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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ADK

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    Welcome to this new guide for an action game. Dragon's blood is also known as
    Draconus cult of the Wyrm in America. I have played with the european version,
    that's why i chose the european name. Enjoy !
    UPDATE (02/23/2003) : I'm back on the scene of video games, less active than 
    before but back. If you wish to talk of video games with me or other fans in 
    the future join my forum.
    Summary :
    1 Review
    2 Characters
    3 Ennemies
    4 Bosses
    5 Blessings
    6 Walkthrough
    7 Credits
    1 Review :
    Dragon's blood is the story of a knight in a quest to save the world from the
    last dragon. In addition of this, it's a tradition to kill a dragon before a
    knight becomes a prince. That's why everyone is the game will call you dragon's
    scourge. That's all for the scenario. Interplay has created a great game. Their
    other DC title was MDK 2, i think it was a good game but also a difficult one
    in the way of the controls. This time, they have created again an action game
    but it's an easy game to handle.
    The presentation is very poor, it is a poor dialogue on poor cinematics. The
    red color used is terrible and i always zap it. Worst is the very slow battle
    between an ork and a skeleton. The player can think he has bought a bad game.
    In two words : FORGET IT.
    Graphically this game is for true adventurers. You will visit several castles,
    towers and villages, and others. The map of each stage is gigantic and you will
    spend a lot of hoursif you wish to explore it at 100%. The bosses in the game
    are simply excellent. All the sprites are based on the middle age and i admit
    it's one of my favourite atmosphere for a game.
    Interplay has done a great job with the animation. 60 fps, damned i like it so
    much, the game never slows even when four sprites attack you. The movements are
    smooth and quick. The magic effects are various. Except for the last boss, none
    offer a visual show and that's my only regret.
    There is no music. Ok, there are musics but they come and disappear as quickly
    as they appear according to the situation. They are good but it's not the
    strong point. Where Interplay have done a great job for this part is in the
    voice acting. All voices are excellent (even the one of Krujens). We feel that
    every actors have pleasure to play their role. The atmosphere in these
    conditions has no equal on the DC for an action game.
    The character is very easy to handle. He can also perform excellent combos. I
    used the warrior and he had a lot of weapons according to the situation. He was
    also a honorable magic user. With the sorceress the game is slightly different.
    The cntrols are always easy but we can count on her magic power. She is in
    these conditions less strong with a weapon. The difference is clear and only
    you can choose which one is the best for you.
    Dragon's blood is a jewel of the DC. You can see it as a classical action game,
    but you must choose your progression, you can search for the blessings in each
    stage and there are side quests in each stage. I like this game and i'm very
    happy that it exists only on the DC.
    GRAPHICS     : 18/20
    ANIMATION    : 18/20
    SOUND        : 17/20
    CONTROLS     : 17/20
    INTEREST     : 17/20
    FINAL NOTE   : 93%
    								ADK, the dragon's scourge.
    2 Characters :
    Cynric the warrior : He is a valiant knight and a good magic user. I found him
    powerful but only 2 magics were useful : Shield and Berserk. The "true" healing
    spell is missing, it is a bonus of 2 vials for him.
    Aeowyn the sorceress : She is less powerful than Cynric with a weapon but she
    is also an excellent magic user (logic for a sorceress...). Her text is
    different from Cynric but she will play the same quest. That's why after 2
    stages i abandon the game with her. However in the last stages i suppose that
    with all her magics it can be easy to win.
    3 Ennemies :
    Elf : They are allies. You must help them. They will give you great powers.
    Krujens : They have a horrible voice and move everywhere quickly. It's easy to
    kill one but hard to handle 2 or 3.
    Goblins : They are big and have a good technique. The problem is that they have
    a lack of HP.
    Skeletons : In theory a skeleton fears magic and especially fire. You can
    forget this rule. Here to kill a skeleton, the only way is to fight and they
    are hard to kill.
    Trolls : Their second name must be STUPID. Just because they are powerful, they
    go straight on you.
