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"One of the most Amazing games EVER."

This is my review to the amazing rpg called Skies of Arcadia. Developed by one of Sega's in- house development teams , Overworks formely know as R&D 7 , these very talented people are also responsible for Sakura Wars and is very well respected in Japan. This game has been in development for over 2 years and was well worth the wait.

Graphics 10

Ok after you just glance at this game you will be amazed. The first thing you will probably notice is the very colorful world and will draw you in the game. Unlike many rpgs this game world is completly differnt from others instead of taking place on land or on water this game is nothing but skies and islands and is very original and beautiful thanks to the power of Dreamcast. Another thing about this game that makes it look awesome is the DETAIL. This game is nothing but hi-res textures and all the little things that make you go wow. I mean look at the food on the dinner table in certian parts of the game its very detailed.

Sound 9

This game does have some very good music. It always fits into the game when it should and good guys have nicemusic and the villians have bad music mmm makes sense. But there is one reason why this got a 9. Remeber the odcm demo of skies? Werent those japenese voices cool? But they decided to not leave them in and use english voices. DOH. Im just glad that they dont talk all the time and just during battle victorys and casting spells. Thank god they didnt give them full voices.

Gameplay 9

Well this is the best part of the game and everything there is just so much to see and do in the game you will be addicted. I dont want to tell you much of the story though because it is so good. You are Vyse blue rouge and son of captian Dyne.You and your childhood friend Aika are allways looking for tresure and challenges on your ship the albatross. Until you decide to go raid a valuan ship you meet up with fina a girl in strange clothes. Ill leave the rest to you to find out.

The battle system is turn basd and it might not be as good as Grandia 2's but its still good. You can have 4 ppl in your party at one time and you got mp to use magic moves and hp too of course. But you also have sp called spirit points. using the focus command you can charge up to unleash powerful attacks and such. Also you have six element colros , red green blue yellow purple and silver you can equip these colors on certain bosses if they have a weakness and by like using a red weapon often you will learn fire moves faster sweet. Another thing is the ship battles, imo i like these better becuase it requaires a little more strategy and its fun to plan your attacks and when to defend.

There is a bunch of other gameplay elemnets like finding food for Cupil. Cupil is used mainly as finas weapon and by finding chams on the ground similar to the stone of agony in zelda he can become stronger in battle. Uh there is also a bunch of other gameplay elemnts but that my ruin the game for some so i wont mention it. Control is great too and i have had no problems with it. This game is alot of fun to play.

Overall 10

This is a very good rpg and can most definitly stand on its own compared to other popualur rpgs like Final Fantasy and others. But there is something very uniuge about this game and it should not be missed. Its got good graphics, sound and the very origninal gameplay makes it all worthwile. 50+ hours 2 gd-roms. You would have to be crazy to miss this game.

Also got get Grandia 2! hahaha.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/09/01, Updated 01/17/01

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