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    Boss FAQ by Jaksiel

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 12/16/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Skies of Arcadia Boss FAQ Version 1.3
    Written by GohanDZ: E-Mail Address GohanDZ45@yahoo.com
    I.	Introduction
    II.	Legal Stuff
    III.	Update History
    IV.	General Tactics
    V.	Boss Listings/Strategies
    VI.	Credits
    When I first bought my Dreamcast, all I had were two demo discs: the one that 
    came with the DC, and a Dreamcast Magazine disc.  The DCM disc had a Skies of 
    Arcadia demo.  I thought it looked pretty cool, and I love RPGs, so I decided to 
    make it my first purchase.  It has not disappointed me one bit.  But here at 
    GameFAQs, information is skimpy.  There is not a full walkthrough, and the 
    hardest part of most RPGs are the bosses.  So I figured, hey, why not write a 
    Boss FAQ?  Unfortunately, where I am right now, I can't go back to face the 
    bosses again to estimate their HP.  Once I beat the game, I will...or anyone 
    reading this can help me out by sending information they have.  You will, 
    obviously, be placed in the Credits.
    You can use this FAQ on your site as long as you meet the following conditions:
    1. You must e-mail me and ask permission.
    2. You must not alter the FAQ in any way.
    3. You must give me proper credit for writing the FAQ.
    4. You cannot sell the FAQ for profit.
    The following sites are allowed to post this FAQ without asking my permission:
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    RPGamer (www.rpgamer.com)
    Cheat Code Central (www.cheatcc.com)
    Game Winners (www.gamewinners.com)
    Gamesages (www.gamesages.com)
    Any other site must ask first.
    This FAQ is (c) 2000 GohanDZ.
    Version 0.1 (12/6/00): Very preliminary version, not submitted to any web site, 
    in which I established the format.
    Version 1.0 (12/7/00): This FAQ's first "real" version.  Added Tactics section 
    and boss strategies up to the Executioner.
    Version 1.1 (12/9/00): Added strategies for the bosses up to Antonio 2.
    Version 1.2 (12/11/00): Added strategies for bosses up to Grendel; also added 
    lots of information from MPureka (author of the Ship Battles FAQ.)
    Version 1.21 (12/12/00): Not a real update, just added info on some early boss 
    battles provided to me by Arrawnt and did some re-formatting.
    Version 1.3 (12/16/00): Added Ship Battle Tactics for the Delphinus; added 
    tactics for bosses up to Dralkor Tank.
    1. Level up!!  Seriously, this is the single most important thing to do in just 
    about any RPG.  And unlike games like FFVIII where enemies get stronger as you 
    do, SoA's bosses and enemies are at a fixed level with fixed stats.  So 
    therefore, whenever you gain a level, you gain at least a little advantage.
    2. Always use colors to YOUR advantage.  You won't be able to use magic or super 
    moves with everyone; sometimes you'll have to use regular attacks.  Above all, 
    DON'T read the instruction manual's > as a greater than sign!  It means (thanks 
    TheRaijinGaijin) if the enemy is THIS color, use THIS color.  For example, blue 
    DOES NOT beat yellow; it's the other way around!  The exceptions are red and 
    purple, which are very strong against each other, and yellow and silver, which 
    are strong against each other.
    3. Don't waste your Spirit Points on wussy super moves or magic.  You should 
    usually save them for your strongest super move.
    4. Unless you think you're much more powerful than your enemy is (which you 
    shouldn't be), always cast Increm on your strongest character.
    5. Whenever possible, use items in place of spells and save your Spirit Points 
    for offensive spells and Super Moves.  For example, use Crystals in place of 
    6. Know the enemy and its (or their) attacks and tendencies.  How can you find 
    this information out?  You COULD figure it out yourself by dying a couple 
    times...or just read this FAQ!
    With the Little Jack...
    1. All of the above steps, except for #2 and #3, apply.  Just know that yes, you 
    CAN cast Increm and healing spells on your ship!  Unlike ground battles, 
    however, Increm will wear off after two rounds, so make sure to recast it when 
    that happens.
    2. With a few exceptions, (which will be stated when they apply), always guard 
    when one of the squares is red or yellow.  The Little Jack will typically have 
    less HP than the Boss, so it's crucial to conserve HP.
