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    FAQ/Walkthrough by LTill

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                                      THE DOLPHIN
                              DEFENDER OF THE FUTURE GUIDE
                                      By Lee Till
                                       Version 7
                           Made: 26/6/00 last updated: 3/7/00
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                                 (If it's worthy enough)
    This guide is intended to help anyone who has purchased Ecco the dolphin: 
    Defender of the future and needs some help. Please use the email address above 
    if you have any good points to make and extras that I've missed out. If you use 
    this guide on your site please give all credit to me!
    This is free and no money should be involved in this!
                       Copyright 2000 from 26/6/00 by Lee Till.
    You can find more information on Ecco the dolphin at appaloosa's Ecco site:
    Please note this game is huge so a general guide will come at first then more 
    detailed analysis will follow.
             1 History 
             2 Main menu
             3 Controls, Songs, Gifts and information
             4 Main walkthrough 
             5 Vitalits guide
             6 Thanks
    1: History
               26/6/00 Started guide after almost completion of the rock hard game!
               27/6/00 Getting really tired it's almost 1am just finished up to 
               27/6/00 P.M actually bothered to finish game and complete the     
               28/6/00 Minor changes created heading.
               30/6/00 I'm going back through the game to make a more in-depth 
                       guide also updating vitalit info and notes.
               31/6/00 Quickly added vitalits and updated a mini boss guide in 
                       blades of motion and cave of hope.
               02/7/00 Got to level four for the second time, updated the level a 
                       bit better!
               03/7/00 Got to Shrine of controversy, and collected all vitalits up 
                       to it except on roaring forces! Help needed!
    2: Main menu
             Continue Game: Continues game where you left off 
                            (At start of level only)
             Load Game    : You can choose any level to play on that you have 
                            previously completed.
             Options      : You can choose language, controller, audio and Rumble    
                            pack options.
             VM Menu      : Go back and select file of game to play on.
    3: Controls, Songs, Gifts and Information
         Ecco responds to you in various ways which all look cool here are the 
         control layouts.
         (I prefer control option B as you get more freedom of movement.)
             A = When pressed repeatedly Ecco accelerates up to a limit, if you hold 
                 down the button at a speed, Ecco will maintain that speed.
             B = This is used to head butt enemies, eat fish and also a quick boost 
                 of acceleration, you can also jump higher when boosting.
             X = This is your sonar you can talk to other dolphins with it, herd 
                 fish and also attack enemies and breaks rocks. 
                 (When power of sonar attained) Ecco can also create a very handy 
                 map by pressing and holding X and press X again to hide it.
                 (You cannot use the map above water)
             Y = A very special button when held down pressing left or right you 
                 turn around 180 degrees. If you accelerate and press up + Y you 
                 will cork screw. Down + Y will make you break if up + Y is held    
                 down Ecco will start swimming backwards.
                 (You'll need to master swimming backwards because you always get 
                 stuck in gaps etc)
             L = You will turn to look at you left
             R = You will turn to look at your right
             L+R= You will look backwards
             Y+L= You will roll left
             Y+R= You will roll right
             Song of Ray:    Manta rays will obey you swimming in the direction you 
                             tell them to.
             Song of Shark:  When you hit a shark with this it cannot bite you and 
                             some you can stun.
             Song of Fish:   When you hit certain fishes with this the will follow 
             Song of Turtle: When struck with the sonar turtle will follow you.
             Song of Plant:  Use on ball shaped ink plants to reveal stinging vines.
             Power of Air:       Gives you max air but runs down to normal.
             Power of Sonar:     Allows you to attack enemies with you sonar and 
                                 break certain rocks.
             Power of Vigour:    Allows you to swim faster jump higher and push 
             Power of Stealth:   You can access mirrors (one in the game) and 
                                 enemies cannot see you.
             Power of Endurance: Gives you max energy but returns to normal when you 
                                 are attacked.
             Power of Morphing:  Only used twice in the game to turn yourself into a 
                                 small fish.
                     While leaping in the air sonar becomes a chatter and holding A 
                     will limit your flexibility. 
