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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MEmil

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    Deep Fighter FAQ/Walkthrough
    By Matei Emil(killermosi@yahoo.com)
       First of all, I want to apologize for the grammatical mistakes in this 
    document. I an not an English native and my English is so and so. Please 
    excuse the mistakes and I hope that you will understand what I said there. If 
    not, feel free to send me an e-mail. I will do my best to help you. Thank You.      
        Deep Fighter. Cool name huh? But what does it mean? Have you ever played a 
    game called Freespace 2? It is a space sim. When I've heard about Deep Fighter 
    I thought it is a Freespace 2 underwater. Well, the game isn't a Freespace 2 
    underwater. This game it is not a shooter, it is an underwater adventure. 
    After you will finish the game, I doubt that you'll think differently. It has 
    a cool storyline and you are the one that creates it almost completely. 
    Graphics are cool, the game looks underwater. There are fish, bubbles, water 
    currents shaking the marine plants, other subs and some pesky seaspiders. The 
    weapons are ok, you even have a shotgun -like weapon. The enemies are not very 
    smart but they are not easy to destroy. The controls are Quake 2 style, so if 
    you are an average Q2 player you should handle the sub easily.
      Nov, for the bad points. The game saving system. The game is automatically 
    saved between missions and sometimes during a mission. After you'll finish the 
    game you'll see that the save points are pretty well-chosen, but wen you'll 
    play for the first time, the savegame system sucks. You cannot save the game 
    yourself. Also, the first two subs have a toy-like shape.
                       Who am I?
        Well I do not need an introduction. I am one of the peoples who like to 
    think about themselves as "gamers". I'm from Romania.  I like a wide variety 
    of games, but I like 3D Shooters best. I've played RTS (Red Alert was the 
    first one and i think it is still the best from C&C series), TBS (Only Lords 2 
    and Heroes 2 and 3),  RPG  (System Shock 2 was the best I've played because it 
    also had 3d shooter elements), Flight sims ( F22 Lightning 2&3), 3D Shooters 
    (here, the list is big: Quake 1&2&3, Half-Life and it's MODS - CS, TFC , 
    Descent 1&2&3 are the most representatives), Space sims (Freespace 2 and 
    Starlancer. To my surprise, I think that Microsoft's Starlancer is a little 
    better than FS2, and I've played only the demo!), Car sims ( Need for Speed - 
    all of them from 1 to 5) and many other games and gametypes. If I'll have some 
    money I will buy myself a yellow Lamborghini Diablo. Ferarries are ok, but 
    this car I like best.
                       Contact info
          I've wrote this walkthrough because I liked the game and because no one 
    else wrote another (at least  in my knowledge). If you liked this walkthrough, 
    if you have any suggestions, completions, if you think this document is good 
    or bad, in other words, any comment, send it to killermosi@yahoo.com.Your 
    emails are welcomed. Also, I might be found on Yahoo! Chat as killermosi or on 
    mIRC (undernet)  as kkmic
                       Legal stuff.
           Any names and brands mentioned in this document are copyrighted by 
    their respective owners. You may publish  this document ONLY if you inform me 
    about first. You may not  use fragments or pictures from this document without 
    giving me credit. If you will publish  it,  you must publish it  in this 
    format (Word Document) or you are granted the permission to transform it into 
    an HTML  document. Any addition from any third party won't become my property 
    and the right owner will be credited.
                      Mission 1- Collect Thorium
           Well, in the first mission, you'll get plenty of help from the Admiral, 
    but I think that giving you  more detailed explanations won't hurt.
            Your mission is to collect Thorium yourself  (the Thorium mine was 
    destroyed by a volcanic eruption) to continue the construction of the 
    mothership. For this task your Avenger sub is equipped with an Object 
    Retrieval System (ORS) which will automatically collect any objects beneath 
    your sub.
             Your callsign is Moray 2.
             At this point I think is better to explain what you will see on your 
    Heads Up Display (HUD). Take a look below:
    -----------------------[See Image #1]-----------------------
    A few more points:
    	-Shield bar - Your sub's health. When reaches zero (from right to left) 
    your sub will explode.      	IMPORTANT: You can return to City to repair any 
    sub damage and reload any weapon in any 	mission that take place near the 
    -Current weapon ammo bar - Ammunition level in current weapon. Weapons 
    with limited ammo will have a number near the upper end of the bar 
    indicating the number of shots remaining. Energy 	weapons have 
    unlimited number of shots, but they need to recharge. These weapons 
    recharge all the time and  pretty fast.
    	-Tool bar - This bar displays the tool status. The status differs from 
    one tool to another ( for the 	ORS will display the load level, for the 
    towing cable will display the weight of the towed object, 	etc.)
    -High temperature warning - In some areas of the game, the temperature 
    of the environment is very high. When the indicator is yellow, is just a 
    warning that you are near a high temperature place. When is red, your 
    shields are taking damage from the heat.
    	-Radiation level indicator - Displays the radiation level in the 
    	-Current tool - Displays your current selected tool.
    	-Current weapon - Displays your current selected weapon.
    	-Depth level - Your sub's depth level. When it's yellow, keep an eye on 
    it and go down slow. If 	turns red, don't stay there! Go up!
    	-Radar - Displays the surrounding objects in a certain range. it will 
    display only metallic object. 	The radar won't show fish, seaspiders, 
    organic subs or any other non-metallic object.
    	-Next mission indicator - In DF missions you'll have to accomplish 
    objectives, and the location of 	the objectives is shown by this blue 
    indicator. If you've played any sims before, then you know 	how a target 
    indicator works. If not, here is a short explanation: the target indicator 
    indicates the 	shortest direction you'll have to turn to face your target. 
    the indicator will continue to show this, 	even if the target (or your 
    sub) is moving. so, maneuver your sub in the direction shown by the 	arrow 
    and then the arrow will turn to a square which will "frame" the target, 
    showing it's exact 	location.
