30
    Back Leg Break               ub,K        L           20
    Rising Low Drop Kick       [FU/FT] D+S+K L           25
    Double Palm                  P,P         H.H         ??.12
    Combo Gong                   P,P,P       H.H.M       ??.12.32
    Combo Hammer                 P,P,d+P     H.H.L       ??.12.26
    Combo High Kick              P,P,K       H.H.H       ??.12.33
    Jab - Front Kick             P,K         H.M         ??.26
    Combo Kick Rush              P,K,K       H.M.H       ??.26.30
    Body Hook                    f+P         M           24
    Wild Swing                   f+P,P       M.M         24.33
    Hell Strike                  P+K         H           30
    Elbow Bat                    uf+P        H           27
    Elbow Rush                   uf+P,P      H.M         27.30
    Texas Chop                   b+P         M           16
    Shoto Gun Chop               b+P,P       M.M         16.18
    Stun Gun Chop                b+P,P,P+K   M.M.M       35
    Proton Hammer                db+P        L           26
    Power Going                  db+P,P      L.M         26.32
    Knee Lift                    f+K         M           26
    Knee Hammer                  f+K,P       M.M         26.25
    Jumping High Kick            u+K         H           34
    Smash Going                  f,f+P       M           32
    Bear Crash                   df+P+K      M           30
    Bear Scissors                df+P+K,P    M.M         30.28
    Front Kick                   df+K        M           26
    Kick Crash                   df+K,K      M.H         26.33
    One-Hand Hammer              u+P         M           25
    Buffalo Crash                df,df+P     M           35
    Drop Kick                    d,df,f+K    M           40
    Flying Cross Chop            f,f+P+K     M           35
    Kenka Kick                   f,f+K       M           45
    Mongolian Chop               ub+P        M           27
    Hell Scissors                ub+P,P      M.M         27.28
    Rolling Axe                  b,f+P       M           32
    Bass Lariat                  f+P+K       H           38
    Front Roll Kick              f+S+K       M           32
    Leg Break                    db+K        L           18
    Low Drop Kick                d+S+K       L           25
    Muscle Elbow                 b+P+K       M.M         28.15
    Appeal: Burning Soul         d+P+K       Taunt       0
    Axe Bomber                   d+P+K,P+K   H           55
    Falcon Arrow                 S+P         Std Trw     45
    One Foot Headbutt            df+S+P      Std Trw     43
    Ferocious Bull Headbutt      df+S+P      Wall Trw    20+35
    Waterwheel Drop              b+S+P       Std Trw     42
    Bear Press                   b+S+P       Wall Trw    20+35
    Bass Tornado                 f+S+P       Std Trw     48
    Flying Body Scissors         u+S+P       Std Trw     50
    Dynamite Lariat              b,f+S+P     Std Trw     55
    Atomic Hammer Crash          b,f+S+P     Wall Trw    65
    Powerslam                    f,f+S+P     Std Trw     45
    -Oklahoma Stampede           f+S+P       Multithrow  25
    Kitchen Sink                 d,df,f+S+P  Std Trw     45
    -Stretch Plum                d+S+P       Multithrow  25
    --Manhattan Drop             d,u+S+P     Multithrow  35
    Superfreak Powerbomb         b,d,f+S+P   Std Trw     68
    T.F.B.B.                     D,f,b+S+P   Std Trw     80
    T.F.B.C.                     D,f,b+S+P   Wall Trw    90
    Escape Back                  [back] S+P  Std Trw     0
    Dangerous Back Drop          S+P         Bck Trw     55
    Locomotion Backdrop          S+P         Bck Wall    35+30
    Argentine Backbreaker        b+S+P       Bck Trw     20+20+20
    Reverse Powerbomb            u+S+P       Bck Trw     64
    Atomic Drop                  f,f+S+P     Bck Trw     52
    -Face Crusher                f+S+P       Multithrow  30
    Iron Claw                    b,d,f+S+P   Bck Trw     50
    -Grizzly Launcher            d,d+S+P     Multithrow  8+8+8+8+8+15
    -Grizzly Crush               d,d+S+P     M Wall      8+8+8+8+8+25