                     While at the surface repeatedly press A while facing up and you 
                     will flap above the water.
                     Air is obtained through spouts or on the surface.
                     Energy is obtained by eating fish (Beware speckled red + yellow 
                     fish as they are poisonous)
                     Vitalits are collected to increase you energy bar.
                     (Only a tiny bit) The more you collect, the more energy you 
                     can have. (halfway through the game you will have to collect 
                     again as your energy resets)
                     Eating poisonous fish will cure jellyfish stings.
                     Don't be afraid to die (as you will often) because at many 
                     stages of a level there are check points, which you can 
                     continue from.
                     Never quit a level when you are right near the end or else you 
                     will have to start over again.
                     The game only saves vitalits collected in a level and completed 
                                 NOT WHERE YOU GOT TO LAST IN A LEVEL!
                     If there are two paths, and one looks like a dead end, always 
                     go to the dead end because more often than not a vitalit is 
                     Always use your map (hold X down) as you will find many doors 
                     which you cannot see.
    4: Main Walkthrough: This guide is constantly being updated till I think it is      
                         complete. I will not spoil any plot within this guide. 
                         Check vitalits section before entering a level so that 
                         you know where the vitalits will be.
    (Movie: Prologue)
    (Level 1: Aquamarine Bay)
    Follow the dolphin's commands (good time to practice moves and stuff) until the 
    cut scene. You'll then find that the baby whale is trapped under some rocks. Go 
    talk to the two dolphins and they will help you move the green rock out of the 
    way allowing the wale to break free. 
    After this, follow the mother to the waterfall she will block the current 
    allowing you to access level 2.
    (Level 2: Perils of the coral reef) 
    Exit the main enclosement where the two dolphins are racing if you turn left you 
    will meet a dolphin that tells you he has lost his brother. You should see a gap 
    in a wall that you can jump over into a new area with turtles. Kill the Sharks 
    that are attacking the turtle and the dolphin will teach you the 'song of the 
    Jump back over the wall and talk to the other dolphin again, he will teach you 
    the 'song of the shark'. Go back over and carry on past the turtles. Down this 
    way and you should see a dolphin chasing a red fish around. Catch the fish and 
    you will be awarded with the 'song of the fish' 
    Then look around various parts of the area you should find two tunnels either 
    one accesses the great white area. Use illuminating fish (bright yellow with 
    black bits) to access the dark tunnel or Use poisonous fish (red + yellow 
    colour) to access the tunnel with pirhanas (use the sonar).
    Once you access the Great White area you will have already noticed the cut scene 
    at the beginning of the level. Try and get the shark to follow you through one 
    of the gaps in the middle rock. Once he is caught head butt him in the face to 
    receive the power of vigour. Use the power of vigour gem in the middle of the 
    area and then start attacking it until it dies.
    Afterwards backtrack to the area where you the dolphin is chasing the fish in 
    the centre is a route half blocked by rocks. At the end you should be able to 
    find a power of vigour, collect it and swim as hard as possible into the bright 
    (Level 3: Trial without error) 
    Ok, Have you noticed the difficulty curve yet? It gets even harder! Well not if 
    you use this guide. Anyway if you talk to the mother dolphin you will find out 
    that she has lost her three babies. Go immediately to the big rock that's 
    leaning against a wall. Talk to the baby hiding underneath and then catch it. He 
    will give up and return to his mother. The second baby can be found in the 
    tunnel with green vines hanging down from the top. The third baby is found in 
    the area with the two hammerheads, kill them both to find him.
    Then you have to find 'the one who fears sharks'. He can be found by accessing 
    the area loaded with sharks (through the tunnel with green vines), kill em all 
    and behind them is the chicken (by the way there is a power of vigour behind the 
    dolphin that you can use to kill the sharks easier).
    Talk to him and he will run off, so now go back to the area with the mother and 
    he will tell you that there is a secret entrance hidden around here but he can't 
    push the rock off. Get the power of vigour from the archway and push it off to 
    reveal a hole where the octopus is. Talk to the dolphin and he should now enter 
    the tunnel. When he is inside talk to him and he should say he has a plan. Let 
    him get caught by the octopus and quickly slip between while the octopus is 
    occupied (No pun intended).