    -User-defined objectives - In DF you can mark certain locations on the 
    map in order to reach them fast. (to access the map hit TAB. to place a 
    marker, right-click). The user-defined objective indicator works  the 
    same way as next mission indicator with one exception: the User defined 
    objective will always be at the same depth with the sub, meaning that if 
    the sub changes the depth 	level, so will this indicator. Therefore, 
    when you reach it check the ocean floor, because there are the object 
    you want to interact with. This indicator is white.
    Note: Sometimes, you will see on the HUD a yellow arrow or square. This 
    indicator(s) represent enemy sub(s).
    Note: On the radar you will see a blue and white circles. These circles also 
    show the direction of the markers and when the markers are in radar range 
    their exact location.
             Ok, let's go back to the mission. Follow the blue marker. When you 
    reach the site, the admiral will tell you to break the thorium apart in order 
    to collect it. Thorium crystals will be marked on your HUD when you are near 
    them. To break the thorium, shoot it with your weapon. Then, you can wait for 
    the crystals to fall on the ocean floor, or collect them directly from the 
    water. When you'll collect a crystal the ORS will make an aspiration sound. 
    Keep breaking and collecting thorium until your cargo bay is full (the ORS 
    will become red in the tool display and the tool bar will be completely 
    colored). Ignore the radiation detector, nothing will harm your sub (except 
    seaspiders). When you have a full load, the admiral will tell you to unload 
    the sub by going at the City or at one of the drop-off points (faster). To do 
    that, bring up your map, locate the drop-off point near the city and right-
    click on it. Press TAB again and you will see the white indicator on the HUD. 
    Follow it to the drop-off point. Locate it, then go over it. When you are 
    directly above the drop-off point, the ORS will become green, meaning that you 
    can unload. Right-click and the sub will unload the thorium. After unload, 
    resume your thorium retrieval, until the time allowed for this task will reach 
    zero. Mission complete.
                  Mission 2 - Repopulate Fish Farm
           Near the end of the previous mission you will notice an earthquake. 
    This will cause a radioactive rock to fall over the fish farm and kill all the 
    fish. You will be ordered to go to the farm and check it out. Go there and you 
    will find a big rock in your fish farm. At this point you will be ordered to 
    return to City to equip the sub with a magnetic towing cable. Return to city. 
    Click on the Sub Setup. Your sub will always be equipped with the equipment 
    you will need for the next mission, so don't worry about having the wrong 
    equipment on board. Instead, check the description and the characteristics of 
    all the weapons and equipment available. ALWAYS do that. Click on the green 
    light. Launch. Go back to the fish farm. There take a look at the fallen rock. 
    Your computer will analyze it (granite). Go close to it. When you are close, 
    you will notice a green square that will appear on the rock. This mean that 
    the object (rock) can be towed out of there. Select the magnetic grappling 
    hook (MGH) in the tool display (if you don't know how, take a look at your key 
    configuration  Esc->Options->Controls. I use Del for Next Weapon and PgDn for 
    Next Tool). Right-click when the green square is on the rock. If everything is 
    right, the view will move behind the sub and you will see the cable attached 
    to the rock. This is how you move objects with your TC. Don't take the rock 
    anywhere. Release it back in the farm (rightclick). Shoot the rock until it 
    will break apart and release some thorium. Collect it. The farm is cleared 
    from radiation. Now you will be ordered to bring a school of females 
    yellowfish to the farm. Take a look at the map. Search for females on the 
    green region on the center of the map. Locate the females, go near them and 
    activate your attractortron. The females will now follow you. Go back to the 
    farm. Here, the females will automatically stick to the farm's beacon. Now, 
    you must bring a male yellowfish to the fish farm. Look for them near the 
    city. Look for some big, tall plants. The males wander around these plants. 
    When you'll get close to one, they will be marked on your HUD. To bring the 
    male to the farm first stun him by using the darts on your sub. When they are 
    stunned, they will begin to fall to the ocean floor. Now, use your MGH to tow 
    it to the farm. Once there, release it. Mission Complete.
                 Mission 3 - Recover the lost cargo
          You are sent to tow a cargo container from a defective drone to the 
    City. Follow the blue marker, listen to the admiral indications and locate the 
    cargo container. Use your TC. When you take the container, an enemy fighter 
    (Shadowkin) will appear. Release the  container and defeat the enemy fighter. 
    Use you strafe left-right keys a lot. You can't win, if you don't use these 
    keys (Quake 2 style). You have only your pulse gun for this, the enemy has 
    torpedoes. Keep strafing and you won't even get a scratch. After the enemy 
    fighter is destroyed, tow the cargo  to the city drop-off point. Mission 
                  Mission 4 - Defend the sand mine
           You receive a distress signal from the sand mine and sent there to 
    protect it. One of your team mates reports some problem on the sub and returns 
    to base. Follow the blue marker to the sand mine. There you will find a couple 
    Shadowkins attacking the mine. Destroy them with your torpedoes. Mission 
                  Mission 5 - Defend the oil mine
           After a couple of seconds, you'll receive a distress signal from the 
    oil mine. Go there. Kill all the jellyfish, the investigate the hole they are 
    coming from. When you will reach the max depth ( depth indicator turns red) 
    you will be ordered to retreat. Return to City after killing all jellyfish. 
    Mission complete.
                  Mission 6 - Escort
           Mission begins with a small cinematic. You must follow and protect 
    Bloater 1 which is going to the oil mine to drop some turrets. On the way your 
    formation is getting attacked by some Shadowkin fighters. Destroy them all. 
