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    FAQ by DeeBlackthorne

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 05/07/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    "EVOLUTION:  The World of Sacred Promise"          Specifications
    Adventurer's Guide                                   File Size:  86.5K
         by Dee Hill                                     Version:  1.7
         deeblackthorne@blogasm.net                      Courier New [9pt]
         http://deeblackthorne.blogasm.net               MS Word, Notepad, Wordpad
    For many generations, the Launcher family has produced a long line of famous 
    adventurers.  They are now long since gone and this glorious heritage seems 
    about ready to come to an end.  Except that into this family is born a single 
    son, Mag, who has dreamt all of his life of becoming a skilled adventurer.
    Well, that's the gist of the story - Mag, the adventurer, braving the ruins 
    of the continent in search of fame (as if his family didn't have it already), 
    fortune (to repay that hefty debt owed to the Society), and the legendary 
    Cyframe named "Evolutia" (whose existence is much more rare than the Naolins 
    that frequent the treasure chests).
    Why an "Adventurer's Guide," then?  Why go through the trouble of making an 
    FAQ when the dungeons are randomly generated, when each battle remains at a 
    relatively stable danger level, and that you're grown enough to hold a 
    Dreamcast controller?  Simple.  Treasures are as randomly discovered as the
    dungeon layouts, and since no whole c compendium of items has been built, I've 
    found my project for the time being.
    This FAQ is meant for YOU, the game player, of course.  I don't mind people 
    sharing, passing around, or printing this Adventurer's Guide.  My only request 
    is that if you wish to post it on the web, simply post a link to my e-mail 
    address and give appropriate credit.
    Because this compendium seems an eternal work-in-progress, I know that even 
    after I complete the whole game, I probably won't find every single thing - 
    rather, that players have found things I haven't.  That's cool.  Follow the 
    format below (name of object, description, stats/value, etc.) and e-mail that 
    information to me using the address at the top.
    VERSION                    DESCRIPTION
    -------                    -----------
    1.0                        First walkthrough of Evolution.
    1.1	                     Reorganized appraisals from monsters.
                                (Tab:  Monster Parts)
    1.2	                     Reorganized appraisals from boss battles.
                                (Tab:  Great Treasures)
    1.3                        Sorted Weapons contents by type and power. 
                                (Tab:  Linear's Pans)
                                (Tab:  Gre's Guns)
    1.4                        Sorted Headgear, Body Armor, and Footwear by 
                               defensive strength, ascending order.
    1.5	                     Added Traps and Saloon's Jukebox sections.
    1.6	                     Added Debt Repayment section.
    1.7                        Updated contact information.
    It's easy.  I classified all the information by type.  Scroll through the 
    sections to find the category you're looking for.
    ITEMS  \
    ITEM                       DESCRIPTION
    ----                       -----------
    Ancient Eye                Ancient device blocks an enemy's moves.
    Ancient Light              Icon nullifies all effects on foes.
    Angel Seed                 Faintly shines to increase all parameters.
    Apple Grass                Restores 500 HP and FP to all allies.
    Chameleon Color            Makes party invisible on one floor.
    Cosmo Fruit                Elixir fully restores the party.
    Cursed Ball                Hexed bomb that curses all opponents.
    Doctor Potion              Cures Poison, Paralysis.
    Electric Ball              Lightning-based damage to one enemy rank.
    Eye Potion                 Cures Sleep, Blindness.
    Fang Powder                Increases ATK +5 for one ally.
    Fire Ball                  Fire-based damage to one enemy rank.
    Firefly Mushroom           Rare ruin herb cures team's ailments.
    Flaming Wrap               Plastic coating boosts allies' fire defense.
    Frozen Solid Wrap          Plastic coating boosts allies' ice defense.
    Green Moss                 Healthy algae restores all FP to an ally.
    Green Powder               Increases EVA +5 for one ally.
    Grenades                   Intense fire damage to all enemies.