    3. Unless you have a Chance square, focus!  With the Little Jack, it's important 
    to have at least 25 Spirit Points: 15 for the Harpoon Cannon and 10 for purposes 
    such as healing or Increm.
    4. Then again, don't use healing spells if you don't have to.  Use Kits, unless 
    you have a spell that can heal more than the Kits can. 
    5. Use the Harpoon Cannon at first opportunity, even if the square is red or 
    yellow.  It is the Little Jack's most powerful weapon BY FAR, and for much of 
    the beginning of the game, it can take down even bosses in one hit!
    With the Delphinus...
    1. Obviously, you'll want to follow most of the same strategies as the Little 
    2. Know that the Delphinus has much more HP than the Little Jack: It starts 
    with 40000 as compared to the Little Jack's 10000.  This makes healing much less 
    vital.  Also, each Captain Stripe adds 2000 HP rather than 1000, so use them on 
    the Delphinus instead of the Little Jack.
    3. Make to sure to follow Little Jack step #5, except you're using the Moon 
    Stone Cannon rather than the Harpoon Cannon, and it costs 20 SP and not 15.
    The format I will be using is this:
    Suggested Level (Vyse):
    As for HP, obviously, I don't have exact numbers.  I'll give an estimate when I 
    can though.  For any boss listed that doesn't have estimated HP, please help 
    where you can.  The same applies to Magic/Moves...I can't exactly remember what 
    happened ten hours ago!  Any GOOD help will result in your name in the credits 
    HP: About 570
    Color: Yellow
    Magic/Moves: Thunder of Fury
    Suggested Level (Vyse): 2
    Tactics: Most of all, get Vyse and Aika to level 2.  You CAN get in battles for 
    the few seconds you're "exploring" the ship, so do so!  This battle is still 
    possible to win at level 1, but it's much easier at level 2.  Watch out for 
    Thunder of Fury, which can deal over 100 damage.  Finally, remember that Vyse 
    starts the game with Cutlass Fury...take full advantage of it!
    HP: About 1200
    Color: Silver
    Magic/Moves: Target Search, Blaster
    Suggested Level (Vyse): 7-9
    Tactics: Unfortunately, I don't recall too much about this battle.  What I do 
    remember is to watch out when he uses "Target Search", since that means he's 
    going to unleash his Blaster the next round.  It may be in your best interest to 
    guard with Vyse and Aika the round after to minimize damage.
    HP: About 10000
    Color: N/A
    Magic/Moves: N/A
    Suggested Level (Vyse): N/A
    Tactics: This fight's main purpose is to introduce you to ship battles...you 
    definitely shouldn't lose.  Fire with either Vyse or Drachma using the Standard 
    Cannon (more powerful than Main Cannon), and Focus with the other two as long as 
    no square is red or yellow.  When you're given a choice as to what to do, choose 
    to maneuver behind Blackbeard.  From here on, fire with Vyse and Drachma, you 
    should win in no time.
    HP: About 4800 (!)
    Color: Green
    Magic/Moves: Vile Breath, Poisonous Bile
    Suggested Level (Vyse): 10-11
    Tactics: The only reason you may have trouble with this battle is this guy's 
    extremely high HP...and maybe poison.  His regular attacks, counter attacks, and 
    Poisonous Bile can poison, so if it's near the beginning of the battle, make 
    sure to use a Curia Crystal.  Like usual, use Cutlass Fury when you can, and 
    heal when necessary.  Eventually you'll beat down the big tub of lard.
    HP (Executioner): About 1800
    HP (Spell Wardens): About 480
    Color (all 3): Yellow
    Magic/Moves (Executioner): Tackle, Sonic Wave
    Magic/Moves (Spell Wardens): Increm
    Suggested Level (Vyse): 11-12
    Tactics: This battle can be very frustrating.  MAKE SURE VYSE AND AIKA ARE AT 
    LEAST LEVEL 11!  Other than that, you may have to rely on luck.  You see, the 
    Spell Wardens have no problem casting Increm on the Executioner...and combined 
    with his vicious Tackle, it's quite a deadly combo.  Vyse and Aika will probably 
    both die with only one Tackle.  It may be best (using green weapons) to attack 
    one Spell Warden with everyone in the first turn, and then the other one the 
    next turn.  If you're level 11 and using green weapons, each of them should be 
    taken out in one turn apiece, hopefully without casting Increm on the 
    Executioner.  After that, you should have enough Spirit to use Drachma's Tackle, 
    so do so.  It's more powerful than Cutlass Fury.  Attack normally unless you can 
    Tackle, and heal when necessary.  Eventually you should kill him.  Good 
    luck...it took me 5 tries with my characters at level 11 to win this. 