    Bass Bomb                    d+S+P       Low Trw     58
    Spiral Bomb                  db+S+P      Low Trw     10+55
    Double Arm DDT               df,df+S+P   Low Trw     70
    Calf Branding                d+S+P       Low Bck Trw 70
    Half Neck Suplex             f,u+S       vs. H-P     30+33
    Rolling Senton               f,u+S       vs. H-K     30+33
    Shoulder Throw               f,b+S       vs. M-P     63
    Spine Buster                 b,f+S       vs. M-K     45
    -Jurassic Trailer            b,b+S       Multihold   25
    Guillotine Drop              f,d+S       vs. L-P     28+35
    Giant Hammer Throw           f,d+S       vs. L-P     63
    Double Knee Drop             u+P+K       Dwn Atk     22
    Stomping                     d+K         Dwn Atk     12
    Appeal: "I love Tina"        b,f,b+S+P+K Taunt       0
    Appeal: "Showtime"           d,d+S+P+K   Taunt       0
    Dbl Armstrong Buster         (from Tina) f,f+P+K+S
    Spike Tombstone              (to Tina) f,f+P+K+S
    Arm Lock – Legdrop           (for Leon) f,f+P+K+S
    Double Lariat                (from Tina) d,df,f+P+K+S
    Iron Claw – Skytwister       (to Tina) d,df,f+P+K+S
    Tag Powerslam                (for anyone but Tina/Leon) f,f+P+K+S
    -Tag Oklahoma Stampede       f+S+P
    G  GGG EN  FU
    GG  GG ------
    - Birthdate - January 5th 
    - Height - 5 foot 7 inches 
    - Weight - 171 pounds 
    - Measurements - B=38" / W=40" / H=39" 
    - Nationality - Chinese 
    - Style - Shini-Rokugo-Ken 
    - Profession - Used Bookstore Owner
    Gen Fu is back in DoA2 and he's well almost exactly the same. I don't 
    think very many people like, I know I don't but anyway. His main 
    partner is Helena and his secondary partner is Kasumi.
    NAME of MOVE                 COMMAND     AERA        DAMAGE
    --------------               -------     ----        ------ 
    Jab                          P           H           10
    Upslice                      df+P        M           20
    Low Punch                    d+P         L           5
    High Front Kick              K           H           30
    Front Kick                   df+K        M           25
    Low Kick                     d+K         L           12
    Turning High Palm            [back] P    H           13
    Turning Rising Palm          [back] d+P  M           17
    Turning Low Backfist         [back] D+P  L           11
    Turning High Front Kick      [back] K    H           30
    Turning Hook Kick            [back] d+K  M           27
    Turning Low Kick             [back] D+K  L           25
    Advancing Hop Punch          uf,P        M           15
    Advancing Jumpkick           uf,K        M           30
    Advancing Hop Dbl Palm       uf,P        H           30
    Advancing Hop Sweep          uf,K        L           25
    Hopping Punch                u,P         M           15
    Hopping Jumpkick             u,K         M           30
    Hopping Double Palm          u,P         H           30
    Hopping Sweep                u,K         L           25
    Back Hopping Dbl Palm        ub,P        H           30
    Back Hopping Sweep           ub,K        L           25
    Palm Uppercut                u+P         H           16
    One-Two Palm                 P,P         H.H         ??.12
    Straight Strike Combo        P,P,P       H.H.M       ??.12.25
    Upslice                      df+P        M           20
    Indecision Slice             df+P,P      M.M         20.22
    High Slap                    uf+P        H           26
    Elbow Strike                 f+P         M           18
    Elbow-Upslice                f+P,P       M.M         18.18
    Indecision Combo             f+P,P,P     M.M.M       18.18.20
    Side Bodycheck Combo         f+P,P,P+K   M.M.M       18.18.40
    Cross Elbow Strike           b+P         M           22
    Cross-Violent Slice          b+P,P       M.M         22.30
    Cross-Jab                    b+P,f+P     M.M         22.20
    Double Palm Combo            b+P,f+P,P+K M.M.M       22.20.30
    Upwards Riot Chop            DF+P        M           24
    Stepping Palm Strike         f,f+P       M           25
