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"Can I say simply the best rpg ever, i wanna be an airpirate"

This game rebirthed my like for rpgs. Usually it was strategy or sports games for me, but after reading a review for it and hearing about its greatness, I had to go buy it.

It lived right up to my expectations from beginning to end. The second disc is the best part, but way shorter then the first which mad me kind of mad.


Okay after going through the dungeons and all the free battles some of the music was getting kind of boring and the voices saying the same things over and over again really got kind of annoying. Overall though the music fit the mood of different parts of the game and helped them along.


The graphics for such a long game were infact pretty damn good, but sometimes the lights and flickers did give me a headache, but the special effects for the super moves and ship battles were simply amazing.


This was the one thing that pissed me off during the whole game. i must of had about 300,000 free battles throughout the whole game. and fighting the weak, pathetic, guys that can't do any damage does get annoying. The game also could of had less bosses, it was like every 5 minutes i was fighting a boss, they were endless.

The ship battles were the greatest, because it was so fun kicking all the weaklings asses who thought they were stronger. And when you get the Moon Stone Cannon it is the best weapon ever. and the battle system for the ships is awesome, especially when you get your spirit up and unleash and all out assault on the enemy, the one thing that is wrong is that you have to heal constantly, which takes up time to blow the other ship out of the sky.


Gameplay overall is great. You get to fly your own ship, find discoveries, look for food, get stranded, customize your own ship and island, and have numerous adventures to go on throughout the whole game.


The overall story of searching for the moon crystals and fighting an empire is pretty cool. The only flaw is that the Valuan Empire is so damn strong that they dont need the mass weapons of destruction they are looking for to take over the world.


The ending is the greatest part about the game. You and your crew celebrate and everything goes right for everyone you've ever met, and during the credits you don't have to wait and do nothing it gives you stories about what happened to everybody you met during the game, after your big party.


Overall I think this game is probably one of the best rpgs ever and i encourage everyone to go buy it!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/18/01, Updated 02/18/01

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