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    Secrets FAQ (JP) by Kazuya_UK

    Version: 1.9 | Updated: 01/29/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dead or Alive 2 Dreamcast Japanese Limited Edition Secrets/Extras FAQ Version 1.9
    By Kazuya_UK
    E-Mail - kazuya@emuhq.com 
    Homepage - http://www.emuhq.com/kazuya
    This FAQ can always be found in its latest form at these sites:
    http://www.gamefaqs.com - The greatest FAQ site on the planet ;)
    http://www.usinternet.com/users/mindrunr/ - mindrunr's DOA fan site.
    http://www.gameadvice.com - Another good place to find game FAQ's.
    http://www.neoseeker.com - And another one, you can also find game reviews/
    previews and more here.
    Version History:
    1.0 - First version, most known secrets listed, but no costumes listed.
    1.1 - Many mistakes corrected, details for a few costumes added that I 
    1.2 - Added more costume details, plus corrected some info on the
    internet option that I found out. Also added something on unlocking 
    1.3 - Finished unlocking all costumes, details added in the costumes section.
    Edited the info about unlocking Bayman - needs verifying though... 
    Also updated the credits section, plus a little here, little there, little
    everywhere =)
    1.4 - Added some more info about the CG Gallery, as well as adding a comparison
    between the covers of the different versionss of DOA2 for DC. Also changed the 
    unlocking Bayman info again slightly.
    Added something to the costumes section: I'm looking for anyone who has an Action 
    Replay/Game Shark CDX or whatever to let me know of any cheats for playing in other 
    costumes - tell if you have any! 
    1.5 - Another minor update already, as I was told of another cool little secret! 
    This adds info about a little secret on Zack's C5 Shadowman costume. Still need
    Gameshark codes if anyone has any though!
    1.6 - Added a Gameshark codes section, still looking for more if you have some! 
    Added info about Kasumi's ponytail haircut in the costumes section and added info 
    about Lei-Fang's C1 and Ayane's C6 into their costume sections. Also some other bits 
    and pieces here and there have been corrected. There's somemore bits of info in the 
    Internet section and also something about the stars in UPS mode. 
    Keep the info about costumes and everything else coming! :) If you have emailed me and
    I didn't reply, I'm really sorry as I may have missed it because I've had so much mail 
    since I put the FAQ up - also I have to deal with mail about my Neo Geo site (link 
    above)which means I have to sit down for hours at a time occasionally replying to 
    everybody. IfI did miss you, I'm going through old emails right now, so hopefully you'll 
    get a reply soon!
    1.7 - Added some small details on the new stages that were ripped from DOA1, as I've 
    beenplaying DOA1 again on my Saturn and PSX. Added something more about Zack's "Tellytubby"
    C3 costume.
    Corrected the info about unlocking the CG Gallery; Hopefully this makes things a lot clearer
    now! Thanks to 100111110 for the info.
    1.8 - Corrected the info about Kasumi's ponytail - ooops, I made a mistake :P Added info 
    about Leon's C3 costume. Also added more info about Lei Fangs default C1 "Cheongsam" costume.
    1.9 - OK so I didn't update in a long time - have been very busy with other things :) Anyway,
    I added some info about saving a UPS file. There is another DOA2 secrets FAQ by 100111110
    which has info on how to do this, but a lot of people still ask me, so I thought I would add
    info on how to do it. Have a look in the Extra costumes section.
    Also, somebody sent me some Action Replay/ Gameshark codes for the Japanese version, but I lost 
    them! :((( If that person, could send them again I would be grateful, or if someone else has any 
    codes that aren't in this FAQ, that would be cool too ;)
    Fixed a few mistakes... little here, little there :P
    1. Intro - Read this to avoid confusion between DOA2's different versions!
    2. Extra Costumes
    3. Extra characters
    4. Extra game modes
    5. Other stuff
    6. Action Replay/Gameshark CDX codes
    7. Credits
    8. Not done yet
    After getting the Japanese limited edition version of Dead or Alive 2 for Sega Dreamcast, I saw that 
    many people were wondering what exactly was new in it and also how to unlock the new secrets. I decided 
    to make a quick list of all the new stuff I found so far and details on how to unlock them. Some of 
    this info was sourced from various people on different message boards on the 'net and I have credited 
    them at the end of the FAQ. This is actually the first time I have tried to write any kind of FAQ, so 
    it's not gonna be all that great, but here goes ^_^
    For those thinking of buying the game that already have the US or whatever other edition, my advice would 
    be to make the splash and buy it if you are a hardcore DOA fan at least. As IGN said,it depends whether two 
    new characters, a bag load of costumes, new tag throws and also 2.5 new stages float your boat... a little 
    like the difference between Street Fighter 2 World Warrior to Turbo Edition really.
