Review by Shirokawai

"A good game, worth giving it a try"

Eternal Arcadia is a game released a few weeks ago from now, it's a RPG made by the same team that made panzer dragoon RPG on sega saturn. The story takes place in a world where people live on small island in the sky and travel by ship able to fly in the air. It gives to the game such a very special atmosphere, I personnaly really enjoy the game background.

Graphics: 8/10 : Well, i would tend to say that the graphics are very good, the travel through the sky by ship are really cool, as well as when you're just walking on the island, each one has their own little style (Jungle, midle-age, asia...).Everything looks fine here, super attack are also impressive but i personnaly think the magic of grandia 2 looks a bit better.

Sounds : 9/10 : the musics are just so nice, i gave a 9/10 because i think they do really give a ''plus'' to the game, the music you listen during the game always make you enjoy the game a little more( such cool music to hang around in the sky...)

Gameplay : 8/10 : the system might be confusing at first because you have 2 different battle modes, ship VS ship , and normall battle. It would take me too long to describe them, but just know it makes the game very original and I really want to insist on the fact that the menu are very clear and look so nice.

Eventhough i must tell you that i sometimes got very lost while travelling on my ship looking for a ''must have'' item. I am not sure if it's because i wasn't skilly enough in japanese or just because of the searching system, maybe both.

Overall : If you own a Dreamcast and love RPG, this game is FOR YOU, don't miss it, i don't want to compare it with grandia 2 because i think anyone should have both. It might not be the greatest RPG of the year but certainly one of the best on dreamcast, maybe the most important thing i have to tell you is just that i did sincerely enjoy that game, it's just so good to play such an original RPG with Dreamcast graphics quality.

PS: European player, The game cannot be dispalyed Through a RGB, means you have to use the default Dreamcast cable.So it means you can only play the game with a NTSC TV.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/17/00, Updated 10/17/00

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