    Ogre : Same as the trolls but slower.
    Spider, Hybrid, Scorpion and Giant Lizard : They haunt the swamp and i don't
    like them.
    Draconus : They are Dragon man. It exists 5 different Draconus. You will see
    that they are all difficult to kill.
    Minotaur : It is the nightmare of the beginner. Hard to hit, you need to circle
    around them or hit them when they hit you. They have the best dodge movement of
    all the ennemies.
    Hell hound : They can burn you, so it's a good idea to kill them quickly.
    4 Bosses :
    Alana : She summons demons but if you push her in the void she dies
    Giant Minotaur : He guards the level 2 exit. You need a good technique to kill
    Gavrik : The best skeleton fighter, but nothing else.
    Mister Big : A ghost you must kill, if you wish that Fearghas rests in peace.
    Queen : It's a giant insect but it's an easy boss.
    The champion + 2 fire elementals : He guards the exit of the level 11. Use the
    shield spell to kill him.
    Strong Pic Chief + 1 Dwarf : The boss of the dwarves awaits you in the level
    X'Calith : It's the last dragon and also the last boss. Exactly as in Lodoss
    and PSO, he must never fly if you wish to win this battle.
    5 Blessings :
    There are two types of blessings :
    1) The normal blessing :
    Find them in all stages. They allow you to upgrade your character. There are 3
    per stages except for some stages where you can find only 2.
    2) The healing blessing :
    Their number in a stage is random, one or two usually and sometimes 3 or 4.
    They heal of lot of HP according to your current level.
    6 Walkthrough :
    Stage 1 : Celenarin :
    1) You begin at the top of a mountain. Go to the elven village and meet
    Ansorin. Follow him. Enter in the house. Collect the first blessing. Go up the
    way and Krujens attack the village. It's time to fight.
    2) Go up then down. Fight then go straight to talk to an elf. You must find
    Golamal. Visit the house and search for a blessing around it. After a battle
    you obtain a key.
    3) Now go back and take the other path instead of the door. Go up of the door
    and enter in the house to kill 2 krujens. Use the path to arrive in a new
    house. You find a blessing around this one (on the right) and Golamal on the
    left. He gives the password. Go back to the previous house and pass the other
    door. Go to the shrine and kill the ennemies here. Collect the heart to
    complete the stage.
    Stage 2 : The lake :
    It's better to complete this stage in order to gain levels. After this one,
    stage 3 will be easier, especially for the boss.
    There is a blessing on the top of the mountain here.
    1) At the beginning of the stage you meet Pollug. He gives you the key of the
    grave. Find it. You see a point on the map. It's the graveyard of goblins.
    Search for a locked house. Enter there. Kill. Inside there is a healing
    blessing. Economize it if you can. Exit and search for another house. Inside
    you fight and then obtain a fire key. Search now for the locked house and pass
    the door with a face on it. Now you can go further deep in the other house.
    Advance and meet a little chief to obtain the key of the secret gate. Collect
    the blessing here and search for a passage way behind the waterfall near the
    rock. Be sure to not fall in the water, if you want to avoid a game over.
    2) Enter and kill. Climb a ladder, kill then go down to the new bridge. Advance
    on the stone bridge. You meet the big chief. Kill then collect a blessing. Go
    down and chase the chief until you can reach the top of the mountain. Kill him
    now. You have the key.
    3) Go back to the beginning of the stage to search for a spider on the hole to
    put the key. Go to the bridge. Kill 3 skeletons and open the door. Use the
    elevator, kill 2 efreets and push a lever. Use again the elevator. Go to the
    bridge and kill the efreet. You reach the second tower. Use the elevator in it.
    Go up to use another elevator and prepare for the boss.
    It's easy. You have to hit her when she appears. kill the monster she sends.
    She will reappeared then, try to push her. Once she falls, go in a tower to
    make the forever flame appears.
