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    Jann Lee by TripleRaid

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/17/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    " Dead or Alive 2 JANN-LEE MOVE LIST v1.1             "
    Author: TripleRaid
    E-Mail: tripleraid@yahoo.com
    Easy to read format :)
    M O V E  L I S T
    U             UP
    D             DOWN
    L             LEFT
    R             RIGHT
    UL            UP LEFT
    UR            UP RIGHT
    DL            DOWN LEFT
    DR            DOWN RIGHT
    FREE          Arcade Stick: "Z Button" Dreamcast: "R Trigger"
               Age ::  20 
            Height ::  5' 8" 
            Weight ::  165 lbs. 
      Measurements ::  B39" W31" H36" 
        Blood Type ::  AB 
       Nationality ::  Chinese 
    Fighting Style ::  Jeet Kune Do  
     Favorite Food ::  Hamburgers, 
        Profession ::  Bodyguard 
             Hobby ::  Watching action 
    First Appearance :: Dead or Alive Arcade
    He fights from his soul. Trained by a renowned master 
    of martial arts. He shows up to battles where only the 
    strongest of men fight. With a bird-like cry, he strikes 
    with his soulful dragon attacks to be the most powerful 
    in his life's destiny. Some think he is too self-possessed, 
    which keeps women from getting close to him.
    Knuckle Upper           UR,Punch
    Back Hook               U,Punch
    High Sinne Kick         UL,Kick
    Rear High Kick          U,Kick
    Niki Kick               UR,Kick,Kick
    Sekkan Chop             L,Punch
    Sway Jab                UL,Punch
    Jab High Kick           Punch,Kick
    Sonic Spin Kick         Punch,R,Punch,Kick
    Sonic Low Spin Kick     Punch,R,Punch,D,Kick
    Sonic Upper             Punch,D,Punch,Punch
    Combo Low Spin Kick     Punch,D,Punch,Kick
    Dragon Rush             Punch,Punch,Punch,Kick
    Cragon Cannon           Punch,Punch,Punch,R,Punch
    Dragon Slicer           Punch,Punch,Punch,D,Kick
    Combo Knuckle Upper     Punch,PunchR,Kick
    Combo High Kick         Punch,Punch,Kick
    Body Upper              R,Punch,Punch
    Body Low Spin Kick      R,Punch,D,Kick
    Flash Low Spin Kick     R,R,Punch,D,Kick
    Low Dragon Hammer       DL,Punch
    Dragon Hammer           R + Punch Simultaneously
    Sinnee High Kick        Free + Kick Simultaneously,Kick
    Double Hook Kick        L,Kick,Kick
    Thrust Spike Kick       D,Kick,Kick
    Side Master Kick        DR,Kick,Kick
    Dragon Strike           DR,Kick,L,Kick
    Side Back Kick          DR,Kick,DR,Kick
    Snap Spike Kick         R,Kick,R + Kick Simultaneously
    Dragon Low Kick         DL,Kick
    Low Spin Kick           D,Free + Kick Simultaneously
    Dragon Blow             D,DR,R,Punch
    Dragon Elbow            Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Dragon Knuckle          D,R + Punch Simultaneously
    Dragon Kick             D,DR,R,Kick
    Dragon Spike            R + Kick Simultaneously
    Flash Turn              L,L,Punch
    High Spin Kick          Kick,Kick
    Dragon Flare            R,R,Kick
    Dragon Step High        R,Free + Kick Simultaneously
    Blind Elbow             Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    (showing back to opponent)
    Blind Knuckle           DL,Punch
    Hell Drive              Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Dragon Gunner           R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Shoulder Throw          L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    The Way of the Dragon   D,DL,L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    The Way of the Dragon   D,DL,L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (by the wall)
    Bull Docking Head Lock  D,DL,L,Free + Punch Simultaneously,
    (throw combo)           L,L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    Dragon Rave             Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (from behind opponent)
    Sekkan Punch            D,DR,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (from behind opponent)
    Front Face Lock         D,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (low throw)
    Side Buster             DL,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (low throw)
    Punish Punch            D,Free + Punch Simultaneously
    (low throw from behind opponent)
    Stomping                U,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Enter the Dragon        U,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    Low Snap Kick           D,Kick
    Shout                   L,R,L,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously
    From Jan Lee to Lei Fang
      Double Dragon (R,R,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously, damage 70)
    From Jan Lee to Ein/ Hayabusa
      Twin Shot (R,R,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously, damage70)
    To other characters
     Deep the Dragon(R,R,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously,damage58)
    To all partners including his suitable partners (Lei Fang, Ein and
      Deep the Dragon(L,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously,damage58)
    Lei Fang to Jan Lee
    *Tengyou means Ten gyou ryu[h] kyaku.
    (R,R,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously, damage70)
      Sen shin kou ryu[h] (D,DR,R,Free + Punch + Kick
    Ein to Jan Lee
      Homura gasane (R,R,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously,damage70)
    *** Thanks ***
    I would really love to thank "Tae Ishino", for sending this moves
    in to me. They should really help you out a bunch.
    A big thanx goes to Wind-X of http://doaonline.fighters.net
    for the lyrics. He has a PS2.
    I really suggest that if you are a real DOA2 freak and
    are looking for a great website go to his site.
    And thaks to GURT for pointing this out to me.
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    consent of the author.If you want to use this Walkthrough/FAQ on     
    or in your webpage/magazine/book/disk/cd or any other means of       
    distribution(other than for personal use only) please contact me     
    first (tripleraid@yahoo.com).                                        
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                 FAQ written while listing to Winamp (^_^)               
                                              COPYRIGHT ©TRIPLERAID, 2000

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