    Overhead Slice               df,df+P     M           22
    Scoot Punch                  d,df,f+P,P  M           0.28
    Headbutt                     P+K         M           25
    Violent Slice                f,b+P       M           30
    Short Bodycheck              db,f+P      M           50
    Stomping Double Palm         f+P+K       M           42
    Death Touch                  d+P+K       H.M         15.30
    Cmb Stomping Bodycheck       d+P+K,bf+P  H.M.M       15.30.30
    High Double Palm             b+P+K       H           30
    Turnaway Flipover Upper      db+P+K      M           32
    Side Bodycheck               df+P+K      M           40
    Low Backfist                 db+P        L           20
    Low Reverse Punch            df+K        M           25
    Low Reverse-Jab              df+K,P      M.M         25.25
    Spinning Hammer Combo        df+K,P,bf+P M.M.H       25.25.40
    Shot Knee Strike             F+K         M           25
    Shot Knee-Hopkick            F+K,K       M.M         25.30
    Low Kick                     db+K        L           15
    Low-Side Bodycheck           db+K,f+P    L.M         15.40
    Hopkick                      u+K         M           30
    Jumping Crescent Kick        uf+K        H           40
    Jumping Crescent-Sweep       uf+K,d+K    H.L         40.25
    Reverse Cartwheel Kick       ub+K        M           35
    Step Thrust Kick             f+K         H           24
    Leaping Toe Touch            S+K         H           26
    Leg Sweep                    d+S+K       L           25
    Side Cross Wrap              S+P         Std Trw     40
    Grasping the Heart           b+S+P       Std Trw     45
    Dragon Shoulder              b+S+P       Wall Trw    15+40
    Shuutai                      f+S+P       Std Trw     48
    Rolling Earth Wind           f,f+S+P     Std Trw     50
    Monkey Style                 f+S+P       Multithrow  20
    Unlock the Chains...         d,db,b+S+P  Std Trw     17+17+17
    Close the Clouds...          d,df,f+S+P  Std Trw     35+15
    Close the Clouds and...      S+P         Multithrow  0
    Spread the Tiger's Tail      S+P         Bck Trw     55
    Leaning Position             f+S+P       Bck Trw     60
    The Horse's Iron Head        d+S+P       Low Trw     20+36
    Raccoon-Cat up a Tree        db+S+P      Low Trw     15+15+20
    Great Cross Splitter         d+S+P       Low Bck Trw 62
    A Strike Collapses...        f,u+S       vs. H-P     60
    A Spinning Grasp...          f,u+S       vs. H-K     60
    The Dragon's Shape           f,b+S       vs. M-P     10+10+40
    Investigating the...         b,f+S       vs. M-K     60
    A Strike Collapses the...    f,d+S       vs. L-P     60
    Great Lance                  f,d+S       vs. L-K     60
    Taken Hand                   b,u+S       vs. H<>M-P  0
    Bent Hand                    b,u+S       vs. H<>M-K  0
    Sloping Hand                 b,d+S       vs. L-P     0
    Sloping Suspension           b,d+S       vs. L-K     0
    Falling Kick                 u+P+K       Dwn Atk     18
    Earth Palm Strike            d+P         Dwn Atk     10
    Appeal 1: Banrakuchi         b,f,b+S+P+K Taunt     0
    Appeal 2: Tenseiba           d,d+S+P+K   Taunt     0
    Arrow Step                   d,df,f+P    Movement  0
    Back Cartwheel               ub+P        Movement  0
    Kung Fu Fighting            (from Helena) f,f+P+K+S
    ??                          (To Helena) f,f+P+K+S
    Moon Toss-Heaven Dance      (To Kasumi) f,f+P+K+S
    ??                          (from anyone but Helena) f,f+P+K+S
    L   L
    L   L
    L        L --------
    - Birthdate - April 23rd
    - Height - 5 foot 6 inches
    - Weight - 110 pounds
    - Measurements - B=34" / W=22" / H=33"
    - Nationality - Chinese
    - Style - Tai Chi
    - Profession - Student
    Lei Fang is back for another round in the Dead Or Alive tournament. Her 
    moves are also similar if not way more complex than ever. It takes a 
    while to get use to her because she isn't as throw happy as Tina or 
    Juggle loving as Kasumi and Ayane. Her main partner is Jann Lee.