    Hazoose Ball               Randomly blind, confuse, or paralyze foes. 
    Heart Powder               Increases maximum FP +10 for one ally.
    Herb                       Restores 300 HP to one ally.
    Ice Ball                   Ice-based damage to one enemy rank.
    Ichthyol                   Balm cures all negative status for one ally.
    Insecticide Bomb           Blasts all enemies with acidic gas.
    Item Search                Device that seeks out treasures on a floor.
    Life Powder                Increases maximum HP +10 for one ally.
    Light Flash Bullet         Intense light blinds all enemies.
    Luck Powder                Increases LUCK +1 for one ally.
    Mini-BH Ball               Sucks one enemy into a black hole.
    Minnaolin                  Restores 100 HP to all allies.
    Minnaolin Gold             Restores 500 HP to all allies.
    Minnaolin Royal            Restores 1,000 HP to all allies.
    Mokana Ampoule             Restores 60 HP and 30 FP to one ally.
    Naolin                     Restores 100 HP to one ally.
    Naolin Gold                Restores 500 HP to one ally.
    Naolin Royal               Restores 1,000 HP to one ally.
    Navigator                  Superb device reveals entire floor's layout.
    Nerve Gas Bullet           Noxious gas paralyzes all enemies.
    Pheromone Bomb             Uses extract to brainwash all enemies.
    Purifying Potion           Cures Curse, Block.
    Push Rubber                Forces one enemy to take a step back.
    Quick Guarder              Boosts DEF 15% in battle.  One ally.
    Quick Muscle               Boosts maximum HP 15% in battle.  One ally.
    Quick Racer                Boosts EVA 15% in battle.  One ally.
    Quick Sniper               Boosts HIT 15% in battle.  One ally.
    Quick Soldier              Boosts ATK 15% in battle.  One ally.
    Quick Speed                Boosts AGI 15% in battle.  One ally.
    Red Viper                  Revives dead ally with 25% HP.
    Rolling Bomb               Smoking bomb poisons all enemies.
    Ruin Search                Device that maps out the current floor.
    Sheep Bomb                 Cute, fluffy bomb puts all enemies to sleep.
    Shell Powder               Increases DEF +5 for one ally.
    Shredded Wrap              Plastic coating boosts lightning defense.
    Soul Potion                Cures Confusion, Brainwashing, Berserk.
    Sticky Ball                Spider-web orb lowers enemy's evasion rate.
    Thermo Search              Infrared device reveals monsters.
    Tick Bomb                  Pesky infestation confuses all enemies.
    Trap Search                Device that seeks out all traps.
    TREASURE                   DESCRIPTION                           VALUE
    --------                   -----------                           -----
    Adult Book                 (Pornography?  LOL.)                  $2,500
    Adventurer's Journal       Document left by an adventurer.       $1,500
    Amber Kerchief             Ancient tattered scarf.               $1,500
    Black Box                  Little black box wrapped in rope.       $600
    Black Lava Stone           A beautiful stone found near lava.      $800
    Broken Armor               Rusty, oil-smeared machine protector. $2,500
    Broken Cyframe             Malfunctioning Cyframe parts.         $2,000
    Broken Helmet              A broken helmet with attachments.     $1,200
    Capsule                    Tight-sealed, fluid-filled capsule.   $1,000
    Chickadee Fossil           An ancient fossil of a bird.          $1,800
    Cockroach Fossil           A slightly disgusting fossil.           $400
    Coin with a Hole           Coin with a hole in the middle.       $1,200
    Crystal Ceremonial Vessel  Ceremonial item used by ancients.     $3,000
    Electric Opal              A type of tourmaline, maybe opal.     $1,800
    Gas Tank                   Tankard with a hole in the bottom.      $800
    Ice Fang Crystal           Fang-shaped crystal.                    $600
    LX-A7                      A well-done machinery part.           $2,500
    Monster Egg                A gourmand would die for this.          $400
    Monster Horn               Carve center to make a beer stein.    $1,800
    Motherboard Alpha          Circuit on thin plate embedded in rock. $600
    Motherboard Beta           Rare circuitry mounted into rock.     $1,500
