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"The Best Story available these days"

Skies of Arcadia is the best Dreamcast RPG to date. The game has a fantastic storyline which compares to the older Final Fantasy games. The graphics are spectacular and definitely add to the game's enjoyment level. The game is a great value and is worth purchasing.

Story Information (no spoilers):

You are Vyse, a teenage ''Air Pirate'' who travels with his father and their group, seizing ships and their goods. While infiltrating a Valuan* Armada ship, you encounter a girl flying in a strange ship. She is dressed differently than everyone else, and seems a bit weird. Valua kidnaps her, and you want to learn more about her, so you find her.
She has a mission, and cannot tell Vyse what it is. She travels with you. As you travel and discover the world, you will learn why she is here and what you all must do to save the world.

* Valua, as you will learn, is a country in the world of Arcadia that opposes Vyse and his fellow Air Pirates. They are set on world domination and will stop at nothing to fulfill their wish.

Story (10/10)

Most games nowadays have simplistic, predictable storylines. (Like almost all RPGs, this game's story is based on saving the world from destruction, which does get boring after a while.) This game will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next.

Graphics (9/10)

From what I have seen, all graphics in this game are rendered ''on-the-fly''. These graphics are extraordinarily impressive, but an FMV every once in a while wouldn't hurt.

Playability (8/10)

The game's controls sometimes glitch up when you are walking around. Although rare and not a big problem, it gets a bit frustrating to have your character walk in a straight line when you want him to turn.

Length of game (9/10)

This game is very long, 2 full GD-ROMs. It will take you many hours to complete, especially if you are like me and always try to do everything in a game (all side quests, best weapons, max levels, etc.)

Replay Value

You will most likely want to play this game again. I haven't, because I have many other games to play, but I would if I had time.


Best of the few available DC RPGs
Long game, worth your money
Great Graphics


Risk of your DC overheating from 10 hour sessions
Ruined social life

Overall (9/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/05/01, Updated 04/05/01

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