    Also, for everyones info, here is the difference between the covers of each edition of DOA2 that 
    has been released to stop any confusion:
    - US edition (released first): Has Ein in the middle and Kasumi to his left, Tina to his right.
    - UK edition (released after the US one): Practically the same as the US one, but has the Acclaim 
    logo at the bottom too, and the usual big UK case.
    - Japanese edition: Has Kasumi, Ayane and Lei Fang on the front.
    - Japanese LE edition: Has Kasumi and Ayane back to back on the front. Apparently this version is 
    the only one to contain the CG gallery - the standard one doesn't! I can't verify this, as I have 
    only the LE one. Thanks to Kanzaki for the info.
    2.Extra Costumes
    The extra costumes seem to be a popular thing among DOA fans (oooh Kasumi in a schoolgirl outfit ^_^) 
    so I'll start with these first. Below you will find a checklist of all the known costumes so you can
    check you have all of them! I can't remember all the costumes from the other versions of DOA, so I 
    haven't mentioned whether they are new or old... if anyone wants to write proper descriptions or submit 
    new costumes that they have found then let me know :)
    How to unlock the costumes:
    At the time of writing, I'm not quite sure of the exact method for unlocking all the costumes. However, 
    an easy method that "100111110" mentioned on the gamefaqs message board does seem to work wonders. Bear
    in mind that this is not the exact way you are supposed to unlock the costumes, rather it's a quick way
    which seems to work ;)
    Basically, the first thing you need to do is to save a UPS file. To do this, make sure you have a VMU 
    inserted into oneof your controllers, then select UPS from the title screen. Choose your VMU, then select 
    "NEW FILE".You'll get a screen mostly in Japanese which is aking you to enter a name for the file - to select 
    English characters, press the Y button... voila, English characters! After entering a name for your file,
    press start, and then choose the option on the left which means yes I think. A screen will come up with a
    lot of Japanese text, now just press start one more time and your UPS file will be saved!
    Now go into 2 player VS mode. 
    Select the same character whose costumes you want to unlock for both players and then win five matches in a 
    row... after every five matches you will be awarded with an extra costume! To speed up the process, select 
    one round matches from the options screen.
    It seems that this method only works when you have both of the following:
    - C3 for all the characters (except Tengu) - C3 can be unlocked by completing the game once in story mode.
    - Bayman & Tengu selectable (see character section on unlocking). CG Gallery selectable (see game modes 
    section on unlocking).
    This method works with every character I tried; up to a certain point. I think it is possibly to do with how 
    many times a character has been selected. Although that trick only got me up to Kasumi's C6, I played with 
    her loads of times in Team Battle and then got C7 enabled. If you find yourself stuck, just jump into another 
    mode and play with the character whose outfit you need for a while and you should hopefully get it (I found 
    team battle and story helpful myself). Maybe it's to do with the points/stars you get in UPS mode?
    There may be some costumes that need to be unlocked in another way, 
    although no one has found any yet.
    If you know of any other costumes then please E-mail me so I can add them!
    I hear there is also a way to play in a few other costumes if you have a 
    Gameshark CDX or similar. These are things like Tina's modelling outfit
    from the intro (where she is walking down the catwalk) - I only found codes 
    for the UK version so far, let me know if you know of any for the Japanese LE!
    Costume List:
    A)Kasumi - 7 costumes
    B)Gen-Fu - 6 costumes
    C)Tina - 6 costumes
    D)Zack - 5 costumes
    E)Jann-Lee - 5 costumes
    F)Ayane - 7 costumes
    G)Hayabusa - 5 costumes
    H)Helena 6 costumes
    I)Bass - 4 costumes
    J)Leon - 4 costumes
    K)Lei-Fang - 6 costumes
    L)Ein - 5 costumes
    M)Bayman - 3 costumes
    N)Tengu - 2 costumes
    The above numbers are what people have listed as having found so far... 
    there *could* be more!
    A)Kasumi - 7 costumes
    C1: The blue and white outfit, same as the one she had in DOA1.
    C2: Similar to the first outfit, but white with red trims and pink 
    C3: The pink Ninja outfit her clone wears in the intro.
    C4: Same as above, but black.
    C5: Blue Schoolgirl outfit.
