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    Leon by TripleRaid

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/17/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    " Dead or Alive 2 LEON MOVE LIST v1.0                 "
    Author: TripleRaid
    E-Mail: tripleraid@yahoo.com
    Easy to read format :)
    M O V E  L I S T
    U             UP
    D             DOWN
    L             LEFT
    R             RIGHT
    UL            UP LEFT
    UR            UP RIGHT
    DL            DOWN LEFT
    DR            DOWN RIGHT
    FREE          Arcade Stick: "Z Button" Dreamcast: "R Trigger"
               Age ::  42 
            Height ::  6' 4" 
            Weight ::  282 lbs. 
      Measurements ::  B53" W47" H48" 
        Blood Type ::  B 
       Nationality ::  Italian 
    Fighting Style ::  Commando Sambo  
     Favorite Food ::  Pizza 
        Profession ::  Mercenary Soldier  
             Hobby ::  Bonsai 
    First Appearance :: Dead or Alive 2
    He is a lonely soldier who wanders all over the world. 
    His lover Roland, a woman thief on the Silk Road, died 
    in his arms saying "The man I love is the strongest man 
    in the world!" In order to fulfill the words of his lover, 
    he aspires to be the strongest man on Earth.
    Palm Arrow         UL,Punch
    Tomahawk Elbow     UR,Punch
    Smash Upper        U,Punch,Punch
    Trass Kick         Kick
    (when standing)
    Rising Tomahawk    UR,Kick
    Jabbering Kick     U,Kick
    Body Sobat         Free + Kick Simultaneously
    Blust Trass        L,Punch,Kick
    Blust Drive Knee   L,Punch,R,Kick
    Knee Lift          R,Kick
    Smash              DR,Punch
    Heel Hammer        L,Kick
    Head Butt          Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Arm Grenade        R,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Flame Knuckle      R,R,Punch
    Shoulder Tackle    R + Punch Simultaneously
    Rev. Double Hammer L,Punch + Kick Simultaneously,Punch
    Leg Spike          DL,Kick
    Solid Crash        R,Punch,Punch,Punch
    Crash Leg Spike    R,Punch,Punch,D,Kick
    Stomach Break      R,Punch,Kick
    Rush Sobat         Punch,R,Punch,Kick
    Rush Leg Spike     Punch,D,Punch,D,Kick
    Jab High Kick      Punch,Kick
    Storm Hook         Punch,Punch,Punch
    Storm Blust Knuckle Punch,Punch,L,Punch
    Storm Sobat        Punch,Punch,Kick
    Storm Upper        Punch,Punch,DL,Punch
    Trap Heel Hammer   Kick,Kick
    Trap Reverse Hammer Kick,Punch,Punch
    Giant Upper        D,DL,L,Punch
    Side Scimetar      R,R,Kick
    Scimetar Lock Heel R,R,Kick,Kick
    Turn Low Jabbering D,Free + Kick Simultaneously
    Smash Upper        Punch,Punch,Punch
    (showing back to opponent) 
    Victor Knee Cross Lock Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Neck Hanging Tree  L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Neck Hanging Blow  L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (by the wall)
    Arm Lock           R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Fire Storm Knee    R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (by the wall)
    Rev. Shrimp Lock   R + Free + Punch Simultaneously,
    (throw combo)      L + Punch Simultaneously,D,Free + 
                       Punch Simultaneously
    STF                DR,DR,Free + Punch Simultaneously,
    (throw combo)      D,D,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    DDT                D,DL,L,Free + Punch Simultaneously,
    (throw combo)      L + Free + Punch Simultaneously,D,
                       Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Windmill Back Breaker UR + Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Desert Bridge      UR + Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (by the wall)
    Jumping Arm Reverse Cross Lock Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (from behind opponent)
    Hell Hazard Lock   R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (from brhind opponent)
    Swing Sleeper      R + Free + Punch Simultaneously,L + 
                       Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (throw combo from behind)
    Swing Breath Fall  R + Free + Punch Simultaneously,L + 
                       Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (throw combo by the wall from behind opponent)
    Crazy Crash        D,Free + Punch Simultaneously,D,Free + 
    (low throw combo)  Punch Simultaneously,D,D,Free + Punch
    Reverse Arm Lock   DL,Free + Punch Simultaneously,D,
    (low throw combo)  Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Ground Submission  D,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (against the opponent down on the ground)
    Rakuso             U,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Sinyaku            D,Kick
    Tengyo             R,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (with Jann Lee)
    Heisin 2           R,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (with any other character)*
    *-your partner makes the attack
    A big thanx goes to Wind-X of http://doaonline.fighters.net
    for the lyrics. He has a PS2.
    I really suggest that if you are a real DOA2 freak and
    are looking for a great website go to his site.
    And thaks to GURT for pointing this out to me.
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    consent of the author.If you want to use this Walkthrough/FAQ on     
    or in your webpage/magazine/book/disk/cd or any other means of       
    distribution(other than for personal use only) please contact me     
    first (tripleraid@yahoo.com).                                        
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