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    Lei Fang by EasyCool

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    Lei Fang
    Character FAQ - Summarium of good moves in PvP combat (Player vs. Player)
    Ver 1.00
    by EasyCool (easycool@emux.net)
    Last Updated: Sunday, September 17, 13:30
    Copyright 2000 Khôi Tran alias "EasyCool". It may not be stolen, altered or 
    used for any type of profit. It may be reproduced electronically, and printed 
    for PRIVATE and PERSONAL use. It may not be placed on a CD, printed in a 
    magazine or any type of publication. If you would like to contribute to this 
    FAQ (you will be credited) please e-mail me to the address above.
    If you have any questions, comments, or corrections please send them to the 
    email address as well.
    Lei Fang is surely my favorite character in DoA 2 (it was Tina in DoA 1), so I 
    decided to write a FAQ about her. This FAQ isn't really a move list, but 
    rather a (high quality) Combo Guide since there are already a lot of move 
    lists around.
    This FAQ may only be used for private purposes. If you wish to publish it, 
    then ask me for permission.
    The newest version can be found at www.gamefaqs.com
    If someone finds this FAQ at another site, please inform me ASAP.
    The FAQ consists of explaining strategies in PvP (Player vs. Player) combat. 
    Fights vs. the CPU are completely different...
    Character Description
    Name                Lei Fang
    Age                 19
    Height              5'4"
    BWH                 34-22-34 
    Nationality         Chinese 
    Style               T'ai Chi Quan 
    Job                 Student
    Game-Debut in       Dead or Alive 1 (Arcade)
    Perfect Tag
    Partner             Jann Lee
    Lei Fang's Pros
    Being an overall fast character, playing aggressively is your best bet. There 
    are a lot of different combos available to her. Her Air Juggles, which cannot 
    be reversed, can deal quite a lot of damage.
    Also, she has the possibility to stun her opponents with some moves and then 
    coming up with a combo throw, which deals quite a bit of damage as well. 
    Playing defensively can be quite deadly for your opponent, since her reversals 
    are one of the most damaging ones.
    Lei Fang's Weaknesses
    Being a woman, her moves do not take as much HP as some other characters (not 
    as bad as Ayane and Kasumi though). She has to rely on her high-priority 
    moves, Air Juggles and inescapable throws.
    Her deadliest opponents are fast, unpredictable characters, which have good 
    priority / dodging moves (Hayabusa, Kasumi, Ayane). Also someone who can play 
    well with Bass can pose a nightmare as well, since he has Extra HP and his 
    throws have higher priority and range than Lei's ones.
    Button Abbreviations
    P          -         Punch
    K          -         Kick
    T          -         Throw
    F          -         Forward (Towards opponent)
    B          -         Backward (Away from opponent)
    D          -         Down
    U          -         Up
    QCF        -         Quarter-Circle Forward
    QCB        -         Quarter-Circle Back
    DF         -         Down/Forward
    DB         -         Down/Backward
    UF         -         Up/Forward
    UB         -         Up/Backward
    Some combos are likely to become reversed by experienced players. Try always 
    to do combos which combine high and low hits together. Especially avoid to do 
    combos with only one type of hits (especially mid hits).
    This is also often a weakness of other players with might play against. If you 
    play against the same character all the time, it would be advised to study his 
    combos. Since most combos can be reversed pretty easily.
    Here comes a list with combos I use most:
    P, D + K, K, K (H, M, M, L)
    I often open a combat with this move, but it should be used rarely in open 
    combats, since it has the double mid hits - and that will be likely reversed.
    P, P, D + K, K (H, H, L, L)
    Not really damaging, but difficult to reverse. I use the combo above more 
    DB + K, K (L, L)
    Double low kicks, comes pretty fast... hard to reverse. Really useful if your 
    opponent has only little HP left.
    DF, DF + P (L)
    Note that this move can be interrupted pretty easy...