    Stage 3 : Castle of Lomyn :
    1) Begin to go straight to a goblin village. Kill them until you find the boss
    who is guarding a "shining". Fight him and collect it. Now exit to a firecamp
    near and kill the Krujens. You obtain a key.
    2) Go left of the firecamp to a prison. Kill 2 krujens and collect the healing
    blessing if you need it. Continue the way to the other side of the river (you
    find 2 bridges with 3 goblins). Under one of the bridge is a secret passage to
    a blessing and some ennemies. Find your way to a fountain with the stone head
    of the chief of the goblin village. Fill the "shining" and kill 2 krujens.
    3) Find the krujen behind a door. He said to bring him his friend Gonka. Return
    to the prison (where you found a healing blessing). On the way, you find an
    altar where you can use the "shining" to complete a side quest. Once you have
    restored the altar, go to the prison. Use the door on the right, go down and
    kill. Pass a door and a bridge. In the new corridor go right then left to a
    open a shortcut. Then use the right way to find a key. Go left and up the
    stairs to kill more. With the key, open the jail of Gonka. He dies. Go back to
    the Krujen by using the shortcut.
    4)After a scene, go back to the prison, go up and open a door. Kill the boss :
    Bowman. Bring his head to the krujen. He gives a key. Now enter the village and
    talk to the chief. In this village you will find a blessing. Go back for the
    last time to the prison and go where you killed the boss to open a door. It
    leads you to the last key. Exit to find the citadel castle.
    5) Go in the citadel. It's a straight tower. Enter. Kill. Go down the stairs to
    a blessing, then go up to kill and use a lever. You will use the key to pass
    the door here.
    You need 2 vials and you must circle around him to kill him easily.
    Take the elevator. Use a lever. Go down to collect the helm. You are teleported
    to the prison. Pass the door with a minotaur on it. Advance carefully to
    collect the stone and complete this level.
    1) You meet an elf. You must help Ansorin. Follow the way to the first village.
    There is a healing blessing here. Find the only house opened and kill. Search
    for a ladder, use it and talk to Ansorin. Now you have the 3 locations of the 3
    2) Follow the river to the north west location. Kill a minotaur and find the
    healing blessing. Now save the mayor and follow him to the mini boss. After ths
    you obtain the first staff.
    3) Go to the south west location. Go up the bridge and kill the minotaur and
    his friends. Find the healing blessing, talk to the magician for the second
    staff and take the vial.
    4) To go to the third location you must find a bridge with a healing blessing
    on it, and a vial near. Then use an elevator. Kill in the small village and
    find the blessing in th mountain near the fountain. Kill the minotaur and touch
    the fountain. Follow the way to the third staff.
    5)Go to the last locations : Put the staffs in the squares on the ground by
    pressing A. Then enter in the observatory near to unlock a magic barrier. The
    last blessing is hidden behind a tree near the village where Ansorin is hidden.
    Enter now, in the light house to fix the city and complete the stage.
    1) You land on a small tower. Behind it, is a vial. Kill until you arrive in
    the first room. There will be a minotaur to kill. In the second room you will
    meet 3 shamans. After them you will meet again Pollug.
    2) Follow the way, kill a lot of minotaurs. Take the healing blessing on the
    bridge outside. You arrived in a room with a minotaur and 2 exits. 1 exit leads
    to the magic door. The other leads to a fork. Go left first to kill a goblin
    and down to kill a minotaur. You obtain a key. Pass the door near to find a
    blessing. Go back to the fork and go right to use the key on the door. You are
    in the machine room.
    3) Use the first ladder. Jump on the other side to kill a minotaur and find a
    blessing. Go back and use the ladders to go as up as possible. Do a short jump
    to continue. Jump between the wheels without falling. Use the wheel to turn the
    bridge. Search for small wheels to deactivate the steam. Now search for a room
    to fall and find the heart of the fortress. Kill.
    4) Use the way to go up and search for a ladder. Once at the top, kill the
    shaman. Put the stone on the top and exit of here. You use the way of the magic
    door and then search for the boss. It's easy to find him because all the way
    are blocked except for the good one.