    HP: About 620
    Color: ?
    Magic/Moves: Sacri, Counterstrike
    Suggested Level (Vyse): 12-13
    Tactics: This fight may take you a long time, simply because they can heal each 
    other.  It's not really that hard though.  Focus all of your attacks on one 
    guard, using Cutlass Fury when you can and attacking normally otherwise.  Be 
    prepared to heal on a turn after one of the guards counters your attacks.  Once 
    one of them goes down, this battle becomes much easier.
    HP: About 4200
    Color: Red
    Magic/Moves: Volcanic Blast, Cinder Storm
    Suggested Level (Vyse): 15-16
    Tactics: Make sure Fina is at least level 10-11 before getting into this fight, 
    or she will go down rather quickly.  The Rock Wyrm is very fond of using 
    Volcanic Blast, which is unfortunate, because it can deal over 500 points of 
    damage to your characters.  Another special move of his, Cinder Storm, isn't 
    very damaging, but stones the target.  Anyway, you should cast Crystales with 
    Aika every single round.  Fina should either heal or focus as necessary, and 
    Vyse should attack normally (with a purple weapon) until there's enough to do 
    Cutlass Fury.  Make sure to have plenty of Sacri/Sacres Crystals going into this 
    If you have an item that guards against stone, make sure to equip it on Vyse 
    before this battle.  (MPureka's advice)
    HP: N/A
    Color: N/A
    Magic/Moves: Red Ray
    Suggested Level (Vyse): N/A
    Turns out there's an easier way to defeat Recumen, as long as you have a 3" 
    blaster.  The following information is taken from MPureka's Ship Battles FAQ:
    A seemingly indestructible opponent, the key to defeating the Red Gigas is to 
    not die. At first, this seems more difficult than it sounds. The trick here is 
    to knock him off balance. In each round where your danger level is red, he will 
    fire the Red Ray, which does terrific amounts of damage. However, if you hit him 
    with enough firepower in that round, the beam shot will miss and you will take 
    no damage. To do this, fire your secondary cannon the round before, and stretch 
    the shot into the round he fires. Then fire the Standard Cannon in the round he 
    attacks. The combined firepower will keep you from getting hit. 
    If you don't have the 3" blaster, use this strategy:
    First off, it's important to get it into your head that you CAN'T KILL RECUMEN, 
    so don't bother trying.  For the first two rounds of this battle, Guard the red 
    square, and Focus the rest.  Even when guarding, his Red Ray will do 3000-4000 
    damage, but it's better than 8000+.  On the third round, you should probably 
    heal (Sacres heals 8000 damage) on the first block.  Make absolutely sure to use 
    the Harpoon Cannon on the red square!  It won't do much damage, but it will 
    throw off his aim so he doesn't hit you.  You can choose either to aim for the 
    head or the feet; I chose the head, but I don't think it really matters.  In 
    this round, you may have two red/Harpoon Cannon squares.  Use the Cannon for one 
    of them, and guard on the other.  After this round, you can choose either to 
    attack him head-on, or to retreat and regroup.  As I mentioned before, you can't 
    kill him, so choose to retreat and regroup.  You won't get any Experience, but 
    you will live...to fight another ship battle!
    HP: About 24000
    Color: N/A
    Magic/Moves: Pyri, Wevles
    Suggested Level (Vyse): N/A
    Tactics: To win this battle, you must do two main things.  One is to make the 
    right choices; the other is to have the 15 SP necessary to fire the Harpoon 
    Cannon in the fourth round.  The Lynx will fire the magic spells Pyri and Wevles 
    at you; Pyri will do about 1200, but Wevles is much more damaging, at about 4000 
    a pop.  For the first two rounds of this battle, fire a cannon only once each 
    time.  Either Guard or Focus the rest of the squares.  The first choice to make 
    is to catch her off guard with a sharp turn.  For the second choice, try to get 
    behind her.  The third choice doesn't really matter; either way, you'll get to 
    fire the Harpoon Cannon next round.  Finally, when you can, fire the Harpoon 
    Cannon and watch the Lynx go down in flames!  Die, Lynx, die!!
