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You take the role of Vyse an air pirate as he journeys through unknown lands to discover and explore vast continents and mystical ruins from the Old World. He is accompanied by Aika a girl that he grew up with and Fina a mysterious girl of unknown origins. They set our on a daring journey to save the world.

Skies of Arcadia is a great and revolutionary game for any RPG fan. Arcadia is a vast world with beautiful graphics and the music is inspiring and sets the mood for what’s to come in the game. One of the cool things about this game is the ship to ship battles that keep things interesting instead of only hand to hand battles that occur randomly every 10 or so seconds. The game is kept interesting through a unique discovery system where you can and at times are required to find certain places and things for the story to continue. This also keeps you with a constant supply of money by selling the discovery information to the Sailors Guild a network of treasure hunters. Another thing is your swashbuckler rating which is basically what people think of you this changes depending on how you react to situations during the game and how you’ve progressed through the game.


Everything is mapped out perfectly on the controller and is extremely simple to use. The A button is used to make selections during battle, navigate menus and talking to people. The B button is mainly used for backtracking in the in game menus. The Y button is used to pull up your character menu to changes weapons, heal, upgrade and check character stats. The Start button while on land displays the map of the area and while in the air sailing you can check world map, go to ships deck or save your game. Everything here is as simple as can be and keeps this RPG simple as can be.


This is really where the game shines if you’ve ever seen these environments you’d know what I’m talking about. The environments and towns encountered through your travels in the game are fully detailed and you can see all kinds of details such as trees, signs and everything you’d see in a normal town. Inside buildings you will find pots and chests full of items. The whole Arcadia world is completely 3D so you can fly anywhere in the sky so there is a lot to be shown and somehow Overworks did this and showed fully detailed buildings on continents. The landscapes through the game vary from lucious forestry to a dry desert to a dark underworld to a sci-fi type environment to keep the whole game experience fresh throughout the 50+ hours of gameplay.


Everything heard in this game sounds great but some of it seems to get repetitive. While sailing the skies you get one single tune to listen to over and over or so it seems. Most of the music in towns is pleasant sounding but again if you spend quite a bit of time there it gets repetitive. For the sound in the game they are great. You can hear Vyses footsteps on certain surfaces and the sounds of your cannons firing, magic being performed and the sound of death. For voices in the game they seem to be quite limited but they sound great. Most of the voice acting in the game consists of very short sentences and a few words. Overall at times very repetitive but everything is perfectly done and sounds awesome.


For the most part this game is extremely easy but it has it’s hard parts and I’m sure you’ll find them easily. As long as you fight all of your battles and don’t fun away the game should go smooth and should end up at the last battle with level 45+ characters which are sufficient to beat the game.


The game has a couple of sub quests and finding all the discoveries should keep this game going for 50+ hours so it’ll last you some time and keep you busy and hooked on this game till your adventure is completely over with.

The Good:
Ship Battles
Discovery Quests
Length 50+ Hours

The Bad:
Random Battles (Get annoying every 10 seconds)
Lack of Voice Acting
Challenge is too easy

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/01/02, Updated 08/14/02

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