    (Level 4: Four ways of mystery)
    Ok this next level is pretty tricky. Firstly you cannot get past the big eel at 
    the exit. And beware the little eels that like to bite. 
    Firstly go into the centre of the level and you find the 'power of air'.
    So you have to follow the tunnel with the purple crystal until you find a 
    dolphin in an open area that is looking for a blue fish. Go back to the main 
    area and you should see a really fast blue fish. Catch it and take it back to 
    the recluse. He will then teach you 'the song of ray'.
    Go back to the main area and then go through another one of the tunnels with the 
    red crystal to reach a huge manta in an open area use you new song to direct him 
    out of the area and back to the big eel. Once he is facing the exit hide 
    underneath him and quickly escape through the exit.
    (Level 2: Revisited)
    This exit leads you back to the 2nd level but you can now learn the power of 
    sonar. Push the rock down the hole and follow it until you reach a sonar symbol 
    go back and use it one the rocks on the left-hand side of the green fence 
    thingy. The rocks will break and now you can enter the main area of level 2. 
    Exit the level as shown in the previous section.
    (Level 3: Revisited
    Use the power of sonar to break a hole in the wall, which looks like the mouth 
    of a crocodile (you'll find it near a clue about teeth or something) directly 
    inside its gob is the exit.
    (Level 5: Passage from genesis) Bonus level accessed from 'Up and Down'
    This level can be accessed by pushing the boulder down the hole in the beginning 
    of the 'Up and down' level, near the big hot red rock. Down at the bottom of the 
    hole is four columns with lights. Hit them with 'the power of sonar' and they 
    will unlock this level.
    The level itself is a 2d level and doesn't have an exit it's just here to gather 
    vitalits (see vitalits section for a bit of advice).
    (Level 6: Pathways from nowhere) Bonus level accessed from 'Up and Down'
    This is another 2d level similar to the days of old. There is no exit to the 
    level it is simply here for added fun and vitalits. Access this level by taking 
    all five jewels in 'Up and down level' to the circle shape disc floating on the 
    top of the waterfall. 1: is behind the logs. 2 & 3 are around the side. 4 & 5 
    are above the water. Jump over to the small pool next to the big one to access.
    (Level 7: Up and down) 
    This level starts at a volcanic base with bubbles everywhere. Collect the power 
    of endurance then push the boulder down the hole and follow it down, grab 'the 
    power of sonar' and go back up hit the big red block with it (note access to 
    'passage of genesis' below). It will break sending a jet of water up into a 
    tunnel go up it. Dodge all the obstacles and enter the surface of 'Up and down'.   
    Jump down the waterfall and you will see a turtle. Use the 'song of the turtle' 
    and make the turtle follow you to the big manta (near the power of stealth). 
    Hit the turtle so that it drops on the manta and the manta will move out of the 
    way. Get the power of stealth hidden underneath it and then grab the icon 
    nearby. Use the stealth on the mirror door and you should be able to pass 
    through freely.
    (Level 8: Roaring forces)
    This level is easy. Avoid the sharks and get the stealth. Now go to the tunnel 
    that's open an eel will start chasing you. Dodge the electric beams and keep 
    running away until you reach a picture with six switches on it (simple puzzle) 
    just hit the two switches that the dolphins are pointing to and a passage will 
    Now you are in a room with a fish swimming round. Touch the 'power of morphing' 
    globe in the centre to sparkle and then hit the fish and you will morph into the 
    fish. Now you can pass through the grate into Atlantis.
    (Level 9: Atlantis lost)
    This level is easy. Find the first four gems, except the one above the building. 
