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    Hayabusa by TripleRaid

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/17/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    " Dead or Alive 2 HAYABUSA MOVE LIST v1.1             "
    Author: TripleRaid
    E-Mail: tripleraid@yahoo.com
    Easy to read format :)
    M O V E  L I S T
    U             UP
    D             DOWN
    L             LEFT
    R             RIGHT
    UL            UP LEFT
    UR            UP RIGHT
    DL            DOWN LEFT
    DR            DOWN RIGHT
    FREE          Arcade Stick: "Z Button" Dreamcast: "R Trigger"
               Age :: 23 
            Height :: 5' 10" 
            Weight :: 154 lbs. 
      Measurements :: B41" W33" H36" 
        Blood Type :: A 
       Nationality :: Japanese 
    Fighting Style :: Hayabusa Ninjutsu  
     Favorite Food :: Sushi 
        Profession :: Antique Shop Owner 
             Hobby :: Mountain Climbing,
    First Appearance :: Dead or Alive Arcade
    He is the modern Super Ninja and the best friend of 
    Kasumi's brother. Being a Super ninja he has the 
    responsibility to confront "Bankotsubo," the Evil 
    Tengu, who came from the dark world into human 
    existence. To face the Evil Tengu would be a 
    suicidal act for any human being but Hayabusa owes 
    it to himself and to mankind to confront his fate.
    Rengeki       Punch,Punch,Punch
    Kusen         Punch,Punch,L,Punch,R,Punch
    Mekki         Punch,Punch,L,Punch,Kick
    Renki         Punch,Punch,L,Punch,Kick,Kick,Kick
    Jinpuren      Punch,Punch,D,Kick
    Hatotsu       R,Punch,Kick,Kick
    Raishin       R,R,Punch
    Tentotsu      U,Punch
    Kushin        L,Punch,R,Punch
    Hayou         L,Punch,Kick
    Eiuchi        UL,Punch
    Jisen         DL,Punch,Kick
    Garyo         D,DR,R,Punch
    Jaki          Kick,Punch
    Dansha        Kick,Kick
    Nichirin      UR,Kick
    Hagen         U,Kick,Kick
    Tenrin        UL,Kick
    Onibishi      Kick
    (when standing)
    Rijiso        DR,Kick,D,Kick
    Haja          R,Kick,Kick
    Jinren        DL,Kick,DL,Kick,D,Kick
    Riei          L + Kick Simultaneously
    Korin         L,Kick
    Maikri        D,DR,R,Kick
    Shoryu        D,L,Kick
    Soku          Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Gao           L,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Rekku         DR,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Kikoku        Free + Kick Simultaneously,Kick,Kick
    Jinsho        L,Free + Kick Simultaneously
    Jinkyaku      D,Free + Kick Simultaneously
    Zamma         DR,Free + Kick Simultaneously
    Rakushin      U,Kick
    (with back to opponent)
    Kotensei      Punch
    (When standing on the head)
    Senjin        Kick,Kick
    (when standing on the head)
    Tenpou        Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    (when standing on the head)
    Busou         Free + Kick Simultaneously
    (when standing on the head)
    Juji          Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Kubikiri      R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Shoro         R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (by the wall)
    Shiho         DR,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Yama          L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Hayabusa      R,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Genei         R + Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Rakujinsho    D,DL,L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Izuna         U + Free + Punch Simultaneously,UL + Free
    (throw combo) + Punch Simultaneously,DL + Free + Punch
    Uranage       Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (from behind opponent)
    Kandachi      L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (from behind opponent)
    Rakuryu       R,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (from behind opponent)
    Kirimomi      Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (when standing on the head)
    Kabuto        L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (when standing on the head)
    Zanshu        D,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (low throw)
    Hane          DL,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (low throw)
    Takitsudo     D,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (low throw from behind opponent)
    Naraku        U,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Koga          D,Punch
    Kazaguruma    R,R,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    (with Kasumi)
    Sen Lzuna     R,R,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously,
                  UR + Free + Punch Simultaneously,
                  DR + Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (with any other char)*
    *-your partner makes the attack
    A big thanx goes to Wind-X of http://doaonline.fighters.net
    for the lyrics. He has a PS2.
    I really suggest that if you are a real DOA2 freak and
    are looking for a great website go to his site.
    And thaks to GURT for pointing this out to me.
    This FAQ may not in any form, reproduced without prior written       
    consent of the author.If you want to use this Walkthrough/FAQ on     
    or in your webpage/magazine/book/disk/cd or any other means of       
    distribution(other than for personal use only) please contact me     
    first (tripleraid@yahoo.com).                                        
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    |for Dead or Alive 2        |   ----- ---- |  |   |                   
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                 FAQ written while listing to Winamp (^_^)               
                                              COPYRIGHT ©TRIPLERAID, 2000

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