    If it connects, then there are several possibilities after this move
    1) K, K: Do a double kick (reversible - but won't happen likely)
    2) DR + P + K: Reverse Shoulder Bash, which can be followed by an Air Juggle 
    (P, P, K, K)
    The Air Juggle takes tremendous amount of damage (about 35-40%) and CANNOT be 
    Note that if the Reverse Shoulder Bash gets blocked, you will be vulnerable to 
    a back throw.
    DF + K (M)
    This is a very fast kick with high priority and can be followed by a reverse 
    shoulder bash.
    If the kick hit as a counter hit, it is possible to do an Air Juggle
    (P, P, K, K) after the shoulder bash. Also takes quite some damage.
    High Priority Moves
    High Priority Moves are single hit moves that are useful, since they most hit 
    fast and are not likely to be interrupted if someone tries to hit you.
    B, F + P (M)
    This move has a very high priority, but only at a medium range. If it connects 
    it will knock back the opponent quite far away. Useful to drop the opponent 
    off some platform and countering combos.
    F, F + P + K (H)
    A very fast move which will almost never be reversed, unless you use it too 
    much. This move stuns the opponent, leaving him open for an attack or a throw. 
    While the opponent is stunned, you can hit him with a DF + K then follow with 
    the Air Juggle sequence (DF + P + K, P, P, K, K) or grab him (preferably combo 
    throw). Also, you will Auto-Dodge high hits with this move.
    DB + P + K (M)
    Knocks the opponent down. Back step and Auto-Dodge high moves.
    I don't really use this too much, since B, F + P is better. But this move is 
    done faster on the pad.
    There are only two throws I use frequently.
    Try to avoid the standard throw (T) since it is escaped easily.
    DF + T (Stand Throw)
    This throw CANNOT be escaped and takes more damage than any other inescapable 
    throw Lei has (especially if it connects as a counter throw).
    QCF + T (Stand Throw) - B + T (continue) - B, F + T (finish)
    You can start a combo throw with this. Combo Throws are inescapable if timed 
    correctly. It deals VERY much damage if you manage to finish it.
    DB + T (Low Throw)
    Doesn't happen often, but if you're opponent is a croucher it might prove 
    General Strategies
    Good mix is the trick
    Try to mix H, M and L hits. Make it unpredictable what your next move is. Keep 
    some good moves as your ace in the hole.
    (e.g.: F, F + P + K; B, F + P, Stand up moves)
    Running to the enemy... then what?
    There are three things that work well:
    1) Stun Move (P +K)
    2) Throw
    3) Block
    Many opponents will just start a combo if you run near them (especially Kasumi 
    and Hayabusa) or a high priority move. So block it and follow with a DF + K 
    kick or a throw works well.
    Rising / Stand up moves
    K or D + K moves while rising up should only be used rarely. Since experienced 
    fighters will just reverse them. If the opponent is near, then staying up and 
    grabbing him sometimes works too.
    Adapt yourself to the opponent
    I usually play aggressively, then if the opponent starts to do reversals too 
    much, I do the run and throw technique (since the opponent will likely try to 
    reversal your next move).
    Learn the opponents moves
    What combo uses he most? Where does he has most lag?
    Does he use stand up moves frequently?
    Not finishing combos
    Start a fast combo, do not finish it and then grab the opponent.
    E.g.: P, P then grab him. This works quite well - since most of them will try 
    to reversal. Or if the two punches get blocked, he doesn't know that you will 
    stop the combo and will block further, making him vulnerable to a throw. This 
    technique is also one of my Ace in the Hole.
    mogh_mogh           (Tina, Ayane)
    Sol'Kanar           (Hayabusa, Kasumi)
    Shadowstorm         (Bass)
    for playing DoA 2 with me
    for showing me that this game can compete with SoulCalibur
    for making this great game
    Copyright by EasyCool, 2000
    (don't expect to find the FAQ there though)

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