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    Helena by Gilgarash

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/31/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    =FAQ INFO===================================
    =Title: Dead or Alive 2 - Helena move list =
    =Console: Dreamcast                        =
    =Author: Gilgarash (gilgarash@hotmail.com) =
    =Version: 1.00                             =
    =Date: 5/31/00                             =
    =TABLE OF CONTENTS=====================================================
    =VERSION HISTORY=======================================================
    v.1.0 - 5/31/00 - Added basically everything you see here. This will 
                      probably be the only version of this FAQ, unless
                      something is found wrong with it. 
    u/b   - UP-BACK             
    u     - UP          
    u/f   - UP-FORWARD
    f     - FORWARD
    d/f   - DOWN-FORWARD
    d     - DOWN
    d/b   - DOWN-BACK
    b     - BACK
    P     - PUNCH
    K     - KICK
    FREE  - FREE
    -R. Sen                    [P,P,d+K]
    -Dokuritsu                 [d/f,P,P]
    -T. Gasui                  [u/f,P,P]
    -T. Gosen                  [u/f,P,P]
    -T. Sen                    [u/f,P,d,K]
    -Tenshin                   [b,P,P,P]
    -Shimogirl                 [f,P,P]
    -Soheki                    [P+K,P+K]
    -Gasui                     [f,f,P]
    -S.Ryoin                   [f,K,P]
    -Hoken                     [f,f,K,P,P]
    -Soho                      [d/b,P]
    -Rigo                      [b,K,K]
    -Dakai                     [f,P+K]
    -Zenpeki                   [d-d-b+P]
    -Rekkai                    [K,K,K]
    -S.Ushiro                  [d,K,K]
    -Uryo                      [d-d/f-f+P]
    -Gasho                     [P,K,K,K]
    -S. Kasen                  [f,K,d,K]
    -Hanba                     [P,P,P]
    -Renken                    [f,P,P,K]
    -K. Gasui                  [f,f,P]
    -Banchu                    [d/f,K,d/b,K]
    -Kyoda                     [f,P,P,P]
    -Sotakusho                 [P+K]
    -H. Shinryoin              [b,P,K,P]
    Helena has no throws. (doh!)
    (1)Low Stance, P+K,P,P,P
    (3)Counter d/b+P,P,P,P,u/b+K,P,P,b+P,P
    (3)Counter d-d/f-f+P,f+P,P,P,d/f+P,f+K,P,P,P,K
    =COPYRIGHT INFO========================================================
    Dead or Alive 2 is (c)1999, 2000 Tecmo of Japan and Tecmo of America.
    This FAQ is (c)2000 Tyler Rash (a.k.a Gilgarash). I don't care if you 
    use this FAQ, just don't change or alter it in any way; and be sure you 
    contact me(gilgarash@hotmail.com) first. Thanks.
    Tecmo: for making this awesome game.
    ExpertGamer: for providing some of the combos.
    CJayC/GameFAQs: for hosting this FAQ.
    If you find anything wrong with this FAQ, please contact me at 
    gilgarash@hotmail.com. I will NOT, I repeat, will NOT answer ANY 
    questions which can easily be found in this FAQ or any other. Thank you 
    very much.
    __________________________________________________________[END FAQ]____            

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