    He his powerful so be sure to avoid his attack.
    Exit of here to the warp to complete the stage.
    1) First, find your way to the abbaye and through a swamp full of lizards.
    Search for a nest with a vial in its center to find the good way. Once in front
    of the abbaye, kill the ennemies. Around the abbaye is a healing blessing. Now
    you can enter. Go left, in the corridor kill ennemies. You must find a diamond
    key by using the stairs on the left, and then a round key by using the one on
    the right of the big place. Anyway, you will go to the top floor so take the
    vial there. Go down and search for a jail to open. You find a triangulare key
    and the soul of Frejoc. You can use the triangle key near the stairs of the
    right. You find a vial but it's a trap. Kill to obtain the square key. Use the
    stairs and then the square key and the diamond key. You find the encens. Bring
    it to Frejoc. After the scene use the new stairs.
    Second, you arrive in a labyrinth.
    2) Once at the entrance :
    Right way leads to a circular room 1. The soul of Frejoc is in the center of
    the pillar. Talk to him. You can go back at the entrance to visit this
    Left way leads to a room, then a corridor with 2 exits.
    The left one leads to the second circular room with a vial in the center of the
    The right way leads to a locked room with 2 exits.
    >From here go right to a vial
    straight then left to a blessing.
    The last way leads to the circular room 1.
    3) After you talk to Frejoc, he opens a new way in the circular room 1. Use it
    to arrive outside. Jump on the roof to collect a blessing. Go down to a
    building and enter. You arrive outside again after a path in the building. Just
    above this exit is the third blessing. Collect it then search for a house with
    a tunnel near. Use this tunnel to reach the house of the troll's chief. Kill
    the guards to obtain a key and talk to the chief. Kill him to recover the flag.
    4) Last return to the locked room in the labyrinth, open the door with the key
    and use a lever. A room opens. Go in this room to put the flag near the body of
    the king. You have just to go back to Frejoc to obtain the amulet.
    1) ISLAND 1 :
    Kill 2 spiders then go behind the head with the entrance to collect the first
    blessing. Go down without falling. Go right to a door then go down again to a
    bridge. You will go up and you will see 2 exits. One leads to a vial and the
    second allows you to exit to the next island.
    2) ISLAND 2 :
    Kill everyone on the way. Find your way to a village of trolls. You will kill
    some trolls then you can search for a healing blessing and a blessing on the
    north corner of this island and between rocks. You can also find a vial and
    more foes. You can go after this to the second mouth. Inside the tunnel go to a
    fork then choose the left path for a vial. You can now go straight then left to
    a door. After a short way you can exit.
    3) ISLAND 3 :
    Exit of the graveyard. Search for a labyrinth of herb. You find there the third
    blessing and the way to the third mouth. Kill to advance. Inside the tunnel,
    you find a healing blessing behind a door and you will pass a second door. You
    are on a bridge. Go in the open door 1 to kill some foes. You can now pass the
    previously locked door 2. Follow the way to another bridge. Kill to pass the
    next door. If you go left you will find a vial. You can be completely healed
    here. Last enter in the treasure room to collect the staff.
    Follow the way until you meet some skeletons. Exit to find the first blessing.
    immediately after you must kill some trolls. There are a lot of points of
    interest in the city.
    1) A hole with a ladder which goes in the sewer.
    2) A skeleton asks you to show him a signet ring if you wish to pass his door.
    3) You meet a troll who asks some herbarus.
    4) You find the second blessing in the fountain after you kill 2 trolls.
    5) There is a way to an arena with the champion Gavrik there and a second hole
    to the sewer.
    1) Enter in the sewer by the second hole. One way leads to the first hole and
    the second to 2 skeletons. To pass this point you must beat Gavrik. Go left to
    collect a vial then go in the arena and beat him. Come back to pass. You find
    the root of herbarus. bring it to the troll who asks for it. He opens a new
    way. You will kill some dark spiders then you jump in the hole. Back in the
    sewer go right.