    NAME of MOVE                 COMMAND     AERA        DAMAGE
    --------------               -------     ----        ------ 
    Jab                          P           H           10
    Uppercut                     df+P        M           20
    Low Punch                    d+P         L           5
    High Front Kick              K           H           28
    Front Kick                   df+K        M           25
    Low Kick                     d+K         L           10
    Turning High Palm            [back] P    H           12
    Turning Mid Palm Strike      [back] d+P  M           16
    Turning Low Palm Strike      [back] D+P  L           12
    Turning Armada Kick          [back] K    H           30
    Turning Front Kick           [back] d+K  M           25
    Turning Low Kick             [back] D+K  L           23
    Turning Delayed Palm         [back] P+K  M           38
    Advancing Hopping Palm       uf,P        M           15
    Advancing Jumpkick           uf,K        M           30
    Advancing Hop Dbl Palm       uf,P        H           22
    Advancing Slide Kick         uf,K        L           25
    Hopping Palm Strike          u,P         M           15
    Hopping Jumpkick             u,K         M           30
    Hopping Double Palm          u,P         H           22
    Hopping Slide Low Kick       u,K         L           25
    Back Hopping Dbl Palm        ub,P        H           22
    Back Hopping Slide Kick      ub,K        M           20
    Stepping Fist                uf+P        M           25
    Dashing Elbow Strike         u+P         H           18
    Single Jumpkick              uf+K        M           23
    Double Jumpkick              u+K,K       M.H         23.25
    Rear Hopping Crescent        ub+K        H           34
    Step Double Palm Strike      f,f+P       M           26
    Eye Gouge                    f,b+P       H           26
    Power Bodycheck              b,f+P       M           40
    The Lone Gold Chicken        P+K         H.M         20.25
    Sliding Low Kick             d,d+K       L           25
    Elbow Strike                 f+P         M           17
    Elbow - Gold Chicken         f+P,K       M.H.M       17.20.25
    Back Leaning Fist            b,b+P       H           26
    Stomping Palm                b+P         M           22
    Stomping Fist                b+P,P       M.M         22.25
    Low Upwards Knife Edge       db+P        M           18
    Low Upper-TA Bodycheck       db+P,P      M.M         18.28
    Trapping Strike              d,df,f+P    M           32
    Low Swipe                    df,df+P     L           20
    Swipe-Single Jumpkick        df,df+P,K   L.M         20.23
    Swipe-Dbl Jumpkick           df,df+P,K,K L.M.H       20.23.25
    Swipe-TA Bodycheck           df,df+P,P+K L.M         20.35
    Stepping High Kick           f+K         H           24
    Stepping Punt Kick           f,f+K       M           32
    Spreading Kick               u+K         H           24
    Armada Kick                  b+K         H           30
    Armada-Mid Spin Sweep        b+K,K       H.M         30.20
    Armada-Leg Sweep             b+K,K,d+K   H.M.L       30.20.15
    Low Shin Kick                db+K        L           15
    Low Shin-Sliding Kick        DB+K,K      L.L         15.23
    Front Kick                   df+K        M           25
    Front K-TA Bodycheck         df+K,P+K    M.M         25.35
    High Double Palm Strike      f+P+K       H           22
    Delayed Palm Strike          ub+P        M           29
    One-Two Punch                P,P         H.H         ??.12
    One-Two-Windmill             P,P,P       H.H.M       ??.12.32
    One-Two-Elbow Strike         P,P,f+P     H.H.M       ??.12.20
    Elbow-Chicken Combo          P,P,f+P,K   H.H.M.H.M   ??.