    Old Sandal                 Ancient shoes resembling modern ones.   $400
    Piece of Lithograph        Items inscribed with ancient writing. $1,200
    Pole with a Net            Ancient sports and recreation tool.     $600
    Portrait                   Drawing of a woman with faded colors. $1,000
    Rainbow-Colored Wings      Jewelry that commands a high price.   $3,000
    Rusty Gun                  Ancient rusty gun appears powerful.     $400
    Sky Telescope              High-tech scope, looks broken.          $800
    Small Engine               A small engine.                       $2,500
    Small Metal Rod            A metal bar with a thin groove.       $1,000
    Tachyon Particle Theory    Ancient manuscript on time travel.    $1,200
    TH-F3                      Ancient machine part covered in dust. $1,200
    Thin Board                 Miniature hand board with thin bands. $1,500
    Unexploded Shell           Dangerous, handle with care!            $800
    V-205                      Missile without a fuse.               $1,800
    GREAT TREASURE             LOCATION                           VALUE
    --------------             --------                           -----
    Sleep Staff                Blind Ruins                        $10,000 *
    Primary Rose               Heaven Ruins                       $20,000
    Star Crystal               Descent Ruins                      $30,000
    Cold Spiral                Shades Ruins                       $40,000
    Earth Source               Sheol Ruins                        $50,000
    * This may vary according to the order in which you explore the ruins.
    MONSTER PART               PROCESSED VERSION                       COST
    ------------               -----------------                       ----
    Archaeo's Wings            Cooling Sheet                      $1,200 **
    Bacterio's Nucleus         Blessed Headgear                      $2,500
    Eisheaia's Shell           Scale Mask                            $1,200
    Hallucigenia's Needle      Holy Contact                          $1,200
    Ground Star's Shell        Ear Plug                              $2,000
    Hydra's Shell              Hydra Hat                               $900
    Hyenodon's Tooth           Fang Powder                           $1,000
    Millipede's Carapace       Shell Frying Pan                        $900
    Mosquito's Wings           Mystery Needle                        $2,000
    Paleo Calinoides' Feet     Alarm Clock                           $1,500
    Phage's Nucleus            Crystal Core                          $3,000
    Speckler's Wings           Truth Glasses                         $2,000
    Strange Powder             Heart Powder                          $1,000
    Suspicious Rag             Bill                                  $1,500
    Terapede's Shell           Shell Powder                          $1,000
      ** If you don't like the processed item, you can sell it back to the item 
         shop for the same price.
    CYFRAME                    DESCRIPTION                     
    -------                    -----------
    Agility Booster            Electrical unit upgrades Cyframe swiftness.
      AGI +?? where "??" represents the generated modifier.
    Attack Booster             Electrical unit upgrades Cyframe strength.
      ATK +?? where "??" represents the generated modifier.
    Battle Parts ***           Self-energizing blade combat unit.
    Blade Parts                Steel sword attachment.
    Bullet Parts               Shooting cannon.
    Counter Parts              Secretive sword that charges attack power.
    Defense Booster            Electrical unit upgrades Cyframe toughness.
      DEF +?? where "??" represents the generated modifier.
    Energy Parts               High-powered beam cannon cartridge.
    Evasion Booster            Electrical unit upgrades Cyframe dexterity.
      EVA +?? where "??" represents the generated modifier.
    Flame Blade Parts          Fiery-red blade attachment.
    Flame Cart Parts           Red flame cannon.
    Flame Hand Parts           Red gloves warm with branding.
    Hammer Parts               Smashing mallet.
    Hits Booster               Electrical unit upgrades Cyframe accuracy.
      HIT +?? where "??" represents the generated modifier.