    The first is hidden in the sandbank. The second is hidden in a rock behind 
    jellyfish. The third is hidden at the bottom near the jump rings (push the 
    boulder down the hole to access the tunnel). The fourth is behind a door that is 
    blocked by rocks. Use the power of sonar in the corner to access it. Take them 
    to the Guardian crystal one at a time to unlock hoops above the water. Dive up 
    and through the hoops to open the exhibition doors and weird energy balls. Go 
    into the cathedral and look at the four energy balls, then the speed rings will 
    be unlocked. You can now swim through all four to reach the fifth gem. It takes 
    a little aiming but you'll do it eventually, now go back to the guardian.
    (Movie: Decent of the foe)
    (Movie: Vortex of time)  
    (Level 10: Shrine of controversy)
    This level was very tricky as the clues are crap but after hours I got it. 
    (Thanks bro!) Go down to the bottom and you'll see a tunnel near a big wheel. Go 
    through it to get to a cave with red dye, swim into it to become a red fin! 
    Now go talk to the Crimson dolphin and he says that he will join you in opening 
    the main building. Go down to the middle depth and you should see a tunnel with 
    a little fast yellow dolphin (movers) follow him through the tunnel with the 
    water with an opposing flow to battle the leader of the movers. He will exit 
    back out and he will agree to join you. 
    Finally talk to the circle dolphin who doesn't seem impressed with you, simply 
    go down to the bottom and turn the wheel with your nose, go back up and he will 
    join you. Go to the door of the main building and they'll open it for you. Get 
    the safety harness and go to the door at the bottom that was previously locked 
    use your sonar to open it and exit the level.
    (Level 11: Master of forgotten skills)
    This level isn't too hard go to the top you should see a fan thing with three 
    red switches on it. Hit them (can't remember the order) and you should see the 
    crane move and pick up the tractor and then drop it off onto the floor. 
    You now need to move all the half-empty crates out of the way and push the full 
    one to the door. Use your sonar to steer the tractor in a direction, One shot 
    will make it move, another will make it stop. Moving it to the sides of a cart 
    will make it lock onto the cart. You can now push the carts backwards and 
    forwards until the full one is clear to move to the door where you can now exit.
    It takes a lot of sense but after a few minutes it should be sussed.
    (Level 12: Process that never ends)
    Go through a tunnel or two and talk to the dolphin that is behind the glass, he 
    will start the belt and crushers. Go back and talk to the other dolphins, they 
    will now help you to push your cart further up the track. The cart will be 
    tipped over and rocks will fall onto the belt. Use the switches on the mini 
    rooms to open crushers when rocks go through until you get to the next area.    
    This next bit kinda sucks, as it's a bit glitchy. Firstly you can use the safety 
    harness to pick up rocks by double tapping and holding and then you put them in 
    the middle of the crusher. Eventually if done right the floor will open up 
    revealing an exit. (Even I didn't know what was happening at this point) 
    (Level 13: Blades in motion)
    This level is also quite solid as you have to move through a maze like structure 
    with little air and turn on all of the power globe things you then have to use 
    your 'power of sonar' to smash through glass that is cracked to access new 
    doors. Near the end of the level is a bright light that hurts when you touch it. 
    Just before there is a door (to your left I think) which leads out to the boss.
    (Level 13.1: Boss)
    The crayfish boss on this level is beaten by hitting his two chest plates three 
    times. Wait at the bottom of the water until he comes out then attack him and 
    repeat! Then exit through the hole created.
    Now carry on lighting the orbs and these will unlock the exit door.
    (Level 14: Perpetual fluidity)
    Pretty hard level use the 'power of sonar' on the weird red things at the 
    beginning of the tunnel. Follow the tunnels and through the minefield (note you 
    can use the safety harness to hold enemies and mines and move them around!) 
    until you reach an opening with a huge indestructible shark. Hide in the bars 
    and hit the switch to reveal an open door. Now the puzzle is to open the doors 
    in this order: open red, open green, open red with green, open blue and yellow, 
    then one with no colours and blue and yellow again. 
    What you'll find is that the water rises look at the bar next to the switches. 
    The left side shows the lowest water level, the right side shows the highest 
    water level (using the current switch) and the middle shows the current water 
                !!!Never hit a switch that makes the water go down!!!