    C6: Same as above, but Kasumi is wearing a coat and scarf over the 
    skirt, and has blue socks.
    C7: Similar to C1, but white with gold/purple stripes and a whole lot 
    more revealing :)
    Note: Pick Kasumi in her C1 by pressing Y and you get her original ponytail haircut 
    (the one from the US version of the game). Thanks to Ethan Hammond for the tip.
    B)Gen-Fu - 6 costumes
    C1: Black outfit, with zebra-striped legs and arms.
    C2: Similar (ish) to the above outfit, but is blue and has a 
    gold/black top with a Yin/Yang symbol on it. Gen-Fu also wears a 
    hat that can be knocked off.
    C3: A rather dull plain green outfit, which has grey wrists.
    C4: Another palette swap, same as C1, but has grey zebra striped 
    trousers and a white top.
    C5: Cream coloured outfit, similar to C3 but a different shirt. Also less
    plain than that costume!
    C6: A palette swapped C5, black this time.
    C)Tina - 6 costumes
    C1: Her standard wrestling attire with a black bra and silver shirt.
    C2: My fave Tina costume, blue jeans, low cut orange top with a black 
    C3: Sexy black cat costume ^_^
    C4: A very questionable costume this... many people complained it was 
    too risqué. her top and skirt are ripped up.
    C5: Blue wrestling outfit, like the one she wore in DOA1 I think.
    C6: Feathered outfit, which is a good match for her father Bass' C4.
    Has a red top and with black criss-cross bits. Her left knee is
    covered with a black band and her right leg has the same criss-cross bits
    as the top wrapped round it.
    D)Zack - 5 costumes
    C1: White shorts, and a very weird top that looks like a bra. Hmmmm :)
    C2: Green top with two belt things going across and green and black 
    bottoms. Zack also has a big orange, yellow and green Mohawk on this one!
    C3: The metallic Telly-tubby thing... very very weird :)
    C4: Short length blue and black jeans, yellow T-shirt and shades. He has 
    no hair aside from a small green goatee beard. He seems to change hair 
    styles more often than Dennis Rodman ;)
    C5: Grey trousers, no top and Zack has dark ash coloured skin as well as 
    some kind of logo on his chest in this one. This costume is apparently 
    "Shadowman" from the game and comic (thanks to Scott Hammock for the tip!)
    Here is a little secret for Zack's C5: Draxis let me know that if you do one
    of his taunts (try back, forwards, back P+K+F or down, down, down P+K+F) his
    eyes and the eyes of his tattoo start to glow bright blue! This looks pretty
    cool and I would imagine this is something to do with the Shadowman character? 
    This trick also works with the C3 outfit, and makes his Antenna glow red!
    Not really a secret, but you can also make Zack jump onto an opponent and taunt!
    Just knock your opponent to the ground, then press up, kick+punch. While you are
    on top of your opponent, quickly press back, forwards, kcik+punch. Awesome move to
    pull off against a friend, as it can be really annoying ;)
    E)Jann-Lee - 5 costumes
    C1: Black outfit with a gold Dragon on the back... way cool!
    C2: Same as first, but white top with gold and black dragon on the 
    C3: Again, similar to the first two, but white and black bottoms, with 
    a black shirt and red coat. 
    C4: With this one Jann has blue bottoms, and no top.
    C5: Jann-Lee the businessman. A GREAT costume with Jann-Lee wearing a 
    black suit and tie, a lot like the one he had in DOA1.
    F)Ayane - 7 costumes
    C1: Purple outfit with a big red bow on the back.
    C2: Orange outfit with a big purple bow on the back. Also has big purple 
    sash coming from the arms.
    C3: Purple Ninja outfit, a little similar to Kasumi's C3 and C4.
    C4: Schoolgirl outfit, light blue top and striped skirt.
    C5: Like Kasumi this is her second school outfit, but Ayane chooses to 
    wear a coat and scarf... useful for the cold snow stage I guess ;)
    C6: This one is nice... very short purple and black skirt with chains
    around it. Ayane's back is also bare and she has a small red tattoo on it.
    Note: This costume is apparently from Tecmo's KAGERO: DECEPTION 2 game.
    Thanks to Ray Barnholt for the info.
    C7: Shiny brown one-piece outfit with a long grey bit that dangles down 
    strapped to the back of it and purple tights.
    G)Hayabusa - 5 costumes
    C1: Hayabusa's normal outfit. Mostly black with some white at the top. 
    Has his sword strapped on his back.
