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Reviewed: 06/02/01 | Updated: 06/02/01

Best game ever! GREAT job,Overworks!

I though nothing going to beat FF6. That game is great on everything. Then a long time ago,Overworks announced a game called Project Ares.They said its a game about airships.I got excited about it cause I love riding on an airship and that Overworks made the Phantasy Star series(one of my fav.).They changed the name to Skies of Arcadia(Eternal Arcadia in Japan.) When it came out Japan, it got great reviews but many people didn't buy it(100,000 sold).In Nov.,Skies came out and got it for X mas.Is it better than FF6? Read the review and find out. Now here the review...

Graphics:The graphics are awesome!The graphics are better than any of the PS2 games out now.Colors are bright and pretty. Every detail is on every object. Arcadia is a very beautiful world.The world is HUGE. The characters models is great and they also got facial expressions. A perfect 10 here.

Music/sound: I almost never forgot any of these tracks.Memorable and wonderful.Each tracks got different styles. The sound is right on everything expect the voices but there VERY few of them.A 10 here.

Gameplay:Like alot of Rpgs,this is turnbased but Overworks added some stuff to it like sprit bar. Its very fun like most RPGs I played. But they added ship battles along too.Its a fantastic idea !I wish they got more of them though. It not bother me a bit.U can also explore on your ship.A big plus!Battles are easy and some are hard.

Also u might heard that the random encounters are high from some people(thats almost why they hate the game.).But if u just take your time in the game and don't rush though the game. Alot of people don't mind of the high random encounters. U'll have a wonderful time like me. ^_^10 of course!

Story: This is my favorite part of the game. There isn't ONE theme I don't like. Almost each theme is unpredictable and exciting. This part why keep playing this game more and mor and I never get bored of it. Story is that good! The characters are developed very well and memorable. Some are funny,some of them are crazy and etc. I love the story and its get a 10:)

Replayabitity: There tons things to do. Finding discoveries ,finding characters for your ship,Pinta Quest and etc.It will keep u playing for a LONG time.

Buy or rent? Don't rent and get this game now.Skies of Arcadia is better than FF6 and rest of the RPGs I ever played. If u don't buy then you'll regret it in all your VG years.Trust me and everybody else who thinks this game deserved a perfect ten.


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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