    2) You have 2 choices : straight, you go to a wheel and open a shortcut to the
    first hole. Left, leads to a ladder. Kill some skeletons to obtain a signet
    ring. Bring it to the skeleton who asks for it and you access to the last area
    of this stage.
    Follow the way and kill. You find a single room with the third blessing inside
    and a healing one. Climb the tower. Kill a troll to open the magic door. Find a
    painting and jump in it to beat a skeleton. You can go upstairs.
    To win, use the shield spell. Take the soul of Xambre to complete this stage.
    1) You can find 2 vials outside. Go to the harbor and collect a vial in a boat
    and a key from a troll. Now go in the city and search for a door. Pass it and
    you see 2 ways. Left leads to a vial and right is the good one. Follow this way
    then go down. You find the first blessing near the stairs. You arrived on a
    harbor. Use the boat to reach the other side. Go up then left to a vial then
    right. Turn right in the tunnel, you are now outside. Enter in a prison, find a
    vial and a healing blessing then help Lelass. He will create a magic bridge to
    the small island. To reach it go back to the path you were before the tunnel.
    Go to the island. There are a blessing and a healing blessing there. Use a
    lever then a ladder.
    2) You arrive in the lost city. You must find the house of Feargas. After you
    talk to him, search for a skeleton near the house. Beat him and his friend to
    obtain a key. Search for a blessing behind the house of Feargas. Near where you
    got a key, is the house of Mister Big.
    Kill him first then his friends. You obtain a key. Use it to obtain a pump and
    bring it to Feargas. You have completed the stage.
    1) Search for the camp of the elves. Walk in the water to reach the first
    blessing. Talk to Ansorin. You can go in the nest. Follow the way until an elf
    dies in a scene. You can go left or right. There is nothing right so go left.
    You can then use a tunnel or go up. Use the tunnel. You see 2 exits. Follow one
    of them to a blessing and then use the second to find the first potion you
    2) Come back to the previous room and go up. Follow the insects to find the red
    Go in the room with the big nest. This time go straight. Follow the way and
    kill them all one by one. Find the acid lake and put the potions in the red
    signs. Exit of here quickly and be sure to collect he third blessing.
    3) Follow the way to a room. Go up to kill a lot of spiders. Then use the other
    way to collect a healing blessing before the boss.
    It's a big fight. Use your magics as well as your best weapon (press up to
    change of weapon and try the best one against the queen).
    1) You will fight a monster and a dwarf. Find a house with a vial. Exit to
    another house. Kill to obtain a green potion. You see 3 doors. One leads to
    stairs. Take the one that leads to a vial and a key. Open the third door with
    the key to collect the first blessing. Pass the first door to use the stairs.
    Visit 1F to obtain a key and a healing blessing. Go to 2F to take a vial. Pass
    a door and kill 2 dwarves. Use the ladder. Kill the dwarf and follow the way of
    the wagon. Pass a bridge and look at a dwarf who makes an explosion. Continue
    after his death. The way leads to a room then to a fork with a healing blessing
    on the left. Go right to a lake. Exit of the lake after you kill 2 dwarves. You
    are now in the mine.
    2) Use a ladder to go down. Another ladder leads to a healing blessing if you
    need HP. There are 2 dwarves here. Follow the railroad to a new room. You see
    an exit down, use it to collect the second blessing. Come back to the initial
    position and use the railroad to jump to a vial (you can't reach neither the
    door nor the other side after the big hole). On the good way, up, you see
    water. Find the healing blessing and kill 2 monsters. Use the small path to
    meet a dwarf in a scene. Go back to the mine to collect a purple crystal. Then
    use the second way of the room to follow a path down. It's a red room. After
    you kill everyone, collect a key and a healing blessing. Unlock the door and
    follow the way. Once in the room go straight to a lever. Go back to the room
    and pass the other door. You arrive in a known room. You can use the new bridge
    to reach a new room. Collect the healing blessing and prepare for the boss.
    Use your shield spell to win. Then it's over.