    C2: Pretty much the same as C1, but white.
    C3: Blue Ninja outfit - apparently the one he wore in Ninja Gaiden!
    C4: Same as above, but black.
    C5: A much more fancy Ninja costume (probably the sort worn at war). It's 
    kind of a brown-ish colour, with a cream coloured tank top. Hayabusa also 
    has a different style of mask to the other ones (it dangles down instead of 
    being tight around his face).
    H)Helena 6 costumes
    C1: Red opera outfit, white trousers and red boots.
    C2: Similar to C1, but blue. This one doesn't have trousers like C1, but 
    white suspenders.
    C3: Blue top with a white bra and some weird looking brown and white 
    trousers... kinda has a cowboy look IMO.
    C4: Very much the same as C1, but black. Instead of having trousers this 
    is more of a dress with Helena wearing tights.
    C5: The best Helena costume in my opinion because it is more "casual"
    than the rest. Light yellow top (low cut of course ;) and really nice 
    shiny purple trousers.
    C6: Black low cut top (although no more low-cut than the rest :) and red 
    and black trousers.
    I)Bass - 4 costumes
    C1: Makes Bass look like a cowboy! He wears a hat that can be knocked off 
    if you hit him hard enough.
    C2: Can you say Hollywood Hogan? Black bikers outfit and Bass sports shades 
    and a bandana.
    C3: Black wrestling outfit. Without a hat/bandana, Bass' haircut makes him 
    look even more Hogan-like... NWO 4 life :)
    C4: WHOA - weird one this! Bass wears black shorts and has feathers over his
    upper body as well as a face tattoo... in fact, this outfit reminded me very
    much of The legion of Doom from WWF!
    J)Leon - 4 costumes
    C1: Brown shirt and jeans, Leon also wears a kind of turban thing (is that 
    the right name?) on his head.
    C2: White top and trousers and a white turban. Also has a small dagger attached 
    to his waist.
    C3: Leon looks extremely different here, in fact I almost didn't recognise 
    him! It's mainly because he is not wearing anything on his head and has 
    his hair slicked back. He has a long red top and white trousers.
    Eric Warren pointed out to me that Leon actually looks a lot like Orochi Yashiro
    from The King of Fighters '98 in this costume. After booting up KOF '98 again, I must
    admit that he does bear something of a resemblance! I wonder if this is intentional
    on Team Ninja's part or just a coincedence?
    C4: Looks a bit like the C3 version as he has no turban, but this time he 
    sports some nifty shades :) Wears shiny red trousers and a black vest.
    K)Lei-Fang - 6 costumes
    C1: Long red dress - I couldn't remember the correct name for this, but Aizam A
    tells me the Chinese name is a "Cheongsam". It has a gold pattern on the front.
    Here is some interesting info about the dress which I didn't know, thanks to Edward Cha:
    "It's true that it is called a Cheongsam, but that is a Cantonese (Hong Kong) 
    word.  (It means something like 'long dress')  In mainland China, they call 
    it 'Qipao' which basically means a Chinese gown, but literally means 
    'wrapping dress of the Qi people'; the Qi people being Manchurians, who 
    brought the qipao with them when they conquered China in the final Ming 
    dynasty.  So the dress is not originally Chinese."
    C2: Same as above but white.
    C3: Lei Fang ditches the dress and wears a short green black and orange top with 
    green trousers. 
    I like this one :)
    C4: A tight leather skirt... much like the one she had in DOA1!
    C5: Similar to C2 but blue. Instead of being a one-piece skirt it is two-piece;
    blue trousers and a blue top.
    C6: VERY revealing dress here... er, black leather with an open front and 
    suspenders! =)
    L)Ein - 5 costumes
    C1: Black leather jacket with a string vest underneath and black trousers.
    C2: Casual style. Blue denim jeans and top with a white vest underneath.
    C3: Ein goes barefooted and wears shiny dark red trousers and no top. He also 
    has long grey gloves.
    and chains attached to his wrists.
    C4: Black trousers and a white Elvis style top with a gold necklace and black 
    C5: Way cool white "gi" outfit... think Ryu from Street Fighter and you'll know what 
    I mean! His job is supposed to be a Karate instructor (according to his profile),
    so it's probably the outfit he wears there :)
    M)Bayman - 3 costumes
    C1: Grey camouflage patterned trousers and a brown T-shirt with an orange 
    tank top style coat. Also has a red hat.