    Ice Blade Parts            Cooled blade attachment.
    Ice Cart Parts             Blue breeze cannon.
    Ice Hand Parts             Blue groves frosted in bitter winds.
    Jet Parts                  Heavy jet pack slams into enemies.
    Lightning Blade Parts      Plasma-enhanced blade attachment.
    Lightning Cart Parts       Thunder cannon.
    Lightning Hand Parts       Yellow gloves infused with electricity.
    Luck Booster               Electrical unit upgrades Cyframe fortune.
      LUCK +?? where "??" represents the generated modifier.
    Moving Hand Parts          Large, durable glove moves players about.
    Recovery Hand Parts        White, restorative gloves.
    Rock Parts                 Large hand that juggles boulders.
    Saucer Parts               Sharp throwing discus.
    Screw Parts                Immense cannon swallows enemies.
    Sound Parts                Musical cannon.
    Special Bullet Parts       Bullets loaded with abnormal status.
    Spray Parts                Aerosol-based mechanism.
    Steal Parts                Nimble hands pilfer from enemy targets.
    Upgrade Kit                Adds one SLOT to Cyframe.
      *** Unless otherwise indicated, all Cyframes have base attack values of 
          +10.  These increase through modification at the town's Cyframe shop.
    PAN                        DESCRIPTION                   
    ---                        -----------                   
    Frying Pan                 Resists scratches and dirt. 
      ATK +16
    Frying Pan + Holder        Pan comes with bear-print mittens.
      ATK +22, DEF +5
    Lumpy Frying Pan           Frying pan with a bumpy bottom.
      ATK +38, HIT -15
    Shell Frying Pan           Strange item shaped like a frying pan.
      ATK +55, DEF +20; Prevents Poison.
    Lucky Frying Pan           Bizarre pan alters attack patterns.
      ATK +66, HIT -50, LUCK +25
    Used Frying Pan            It feels so natural!
      ATK +85, HIT +20
    Legendary Frying Pan       Legendary pan infused with hot flames.
      ATK +130, HIT +50; Fire-based damage.
    Omelet Pan                 A small pan for frying eggs.
      ATK +140, AGI +20
    Scarlet Frying Pan         Fiery-red pan inflicts flame-based damage.
      ATK +170; Fire-based damage.
    Heavy Frying Pan           A very heavy, iron frying pan.
      ATK +210, HIT -30, EVA -30, AGI -30
    GRE'S GUNS  \
    GUN                        DESCRIPTION
    ---                        -----------
    Hunting Gun                An old, but well-maintained rifle.
      ATK +30
    Old Style Gun              Classical fighting gun.
      ATK +45
    New Style Gun              Gun made with the latest technology.
      ATK +75
    Fight Gun                  A gun built with combat improvements.
      ATK +105; Doubles FP recovered each round!
    Modified Gun               A new and improved gun.
      ATK +140
    Mad Gun                    Intense gun brings out trigger happiness.
      ATK +150, HIT +100; Automatically casts Berserk.
    Shell Gun                  A light and easy-to-use Peripatus gun.
      ATK +180, AGI +12
    Heavy Gun                  A heavy, power-boosted gun.
      ATK +240, AGI -5
    HEADGEAR                   DESCRIPTION                   
    --------                   -----------                   
    Frilly Ribbon              Large ribbon flaps for movement.
      DEF +5, EVA +4, AGI +6
    Turquoise Ribbon           Milky white and sea blue ribbon.
      DEF +5, EVA +6, AGI +4
    Head Gear                  Headgear with goggles and decorations.
      DEF +10
    Mintouin Glass             Refreshing mint cap prevents drowsiness.
      DEF +10; Prevents Sleep.
    Silver Mask                Face guard stitched with silver lacing.
      DEF +15, AGI -2
    Noct Glass                 Light-reflecting goggles prevents blindness.
      DEF +18; Prevents Blindness.