    The first few switches are tricky to explain but when you get to blue and yellow 
    hit the switch to open the blue door. Then hit the switch within the blue door 
    to make the water rise one last time. Go back out and re-hit the blue and yellow 
    switch to open the yellow door previously unavailable. Now at the top should be 
    white doors that you can go though to access old areas without hitting switches. 
    Get to the yellow door (I think it's near a green door) and once passing though 
    these enter the white door near it! And then you're done. (Please correct any 
    mistakes I have made, as I hated this level cus it took me hours!)
    (Level 15: Obscure ways to terminus)
    Look on the map, there is one current that leads you round the exit door into a 
    new room. The other five currents push you back to the middle or start of the 
    (Level 16: Sleeping forces of doom) 
    Another quite simple level, you have to hit the crystals (with your sonar) into 
    the core or by hitting the crystals in the snake's grip (by using the sonar). 
    Eventually it will blow up revealing a gold globe. (Inside)  
    (Movie: Twisted realities)
    (Level 17: Anguish of dearth)
    You'll enter near a city starving go to where the passage is blocked by rocks. 
    Inside are fish use 'the song of fish' on them and take them back to the old 
    dolphin that wouldn't talk. He will explain the situation and now you have to 
    find a way to the Clan's lair.
    Go back through the gap in the blocked passage and you should see a big fish 
    with kids in the area. Near the fence of the clan there is a stealth icon hidden 
    below the left wall. Use it and then you will be able to enter the big fish's 
    mouth, and on to the next level.
    (Level 18: Entrapment)
    When you're inside the city you need to find a stealth icon to hide yourself 
    (below near the gate to the big building) then sound a trumpet shell (a big red 
    and yellow flower looking thing). Wait around the gate until it opens and you'll 
    now have access to the main building where a buddy is being tortured. Press the 
    switch to the right of the door (use a stealth behind the building to cloak 
    yourself). The big window will now open giving you access to the building. Go 
    around inside and press all the switches until you access the main console 
    (behind is a 'power of endurance'). Then the torture room will be opened after 
    pressing the switch. Get into the room to see your friend being tortured. Break 
    all the wires (at the wall and you don't need to kill the baddie) and you and 
    the hostage will escape. 
    You now need to lead him to safety through the city (stay to the right and don't 
    let him get hit) until you reach the passage with stinger wires in it. Pass 
    through it using your sonar avoiding the tentacles (hit the ink plants to reveal 
    them). He should teach you the 'song of plants'. Go back to the village and 
    there should be a power of sonar somewhere near the blocked passage. Destroy it 
    and bring more fish to the old dolphin. His son will now show you a passageway 
    to the resistance, exit.
    (Level 19: Caverns of hope)
    You're now with the resistance. Talk to the leader and the Clan will break in 
    trapping everyone. Exit through the tunnel at the front to come to an area of 
    tunnels. You need to pass through an area where the resistance is throwing rocks 
    dodge by them all. You'll get to a pool where you need to jump over and carry on 
    over to the next area. Do this and continue until you get to a glyph that tells 
    you to help the scared dolphin. All you do is keep calling him on he will go 
    down the passage, but if a baddie attacks him he will run back. Try and stop him 
    and make him carry on. Defend him until he opens the tunnel leading to the boss?
    (Level 19.1: Alligator Boss)
    The riddle is crap as all you have to do is head butt him until he dies.
    Now exit.
    (Please correct me if my timing is wrong on this level)
    (Level 20: Lair of evil)
    Go immediately right; do not go straight ahead. Carry on down the passageways 
    until you reach the dolphin who says he's gonna get you. The middle door, which 
    was locked, will be opened slightly allowing you to creep in and onto a 
    corridor. Go through it into a room with a clamshell. Press the switch on the 
    left to open the shell. Then press the switch on the right to drop a ball of dye 
    into the shell. It will close then open, go into the shell and then press the 
    switch that you can see. You will now have a symbol of rank 2 but you need 3. 
    Now you have access to more rooms with your rank.
