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"Brilliant from start to finish"

Graphics - 10
The graphics in here are nothing short of astounding. With nice rich textures and vibrant colors, you may think you're actually watching TV rather then playing on it. The textures of the characters, the ships, the islands, everything is picture perfect. I mean GOOD GOD, these are better then anything for the arcade, yet it's all wrapped up nicely into a small white box.

Sound - 9
Great background music, excellent sound effects and guess what, the characters talk too (well, a little). I happen to find this somewhat annoying. You're playing the game and all of a sudden, without warning you hear a scream. You're looking around the room to see who's getting killed then you realize, it's only the game. Also there's that after-battle commentary like ''That was easy'' or a ''Serves them right''. A lot of other people love this stuff (*cough*Gruel*cough*), but I tolerate it.

Storyline - 9
I don't know why, but for some reason this one really appeals to me. You're the son of the air pirate Dyne (I think that's what his name is) and guess what, you're an air pirate too. Anyway, you end up getting the wrong people pissed off; they come and destroy your village taking hostages with them (one of them just so happens to be your father). And being the great adventurer/hero that you are, you decide to save them. From here on in everything goes nuts.

Characters - 9
Well, as mentioned above, each character is brilliantly colored and textured. They all have their own unique personalities and traits, what's more to say.

Concept - 10
All right, now this one is worthy of a Final Fantasy game (of course, they would expand on it a little more). Let's take it from the top, you have what are known as moonstones and these come in six colors (purple, red, blue, green, silver and black). Anyway, these moonstones each have there own specific property like water or earth or thunder. Well, these moonstones can be applied to your weapons, when a specific color is used in battle, the moonstone gains something the can be referred to as experience. Gain enough experience, and the moonstone rewards you by giving you a magic spell.

Controls - 8
Well, despite the fact that those controls are somewhat hard to get down, it's a pretty good initial setup. If your used to SquareSoft games, you'll find yourself saying ''doh'' several times through this game. Navigation in this game is nothing short of astounding. Set in a totally 3D environment, you have full control of your character. And with the left and right shoulder buttons, you can view this awesome environment form all angles. As if that weren't enough, you can change your view so that you can actually see what your character is seeing.

Replay - 9
This game is seemingly flawless and just a brilliant RPG from start to finish. The battles may get a little annoying at times, but every great RPG has it's downfalls.

Overall - 10
I say without a doubt the best RPG for the Dreamcast so far. With all the categories discussed above, this game should be on every RPG lover's wishlist.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/20/00, Updated 12/20/00

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