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    Lei Fang by TripleRaid

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/17/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    " Dead or Alive 2 LEI FANG MOVE LIST v1.1             "
    Author: TripleRaid
    E-Mail: tripleraid@yahoo.com
    Easy to read format :)
    M O V E  L I S T
    U             UP
    D             DOWN
    L             LEFT
    R             RIGHT
    UL            UP LEFT
    UR            UP RIGHT
    DL            DOWN LEFT
    DR            DOWN RIGHT
    FREE          Arcade Stick: "Z Button" Dreamcast: "R Trigger"
               Age ::  19 
            Height ::  5' 4" 
            Weight ::  110 lbs. 
      Measurements ::  B34" W22" H34" 
        Blood Type ::  B 
       Nationality ::  Chinese 
    Fighting Style ::  Tai Chi Quan  
     Favorite Food ::  Almond Jelly  
        Profession ::  College Student 
             Hobby ::  Karaoke 
    First Appearance :: Dead or Alive Arcade
    She is one of the younger fighters and has been called 
    a fighting genius by many. To fight and defeat Jann Lee 
    is her ultimate goal. Jann Lee's absolute dominance in 
    the combat arena only fuels her challenging spirit. Her 
    desire to defeat him is her main reason for entering the 
    Dead or Alive World Combat Championship.
    Zensho        UR,Punch
    Shahi         U,Punch
    Niki          UR,Kick,Kick
    Tensin        UL,Kick
    Soan          R,R,Punch
    Sofu          L + Punch Simultaneously
    Chisun        R + Punch Simultaneously
    Kinkei        Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Tessa         D,D,Kick
    Renchu        R,Punch,Kick
    Ashu          L,L,Punch
    Hoto          L,Punch,Punch
    Shanpo        DL,Punch,Punch
    Shaorin       D,DR,R,Punch
    G. Niki       DR,DR,Punch,Kick,Kick
    G. Hai        DR,DR,Punch,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Sokutan       R,Kick
    Bunkyaku      R,R,Kick
    Hikyaku       U,Kick
    Sengu         L,Kick,Kick,D,Kick
    Fujin         DL,Kick,Kick
    Tokyaku       DR,Kick,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Hoko          R,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Honsin        UL,Punch
    R. Shao       Punch,Punch,Punch
    R. Kin        Punch,Punch,R,Punch,Kick
    R. Zen        Punch,Punch,L,Punch,Punch
    R. Renshu     Punch,Punch,Kick,Kick
    R. Sengu      Punch,Punch,Kick,D,Kick
    R. Tessa      Punch,Punch,D,Kick
    S. Soan       Punch,DR,Punch,Punch
    S. Hai        Punch,DR,Punch,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Tanben        Punch,Kick,Kick,D,Kick
    Renshu        Kick,Kick
    Shu/Sen       Kick,D,Kick
    Paika         L,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Tozu          DL,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Haiseki       D,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Senpu         Free + Kick Simultaneously
    Sentsu        Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    (with back to opponent)
    Toben         Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Noba          L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Kaisin        L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (by the wall)
    Tokan         DR,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Heisin        R, + Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Yoho          R,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Assin         R,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (by the wall)
    Rentai        D,DR,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously,
    (throw combo) L,Free + Punch Simultaneously,
                  R,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Kenpi         D,DR,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously,
    (throw combo) L,Free + Punch Simultaneously,
                  R + Punch Simultaneously
    Rinei         D,DL,L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Haisui        Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (from behind opponent)
    Shanpo        R,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (from behing opponent)
    Chogo         D,DR,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (from behind opponent)
    Toitsu        D,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (low throw)
    Kindoku       DL,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (low throw)
    Teishu        D,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (low throw from behind opponent)
    Rakuso        U,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Sinkyaku      D,Kick
    Tengyo        R,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (with Jann Lee)
    Heisin 2      R,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (with any other character)*
    *-your partner makes the attack
    A big thanx goes to Wind-X of http://doaonline.fighters.net
    for the lyrics. He has a PS2.
    I really suggest that if you are a real DOA2 freak and
    are looking for a great website go to his site.
    And thaks to GURT for pointing this out to me.
    This FAQ may not in any form, reproduced without prior written       
    consent of the author.If you want to use this Walkthrough/FAQ on     
    or in your webpage/magazine/book/disk/cd or any other means of       
    distribution(other than for personal use only) please contact me     
    first (tripleraid@yahoo.com).                                        
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                 FAQ written while listing to Winamp (^_^)               
                                              COPYRIGHT ©TRIPLERAID, 2000

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