    One-Two-Stomping Palm        P,P,b+P     H.H.M       ??.12.22
    Stomping Fist Combo          P,P,b+P,P   H.H.M.M     ??.12.22.25
    One-Two-Skyscraper           K,P,P,K     H.H.H       ??.12.25
    Sky Armada Combo             P,P,K,K     H.H.H.H     ??.12.25.28
    Sky Mid Sweep Combo          P,P,K,d+K   H.H.H.M     ??.12.25.20
    Sliding Kick Combo           P,P,d+K     H.H.L       ??.12.25
    Jab-Low Straight Punch       P,DF+P      H.M         ??.20
    Double Palm Combo            P,DF+P,P    H.M.M       ??.20.26
    TA Bodycheck Combo           P,DF+P,P+K  H.M.M       ??.20.35
    Jab-Armada Kick              P,K         H.H         ??.30
    Armada-Mid Combo             P,K,K       H.H.M       ??.30.20
    Armada-Leg Sweep Cmb         P,K,K,d+K   H.H.M.L     ??.30.20.15
    High Front Kick              K           H           28
    Front-Armada                 K,K         H.H         28.32
    Front-Mid Sweep              K,d+K       H.M         28.20
    Double Eye Gouge             b+P+K       H           20
    Low Double Fist Strike       db+P+K      M           34
    Turnaway Bodycheck           d+P+K       M           35
    Jumping Crescent Kick        S+K         M           35
    Collapsing Monkey            S+P         Std Trw     42
    The Common Man's Horse...    b+S+P       Std Trw     46
    Reversal of Fortune          b+S+P       Wall Trw    0
    Pressing Spinfall            df+S+P      Std Trw     20+32
    Kneeling Strike              b,f+S+P     Std Trw     55
    The Bent Knee Staggers       f,f+S+P     Std Trw     25+25
    The Bent Knee Dominates      f,f+S+P     Wall Trw    25+35
    Challenge the Hand and...    d,df,f+S+P  Std Trw     48
    The Fat Prince...            b+S+P       Multithrow  20
    --Fat Prince Combo           f,f+S+P     Multithrow  32
    --Request the Bodycheck      b,f+S+P     Multithrow  28
    Uranui-Hijisui               d,df,f+S+P  Std Trw     15+47
    Takuchuu Treason             S+P         Bck Trw     55
    Airwalk                      f,f+S+P     Bck Trw     58
    A Knee to the Head...        d,df,f+S+P  Bck Trw     30+30
    Touitsukon                   d+S+P       Low Trw     10+20+28
    The Lone Gold Chicken        db+S+P      Low Trw     62
    Take the Hand                d+S+P       Low Bck Trw 65
    Turning Foot Sweep           f,u+S       vs. H-P     62
    Routai-Toutou                f,u+S       vs. H-K     32+30
    Kneeling Attack              f,b+S       vs. M-P     62
    Revolving Push               b,f+S       vs. M-K     0
    Double Opening Kick          f,d+S       vs. L-P     62
    Embracing Thigh Kick         f,d+S       vs. L-K     62
    Sairetsu                     b,u+S       vs. H<>M-P  0
    Housei                       b,u+S       vs. H<>M-K  0
    Risei                        b,d+S       vs. L-P     0
    Erasing Push                 b,u+S       vs. L-K     0
    Falling Double Strike        u+P+K       Dwn Atk     18
    Earthquake Stomp             d+K         Dwn Atk     15
    Appeal 1 – Salute            b,f,b+S+P+K Taunt       0
    Appeal 2 - Damedame...       d,d+S+P+K   Taunt       0
    Appeal 3 - Yo-shi            f,b,f+S+P+K Taunt       0
    Appeal 4 - Damedame...       b,b+S+P+K   Taunt       0
    Double Dragon Fist           (from Jann Lee) f,f+S+P+K
    Skyscraper- Dragon Kick      (to Jann Lee) f,f+S+P+K
    Tag Kneeling Throw           (from anyone but Jann Lee) f,f+S+P+K
    Once you go to the machine and pop in your money you just have to the 
    start button, which should be to the inside of the control setups. Once 
    you do you'll get a screen like this.
     ______________   ______________   ______________   ______________
    |              | |              | |              | |              |
    |    Single    | | Time  Attack | |   Survival   | |  Tag Battle  |
    |______________| |______________| |______________| |______________|
    Well once you see that, you can just highlight the one you want to do 
    and start up. Of course some of this may not be here, I've heard that 
    the Tag mode must be activated and I'll try to get that info for all of 
    you with a new machine sitting in front of you.
    Anyway here's a rundown of what you'll get depending on what you 
    This is kind of different for a fighting game. It's of course a 
    good way to get people to play with all characters. Anyway this 
    is where you pick 1 character only and fight in an Arcade style. 
    1-on-1, one after another, while getting a story on the way up!
    Time Attack:
    This is where you play up until you finish the game. You should 
    try to get the fastest time as possible. You should play the game 
    throughout the same order as the Single match only it's not a 
    story mode and just straight fighting until you get to the end. 