    Blessed Headgear           Shining goggles blessed with a spell.
      DEF +20, HIT +10, EVA +5; Counterattacks with 20% of inflicted damage
    Spirited Bandanna          Spirit-bracing bandanna.
      ATK +12, DEF +31, LUCK +5
    Scale Mask                 Mask forged from a magical dragon's scale.
      DEF +35, HIT +25, AGI -2; Lessens Elemental damage; -20% Max HP / lv.  
    Hydra Hat                  Hydra shell hat for Gre.
      DEF +36; Lessens Ice damage, Prevents Sleep.
    Sanity Visor               Hallucination-blocking goggles.
      DEF +36; Prevents Brainwashing.
    Wing Kerchief              Wing-shaped tough hairband.
      DEF +36, EVA +20, AGI +5, LUCK +3
    Cooling Bandanna           Head-cooling bandanna.
      DEF +45; Prevents Berserk.
    Power Gear                 Hat increases concentration and boosts power.
      ATK +5, DEF +48, LUCK +10
    Glitzy Gear                Exciting, spirited headgear that sparkles.
      DEF +60; Prevents Sleep.
    Noble Circlet              Robust brow band protects against danger.
      DEF +60, HIT +6, EVA +6, AGI +10; Prevents Poison.
    Dragonfly Lens             Strange spectacle lens may disorient you.
      DEF +60, EVA +84; Automatically casts Confusion (at random).
    Cowboy Hat                 Put this on to feel like a gunman!
      DEF +70, HIT +5
    Fine Glass                 Goggles made of light, tough materials.
      DEF +72, EVA +10
    Guts Bandanna              A fighting-spirit bandanna.
      ATK +12, DEF +80, AGI +5
    Duck Gear                  Humorous, quacking headgear.
      DEF +84, HIT -5; Prevents Berserk.
    Steel Mask                 A mask forged from steel.
      DEF +96, AGI -8
    Anger Bandanna             Arouses anger and fury when tied on.
      ATK +100, DEF +100, HIT -30, EVA -30
    Scale Circlet              Brow band made of solid gold.
      DEF +100, HIT +10, LUCK +3
    Feather Headgear           Strong and surprisingly light headgear.
      DEF +108, EVA +18, AGI +36
    Hunter Gear                Headgear made for superior adventurers.
      DEF +108, HIT +28, AGI +15
    Battle Mask                A face-protection mask for close combat.
      DEF +110, AGI -8
    Mystic Mask                An ancient mask sealed with protection.
      DEF +132, EVA +20, AGI -12
    Prehistoric Headgear       Headgear from an ancient civilization.
      ATK +24, DEF +144, HIT +12, EVA +12
    BODY ARMOR                 DESCRIPTION                   
    ----------                 -----------                   
    Apron                      Cooking apron fits over clothing.
      DEF +4, HIT +5, EVA +5; Lessens Fire damage.
    Gym Suit                   Woman's exercise outfit.
      DEF +5, EVA +5, AGI +5; Prevents Paralysis.
    Coat                       A soft woman's coat.
      DEF +10
    Power Arms                 Suit that magnifies strength and reduces damage.
      ATK +84, DEF +12; Reduces all types of damage by 50%. ****
    Oversized Dress            Simple, cute, one-piece dress.
      DEF +13
    Overalls                   Mag's work uniform.
      DEF +15
    Tail Coat                  Marvelous coat with tails for Gre.
      DEF +17
    Short Jacket               Short jacket allows free movement.
      DEF +24
    Hunter Jacket              Light shirt allows free movement.
      DEF +48, EVA +12
    Camouflage Clothes         Clothing covered with hard-to-find paint.
      DEF +48, EVA +18
    Champion Belt              Warrior's crystal belt cuts damage in half.
      ATK +48, DEF +48; Reduces physical damage by 50% ****
    Heavy Tail Coat            A coat with tails made of tough material.