    There are around ten enemy fighters, but only 4-3 at one moment. You destroy 
    one, another one comes to fight. Use torpedoes. 2 for every enemy. Next, go to 
    the mine. Bloater 1 will drop three turrets there. You must install them. Pick 
    one up with your TC. The blue marker will show you where the turret must be 
    put to function. Go there. Drop the turret. You must hear "Turret Activated" 
    (it is best to activate in-game subtitles. it will come handy later). If not, 
    pick it up again and go closer to the blue marker. Repeat the same thing with 
    the other two turrets. Return to City. Mission complete. 
            Note: If Bloater 1 gets destroyed in the attack, it will drop the 
    turrets where it was destroyed. You will have to carry them to the oil mine 
    yourself. Your teammate may help you on this task.
                 Mission 7 - Defend seismic installation
           Follow the blue beacon. Go to the cave. Enter. Use your flares to 
    illuminate your way until you  reach the seismic center. Here, the cave will 
    close behind you. Don't worry. Kill all the seaspiders. A teammate will come 
    in and blow the rock. Return to City. Mission complete. 
                 Mission 8 - Set up defenses
           You are sent to set up turrets at the thorium and metal mines. Go to 
    the metal mine. When setting up third turret, you will get attacked. Destroy 
    the enemy fighters. There will be lots of fighters, so watch out. Use 
    torpedoes. After the area is cleared, go to the thorium mine. There will be no 
    enemy fighters. Set up the turrets then return to city. Mission complete.
                  Mission 9 - Defend the mothership
            Mothership is under attack. Your team is sent  to defend it. Go there 
    and kill any Shadowkin fighter that approaches. If you run out of torpedoes, 
    go back to the City and rearm. Destroy all the fighters then return to City. 
    Mission complete.
                  Mission 10 - The Rescue 
             Two civilian subs and one of your teammates are caught under some 
    fallen rocks. You must free them. Look at the map. Mark the civilian sub to 
    the south. Go there. Pull the rocks to free it. Mark and go to the second 
    civilian sub. Free him too. Mark and go to the third sub. This one's engines 
    are down and you must tow him back to the City. When you'll pick it up, two 
    Shadowkin fighters will appear. Drop the sub then destroy the fighters. Pick 
    up the sub again and go to the city drop-off point. Drop him there. Return to 
    City.  Mission complete.
                     Mission 12 - Exploration
             You are sent to blow a rock which is covering a hidden entrance. On 
    the way you'll find something floating on the surface. Analyze it. Go to the 
    entrance. Select your demolition charges and close to the rock. Your computer 
    will mark four points on the rock's surface with red crosses. Get close and 
    place demolition charges on the crosses. When the charge is placed correctly, 
    the cross turns green. After the charges are placed, clear the zone and right-
    click  (when you select the demolition charges as weapon, a detonator is 
    automatically selected as a tool). Enter the new area. This look like a river 
    in a jungle. Just "go with the flow". In this area, the map is not know and 
    will be completed as you explore the area. Avoid or kill the piranhas. At some 
    point you will find some water mines. Here you can do two things: Destroy the 
    mines with your pulse gun (DO NOT use your torpedoes) or navigate through the 
    minefield. If you can do it I recommend the second variant. At the end of the 
    minefield look for some entrances on the wall. Enter one. At some point you 
    will detect some defense turrets. Destroy the turrets if you want with your 
    pulse gun. Then some Shadowkin fighters will appear. RUN! Do not try to fight 
    them, they are too many. If you didn't destroyed the mines on your way in, 
    they will shake off the pursuers (your advantage). Head for the entrance and 
    exit the area. Four enemy fighters will also follow you. Destroy them. Return 
    to City. Mission complete.
                    Mission 13 - The heat
            Go to the seismic center. Pick up the rooftop seismic sensor. Go back. 
    About half way you will notice another cavern to the right (look carefully). 
    The cavern is blocked by a rock. Blow it up with demolition charges. Enter. 
    This cavern is very hot. Release the sensor at the indicated point. Exit. You 
    will be asked to return to the hot cavern and scan some plants that live 
    there. Return to the cavern. The plants are on the right side as you enter. 
    Scan one. You will be asked to pick up one and take it to the city drop-off 
    point Do so. Mission complete.
                      Mission 14 - The jellyfish nest
                 Follow the blue marker to the jellyfish cave. You have a new 
    weapon on the sub, a shotgun-style one, the Sarnoff. Keep it ready. Find the 
    cave. Go down. Your sub can go deeper then the old one, so there will be no 
    problem until you will reach the jellyfish cave. Once there, take a look at 
    the first boss you will encounter during the game. Enjoy it, it will be the 
    only boss that you will fight "free" (you'll know what I mean by this later on 
    the game). The boss should look like this:
    -----------------------[See Image #2]-----------------------
    Watch the picture. The marked pink "appendices" are the jellyfish's birth 
    places. Destroy them. Use the Sarnoff because you will need the torpedoes 
    later. When all are destroyed the top of the jellyfish boss will rise, release 
    one jellyfish, then close. Shoot the pink zone that exposes when the boss 
    release a jellyfish. During the fight, continue to strafe around the boss, so 
    the jellyfishes won't be a problem. When the boss is dead, a new entrance will 
    open above. Exit through there. At this point you will be informed that the 
    thorium and metal mines are swarming with jellyfish. Go to the both mines and 
    kill them all. Head to the city. Before you can reach the city, a distress 
    signal will be sent from the thorium mine. Go back. The mine is completely 
    destroyed. Destroy the Shadowkins that are there. Return to city. Mission 
                      Mission 15 - The race
            Well, a new sub. And a new tool - a booster  (extra speed for a short 
    time) unlimited uses, recharges between. Race the other teammates. The purpose 
    of this race is to learn how to use the jump points. Go from the checkpoint to 
    checkpoint (big rings) by using the blue marker. Ready, Steady, GO! Does not 
    matter who wins the race ( I lost it first time I've played it). When one of 
    you reaches the finish line, a distress signal is received from the oil mine. 