    C2: More or less same as above but a palette swap. Brown camouflage 
    trousers and brown T-shirt but no coat. Green hat on this one.
    C3: Same as C1 but muddy yellow coloured trousers, brown T-shirt and blue-ish 
    coat. All his costumes are really just palette swaps.
    N)Tengu - 2 costumes
    C1: The normal style Tengu that you fight at the end of story mode. Brown 
    trousers and has a skull on his back.
    C2: A much more evil looking Tengu, with spikes protruding from his upper 
    body and legs. His body colour is shiny black instead of brown. No skull 
    on his back this time, just more spikes.
    Unknown right now if there are any secret costumes for Tengu...
    3. Extra characters
    There are two extra characters in DOA2 LE. Neither of them is playable in 
    Story mode.
    Previously MIA from the first Dead or Alive. To unlock Bayman, simply beat 
    the game with every character in story mode. You should then be able to 
    select Bayman in any mode except story mode.
    Note: I have received many E-mails from people stating that they have unlocked 
    Bayman without beating story mode with everyone - I'm still unsure of the 
    *EXACT* method, but rest assured you shouldn't have any problems getting him if 
    you just beat the game a few times.
    The main boss. To unlock Tengu, all you have to do is play the game for a 
    set amount of time. I'm not quite sure of the exact amount of time. Some 
    people say 6 hours, but I had him unlocked after about 4. If you have more 
    info, let me know! Obviously you don't have to play the game constantly 
    for that amount of time though; the game saves how long you have been 
    playing on it each time you play, so after a while you'll get Tengu 
    unlocked anyway.
    4. Extra game modes
    New game modes for DOA2 LE are the following:
    A)Watch mode:
    Simply lets you watch the CPU battle against itself forever in either single or 
    tag team action.
    You can save certain stats to your VMU, such as the amount of times a character has been 
    selected, how many wins/losses they have had etc. In other words, it's a smart idea 
    to save a UPS file before you start playing! See the costume section as there's some info on UPS
    saving there.
    There are also stars listed under UPS. As with most of the DOA2 secrets, it's unclear
    as to what they do exactly, if they actually DO anything. As far as I can gather, you earn 
    them from survival mode, but I can't confirm that unless Tecmo themselves release 
    some more info about the secrets in the game.
    I live in the UK, so I don't think this mode will work on my Dreamcast. Anybody else 
    out there who can tell me what you do in the Internet mode? I have been told that
    you can fight people online (thanks to Stefan) and you can also visit the homepage.
    It says "DOA NFC" which stands for Network Fan Club... It takes you to this URL: 
    D)CG Gallery:
    This mode lets you view some very sexy pictures of the DOA ladies. Probably a must see for 
    many of you! :P This item appears just under the UPS option at the bottom right hand corner 
    of the mode select screen (it's a smaller box like "options"). You can set the amount of 
    time each picture is displayed for from the options menu, or you can just skip to the next 
    one by pressing A while viewing them. 
    I did previously think that this mode was enabled after one hour, however judging from the
    E-mails I have had, this is not the case. According to 100111110, you must collect 200
    points in UPS mode (sourced from a Japanese magazine). Here's how many points you get from 
    playing each mode (Tecmo also listed this on their Japanese website):
    Team Battle:     40 points
    Tag Battle:      30 points
    Survival:        30 points
    Time Attack:     30 points
    VS Mode:         20 points
    Story Mode:      10 points
    Sparring:         0 points
    Watch:            0 points
    Internet:         0 points
    Just keep playing the above modes until you have enough points!
    I have been told that only the LE Japanese version and not the normal Japanese edition 
    has this mode (see the comparison at the top of the FAQ). Thanks to Kanzaki for the info!
    5. Other stuff
    There are also some other very cool additions to this version of Dead or Alive.
    A)New cut-scenes:
    Yep, there are a few more cut scenes to see as you play through the story mode 
    now. These include Jann-Lee punching out the flames on some candles, a 
    confrontation between Hayabusa and Jann-Lee, and also a strange scene where Zack 
    calls a bunny "Tina-chan" and then gets attacked by her father Bass :) I won't 
    list all of them here as it would spoil them, so you can find them out for 
    B)New stages:
    There are some new stages in this version. Two are ripped from the original DOA 
    and include a temple stage, which is very good. There is also a new section to be 
    found on the rooftop stage (Dragon Hills, the multi layered stage that you see 
    Bass throw Lei-Fang off in the intro). This new section has a huge Dragon statue in
    it and looks really cool; it is actually one of my favourite stage additions. To get 
    into it, just knock your opponent into any of the red windows on the stage.
