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    Secrets FAQ by ZeroGenesis

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 03/20/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    "Wanted: Dead Or Alive v1.2"
    Dead Or Alive 2 - Secrets FAQ
    Version 1.2 (Last Edited - 11:04 PM 3/20/00)
    For The Sega Dreamcast Version ONLY!
    <<Table Of Contents>>
    i. Notes/Updates From Zero
    ii. Credits
    iii. The K Files
    1. Alternate Costumes/Costume List
    2. Secret Characters
    3. Total Run Time Trick
    4. Female Art
    5. Hidden FMV
    6. Black Kasumi 3rd Costume
    7. Rumor Mill/Frequently Asked Secret Questions
    8. Dead Tricks
    9. Odd Sightings
    10. Most Wanted
    11. Contact
    12. Crazy Rants
     i. Notes From Zero
    	If you use any of this information anywhere else, please give 
    	me credit. Also, it would be good if you could send me a link 
    	to your site/faq, and I will include a link to your site/faq.
    	The rumor about a press release by Tecmo about secrects was shot down. 
    	A Tecmo operator (I believe that is her title) named Michelle has broke the news 
    	that they are waiting for Tecmo of Japanto release codes/tricks/secrets to them.
    	This tells us that either Tecmo U.S. had no part in the programming, and most 
    	likely only the translation and the distrobution. We will just have to wait and see
    	Sorry for the many errors in the last version. This version removed many of these 
    	errors. THanks for all those who submitted information. The credits are located at 
    	the end of this document.
    	Do not buy Prima's Guide To DOA2 if you are looking for secrets, because
    	it has none!
    	The Rumors and talk of Kasumi's "Bunny Suit" have not been backed or
    	been confirmed at all, so I am pretty sure this code is pure rumor.
    	Due to the multiple e-mails about the bounce trick, I have removed it from this FAQ,
    	so you can all stop arguing(to me) whether it works or not.
    	I will be releasing complete F.A.Q. for Kasumi, so look for that soon. You should check 
    	out the "K Files" in section iii for some neat stuff about Kasumi. 
    	Please E-Mail and Instant Message The New Screen Name, Doa2Faq@aol.com
    	Do Not E-Mail and Instant Message zerogenesis@aol.com, for it will be no 
    	longer used for this FAQ.
    	That's all for this update, see you next time.
    	If You Would Like To Submit Anything, To This F.A.Q., Please E-Mail Me 
    	With The Subject Of "FAQ Submit"	
     ii. Credits
    	Below are a list of names, and after that is a list of info/secrets that they contributed
    	Special Thanks To:
    	*Al Amaloo (For Posting My FAQ At: http://vgstrategies.about.com)
    	*Wind-X (For One Of The Best DOa Sites On The Net: http://doaonline.fighters.net)  
    	*Mindrunr (For Posting The FAQ On His Site: http://www.usinternet.com/users/mindrunr/)
    	*Dave From CheatCC.com (For Posting The FAQ On His Site: http://www.cheatcc.com)
    	*Digital D0J0 (For Being A Some weird would-be Japanese culture expert)
    	  Digital D0J0 - E-Mail Me About Writing Your Thoughts On A Character
    	* Kunimaru (The Ofudo Master, Info On The Lightning Bolts, Thanks For The Proper Definiton)
    	* Skippopot2mus (For A Good Chat)
    	Contribution Credits:
    	*DarienTuxe (Info On The DOA1 Intro On The TV In The Spiral Stage)
    	*Warren Lamb (Info On The Taunt Trick, And On The Snow Avalanche)
    	*Jared (Info On The DOA1 Intro On The TV In The Spiral Stage)
    	*Shaun Graves (For An Intersting Talk On The Game)
    	*Yamil Chaar (Thoughts On Young Tina + Bass' 3rd Costume)
    	*Ahrel (Info On Dragon Hills Continuing Level)	
    	*The Many People Commenting On Roland	
    	  Shaun Graves
    	  Thompson Macneill
    	To All I Forgot, Please Contact Me And I Will Add You To The Credits	
     iii. The K Files
    	This section currently doesn't exist, but it will for the next update. This section will 
    	talk about the mysterys behind the character Kasumi. There are many things to discuss, 
    	so if you would like to send some information or dicussion topics, please feel free. 
    	E-Mail them to (Doa2Faq@aol.com) With the subject of "K Files". 
     1. Alternate Costumes
    	To select your characters alternate costume, just press up/down (Depending 
    	on which row your character is on) and then select your character normally.
    	Note: The "School Girl Outfit" code reported by IGN is NOT NEEDED. To select 
    	the school girl outfits, choose the 3rd outfit for Ayane and the 4th outfit for Kasumi.
    	Here Is A Complete List Of All Avalable Costumes. If You Use This In Your 
    	FAQ, Please Give Me Credit.
