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"Stop Overhyping Awful Rpg's! They're the underdogs for a reason!!"

I got this game, because I: 1)Heard it was good. 2)Was interested in it because it was from the creators of Phantasy Star, and I never played PS. 3) Realize it's one of the few true rpg's on the system. Sadly, this game disappointed on so many levels, I didn't even bother finishing the first disc.

Packaging: 0/10 Normally, I don't care about packaging. But
in this case I'll make an exception. While most companies split a multi-disc rpg into two large compartments within the box, this company decided to be cheap. So one disc is on top of a holder that the other disc is below. It's so *fun* holding down one disc to take out the other. And I also hate the instructions for sounding more like something I'd have to read to do my taxes than something that makes me happy to own the game.

Story 0/10: Maybe I'm spoiled by the sheer amount of anime and rpg's I've experienced. But the basic rule of thumb is that if you steal other people's ideas, make them appealing, not obvious that you blatantly ripped them off. Basically you play a bunch of air pirates who kidnap a girl being used by an evil empire to summon ancient weapons to rule the world. (Laputa and FF6 anyone?) What's funny is taht the empire has enough firepower to keep everyone in check anyway. I guess they're following the Cobra Commander School of Empire-Building.

Characters 2/10: Yuck. EGM tried to tell me that part of the appeal of the game would be the different facial expressions of the characters. No, they just suck, especially when they repeat those facial expressions a million times over. And the fact that they throw in horrible dubs of ''catchphrases'' that get old only makes me hate them more. Not to mention that they have absolutely no personality either, and that your actions dictate the personality of the hero. Boooring

Graphics 4/10; Only slightly better resolution than a PS, I'm afraid.

Music 8/10: Well ok, at least there's something pleasant to enjoy through this yawnfest.

Gameplay 2/10: Maybe it's cus I'm old-school and come from the DQ school of rpg's. You know, fight monsters, get money, buy new weapons and armor, and fight stronger monsters. Simple, right? But apparently, every developer has to have some kind of fighting system that's ''different'' nowadays. So here I get to choose 6 elemental colors which work against certain colors, and hence certain colored-enemis. Simple, if I knew which color went against what! The instruction book has a bunch of arrows that go everywhere. For every color you attack with, you get spells, only each character basically has the same spell. Take a hint from FF7! Characters with the same attacks are boring. They should be different, so there's some kind of balance. But even if there was a blanace, the bosses are incredibly cheap. They have WAAAAY too many HP, and even using the elemental weapons won't speed up the damage.

Field 3/10: You fly on an airship where you see a bunch of fog in the way of your destination. The map isn't even complete, giving you the fun of ''discovering'' intended goals. And on top of that, monsters attack you while you're just looking for new places. Monsters belong in a dungeon, not on your airship, as people who've made popular rpg's (Square and Enix) know!

So, yes I'm disappointed. I didn't expect the best, but I expected better than this. Hopefully they'll revamp it if they ever make a sequel.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/06/01, Updated 01/06/01

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