    Go there. You will find a large craft armed with a big laser destroying the 
    mine and a couple of fighters. Ignore the large craft. Concentrate on the 
    fighters. Until you've finish them off, the large craft should be already 
    destroyed. If not, hit it with a torp or two. Return to city. Mission 
                         Mission 16 - Search for crystals
             Follow the blue marker. Enter the area. Go until you will reach a 
    jump point. Go to the minefield until you will find a waterfall to the left. 
    Clear the mines in front of the waterfall. Return to the jump point. Jump. 
    Follow the stream until you will reach the second boss. A big bug. At this 
    point you will hear "attack position engaged". This will mean that your 
    forward key will now move you Up instead of forward. So do not use your 
    forward key, at this boss is useless. Take a look at the boss. On it's rear 
    side you'll see some yellow things which look like this:
    -----------------------[See Image #3]-----------------------
    Shot them. Use your Sarnoff to do this. When they are destroyed, the boss will 
    fly from the surface of the water and hover at some position in mid air. From 
    there, he will throw at you some radioactive "things". Shoot him, target it's 
    rear side if you can until the bug will flee. During the fight, he may have 
    throwed at you some worms which will follow and try to bite you. Kill them 
    now. At this point you will receive a distress signal from the sub near the 
    jump point. Go through the bug's cave, jump in the river. You did clear the 
    minefield near the waterfall, didn't you? Go to the exit. Exit. Mission 
                      Mission 17 - Protect the oil mine
            Head to the city. You will be informed that an earthquake has created 
    a rock shower over the oil mine. Because you can't get there fast enough, you 
    will be given the control of a defense turret. This is fun. You are at the oil 
    mine, in a turret, with rocks falling all around you. To complete this 
    mission, watch the radar for  the falling rocks. The good part is that the 
    rocks fall only on buildings, so you won't have false targets. Destroy the 
    rocks. You will also be helped by the other turrets and a sub or two, but the 
    damage to the buildings will be mostly caused by friendly fire. When the rocks 
    stop falling, the mission is over. You are returned to your sub. Return to 
    city. Mission complete.
                         Mission 18 - The Deep
                 A radioactive source has been located in deep sea. Your mission: 
    locate and investigate. Take a look at your sub's setup. A new toy: B.O.B. A 
    minisub. Launch. Follow the blue marker to the deep sea base. Go deeper until 
    enter a new area. Now go to the bottom. You will be informed that the source 
    is below you, and you must find another way in. Go up and look for a ledge 
    with a light plant on it on the southern wall. Go inside you will emerge in a 
    large cave. Here watch out for the sea spiders. Don't bother to kill them, 
    because they will appear again in the same places. Look in the cave. You will 
    find a blue thing. Your sub's computer will label it as "unknown organism". 
    When you get close to him, it will move. Follow his lead. He will take you to 
    a cave with a couple of seaspiders. Kill them with your pulse gun. After you 
    kill them all, the blue thing will recharge your shields to full. Keep 
    following him. He will the you to a cave and open an organic door. Return to 
    the main cave. Here will wait another blue thing. Follow him and you will find 
    a big fish. 
    -----------------------[See Image #4]-----------------------
    "Attack position engaged".  The fish will shoot at you with some red energy 
    balls. Dodge them as you can. When he opens his mouth to hit you with an 
    energy bolt, shoot him in the mouth. After a few hits, the fish will die. The 
    blue organism will recharge your shields. Follow him. He will go through the 
    door the first blue thing opened and open a second one. Go back to the main 
    cave. Here you will find another blue organism. Follow him to find a big 
    octopus. "Attack position engaged". The octopus has eight tentacles. For of 
    them keep her locked to the wall, while the other four are trying to hit you. 
    Notice that before a tentacle will try to hit, it will "lock" for a second or 
    two, giving you the possibility to avoid it. Be warned that three or four hits 
    will destroy you.
    -----------------------[See Image #5]-----------------------
    Look at the picture. The blue spots are the weak points. Shoot them until the 
    tentacles are destroyed, one by one. The octopus will die. The blue thing will 
    recharge your shield. Follow him. He will open a third door. Go forward until 
    you will reach a cave with a big sub crashed on his bottom. Locate an entrance 
    in the sub, avoiding the spider's fire. Enter.
        Note: I think someone's watching too many movies :)
                   Mission 19 - The alien sub
          Part 1 - Lower deck: You enter and the door closes behind you. No map. 
    Damn! Don't panic, the sub is pretty simple. As you entered, look to the left. 
    There is a closed door and a big switch. Use your MGH to activate the switch. 
    Enter the door. Go through a second, broken door. You'll find yourself in a 
    small room with two closed door. Look  at the door in front of you. You'll 
    notice that the door's glass is broken. Shoot it to break a small corner. Now 
    activate your BOB and go through that small opening in the glass. Inside 
    you'll discover that the corridor is damaged and impassible. Look to the 
    right. Enter through that small maintenance opening in the wall. Go through 
    the corridor. At some point, the corridor splits. Take the right split. You 
    will reach the other end of the broken corridor. There you will find a red 
    button. Touch it to open the door. Make sure the light turn green, and the 
    door stays open. Return to your sub by using the same way. To dock with your 
    sub, get close to it (the blue arrow from the lower right corner will became 
    yellow) and rightclick. Also, a rightclick will change the control from the 
    sub to BOB. This will be useful later. Let's return to our mission. You are 
    now in the your sub, with the BOB attached to it, in the small room behind the 
    partially broken door. Look to the other door. You'll find a red button near 
    it. Touch it. The door opens. Inside, you will se an electric fish. These fish 
    will keep patrolling on their paths, they won't attack you. Just avoid them. 
    If it makes you feel better, you may shoot them. Ok. Go through the corridor. 