    Now find the room with big pipes and a big dolphin. Talk to him and he will tell 
    you that the printing machine is broke. Follow him and you will see a starfish 
    shaped generator stuck. Go down and you will see a switch. Hit it and then get 
    the 'power of sonar' shoot the vine that is stopping it and then make your way 
    back to the clam room. 
    The big switch on the wall should now be able to turn to a level three printer. 
    Print yourself again with a level three print. Now go back to the room with big 
    tunes and the dolphin that wanted you to repair the generator. There is a tube 
    that will now twist open revealing the exit to the level.
    (Level 21: Powers of levitation)
    This level fairly easy. Around the outside are three fans, now go inside each 
    one in turn and hit the switch to turn them on. Then go into the main room 
    outside the inner one where there is a computer thing. Go into the tunnel on the 
    left-hand side near the bottom is another door. This leads to a big circular 
    area full of corridors, go forward and you'll run into a dolphin that says he's 
    inspecting and don't bother him. In this room is a wobbly wall that hold a 
    stealth (and a secret level). Use this and follow him behind, but not too close 
    or he'll return back. He will then go outside and then into a locked tube. You 
    have to try and squeeze in the tube straight after the dolphin to reach a 
    Talk to him and he says you need to find a third person to help turn on the 
    machine and unlock the eight generators. Go back to the circular corridors and 
    go through to each generator and hit the switches. Also talk to the whales 
    (engineers) they will agree to help you. 
    Now go back to the room with the computer thingy and help the other two dolphins 
    operate the machine to exit the level. (I've also heard there is a bonus level 
    near the secret wall to play football with another dolphin to win vitalits but 
    no evidence as of yet.)
    (Level 22: Hanging waters)
             This level consists of three pools each containing a boss. 
               A solid, frustrating and very long level. (But cool)
    Anyway you have to jump over the doors to access a pond full of floating balls. 
    Jump into the balls to access the next corridor (just wait and it will rise and 
    float near enough to jump into the next tube). You should then be in an area 
    where the tubes split in three. Simply (not really) jump between them until you 
    get to another set of balls. This time you have to bounce over the grey balls to 
    reach the water. Eventually you'll reach a big pool with a suction tube in the 
    middle climb up to reach the first boss. 
    (Look at 22.1) 
    Now I think is where there is a giant squid blocking the way. When you reach the 
    squid you'll notice you can't get by. Go left and jump into the first ball you 
    see out of the tube. Follow it round until you see a rotating rock with three 
    pieces of ice in them. Hit it with your sonar to release part of the tube 
    holding up the squid. You'll now be back at the squid. Go left again but this 
    time follow it round you will see another rock with ice in it, hit it to turn 
    off another tube. One left, No you'll be back at the squid go right (I think) 
    and follow it round to another rock with ice in it. Hit this too and the squid 
    will fall out and die. Go back round and look up. You will see a rock with ice, 
    turned off. Hit it to turn the water tubes back on.
    Now pass through to another big pool with a suction tube and access the next 
    boss (look at 22.2) 
    Afterwards follow the route round until you get to a big circular pool with 
    windows in it. You should see a bird in one of the windows. Sonar it and it will 
    fly off. Now go back right to the beginning (near the last boss you fought and 
    you should see the bird waiting at the dead end to the left. Call it again and 
    it will pick you up and take you too the last pool. Suck up the spout to get to 
    the last boss (look at 22.3) 
       After defeating the boss, Time warps again.
    (Boss Level 22.1: Ice and fire)
         Simply guide the fire dolphin into the ice, he will be stunned and then 
    attack. When he turns into ice, lead him into the fire and he will be stunned 
    again. Repeat until dead.
    (Boss Level 22.2: Abyss of inferno)
    Simply pop the big balloons and head butt the smaller ones into the boss and 
    eventually he will die, next!
    (Boss Level 22.3: Mutaclone)
    Smash all the eggs at the bottom (beware the smoke reverses your controls) and 
    the shield will be destroyed. Now kill two of the dolphins and the last one will 
    start chasing you. Go through the big toxic egg and if successful the baddie 
    will hit the egg and become confused. Hit him and then repeat until dead.
