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    DD 2.1 Guide by BBurkert

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     Dynamite Deka 2
     Dynamite Deka 2.1 Information Guide
     Version 1.0
    Unpublished work Copyright 1999 Billy Burkert (wburkert@mindspring.com)
     Dynamite Deka 2.1 is a minor upgrade to Dynamite Deka 2 that is hidden 
    within the regular Dreamcast GD Rom.  To unlock Dynamite Deka 2.1, 
    you're going to need the following Dreamcast CDs:
     Dynamite Deka 2  The regular store bought copy
     Dynamite Deka 2 Demo Disc  From the Japanese Dreamcast Magazine
     *NOTE: For the following steps you should already have a regular 
    Dynamite Deka 2 save on your VMU (DDEKA2DC.REC  5 blocks)*
     Once you have these two discs in your possession, insert the demo 
    disc.  When at the main menu, select the B option.  When the B menu 
    comes up, choose the Y choice.  A little window should pop up and when 
    it goes away, you may turn off your Dreamcast.  You should now have the 
    following saves on your VMU:
     DDEKA2DC.REC  5 blocks: This is the regular game save
     DDEKA2DC.TRl  4 blocks: This is the demo disk game save
     *Alternate Method: If the above step didn't give you the DDEKA2DC.TRl 
    save, than repeat it, and instead of turning off the Dreamcast play 
    through the demo game once than do the above step again just for grins.
     Now, if you have the two required saves, you can insert the Japanese 
    version and start it up. (Make sure your VMU with the saves is still 
    inserted!)  When you are prompted to choose your VMU, choose the one 
    with the two required saves on it.  Now, play through any mode (Vs. 
    Computer  Time Attack is quickest), and when you finish the mode, go 
    back through the main menu and save.
     You can now soft reset (Start+A+B+X+Y) back to the title screen and it 
    should say Dynamite Deka 2 like regular, but with a little .1 near the 
    lower right of the 2.  If you've got the 2.1 up and running, than 
     B. Why do I want to upgrade to Dynamite Deka 2.1?
     Well, I've only noticed one difference in version 2 and 2.1.  That 
    difference is that you get access to a new secret character!  The new 
    character is Cindy Holiday from Dynamite Deka 1 (Die Hard Arcade)!  She 
    has moves similar to Jean Ivy but she looks a lot cooler.  To get 
    Cindy, hold Start while your cursor is on Jean Ivy and she'll change 
    into your hard earned secret character.  Two notes about playing as 
    Cindy: First off Cindy never looses clothes when her life goes down, 
    and under her life bar, her name is noted as Sindy.
     - Big thanks to TJ for unlocking Cindy for me. - 
    *This guide is all mine.  Please don't take anything from here without* 
    *asking first.  If you see this guide anywhere else, please inform me.*

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