    1) Simply follow he way. Jump down and follow the stairs. Visit the second
    floor to obtain a vial and the first floor to find the first blessing and a
    vial. Go outside. There is a vial near the house. Pass the huge doors. Kill.
    You see a huge cannon, pass between two flames and kill. Use the right ladder
    to collect a blessing and the left ladder to collect a healing blessing. You
    can now pass the second huge door. Go up but beware cause the foes are
    numerous. At the top you kill the first Draconus. Enter. After the scene you
    will kill a second Draconus. Use the wooden door left for a healing blessing.
    Go right then for the good way to a big room. You will kill a lot of dwarves.
    You find the third blessing in a small room. Use the exit and watch the scene.
    2) Your mission is to find 4 levers.
    Lever 1 :
    Go straight and use it.
    Lever 2 :
    Take the first ladder and a vial. Use the second ladder. Kill, go left to
    another entrance. Go up with a third and a fourth ladder. Kill then you can use
    the second lever.
    Lever 3 :
    Before you use the fifth ladder, exit to the right to another entrance with a
    vial. Follow the way to the third lever.
    Lever 4 :
    Go back to the fifth ladder and use it. Search for a healing blessing and
    follow the way to the boss.
    Now you can use the fourth lever to destroy the fort. This stage is completed.
    1) Once you arrive, kill 2 lizards. Take the blue way and go right. Go as down
    as possible (B3) to find a lever. Use it. Go up to B1 and the way to the left
    to reach 1F. Find the first blessing and use a second lever. Take the blue rune
    and go back to the entrance of the stage to take the red way. On the way put
    the blue rune in the blue pedestal.
    2) Use a warp, don't take now the healing blessing. After the scene, take the
    elevator to go down. Follow the way to the lever and use it. Go up. First go
    straight to a vial then use the first exit on the right to search for a lever.
    Use it. Take the red rune. There is a vial just behind the warp, use it again
    and put the red rune in the red pedestal. Use the magic bridge to reach the new
    3) Search for an entrance then go straight and down. You see a tunnel and a
    door. Use the tunnel. You will see a blue thing in a big room. Break it. You
    will use 2 tunnels then a way to go up. Go up until you meet a Draconus. After
    him continue to go down, take the healing blessing and go down until you win a
    key. Use the door, you are in a known room. Return up to put the key in the
    hole. Kill the Draconus and use the key. You obtain the rune after the stairs.
    Put it in front of the magic door. Use the new way and kill a magician. Find
    the second blessing and the atlas.
    1) Follow the long and hard way to the castle. On the way you can find 3 vials,
    a healing blessing hidden near a small wall and a blessing on the left near the
    final road to the castle. Then you will watch a scene of a Draconus opening a
    door with 2 monsters behind. Go around the castle to kill. Enter in the castle.
    2) Go left to find a healing blessing. Then go straight then right. Follow the
    way to a lever. Use it and continue to go up. Fight a Draconus and collect a
    rune of blood. Find the second blessing and then a healing one. Use the way
    that goes up. Kill, pass a bridge and open a door. You see 2 doors. Left and
    right. Go right to obtain a second rune of blood and left to obtain a third
    one. Go back to the blood room and put them all in the pillar.
    3) Go to the last door (right, straight, left) kill monsters in a terrible fog
    to obtain the last rune of blood. Put it in the blood room then jump in the
    Scene. Kill then take the vial and the healing blessing. Follow the long way
    until you must jump then pass a bridge. Follow the way to a small cave with a
    lake an a healing blessing. You arrive outside. You see the dragon. Kill, find
    the healing blessing and enter in the sanctuary. You see the dragon falling in
    a warp. Take the healing blessing and follow him. Scene.
    Kill him with the berserk spell (for Cynric). Be sure to never let him catch
    you or fly. Else you are dead.
    After this battle, enjoy the short end.
    7 Credits :
    Thanks to Interplay for this wonderful game.
    This guide is copyright 2001 and again, ask for permission to post it on your

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