      DEF +54, EVA -5, AGI -5
    Leather Jacket             Leather jacket for adventurers.
      DEF +60
    Jones Suit                 A highly functional suit. 
      DEF +66
    Heavy Coat                 Woman's coat made of tough material.
      DEF +66, EVA -5, AGI -5
    Metal Tail Coat            Hard steel coat with tails.
      DEF +84, EVA -10, AGI -10
    Breast Protector           Protector piece for the upper body.
      DEF +84
    Bulletproof Vest           An iron-plated vest.
      DEF +96
    Prehistoric Coat           Ancient coat helps evade enemy attacks.
      DEF +96, EVA +72
    Fiber Suit                 Enchanted clothing guards against evil.
      DEF +108; Prevents Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, Confusion.
    Kevlar Coat                A woman's coat made of durable material.
      DEF +108, EVA +12, AGI +12
    Full Metal Jacket          A rider's jacket with good defense.
      DEF +126
    Kevlar Tail Coat           A light and strong coat with tails.
      DEF +132, EVA +12
    Kevlar Jacket              A light and strong jacket for adventurers.
      DEF +144, EVA +12
    Astro Suit                 An uncomfortable ancient suit.
      DEF +156, EVA -40
    Armored Suit               Powerful protective gear for the whole body.
      DEF +172
      **** While the stat increases are definitely true, I have yet to 
      notice damage protection as significant as what the summaries say.
      Equip these pieces at your own risk.
    FOOTWEAR                   DESCRIPTION                   
    --------                   -----------                   
    Courtesan Sandals	   Gorgeous sandals let Linear run fast.
      HIT +90, EVA +10, AGI +20
    Glass Shoes                Glass shoes for Linear.
      DEF -15, EVA -10, AGI -20, LUCK +70
    Hustle Boots               Increases emotional tension and hit rate.
      HIT +120, EVA -12
    Slippers                   Fuzzy shoes with a soft heel.
      EVA +12, AGI +4
    Casual Shoes               Ordinary shoes.
      EVA +20
    Boots                      High-topped leather shoes.
      DEF +5, EVA +5, AGI +5
    Winged Shoes               Cute winged shoes, small for Chain's feet.
      ATK +5, DEF +5, HIT +5, EVA +15, AGI +15, LUCK +10
    Jet Boots                  Accelerated boots that take off.
      DEF +6, EVA +1, AGI +18
    High Heel Shoes            Makes legs look long and slender.
      DEF +8, EVA -5, LUCK +5
    Casual Sandals             Easy-to-wear sandals.
      DEF +10, EVA +5
    Fancy Sandals              Cute dog print sandals.
      DEF +15
    Foot Massage Shoes         Soothing footwear for Gre.
      ALL STATS +20; Prevents Poison, Blindness.
    Cat's Feet Slippers        Sandals that are fun to look at and touch.
      DEF +24, EVA -5
    Premium Shoes              High-class, pricey footwear.
      DEF +24, EVA +10, AGI +4
    Ceramic Boots              Boots covered with ceramic coating.
      DEF +28, AGI +5
    Skid Loafers               Low heeled shoes.
      DEF +30, EVA +6
    Squishy Sandals            Flip-floppy sandals guard against confusion.
      DEF +36, HIT +4; Prevents Confusion.
    Clogs                      Shoes that enrich the spirit.
      ATK +6, DEF +40, AGI -6
    Trekking Shoes             Thick-soled shoes for bumpy roads.
      DEF +40, EVA +2, AGI +2
    Iron Clogs                 Shoes that greatly enrich the spirit.
      ATK +20, DEF +45 AGI -8
    Jungle Boots               Solid shoes for severe environments.
      DEF +48, EVA -6
    Rivet Boots                Covered in tacks to strengthen attack.
      ATK +60, DEF +48
    Gimmick Shoes              Specially prepared tough shoes.
      DEF +55
    Steel Boots                Defensive bargain boots that look effective.