    (Movie: Invasion)
    (Level 23: Chance of reckoning)
    Get a chance to fight the queen. Push the rocks into the whirlpools to make the 
    water rise (beware one whirlpool is blocked, use a 'power of sonar' to break 
    one) Kill the little creatures if you wish using your vigour and sonar attacks.   
    Then you need to use the 'power of sonar' on the queens eyes to brake her 
    shields then head butt them. At the back of her head is a little eye thing, do 
    the same to this too. After this a new hole opens up behind the 'power of sonar 
    tunnel' enter this to reach Hatchery.
    (Level 24: Hatchery)
    Thanks to Big Jay for this one! You will see a machine in the middle of the 
    room, but a shield guards it. Simply wait by one of the two switches (either 
    side of the wall near the big alien shark) as soon as these switches turn on 
    (either) hit them off (you should see a little cut scene). Then the shield is 
    lowered and you can attack. Repeat this three or four times to destroy the 
    This then allows you to access the egg making tube to advance to the next level.
    (Level 25: Seeds of poison)
    Fairly short and easy level, just collect the power of sonar and go up the tube, 
    hit the egg held, go back down, collect another power of sonar, go back up smash 
    the next egg and continue until you release the fish, exiting the level. (There 
    is a hollow containing oxygen at the bottom)
    (Level 26: Transfiguration) 
    This level was tricky but easy, simply go through the tunnel with bats on the 
    top and pick up a 'power of sonar' then back track and kill them (using your 
    sonar) all as you may need it again. Now go down to the bottom. Below the glyph 
    you should see a rock, shoot it and inside is another 'power of sonar'. Collect 
    this and then go into the small archway with the bat and about four rocks. 
    Inside one of the rocks is a 'power of morphing' (others hold vitalits).  
    collect it and then go touch the fish swimming around at the bottom. (Before 
    this you might want to close the enemies that shoot beams at you with the 'power 
    of sonar') 
    As the fish avoid all attacks and make your way up to the queen's chest with the 
    red mark. Hit it and you will enter her chest. 
    (Level 27: Heart of foe)
    This level's easy. Just wait under where enemies are shot out and use your sonar 
    to push the squids into the heart, then hit the heart. Repeat this until dead. 
    Now give yourself a pat on the back as you've just completed one of the hardest 
    games in ages!
    (Movie: Epilogue)
    Not much but it's an acceptable ending I guess.
    4: Vitalits guide: Please write to me to help the completion of this guide
                       By the way is there any real reason to collect them all? 
    (Level 1: Aquamarine bay)
        1: At the side of one of the tower or rocks (in the plants above the water)
        2: On top of one the tower of rocks (nearest to logs)
        3: Underneath an arch in the middle of the level.
        4: Talk to the chief dolphin he will ask you to race to catch a certain 
           colour fish. Go get it and take it back to him. Then perform a victory 
           tail walk until he gives you a vitalit.
        5: Above the water near the waterfall. Jump up to reach it.
    (Level 2: Perils of the coral reef) 
        1: Race the two dolphins round the rocks to win a vitalit.
        2: On the left pathway from where the two dolphins are racing (Below the 
           dolphin who has lost his brother).
        3: In the tunnel where you use yellow fish to light the way.
        4: In the great white area, in the corner behind rocks.
        5: In the great white area after collecting the power of vigour you can get 
           the vitalit below the waterfall (Jump up slightly, takes a lot of time).
    (Level 3: Trial without error)
        1: In the room with the dolphin who fears sharks, behind the entrance.
        2: In the room with hammerheads (Behind some rocks).
        3: Near the 'power of vigour' that you need to get into the fifth 
           level (Past the big rock mouth, behind a rock).
        4: Catch all three of the dolphin's babies.
        5: A vitalit is hidden in the rock face to the left side of the octopus.
    (Level 4: Four ways of mystery)
        1: In the open part with the recluse. It's above the water, jump out to get 
        2: In the manta ray area near the surface of the water.