    HP: About 30000
    Color: N/A
    Magic/Moves: Type D Torpedo, Type D Subcannon, Revolver Cannon,
    Suggested Level (Vyse): N/A
    Tactics: You've finally made it through the annoying South Ocean and gotten 
    through the confusing Horteka, and your reward is...a boss fight?!?!  Damn.  
    Anyway, none of the Chameleon's attacks are that powerful.  The most damage done 
    to me at once was 2500 by the Flamethrower.  Attack with your most powerful 
    weapon whenever there's a "C1" square, and Focus enough that you're able to fire 
    the Harpoon Cannon when it comes up.  For this battle, the Harpoon Cannon alone 
    won't be enough damage to win; you'll have to pound away with your other weapons 
    too.  All in all though, it's not a very difficult fight.
    HP: About 5500
    Color: Yellow
    Magic/Moves: Thunder of Fury
    Suggested Level (Vyse): 18-20
    Tactics: Alfonso resurrected this pushover for you to battle again?  Haha, don't 
    make me laugh.  All Antonio 2 can do to you is a regular attack that only does 
    about 200-300, and Thunder of Fury, which can now deal 750-850 damage.  Whoopee.  
    Use Increm on Vyse and Drachma at the beginning, use Tackle whenever you can 
    (for about 1000 damage a pop), and just attack normally otherwise, healing with 
    Fina.  Eventually you'll destroy him again.  As a side note, I had gotten lost 
    in Moon Stone Mountain and was at level 20 for this battle; you don't really 
    need to be that strong though.
    HP: About 7000
    Color: Green
    Magic/Moves: Circle of Panic, Feather Slash, Ring of Sleep
    Suggested Level (Vyse): 20-22
    Tactics: Another boss that's not that difficult.  Two of his attacks merely 
    affect a character's status, and the other is an "area" attack that does about 
    1000 damage.  By now, your characters should have enough HP to survive that, so 
    just heal after he performs this attack.  For either of the other two attacks, 
    either cast Curia or use a Curia Crystal...there's no real reason to let a 
    character remain confused or asleep until being attacked.  To kill him, just 
    pound away, using Drachma's tackle whenever possible.  I've found that if you 
    have either Fina or Aika focus each turn, you should always have enough Spirit 
    to use Tackle.  The other of the two should help the party recover from the last 
    attack performed by Rik'Talish.  Finally, Vyse should do a regular attack every 
    turn, obviously using a red weapon.  You should achieve victory within 5-7 
    HP: Still about 30000
    Color: N/A
    Magic/Moves: Type D Torpedo, Type D Subcannon, Handgun, Test Cannon
    Suggested Level (Vyse): N/A
    Tactics: He's just as easy as last time around.  The only differences are that 
    where the Flamethrower was, he now has a semi-powerful handgun, and he now has a 
    seemingly very powerful Moon Stone Cannon.  The thing is, although it LOOKS 
    painful, the Moon Stone Cannon only does 3000-3500 damage.  Just whittle away De 
    Loco's HP and you'll defeat him again...hopefully for good this time. 
    HP: N/A
    Color: N/A
    Magic/Moves: Fist of Grendel, Boulder Throw
    Suggested Level (Vyse): N/A
    Tactics: Oh man...after the error with the first Gigas, I was hoping that we 
    would be able to stop the others from being summoned.  Looks like that won't be 
    happening though...anyway, Grendel definitely looks much cooler than Recumen, 
    and his attacks look more powerful too.  In reality though, his attacks are 
    actually weaker than Recumen's.  If you're guarding, the Fist of Grendel should 
    only do 1000-1500, and the Boulder Throw 1500-2000.  If you don't guard, 
    however, the Boulder Throw can do 5000+, so make sure to guard on red AND yellow 
    squares.  Other than that, use your most powerful cannons and the Harpoon Cannon 
    when it comes up.  Eventually, Grendel will start staggering.  From here, the 
    next time you use the Harpoon Cannon, you will knock him into the canyon and win 
    the battle.  Just don't forego guarding to Focus if a Harpoon Cannon is coming 
    up next turn; you'll always eventually have another opportunity to use it.