    The two new stages that were ripped from DOA1 are:
    Lei Fangs stage - The L'S Castle. This one looks great as with all the DOA2 stages and 
    has more nice music (Tecmo's sound composers kick ass!). There's plenty of different
    levels to knock your opponent into as well.
    Gen-Fu's stage - The Burai Zenin. This mountaintop stage also looks great, hit your
    opponent through the wooden gate you move into another area.
    DC users are unfortunately still missing a few stages from the PS2 version like the 
    Dojo stage and also the rooftops; it is unknown at this time if they can be unlocked. 
    I'll add some more info to the FAQ if they turn out to be in there after all (doesn't 
    look like it I'm afraid).
    C)Uncensored intro:
    OK, so this was in the US version, but you had to enable it by entering a code 
    (Play survival mode, get a high score and input your name as "REALDEMO"). In the 
    Japanese version you can see Kasumi naked by default! :D Whoever worked on this 
    part of the intro paid particularly good attention to detail if you know what I mean
    (although you need a good monitor or RGB scart to see it)! Tecmo are perverse, to say
    the least.
    D)New tag moves:
    I'm pretty lame at this game, but I know there are a few new tag team throws. If 
    you want more information on these you'll have to look at some of the other authors 
    FAQ's on www.gamefaqs.com as they will be able to cover them in much more detail 
    than I can here... unless some master at the game wishes to give me a list of the new
    ones! :)
    6. Action Replay/Gameshark CDX codes
    I do not have a Gameshark, so I cannot verify if any of these codes work. Use them at 
    your own risk. If you have any of your own codes to contribute, let me know; I am
    especially looking for codes that ley you play in extra costumes that aren't available
    normally. Kasumi nude from the intro is an example, which was kind of possible in the UK
    version. Remember these codes are only for the Japanes version and may not work with
    the other versions!
    A)No life for player 2 cheat: - from "No-name Improved"
    I have been told that to disable the code, you must enter another one, otherwise your 
    opponent will keep dying even if you choose to play without codes.
    B)All Characters and Costumes: - from Kunimaru
    C)Unlock CG GALLERY
    D)Unlimited Health Player 1
    Once again, I haven't tried the above myself, as I don't have an Action Replay or Gameshark.
    7. Credits
    Tecmo's "Team Ninja" - For creating one of the best 3D fighters on any system and for 
    being completely perverted and including bag-loads of costumes for the girlies :)
    100111110 - For posting the Vs mode trick for unlocking costumes on the gamefaqs 
    board and for the CG Gallery info.
    Scott Hammock - For telling me about Zack's 5th costume.
    Ups - For the heads up about Bayman.
    Kanzaki - For the info about the CG gallery.
    Draxis - For telling me about Zack's "blue eyes" secret on his C5 costume.
    Ethan Hammond - For the info about Kasumi's ponytail.
    Aizam A - For the info about Lei-Fangs dress
    No-name Improved - For the Gameshark no life code.
    Ray Barnholt - For telling me about Ayane's C6.
    Stefan - For the info about the Internet option.
    Saikachumon - For the info about Hayabusa/Ein.
    Kunimaru - For more info about Zack, plus some Gameshark/Action Replay codes.
    Eric Warren - For pointing out the Leon C3/Orochi Yashiro thing.
    Edward Cha - For the interesting extra info about Lei Fang's "Cheongsam" dress.
    Any webmasters that host this FAQ - feel free to use it if you want. I'm not bothered 
    what you do with it, but please let me know beforehand if you put it on your site or 
    similar as it is nice to know where it is being used! I strictly forbid anyone to sell 
    it for any profit, or to put it into a magazine etc without my permission. This FAQ is 
    *free* and should stay that way! Please credit me if you use any segment from this FAQ, 
    that's all I ask.
    Me - for making this FAQ... ;) It's not the greatest one ever but I hope it helps a few 
    people out there who have bought/are thinking of buying the Japanese edition.
    Plus anyone I didn't mention or that has E-mailed me with thanks or advice - you're
    the best!
    8. Not done yet:
    Lists of Action replay codes which supposedly enable other costumes for in game play such
    as Tina's catwalk outfit from the intro and even Kasumi naked! I don't have an Action Replay,
    and I have only found codes for the UK version so far, but if you know of any for the 
    Japanese LE then please E-mail me!
    Any thing else which I find in the game that hasn't been mentioned here yet (please let 
    me know of any findings you make!).
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