      ATK +5, DEF +90
    ACCESSORY                  DESCRIPTION                   
    ---------                  -----------                   
    Alarm Clock                Obnoxiously loud ringing alarm.
      Prevents Sleep.
    Amulet of Confusion        Prevents "Confusion" once, then breaks.
      Prevents Confusion once.
    Amulet of Paralysis        Prevents "Paralysis" once, then breaks.
      Prevents Paralysis once.
    Bill                       Mystical paper protects against dark magic.
      Prevents Curse, Block.
    Cold-Resistant Ring        Ring that protects against ice attacks.
      Lessens Ice damage.
    Cooling Sheet              Cooling cloth staves off anger.
      Prevents Berserk.
    Crystal Bangle             Translucent bracelet with shiny stones.
      HIT +20, EVA +10
    Crystal Core               Shimmering crystal amulet extracts healing.
      Ally receives 5% of normal attack damage to foe as HP.
    Cute Doll                  Sacrifices itself to save its wearer's life.
      Resurrects owner upon death.
    Ear Plug                   Blocks unwanted noise.
      Prevents Brainwashing.
    Face Badge                 Charmed star sticker worn on the forehead.
      FP x 1.5 recovery during combat.
    Fire-Resistant Ring        Ring that protects against fire attacks.
      Lessens Fire damage.
    Four-Leaf Clover           Said to bring good luck.
      DEF +3, LUCK +2
    Holy Contact               Gentle contacts provide focused vision.
      Prevents Blindness.
    Isis Figure                Holy icon returns damage; 30% chance destroyed.
      Counterattacks with 100% of damage to attacking enemy.
    Lightning-Resistant Ring   Ring that protects against thunder attacks.
      Lessens Lightning damage.
    Lucky Charm                Good luck amulet.
      LUCK +5
    Meistersinger              Record that boosts fighting spirit.
      ATK +20, DEF +10, HIT +10
    Mystery Needle             Golden pin protects user from paralysis.
      Prevents Paralysis.
    Pocket Watch               Gold-inlay watch strengthens Gre.
      HIT +10, EVA +5
    Prehistoric Broach         Woman's jewelry withstands many attacks.
      Lessens all types of damage.
    Prehistoric Pendant        Ancient jewelry protects the soul.
      Prevents all negative status changes!
    Thief's Wire               Tool improves manual dexterity.
      HIT +20
    Rocket                     Carries a photo of Mag's parents.
      DEF +5, LUCK +3
    Santa Maria                Enchanted pendant bearing a famous saint.
      LUCK +12; Resurrects its wearer with partial HP if defeated.
    Scarf                      Warm muffler protects face against the cold.
      DEF +15; Lessens Ice damage.
    Scarlet Bow-Tie            Men's bowtie for Gre.
      EVA +20, AGI +4, LUCK +12
    Self-Defense Bag           Guards women against offending attackers.
      DEF +25, EVA +25, LUCK +20
    Straw Doll                 Voodoo charm returns damage.
      Counterattacks with 100% of damage to attacking enemy.
    Truth Glasses              Sharp-looking spectacles grant clear sight.
      Prevents Confusion.
    Wool Gloves                Warm, fuzzy mittens protects hands.
      DEF +12; Lessens Ice damage.
    TRAPS  \
    Traps appear as discolored, raised sections of tile throughout the dungeons.  
    Both beneficial and harmful to your team, traps become less worrisome if you 
    use a Trap Search tool just after entering a floor.  Use the following list 
    to determine whether you should tread carefully.
    Unless otherwise indicated, traps disappear after they are stepped upon.  
    And if you don't have the Trap Search to discover them, avoid traps by either 
    jumping over them (B button) or "hugging the walls" to maneuver around them.
    HARMFUL TRAPS              DESCRIPTION *****
    -------------              -----------
    Alarm                      White tile with eight-directional arrow.