    	C1: Blue Shinobi Outfit  
    	C2: White Sleeveless Shinobi Outfit
    	C3: Pink "Evil Kasumi" Outfit
    	C4: Navy Blue School Girl Outfit.
    	C1: Zebra Sleeved Outfit
    	C2: Blue Outfit w/Hat
    	>Tina Armstrong<<
    	C1: Silver Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Outfit
    	C2: Pink Top, Jeans, Cowboy Boots + Jacket
    	C1: Fire Shorts + Bra(?) 
    	C2: Mohawk, Green Pants, Belt Top 
    	C3: Silver, Reflective, Millenium Outfit (Morolian)
    	C1: Black Jacket, Black Pants
    	C2: White Jacket, Black Pants
    	C3: Red Jacket, Headband, White + Black Pants
    	C1: Blue Skirted Outfit  w/ Pink Ribbon
    	C2: Red Outfit w/Blue Ribbon, Arm Tassles
    	C3: School Girl Outfit, Plaid Skirt, Turquoise Vest
    	C1: Black Shinobi Outfit
    	C2: White Shinobi Outfit
    	C3: Black Shinobi Outfit 2, Face Mask, Sleeveless
    	C1: Red Opera Dress
    	C2: White/Light Blue Opera Dress
    	C1: Cowboy Outfit w/Cowboy Hat
    	C2: Leather Jacket, Bandana On Head, Sunglasses (Hulk Hogan)
    	C1: Turban, Camo Jacket
    	C2: Turban, White Arabian Outfit
    	C1: Pink Fighting Dress
    	C2: White Fignting Dress
    	C3: Half-Top Green Outfit
    	C4: Black Leather Dress
    	C1: Leather Jacket, Mesh Shirt
    	C2: Denim Vest, Jeans, White Shirt
     2. Secret Characters
    	The Known Characters Are Tengu, The Game's Boss. It Is Currently Unknown
    	On How To Get This Character Enabled. 
    	Note: Roland is the "True Love"of Leon in his story mode. This is the reason for the 
    	inclusion of the name Roland in the credits. I think that Tecmo would have been more 
    	carefull enough to hide the names of any secret characters which are not enabled.  
    3. Total Run Time Trick
    	If You Leave The Game System On At The Option Screen, The Total Run Time 
    	Will Keep On Growing. Having The Time At A Certain Number/Length May Unlock 
    	New Secrets. 
    4. Female Art
    	Pop you DOA2 Dreamcast game into your computer and open the "Bonus" folder. 
    	The following files are inside:
    	 <<Name>>    <<Description>>
    	Ayane1.bmp   (Ayane Standing)
    	Ayane2.bmp   (Ayane Sitting) 
    	Helena.bmp    (Helena Standing Near A Window) 
    	Kasumi1.bmp (Kasumi Laying Down) 
    	Kasumi2.bmp (Kasumi Laying Down On Her Back) 
    	Leifang1.bmp  (Leifang Standing) 
    	Leifang2.bmp  (Leifang Standing, Arms Back) 
    	Tina.bmp        (The Awesone Tina Armstrong Poster, As Seen In The Game, It's Great!)  
    5. Hidden FMV
    	To view the hidden FMV, you must be first playing as Ayane in story mode, and when you 
    	get to the battle against Kasumi you must K.O. her in the ice pit, and she must land approx 
    	10ft away from you. If you do this correctly, you will then watch the fireball FMV from the 
    	intro movie. We can only hope there are more secrets like this in the game.
    6. Black Kasumi 3rd Costume
    	To see this alternate colored suit, just start the story mode with Kasumi wearing her 3rd 
    	costume. When you get to the pre-battle FMV with the Kasumi clone and the actual battle, 
    	she will be wearing a black version of the 3rd costume. It is not known how to select this 
    	costume for actual play.
    7. Rumor Mill/Frequently Asked Secret Questions
    	Note: These are rumors, and other puzzling questions! They may or may not be true. For some of 
    	the things that have been proven false, visit the Dead Tricks section below this one. Please don't 
    	e-mail me rumors! I only take them from random sources on the net like message boards, and from 
    	certain questions about a specific subject.
    	>>Bikini Outfits<<
    	(About) An Alternate Costume For Kasumi That Is A "Bunny Suit". 
    	(Zero's Take) Very Possable. Tecmo Created Those Promotional Bikini Photos With The Characters 
    	3D Models, So Why Not Have Them Selectable? Not Much Movement Needs To Be Programed Into 
    	A 2 Piece Bikini :)
    	>>Tengu And Roland<<
    	(About) Secret Playable Characters, Tengu The Gemas Boss, And Roland, Leon's True Love.
    	(Zero's Take) I Can Understand Tengu, But Roland Is A Long Shot. But Since Their Models 
    	Are In The Game, Why Not Have Them Selectable.