    At the end, you will see two doors, (to the left and right), one maintenance 
    entrance and a red button. The red button does not work for now. Activate your 
    BOB. Go through the maintenance corridor. It will take you to another red 
    button. Touch it. The door to your right will open. Go that way and you will 
    find your sub. Dock with it. Go through the opened door. Inside you will find 
    three niches, each with a switch on the opposing wall. The last niche contains 
    a sphere. Analyze it. It is a power regulator. Use your MGH to activate the 
    switch. This will restore power to a part of the sub. Return to the non-
    working switch. Touch it. The door will open. Go through there. At the end, 
    the corridor turns left. Keep going. There is an opened door to the left, then 
    a closed one to the right. Ignore them both. Go through the door ahead. You 
    are on the other side of the broken corridor. There is a console on the right 
    wall. Analyze it. It's an uplink. Link to the console by using your TC. Your 
    sub's computer will download the alien sub's map from the console and recharge 
    your shields. Now you have a map. It should look like this:
    -----------------------[See Image #6]-----------------------
    The consoles scattered around the sub will always charge your shields. 
    Unlimited uses. Look at the map (look in the game's map, not here. this 
    picture is too small to be read). The red areas are damaged. Notice that the 
    room are marked from 1A to 1H. From now on, I will use a room's alphanumeric 
    mark to indicate it.Ok, let's continue. Go to room 1F (the opened door you 
    passed by). Inside are two spiders and a red button behind the boxes. Kill the 
    spiders. Touch the button. The door from room 1D will open. Go to that door. 
    It is closed !?! Well, the door has opened, but only for a short period. If 
    you press yourself the button, there is no way you can pass through that door 
    in time. This is the trick to pass the door: Position your sub in front of the 
    door to 1D. Activate your BOB. Go to the red button in 1F. Now, touch the 
    button, get back a little (so that the BOB won't be touching the button 
    permanently), rightclick to switch to your sub. The 1D front door should be 
    open. Thrust forward and go inside before the door closes. You are now in 1D. 
    Kill the spiders. Look in the north-east corner of the room. There is a 
    ventilation shaft open in the wall. Go in and use the map to find your way to 
    1C. Kill the spiders and use the uplink in that room. This will activate the  
    door of 1C. Pick up the power regulator and go back to 1D. Here kill the 
    spiders again and make use of  BOB to open the door to the corridor. Go to the 
    generators room (the one where you found the first power regulator) and place 
    the one you are towing in one of the two free niches. Then activate the switch 
    in front of the new powered up generator. A new section of the sub will be 
    activated. Go back to 1D by making use of BOB. Turn left. There is a red 
    button there. Touch it. The main door of 1D will now be open permanently. Go 
    and take BOB back on your sub. On the southern side if 1D is a red button. 
    Touch it. A door will open to the right. Go there. Pick up the power regulator 
    from there and place it in the last niche in the generators room. Activate the 
    switch. The entire sub is now powered. Go to the place where you've found the 
    last power regulator. touch the red button there. Go to the door that opens to 
    your left. There you'll find another damaged section of the sub. Look to the 
    right. Use your BOB to go through that maintenance tunnel. You'll eventually 
    find yourself  facing a red button. Touch it. A door will open to the left. 
    Now leave the BOB there and switch back to the main sub. On the other side of 
    the maintenance tunnel is an ventilation shaft. Enter it. Use the map to reach 
    the other side of the damaged corridor. Here pick up the BOB Follow the 
    corridor to 1B. Open the door to 1B by touching the red button near it. Kill 
    the spiders and use the uplink in the room. The door to 1A will open. Go to 
    1A. Use the uplink here. The door to 1G will open. Go to 1G. Use the uplink 
    here to open the door to the lower level engine room (the last door near the 
    1G) Go there. Inside you will find a vertical shaft  which leads to upper 
    deck. Go up to the upper deck.
          Part 2 - Upper deck: Take a look at the map. It's changed. It will look 
    like this:
    -----------------------[See Image #7]-----------------------
    Here is what you'll have to do: Go east, killing the shooting spider and check 
    the doors. Only the southern door can be opened. Go through it. Follow the 
    corridor. Open the second door. There, go forward but watch out for some 
    "black ink" jets. After you clear the "ink" area turn around. At the 
    corridor's end is a switch. Use it. A door will open. Go through it. Kill the 
    spider. Go through the partially open door. Watch out for the electric fish. 
    Inhere is an uplink. Link to the console. You will hear "door button 
    activated". DO NOT release the MGH from the uplink. Activate your BOB, go back 
    through the half-opened door and push the red button there. This is how you 
    must open the door. Return the BOB to the main sub, then go through the door 
    you just opened. Turn right. At the corridors end there will be two doors. The 
    left one is closed, the right one partially opened. Go through the right door. 
    You are in the torpedo room. Touch the red button there. The torpedo carrier 
    will start to move. This will open the door to the launch bay and, a few 
    seconds later, the door to the torpedo tube will open. Enter the tube, turn 
    left at the junction, then turn left again. You will emerge in the northern 
    launch bay. Touch the red button there to open the door to the torpedo room. 
    Head for the torpedo room's exit. In the small corridor, on the right wall is 
    an maintenance corridor. Activate BOB and enter the corridor. In the room you 
    exit, look for an red button, touch it. Avoid the electric fish. A door will 
    open to your right. Enter and look or another red button. Touch it too. A new 
    door will open . Return to the sub then go through the last opened door. Go to 
    2C and use the uplink there. A door will open. Turn around 180 degrees and you 
    will see a big wheel spinning. Actually there are three of them. Sneak through 
    them and you will find yourself just a door away from 2A. Touch the red 
    buttons there. Enter the 2A. This room is actually the reactor who's radiation 
    made you get there. Use the uplink in 2A. The reactor will activate. Two 
    things will happen. The engine will start and the water stream caused by him 
    will open a short cut to surface. Second, a plutonium bar will break and a few 
    fragments will fall to the bottom of the reactor. Go and pick them up. On your 
    way down, try to not look at the reactor core. When you pick up the plutonium, 
    your ship's computer will tell you that the sub's hull is hyper-radiated and 
    the shield are taking damage. Now, don't panic. Go up. The door you entered 
    the reactor is closed now. Shoot the glass then use the BOB to open the door 
    from outside. Go to lower deck. Here, go to 1G to fill your shield's energy 
    supply. Then exit the alien sub (if you picked up all the plutonium shards, 
    this door is now open). A new area will load. Go up, through that opening. 