    HP (Gordo): Less than 2300
    HP (Mad Chefs): Less than 550
    Color: Red
    Magic/Moves (Gordo): Digest, Loqua Spray
    Magic/Moves (Mad Chefs): Pyres
    Suggested Level (Vyse): 22-23
    Tactics: This battle is very easy.  You should have enough spirit to have 
    enough to use Rain of Swords in the second round, which will eliminate all 3 Mad 
    Chefs.  Gordo takes a little more effort.  His only real attack is Loqua Spray, 
    but to use that he must Digest first.  You shouldn't have to worry about 
    guarding though, since Loqua Spray only does about 550-650 to each character.  
    Just use your strongest Super Moves and regular attacks on him, and you'll win 
    in no time.
    HP: Less than 17000
    Color: N/A
    Magic/Moves: Large Cannon, Heavy Subcannon. Torpedo
    Suggested Level (Vyse): N/A
    Tactics: Just Guard or Focus until you get the chance to fire the Harpoon 
    Cannon.  Then fire the Harpoon Cannon.  Valuan Gunboat go BOOM.
    HP: About 4400
    Color: Red (Sinistra), Purple (Destra)
    Magic/Moves: Death Waltz (both), Explode (Sinistra), Tundra Blast (Destra)
    Suggested Level (Vyse): 24-25
    Tactics: This fight might seem hard at first, but as long as you have Gilder's 
    S-Move Gunslinger, it's a piece of cake.  First of all, the two heads will 
    perform Death Waltz until one of them dies, and it does about 1200 to your whole 
    party.  But once one dies, the other can only use an attack that does about 600 
    to the party.  Beating them is easy if you do this each round: Vyse should 
    Focus, Aika and Fina should Guard/Heal/Whatever, and Gilder should use 
    Gunslinger.  As long as Gilder's gun is Purple against Sinistra and Red against 
    Destra, you will destroy them each with only two Gunslingers.  
    HP: About 5600
    Color: ? (Why I forgot to write his color, I don't know)
    Magic/Moves: Vigoro's Charm
    Suggested Level (Vyse): 25-26
    Tactics: Another easy battle.  Vigoro's regular attack only does 400-500, and 
    Vigoro's Charm damages and confuses Aika.  That's it.  Just pound away, using 
    Gunslinger when possible, and attacking normally with everyone...even Fina.  You 
    don't even have to bother curing Aika's confusion, since it's not worth losing a 
    possible attack on Vigoro.
    HP: 7700
    Color: ? (Mental Note-remember to write down colors)
    Magic/Moves: Wheel Blast
    Suggested Level (Vyse): 25-27
    Tactics: Another boss with only one special attack?  Wow.  First of all, that HP 
    total is dead-on, seeing as my final blow dealt only 79 damage.  Secondly, Wheel 
    Blast is an area attack that does about 1500-1600 damage, so keep those HP up.  
    Otherwise, use the same basic strategy: use Vyse's regular attacks and Gilder's 
    Gunslinger, and Heal/Increm with Aika and Fina.  This battle will take a while 
    because of the high HP total, so if a character dies (for some reason), make 
    sure to revive him/her with Risan or a Risan Crystal.
    To be continued...
    Myself-For taking the time to write this FAQ; also for working to make the money 
    that bought me my Dreamcast and SoA.
    CJayC, founder and webmaster of GameFAQs.com-For creating and running the best 
    damn video game information site on the Internet.
    Overworks-For making such an excellent game.
    Official Dreamcast Magazine-For providing me with the SoA demo which led to my 
    purchase of SoA.
    TheRaijinGaijin-For figuring out how to interpret the instruction manual's color 
    MPureka-For giving me lots of excellent info after the first version of this 
    guide was published.
    Arrawnt-For giving me the information necessary to fill in almost off of my ?'s 
    on the early bosses.  Also, for writing what is currently the best and longest 
    SoA walkthrough on GameFAQs.

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