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"Skies of Arcadia is Sky High!"

The Story:

Skies of Arcaida is a true epic adventure in every way. The game is based on three main characters searching for Crystals and treasures untold.

The main character named Vyse, a willing teenager searching for tresure with his friend Aika. Vyse works for his Father on the airship ''The Albatross'' A group of companions that travel through the skies of Arcadia looking for Valubles onboard other airships. They battle their way through to treasure and use it to help people in need.

After they recuit a silvite named Fina which was onboard a small aircraft, the gang search for Moon Crystals to stop teh Valuan Armada from taking control of the world of Arcadia. S.O.A. is a magnificent Role Playing Game where love, friendship and honour takes place.

The Graphics:

The graphics are merely breathtaking, each 3-dimensional objest is of high standard, the detail of the waterfalls and aircrafts are far from perfect. Skies of Arcadia contains some of the best visuals ever experianced with facial expressions, detailed battle animations and substancial backgrounds. 10/10

The Music/Sound:

Skies of Arcadia also contains some exellent music, such as the amount of battle themes and village music. Some of the music is repeated quite a lot which is a minor let down, but overall there is some beautiful music included in the game. The sound is of high standard also, with easily heard speach in and out of battle, the sound effects are quite special, such as the background sounds. 8/10

The Lifespan:

In Skies of Arcadia there is way over 50+ hours of amazing gameplay to be seen. The game will last you for ages, and theres lots of things to be found such as discovory secrets and hidden treasures. There is loads of things to find out which enables you to play the game for a second time. 10/10

The Gameplay:

This game is full of gameplay, with exciting battles and entertaining scenes, make the game so much beter. There is only a slight disapointment and that is the amount of random battles that take place. Overall there is no flaw in the gameplay. 9/10

The Final Score:

Overall Skies of Arcadia is an outstanding RPG, one of the best I have ever played, I reccomend any true RPG fan that has a dreamcast to purchase this game right away, with amazing battles, breathtaking animations and crafted into a long and epic adventure, Stop reading this review and go out and buy it!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/17/01, Updated 06/17/01

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