    	>>Tina's Runway Outfit<<
    	(About) The Outfit Worn By Tina After Beating The Story Mode With Her.
    	(Zero's Take) It's In There, So They Should Be Able To Use It In Battle. It Is More Complex Than
    	A Standard Costume, But Not Too Complex. 
    	>>Helena's Opera Dress + Her Mother's Character<<
    	(About) The Outfit Worn By Helena In The Story Mode, And Her Mother, Who Appears In That Scene.
    	(Zero's Take) This Opera Dress WOuld Be Quite Complex To Program In With Realistic Movements, 
    	And Doesn't Seem Fit For Fighting. Although It Would Be Cool To Defeat Your Friends With A 70 
    	Year-Old Lady, I Think The Programmers Left That One Out.  
    	>>8yr Old Tina + Bass 3rd Outfit<<
    	(About) The Young Tina Seen In Bass' Story Mode, And His Outfit That He Is Wearing In That Scene.
    	(Zero's Take) I Would Love To Defeat All Of My Friends With An 8 Year Old Girl, And Bass' Threads In 
    	That Scene Are Much Better Than The Cowboy Outfit(In My Mind). I Can Only Hope They Programmed 
    	That In. Or Imagine A 2 People Character? Bass Could Throw Young Tina At Your Opponent, And......
    	Oh Nevermind.
    	>>Kasumi's Ending (Complete)<<
    	(About) The Full Ending Ment To Be Seen At The End Of Story Mode.
    	(Zero's Take) Seeing How She Is My Favorite Character, I Was Sure Dissapointed With Her Ending. Once 
    	I Saw The After Credits FMV, I Instantly Sarted Thinking Of Ideas Behind Why The Ending Was Like That, 
    	And How Might Another Ending Be Unlocked? The Fireball FMV Only Got MNe Going Even More.
    	*** If You Have Any Contributions, Please Send Them To:      
    		Subject: "Rumor Mill" 
    8. Dead Tricks
    	* Beating The Game On Very Hard Mode With The Total Run Time Equal To Or Greater Than 30hrs And Never
    	 Loose A Match And You Will Unlock New Costumes.
    	(Many People Have Wasted Their Time On This And Have Succeeded And Gotten Nothing. Originally 
    	Posted By A Person At Message Board As A Joke)
    	* Setting The Age To The Reversed Age Of Your Character And Beating The Story Mode Without 
    	Continuing Will Unlock New Costumes.
    	(Simple Proof - Ayane + Kasumi's Ages Are N/A, So There Are No Way To Reverse Them. Helena Is 21(12) 
    	And Jann Lee Is 20(02). The Lowest The Age Setting Goes Is 12. You Could Not Enter These Character's 
    	Ages Backwards)
    	* Beating Tag Mode With All Possable Character Combinations Will Unlock New Costumes.
    	(After Doing This, No Hidden Costumes Are Enabled. I Have Personally Wasted My Time On This One)
    	*** If You Have Any Contributions, Please Send Them To:      
    		Subject: "Dead Tricks" 
    9. Odd Sightings
    	In The Spiral Level, The TV Screen Shows Pictures Of The Original Intro From The First DOA.
    	In The Demon Church Level, No Matter Which Window Someone Is Knocked Out Of, You 
    	Allways Land In The Same Place. 
    	Bass Is "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, No Doubt About It.
    	The Rope Blocking You From Walking Down The Mountain Has Small "Ofudos" Attached To It, Which 
    	Japanese Holy Men Used To Fend Of Evil Spirits, Thus This Would Contain Tengu In That Stage. This  
    	Asks The Question How Does He Appear In The Demon Church In Ein's Story Mode? This May Be A 
    	The Opera House And The Spiral go on FOREVER!
    	*** If You Have Any Contributions, Please Send Them To:      
    		Subject: "Odd Sightings" 
    10. Most Wanted
    	These Are Some Of The Most Wanted DOA2 Tricks/ Codes.
    	Wanted: Dead Or Alive
    	1. Different Levels For Tag Mode (Wanted)
    	2. Secret Characters (Wanted)
    	3. Extra Costumes (Wanted)
    	4. Alternate Color Schemes For Costumes (Wanted)
    	5. Explination For The Age Option (Wanted)
    	*** If You Have Any Contributions, Please Send Them To:      
    		Subject: "Most Wanted" 
    11. Contact
    	You can contact me at (Doa2Faq@aol.com)
    	Put The Subject Listed Below The Section, Or If It Doesn't Fit One Of These Categories, 
    	Please Put The Subject Of "Doa2 General"
    12. Crazy Rants
    	This FAQ IS ©2000 Dustin Neuland
    	Tecmo Forever
    	We Want Young Tina Playable!
    	Where The Hell Is Kasumi's REAL Ending?
    	Silly Tiger Is #1
    	Wanted: Dead Or Alive

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