    Keep going up. A new area will load. You will be told to go fast and unload 
    you cargo. Go and enter the city. Mission complete ( At last!).
            Note: One of the coolest mission from the game, in my opinion. (long 
    but cool)
                        Mission 20 - First contact
            When the mission begins, you are ordered to go to the deep sea base 
    again. Go there, When you are almost there, a distress signal is received from 
    the seismic center. The game will show a small cinematic sequence. Return to 
    the seismic tunnel. Here are some strange red alien ships. You are ordered to 
    kill them. 
    The best weapon for this task is your chaingun. If you are low on ammo or 
    shield, return to city for repairs. Note: When an alien ship is destroyed, it 
    will split into two smaller ships. These two ships will combine back into a 
    single  ship after a while, so destroy at least one to prevent re-creation of 
    the big ship. When all alien ships are destroyed, return to City. Mission 
                          Mission 21 - Into the vortex
            What sub type is that?!? Anyway, hit the launch button, to see a 
    cinematic sequence showing a carrier entering the energy vortex. Then, you are 
    in control of the carrier's forward turret. Your mission: Destroy any 
    obstacles in the tunnel. (this remembers me of the old arcade games).Your 
    shields are pretty strong and you can take more than a few hits, but shoot all 
    you can see moving.
                          Mission 22 - The ancients
            Part 1 -Outside: After a cinematic, your sub is released into the 
    world. A sub ?!? No, it is a hybrid between a sub and a car. You begin as a 
    car. Scroll your tools. One of them looks like some wheels under a chasis. 
    Activate this tool, and you'll became a sub. Activate it again and you'll 
    became a car. Simple huh? Check your arsenal. WOW, an Argon laser!! You are 
    gonna make some fish fryes, right? Check your map. It is an ancient drawing. 
    It looks like this:
    -----------------------[See Image #8]-----------------------
    Here I have marked the important spots on the map. You must visit them and do 
    something in order.. Here is the complete explanation. I will refer the points 
    as "1", "5" etc. Hope you got it.
    After you are released from the carrier, transform to submarine and prepare 
    your Argon laser because there are some things, I dunno how to describe them 
    that float into the water and byte you. You'll know what I'm talking about 
    after the first encounter. Head for Nav 1 There is a small pyramid. Look at 
    it. Go to Nav 2. There is also a small pyramid, but this one's top is 
    "screwed". Get close to the top. Use your MGH to spin the pyramid's top into 
    position. Then a door will open somewhere. We will get there later. Ignore the 
    hole at Nav 8 for now. Go to Nav 3. A red crystal is on the seabed into a 
    small opening. Go to Nav 4. There is a partially destroyed tower there. Look 
    on the seabed. To the east of the remaining tower ruin (a few meters) is an 
    entrance partially covered by a flat stone. Make a mental note of it's 
    existence. Look to the east. There, on the seabed is the top of the destroyed 
    tower. Take a look beneath the ruins. There you will find a blue crystal. Use 
    your MGH to tow it to Nav 5. Place the crystal over the opening as seen at Nav 
    3. The crystal will "snap" into position. Release the TC. Go to Nav 6. There 
    will be another tower, but this is intact. Near the top, on the east side  is 
    another crystal (green). Look at the bottom. There will be another flat stone 
    there. Get close. You will notice that you can tow the stone. Use your MGH to 
    pull the stone in a direction sa you can enter in the tunnel below. Enter the 
    tunnel. You'll find yourself inside the tower. Go up. There you will find some 
    sort of mechanism holding the green crystal. Touch the mechanism, which will 
    release the crystal. Get out. In the surroundings will be a couple of "things" 
    Fry them with your laser. Then tow the crystal to Nav 7 and put it into 
    position. At this point, the tower between Nav 3 and Nav 5 will lower into 
    seabed. Go to Nav 8. Enter the opening. You will reach a large room with a 
    picture on it's west wall. there are three entrances in this wall. Two in 
    lower position, to north and south, and one in the sun. Enter in one room. You 
    will see that the room  is illuminated by the light rays colored by a crystal. 
    Yes, these are the crystals  that you towed. Now, take a paper and write down 
    the symbols. Write them in order, from left to right and from top to bottom ( 
    as you are reading a modern book). Also write the color. I'm not telling you 
    the combinations because you might not visit these rooms and miss a cool 
    scene. Now, go to Nav 9. There is a square building, with an entrance on it's 
    western side. Enter. Inside you will find a red crystal in a "jewel case" and 
    some stone plates with symbols on them. Step on the symbols which are 
    illuminated by the red crystal in the underground red room mentioned earlier, 
    in order. If everything is right, the red crystal should rise and the door to 
    the building at Nav 11 should open. Go there. Inside you will find a blue 
    crystal and some columns with symbols. Repeat the procedure as before, but 
    you'll have to press the columns some distance down. Now, the crystal should 
    rise, and the door to building at Nav 10 will open. Go there. Inside you will 
    find some buttons in one of the walls. You will have to use your MGH to pull 
    the buttons from the wall. Pull them in order and the pyramid's door will open 
    after a lightshow. Go to the door and enter. The door closes behind you. A new 
    area will load.