        3: In the tunnel with the yellow crystal high up in the first dead end.
        4: In a tunnel near the exit (turn right at the purple crystal).
        5: Go back to the level once acquiring the 'power of sonar' now collect it 
           from the tunnel with the red crystal? And shoot the rock in the ceiling 
           in the main room to access a secret area.
    (Level 5: Passage from genesis) 
           All five are in different gaps scattered around the level, try using the 
           'power of sonar' on big boulders to reveal secret vitalits.
    (Level 6: Pathways from nowhere)
           All five are in different locations scattered around the level. A guide 
           may follow.
    (Level 7: Up and down)
        1: In a small cave at the beginning of the level.
        2: In the tunnel on the way up to the surface.
        3: In the tunnel on the way up to the surface.
        4: In the tunnel on the way up to the surface.
        5: Next to the base of the waterfall, use the 'power of endurance'.
    (Level 8: Roaring forces)
        1: One above the water, near the logs.
        4: One after opening the puzzle, in the small passageway.
        5: One near the doorway to the exit (above).
    (Level 9: Atlantis lost)
        1: In the dome of the cathedral. Inside, above the water, jump to get it.
        2: The bottom of the exhibition hall with the green door.
        3: Hidden under the plants next to one of the exhibition halls.
        4: Above the entrance.
        5: One in a plant on the right hand-side of the power of sonar.
    (Level 10: Shrine of controversy)
        1: There's one inside the circle shrine.
    (Level 11: Master of forgotten skills)
        1: On the crane.
        2: Behind the fan with switches.
    (Level 12: Process that never ends)  
        1: In the (2nd?) dome where you collect air and press switches
           (Above the water).
    (Level 13: Blades in motion)
    (Level 14: Perpetual fluidity)
        1: In one of those cages at the bottom of a room.
        2: One above the water's surface in one of the rooms.
    (Level 15: Obscure ways to terminus)
        1-5: all five are above the walls that join the rooms. Just jump over to 
             get them.
    (Level 16: Sleeping forces of doom)   
        1: Along the side of the room somewhere.
    (Level 17: Anguish of dearth)
    (Level 18: Entrapment)
    (Level 19: Caverns of hope)
        1: Inside one of the shell hut things.
        2: On top of the water near a breathing hole.
    (Level 20: Lair of evil)
        1: In the centre of the circle that never ends. (Follow the first path)
        2: In one of the main rooms with three doors. (Above one of the doors)
        3: Behind the cat-face shaped altar (On the map), In the room with the exit.
    (Level 21: Powers of levitation)
        1: Inside one of the fans near a switch.
        2: In the secret room near the dolphin who is an inspector.
        3: Next to one of the generator switches.
    (Level 22: Hanging waters)
    (Boss Level 22.1: Ice and fire)
    (Boss Level 22.2: Abyss of inferno)
    (Boss Level 22.3: Mutaclone)
        1: Inside the big egg.
    (Level 23: Chance of reckoning)
    (Level 24: Hatchery)
        1: Inside the tunnel. (Press the switch to enter it)
        5: In the hole when you exit the level?
    (Level 25: Seeds of poison)
        1-4: In four alcoves at the bottom of the level (where you start)
        5: In one of the last sections before exiting the level.
    (Level 26: Transfiguration)
        1-3: Use the power of sonar to break open the rocks in the main room
             (Near the 'power of morphing') 
        4: There is one above the water behind the glyph although I can't reach it.
    (Level 27: Heart of foe)
        1-5: All at the top of the level in small pits.
    I have more I just can't remember where I got them! They will be updates second 
    time round.
    6: Thanks
               Thanks to myself for now for actually bothering to write this guide 
               (I have exams, see)
               And my little bro Michael for showing me the obvious on some of the 
               harder levels.
               Big Jay!!!! Thanks for the hatchery info!
               Arnaud Theifaine for vitalit info!
               Peter Oertel for vitalit and crystal info!
               Chris 'Acid Arnie' for the vitalit info!
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