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    Tina Throws by j.esplago

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 10/22/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ==========[FAQ INFO]==========
    =Title: Dead or Alive 2 - Tina throw list
    =Console: Dreamcast
    =Author: j.esplago (risersvoice@collegeclub.com)
    =Version: 1.5
    =Updated: 10/22/02
    This document Copyright 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 by J. Esplago
    = [The Legal Deal] =
    If you want to use this FAQ for personal use, go ahead, if you are going to 
    publish it on public forum like the net or some magazine, go ahead, if you are 
    going to edit it or incorporate it into another FAQ, go ahead, but email me 
    first.  Trust me, my email account is active and I will respond if you email.
    After seeing the total lack of faq's for Tina's throws, i decided to create this 
    little baby.  It only took me about 30 minutes to find these throws so it
    shouldn't be too hard for anyone to execute them.  If anyone knows of any throws
    that are not in this faq, please email me.
    This FAQ only contains Tina's throws.  If you would like to become a
    well rounded Tina player, don't forget to look at the other FAQ's at
    = [Updated Stuffs] =
    Ahh, man.  I would like to thank all the people for their move suggestions and
    praise but Why hasn't anyone emailed me about how crappy this FAQ is?  It has
    been two friggin' years and I _just_ noticed all it's many discrepencies.  How
    could anyone understand the throw situations?
    Man, I had a hard time and I wrote it!
    Anyways, the moves are catagorized by situations (the way they should be) and
    many of the names are more accurate.
    Also, I've included a 'counter-move' section, too.  Have fun!
    == [Legend] ==
    U = Up
    F = forward, toward opponent
    B = back, away from opponent
    D = down/duck
    DB = down away
    DF = down towards
    UB = up away
    hcf = half circle forward
    hcb = half circle back
    qcf = quarter circle forward
    qcb = quarter circle back
    (Th) = throw button (default B button).
    This is the only button you will need for this FAQ
    == [The Good Stuff] ==
    FRONT STANDING (your opponent is standing and in front of you, duhh)
    (Th) = Oklahoma Slam
    F, (Th) = body slam
         + D, (Th) = hopping piledriver
    F,F, (Th) = 'go away' (opponent will have its back to you)
         + (Th) = double underhook backdrop
                - the timing is very tricky, you have to wait until
                  your opponent has passed you and their back is to you.
    F,B, (Th) = hopping piledriver
         + D,D, (Th) = rainbow backdrop
              + D,U, (Th) = Star-spangled Pin
                          - this is a great combo, my personal favorite
    B, (Th) = Hurricanrana
    B,F (Th) = take down/spear
         + hcf, (Th) = Giant Swing
    qcb, (Th) = snap mare (toss over the shoulder)
         + F,B, (Th) = stiff boot to the neck
              + D,U, (Th) = double underhook backdrop
    BACK STANDING (your opponent is standing and has it's back to you)
    * it is best to do a 'go away' to them into this situation
    (Th) = German Suplex
         + D,D, (Th) = roll into another German Suplex
    F, (Th) = release German Suplex
    F,B, (Th) = full nelson neck breaker
         - perform right after neck snap
         + F,B, (Th) = full nelson back drop
    B,F (Th) = take down
         + hcf, (Th) = Giant Swing
    FRONT CROUCHING (your opponent is crouching in front of you)
    D, (Th) = sitting powerbomb
         + D,D, (Th) = inverted figure-four leg-lock
    DB, (Th) = knee, double underhook release
         - as knee strikes
         + D, (Th) = double underhook head-drop
    DF,DF, (Th) = Armstrong Bomb
         - very cool move, hard to describe
    BACK CROUCH (your opponent is crouching with it's back to you)
    D or DB, (Th) = knee, spinning hangman
    == [Counter Attacks] ==
    By default, counter attacks are performed by pressing the (A) button.
    Your character's hands will move into a guard position when done properly.
    Generally, you are given one 'free' counter attack at the beginning of the
    match or whenever you have been knocked down.  This means, you only have
    to press (A) to perform a counter.  Otherwise, if you already used your free
    counter, you will have to use a 'command' counter.  Free counters and command
    counters are the same except for an extra button press.  Either way, the results
    are the same.  Confused?  Don't worry, you'll understand.
     FREE     UB, (A)
     COMMAND  F,UB (A)
         = arm-lock to double-leg takedown
     FREE     B, (A)
     COMMAND  F,B (A)
         = arm drag
     FREE     DB, (A)
     COMMAND  F,DB (A)
         = rolling arm-lock
     FREE     UB, (A)
     COMMAND  F,UB (A)
         = leg sweep, ankle-lock
     FREE     B, (A)
     COMMAND  F,B (A)
         = leg take-down
              + D,D, (A) = figure-four leg-lock
     FREE     DB, (A)
     COMMAND  F,DB (A)
         = front flip foot-lock
    ========== [credits] ==========
    * the_soulreaver@hotmail.com
      thanks for emailing me about the 'go away' combo and mid-kick counter-combo
    * Pookila@math.com
      thanks for emailing me about the mid-kick counter-combo, too
    * gilgarash@hotmail.com
    	I was inspired to create this FAQ after seeing this guy's FAQ.

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