             Part two - The maze Well, this area is not actually a maze, but sure 
    does look like one! No map, btw. Go forward until you will reach a room with 
    an Anch symbol on a plate. Step on that plate to recharge your shields. Go up 
    and  continue to the east. You will get to a room with some "things" in. Fry 
    them. Look to the west. Above the way you camed in is another one. Go through 
    there. Note: In the mouth of this tunnel are two square rocks. You can destroy 
    these rocks with the laser. Look at them carefully. Destroy any other rock 
    that you will find on your way to reveal hidden switches and passages. This is 
    the only advice that I can give you. The level is pretty straight forward, and 
    keeping an eye on these rocks will be enough.
    One more thing (this is hard to describe but bear with me): At some point, you 
    will find yourself in a big square room with a big square column in the center 
    and a big square boulder on a side. Also, there is a pull-out switch. When you 
    enter, draw an imaginary diagonal from the corner you entered. On the other 
    end of  the diagonal is a closed door. When you pull the switch, the boulder 
    will start to race around the column. When the boulder has completed one lap, 
    that door will open. Enter. There is a  recharger to the left. Use it and then 
    look for an exit in the same room. Exit. A new area will load.
             Part three - Hot Place In this area your main enemy is the fire 
    (you'll know what I mean.) The puzzles are the same as the ones you meet 
    before. What's new is that you are on the ground, you are NOT in the water. 
    Also, this level is straight-forward. Just keep an eye for rechargers, square 
    rocks, a couple of sea-spiders and touch-plates. At one point you will find 
    stone tower in a room. Shoot the stones at the bottom. The column will fall 
    and activate a switch. Keep solving puzzles until you will reach a strange 
    boss. An authentic Egyptian royal mummy:
    -----------------------[See Image #9]-----------------------
    Take a look at the mummy's hands. There, on the marked spots you can see the 
    mummy's bones. Shoot them. These are the mummy's weak points. After you 
    destroyed it's hands, the mummy will start shooting from the eyes with some 
    kind of laser. Now shoot the blue box at the mummy's heart. When the mummy 
    dies, watch the cinematic. We will talk about that sphere later. When you exit 
    the mummy's room, there is a recharger to the left and some rocks to the 
    right. Recharge and keep going through the fire puzzles. Then you will reach a 
    room with a golden feather (The feather of Truth) on a golden balance. There, 
    the sphere from the mummy's chest has broken itself into seven pieces. You 
    have to  take for of them and place them to balance the feather.  Take a look:
    -----------------------[See Image #10]-----------------------
    Here you can see five pieces, the feather, a statue and a ramp. You'll have to 
    pick up the pieces ( all four of them can be picked up at once) drive on the 
    ramp towards the feather. There, the pieces will automatically be dropped to 
    balance the feather. You'll have to pick up the following colors:  WHITE,  
    BLACK, YELLOW and  GRAY. If everything was right, the statue will drop a small 
    artifact from it's arms. Otherwise, the pieces will reset and two golden 
    scarabs will appear and try to bite you. Kill them and try again. ( I know 
    they are hard to hit, but do your best, you'll have to beat a swarm of them 
    later). Now, after you balance the feather of truth, the statue will drop the 
    artifact. Pick it up. The whole area will fill with water. Switch to the sub. 
    Watch out for seaspiders. Locate the dead mummy room. Go on top of the room. 
    Look west. There , on the surface, is a structure which holds up only on a 
    single column in one of it's corners (?!?) Take a look at the lowest point of 
    the structure. There is an entrance. Enter. A new area will load.
      Part 4 - Light&Magic  Well, this area also contains puzzles. These ones are 
    pretty cool. Ok, let's start. Look to the right. Search for a place to insert 
    the coin. (just kidding, you are NOT in Las Vegas :) ). There are four square 
    rocks. Each one has a water symbol on only one side. You must shoot the faces 
    with the water symbols. Then, this room will fill with water, allowing to  go 
    to the upper level. Go there. Look around this room. Strange things there:
    -----------------------[See Image #11]-----------------------
    There are five upside-down cones, each with a touchplate in front of it and a 
    big pillar which rotates and has a laser beam attached to it. Look at the 
    walls. you will find three groups of rocks ( three, four and five). Destroy 
    them. Behind them the wall is colored. Now, look at the group of three colors. 
    Read the colors from left to right. They are red, green and blue. Now press 
    the touchplate in front of the red cone, then the one in front of the green 
    one then the one in front of the blue cone. A door will open by one third. Now 
    use the same procedure on the other two groups of colors. When the door will 
    open completely, enter the new room. The sharp things to the center of the 
    room are mirrors. Look at the red beam. When you shoot a mirror, it will 
    rotate. You must rotate the mirrors so that the blue beam hits the blue 
    crystal, the red beam hits the red crystal etc. When all the beams are 
    correctly set up, a beam of light will rise from the center of the room. Go 
    into that beam. It will take you to the upper level. A new area will load.
      Part 5 - Gold After a couple of seconds, you will get attacked by a swarm of 
    golden scarabs which will come from the "worms" ahead. Kill them. Go forward. 
    Turn left. There, you will see an opening to the left wall. Enter. Inside is a 
    statue of a golden pharaoh with another artifact in his hands. Also there is a 
    recharger. Avoid the fire snakes. In front of the statue is a touch plate. 
    Touch it. A door will open in the hallway. Recharge and go through that door. 
    Inhere is a BIG golden scarab statue and two pieces of gold near it. When you 
    pick up a piece, the statue will come to life. Select your chaingun. Shoot the 
    scarab. Then, after the scarab is dead, kill the worms that have appeared. 
    Collect all the gold pieces from the destruction of the scarab. Return to the 
    pharaoh's statue. Step over the plate with the hole and the statue will drop 
    the artifact. Pick it up. You will be sent to the upper level.
