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    Bass by TripleRaid

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/17/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    " Dead or Alive 2 BASS MOVE LIST v1.1                 "
    Author: TripleRaid
    E-Mail: tripleraid@yahoo.com
    Easy to read format :)
    M O V E  L I S T
    U             UP
    D             DOWN
    L             LEFT
    R             RIGHT
    UL            UP LEFT
    UR            UP RIGHT
    DL            DOWN LEFT
    DR            DOWN RIGHT
    FREE          Arcade Stick: "Z Button" Dreamcast: "R Trigger"
               Age ::  46 
            Height ::  6' 5" 
            Weight ::  346 lbs. 
      Measurements ::  B56" W53" H54" 
        Blood Type ::  O 
       Nationality ::  American 
    Fighting Style ::  Pro Wrestling 
     Favorite Food ::  Chicken 
        Profession ::  Pro Wrestler 
             Hobby ::  Training his
                       daughter, Tina 
    First Appearance :: Dead or Alive PlayStation
    He is the father of Tina and as any normal father, 
    he doesn't like his daughter using her sex appeal 
    to gain her celebrity status. He enters the "Dead 
    or Alive World Combat Championship" to protect his 
    beloved daughter from getting hurt and at the same 
    time he hopes to teach his daughter about the tough 
    reality of the World Combat Championship.
    Combo Gong         Punch,Punch,Punch
    Combo Hammer       Punch,Punch,D,Punch
    Combo High Kick    Punch,Punch,Kick
    Combo Kick Crash   Punch,Kick,Kick
    Wild Swing         R,Punch,Punch
    Hell Stab          Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Elbow Rush         UL,Punch,Punch
    Stungun Chop       L,Punch,Punch,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Power Gong         DL,Punch,Punch
    Knee Hammer        R,Kick,Punch
    Jumping High Kick  U,Kick
    Smash Gong         R,R,Punch
    Bear Scissiors     DL,Punch + Kick Simultaneously,Punch
    Kick Rush          DR,Kick,Kick
    One hand Hammer    U,Punch
    Buffalo Crash      DR,DR,Punch
    Drop Kick          D,DR,R,Kick
    Flying Cross Chop  R,R,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Kenka Kick         R,R,Kick
    Hell Sciccors      UL,Punch,Punch
    Rolling Axe        R + Punch Simultaneously
    Bass Lariet        R,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Front Roll Kick    R,Free + Kick Simultaneously
    Leg Break          DL,Kick
    Low Drop Kick      D,Free + Kick Simultaneously
    Muscle Elbow       L,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Axe Bomber         D,Punch + Kick Simultaneously,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Trass Kick         L,Kick
    (with back to opponent)
    Round Muscel Elbow  Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    (showing back to opponent)
    Rising Low Drop Kick  D,Free + Kick Simultaneously 
    Falcon Arrow       Free + Punch Simultaneously
    One Leg Standing Head Butt U,UR,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Crazy Cow Head Butt U,UR,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (by the wall)
    Water Dill Drop    L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Bear Press         L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (by the wall)
    Bass Tornado       R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Flying Body Scissors U,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Dynamite Lariat    R, + Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Atomic Hammer Crash R + Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (by wall)
    Oklahoma Stampede  R,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously,R,Free Punch Simultaneously
    (throw combo)
    Manhatten Driver   D,DL,L,Free + Punch Simultaneously,U,Free + Punch Simultaneously, 
    (throw combo)      U + Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Super Freak        U + Free + Punch Simultaneously
    TFBB               D,L + Free + Punch Simultaneously
    TFBC(by the wall)  D,L + Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Ecape Back         Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (showing back to opponent)
    Dangerous Backdrop Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (from behind opponent)
    Locomotion Backdrop Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (by the wall from behind opponent)
    Argentine Back Breaker L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (from behind opponent)
    Reverse Poer Bomb  R, + Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (from behind opponent)
    Face Crasher       R,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously,>>,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (throw combo from behind opponent)
    Grizzly Launcher   U + Free + Punch Simultaneously,D,D,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (throw combo from behind opponent)
    Grizzly Crash      U + Free + Punch Simultaneously,D,D,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (throw combo by the wall from behind opponent)
    Bass Bomb          D,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (low throw)
    Double Arm DDT     DL,DL,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (low throw)
    Calf Branding      D,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (low throw from behind opponent)
    Double Knee Drop   U,Punch + Knee Simultaneously
    Stomping           D,Kick
    Docking Driver     R,R,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    (with Tina)
    Lockon Sky Twister Press D,DL,L,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    (with Tina)
    Alley-oop          R,R,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    (with Zack)
    Oklahoma Stampede  R,R,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (with any other character)*
    *-yourpartner makes the attack
    A big thanx goes to Wind-X of http://doaonline.fighters.net
    for the lyrics. He has a PS2.
    I really suggest that if you are a real DOA2 freak and
    are looking for a great website go to his site.
    And thaks to GURT for pointing this out to me.
    This FAQ may not in any form, reproduced without prior written       
    consent of the author.If you want to use this Walkthrough/FAQ on     
    or in your webpage/magazine/book/disk/cd or any other means of       
    distribution(other than for personal use only) please contact me     
    first (tripleraid@yahoo.com).                                        
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                 FAQ written while listing to Winamp (^_^)               
                                              COPYRIGHT ©TRIPLERAID, 2000

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