    Once you do finish the game you enter your name into the game 
    unless you don't get a good enough time.
    This is pretty self-explanatory I would hope, right? Well this is 
    where you make your way through battle after battle fighting over 
    and over again. You only get one life bar but after you defeat 
    your enemy you can get some health items. I didn't get to far but 
    once you lose you put in your name and it goes into the scores.
    Tag Battle:
    This where most of the fun fights happen in DoA 2. You pick two 
    characters for your team and you fight. There's no story or 
    anything but you and you tag partner battle it out, Marvel Vs. 
    Capcom and Tekken Tag style, this is Sweet!!
    Some modes aren't for 2 player and depending on when the second player 
    starts different choices will be available. There are only 2 modes 
    though that are possible in a two-player match.
    The two are just a single match out of three and the second being a tag 
    match which is only one round in the small stage. If both people put 
    their money in at the same time and hit start either of the two people 
    can choose the type of match it is.
    If the second player puts his money in after a match has already 
    started the challenger gets a choice on THIER half of the screen
    A new challenger has entered, choose a battle type
     _______________   _______________
    |               | |               |
    | Single Battle | |  Tag  Battle  |
    |_______________| |_______________|
    After the challenger chooses which one he/she would like the other 
    person gets a choice.
    Do you accept the challengers choice?
    After that you can either go with it or choose the other fighting type 
    instead. Once both players are ready you will go to the character 
    selection screen, with all 12 characters. You pick your character/s and 
    then you start out the match. Once it's over the person who lost 
    leaves, [or puts in more money] and the winner goes on.
    Depending on if you're the challenger or not you can choose. If you 
    aren't the challenger you go back to the same spot in the same 
    selection as you were before you were challenged.
    If you are the challenger you go to the start of the Tag, or Single 
    depending on what type of 2-player match was just chosen. If it was 
    single you do a single if it was a tag you do the tag. You don't get to 
    re-choose your characters either.
    Here are the a rundown of the 2-player modes and there differences.
    In a 2-player single match you get a first to three bout, ala 
    Virtua Fighter. Through the match you have up to 5 rounds. 
    Throughout each round you may knock your opponent [or be knocked] 
    to a new part of the stage. Once the round is over you will start 
    in the same spot and not go back to the start.
    Tag Battle:
    In a tag battle match it plays out exactly like the single player 
    mode. Each person picks 2 characters and they fight in the 
    enclosed fighting arena. Once one person loses both characters 
    life bars his/her turns over and they have to put in more money.
    That's the only play modes for 2-players, which are fine but the tag 
    battle is probably the more interesting out of the two IMO.
    Well those are all the modes in the game for the Arcade. Now I better 
    put in a quick chart to state the differences between them and then out 
    a more explanatory of each one underneath.
    Item       | Single | Time Attack | Survival | Tag Battle |
    Plots?     | Yes    | No          | No       | No    
    1 Player   | Yes    | Yes         | Yes      | Yes
    2 Player   | Yes    | No          | No       | Yes
    1 Fighter  | Yes    | Yes         | Yes      | No
    2 Fighters | No     | No          | No       | Yes
    Ending     | Yes    | Yes         | No       | Yes
    Name Entry | Yes    | Yes         | Yes      | Yes
    Well, I could put some more but I don't know any for now. If I get some 
    more I'll ad them later in another update. I don't think I need to say 
    V. Cheats/Extra's
    There aren't many cheat's or extra's in the game this far but there are 
    a few for the arcade.
    To get every one's second and third [only some] you just have to press 
    up or down depending on where the character is on the select screen. 
    This is the obvious one. To get Kasumi and Ayane's extra costume you 
    have to hold Punch and Kick while pressing start to choose your 
    You can change the camera movement of the replay and winning pose by 
    holding the Free button and moving around the Joystick. Also pressing 
    Punch and Kick zoom's in and Out the camera.
    VI. Legal Stuff
    This is my guide, Jimbo, and it cannot be used by anyone unless they 
    get my written consent. This FAQ is  C Jimbo, 2000
    As of this update this FAQ can only be reproduced on the following 
    E-mail me at arsenal@vianet.net.au to get my written consent.

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