       Part 6 - The top  In this room is a big scarab. "Attack position engaged" 
    Your weapon of choice should be the Sarnoff. The boss will release some 
    boulders. Avoid them. Then some green scarabs will appear. Ignore the boss and 
    kill the scarabs. Now, the boss will turn around, open his back and attack 
    with some kind of laser:
    -----------------------[See Image #12]-----------------------
     Shoot the exposed crystal. After a few seconds, the boss will close his back 
    and release another boulders at you. Repeat until the boss is dead. A new 
    artifact will appear. Pick it up. you will be returned to Part 1.
    Now, head for your carrier. At some point you will be informed that the 
    carrier is under attack. Keep going. You will see three strange subs attacking 
    the carrier. Ignore them and go beneath the carrier to leave the area 
    The carrier will enter the vortex. Here, you know what to do.
     When the carrier exits the vortex, the City is under heavy attack by the same 
    strange subs. You will be given the control of a defense turret until the 
    carrier docks at the city. Then, you will be given control of a sub.( if the 
    turret you control is destroyed, don't worry. You will be given control of the 
    next one). After the carrier docks, you will be given back your sub. Arm with 
    torpedoes and launch. Use the torpedoes to destroy the enemy fighters. Return 
    to city. Mission complete.
                        Mission 23 - Final Showdown
           Well, your mission is to eliminate the Shadowkin threat once and for 
    all. Follow the blue marker. Enter the jungle area. Go to the minefield. 
    Locate  an entrance in the wall. Enter. Eliminate the phirana. Destroy the two 
    defense turrets from distance with your pulse gun. There, behind the turrets 
    is a metallic door. From time to time a Shadowkin fighter will exit the door. 
    This is your chance to enter. Enter. Inside there is a metal wall with a hole 
    in it. On the other side is another metal wall with a hole in it. the second 
    wall rotate. Wait for the wall to align then enter. Another identical door. 
    Enter this door too. You are in the Shadowkin base. Go in the back section of 
    the base. Avoid the fighters. Do not engage them if they don't do this first.  
    Locate an enemy extraction platform (it has three components which will show 
    as RED dots on your radar. The enemy fighters will show as YELLOW dots). 
    Destroy the installation. Then, an enemy hangar will open. There be careful. 
    Destroy the enemy fighters there. Use your self-locking torpedoes. Then look 
    at the upper part of the central column. There is a rotating ring with a 
    missing part there. Shoot through that hole to destroy the core. Then you will 
    discover that one of your teammates was actually a Shadowkin spy. He will show 
    up in a Shadowkin fighter. Destroy him. Mission complete.
                            Mission 24 - Unfinished business
           Once the Shadowkins have been eliminated, there is only one more thing 
    that needs taking care of.: the aliens. Check your sub setup. Two new weapons: 
    the Pin gun and an  Artifact weapon that was created from the three artifacts 
    you recovered at the ruins. The pin gun fires a bunch of nails that will 
    attach to the target and explode after a couple of seconds. The damage is very 
    high. Ok, let's launch. Head for the abyss. Enter. Ignore the red alien subs. 
    Go deeper, until you reach the crashed sub. Locate a big hole near the sub. 
    Enter. Keep going through the tunnel at full throttle. Avoid spider's fire. 
    Evade the incoming red alien subs. Keep moving until you reach a big cave. 
    Don't stop to look around, keep moving forward. The cave turns red. In the red 
    wall is a red orifice. Enter. A new area will load. 
            This area is divided into "arenas". You'll have to complete one arena 
    to move to the next one. The blue marker will tell you when and where to go. 
    Let's return to the game. Follow the blue marker. exit through that  "door". 
    Here you must avoid the lightnings. Just avoid the energy bolts and enter 
    through the other door (not the red door). Got to the next arena. Ready your 
    pin gun. Enter. Here are some metallic subs. Try to destroy them before they 
    are released from their locations. After the subs are destroyed, the blue 
    marker will show up. Follow it to the door. Enter and proceed to the next 
    area. Here, prepare your laser. There will de a couple red subs. Destroy them 
    and go through the door. In the next area you will also fight some red subs , 
    but the subs will appear from some kind of eggs and from each egg will emerge 
    small subs, not big ones. Destroy them all then destroy the eggs to proceed to 
    the next area. Here you will meet the last boss:
    -----------------------[See Image #13]-----------------------
    The boss is hard to describe. Look at the picture. Select the pin gun. Shoot 
    the marked points. One shot is enough. After the bases are destroyed, select 
    the laser. Destroy the three red subs. These subs won't split when destroyed. 
    Now, select the pin gun again. Keep moving. Look at the boss. The "black 
    points" will charge and release a laser beam. Shoot the point when charging so 
    that the pins will explode when it's open.
    The last "black point" you can't destroy. Three red subs will appear from 
    there. Destroy them. Next, the boss lower "tentacle" will charge and send some 
    sonic beams ( ? ) Select the artifact weapon. This weapon acts like a torpedo 
    launcher and will lock as a regular torp on the lower tentacle when this one 
    is attacking. One shoot is enough. 
                                                You've WON THE GAME!.
    Now watch the cinematic. There will be a sequel to the game? At least, that's 
    what I understood. Send me an e-mail.
         A public request:
               At the level with the mummy, you will find some inscriptions that 
    your computer will decipher. The first inscription is "Faith is the color of 
    fertile soil" Each inscription indicates a color, for the broken colored 
    sphere. Can someone tell me which color represent each inscription?
               Also, after you beat the mummy, exit the door. To the left is a 
    recharger and to the right are some square rocks. Destroy them. The 
    inscription behind them reads "Hope was brought by the forgotten dower". I 
    believe that the dower is the column you'll have to shoot to pass. That column 
    has four icons visible only after the column was shoot down. Can someone 
    "translate" these icons for me?
                Can someone provide me a full  Starlancer?   

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