Gameshark codes?

  1. We have just about all of the Gameshark codes you can have for Skies of Arcadia(Dreamcast) However, we are looking for stat codes and Item least a moonberry code. Can someone dig into the recesses of their brains/systems/computers and help us out?

    User Info: StormiWyndz

    StormiWyndz - 8 years ago

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  1. To get max moonberries I just use a max item code for said slot were moonberies are located in the item menu. The codes are on codetwink. Look up SOA in the dreamcast section, then go to max item after you know which slot your moonberries are after getting one. If you have a codebreaker or hacked gameshark (I can't tell you were to get it here), you can use that.

    Example: After the first boss and getting a moonberry, I found out that my moonberry is the first item in my item inventory a.k.a slot 1, and I used this code to get max moonberries in slot 1, 0156E486 00000063 . I max out both Vyse and Aika's S.Moves, but it makes no sense on doing this early in the game if you are not are using max spirit on all your characters for this cheat to be effective early in game.

    User Info: TheRetroPlayer

    TheRetroPlayer - 5 years ago 1 0

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