      Alerts monsters of your presence, making it harder to surprise them.
      Effects can be reversed if you use a Chameleon Color.
    Blinding Gas               Grated manhole, shoots out black gas.
      Obscures vision, dimming the dungeon layout for 15 seconds.
      If engaged in battle, players are randomly given "Blindness" status.
    Confusion Gas              Grated manhole, shoots out yellow gas.
      Muddles the team, disabling proper controller guidance for 15 seconds.
      If engaged in battle, players are randomly given "Confusion" status.
    Erasure                    Salmon-colored brick.
      Amnesia-inducing gas erases your progress on the floor.  
      Effects can be reversed if you use a Ruin Search or Navigator.
    Explosives                 Red-orange trap with an X in the center.
      Pressure-sensitive, it explodes, damaging about 10% of your team HP.
      Will reset after detonation.
    FP Reduction               Brick-colored square design.
      Saps away roughly 5% of your team's FP.
    Larceny                    (Unknown.)
      Randomly steals away one of your items and stashes it in a chest.
      Slightly annoying - you can find your lost item rather easily.
    Monster Boost              Salmon-colored brick.
      Strengthens all monsters on the floor.
    Monster Summoning          White tile with eight-directional arrow.
      Summons a monster on the floor for a surprise attack against your team.
      Can be VERY dangerous, especially on the lower levels!  Be careful!
    Warp Trap                  Dark gray tile with a shadowed orb.
      Randomly teleports your team to another part of the floor.
    ----------------           -----------
    FP Restore                 Soft blue tile, emits green light.
      Restores 50% of your team's FP instantly.
    HP Restore                 Soft blue tile, emits blue light.
      Restores 50% of your team's HP instantly.  
    Level Boost                Soft blue tile, emits green light.
      Randomly levels-up one of your allies.
    Monster Eliminator         White tile, emits red light and siren.
      Makes all monsters on the floor disappear!
    Monster Sap                Salmon-colored brick design.
      Weakens all monsters on the floor.
    Stats Boost                Blue-gray tile, emits yellow light.
      Randomly increases a statistic for one of your players.
      Bonus affects any ally regardless of formation in the party.
    TP Bonus                   Soft blue tile, emits blue light.
      Gives your allies several hundred TP.
      Very useful when you're trying to gain new techniques.
      ***** I drew up this list from memory, so it might not be as accurate
      as I would like.  Feel free to submit your corrections.
    While this section of the game has no real importance, should a player be 
    willing to find out what's on the jukebox after the barkeeper repairs it, 
    here is the collection.
    1.	Chain's Theme
    2.	Mag's House
    3.	Pepper's Theme
    4.	Linear's Theme
    5.	Save Evolutia!
    6.	Treasure Song
    7.	Victory at the Ruins
    8.	Enter Eugene
    9.	Taking Down the Throne
    1.	I'm Here
    2.	Opening Theme
    3.	Let's Go!
    4.	Battle Theme
    5.	Heroic Theme
    6.	Cursed Theme / Adversity
    7.	Doom Melody
    8.	Pannam Town
    1.	To the Skies
    2.	Landing Field
    3.	Blind Ruins
    4.	Descent Ruins
    5.	Heaven Ruins
    6.	Sheol Ruins
    7.	8th Empire Carrier
    8.	Happy March
    9.	My Precious Flowers
    1.	Item Shop
    2.	Upgrade Shop
    3.	Society Headquarters
    4.	Ocarina Practice
    5.	Shade Ruins
    6.	Peaceful Home
    7.	Gre's Worrisome Jazz
    8.	Presentation to the Throne
    9.	Monster's Nest
    1.	Eugene, First Battle
    2.	Sea Otter Screamer
    3.	Wake Up / By Your Side
    4.	The Morning After
    5.	Mystique
    6.	Catastrophe
    7.	Cyframe Raid
    A secondary but important part of completing the Evolution game is repaying 
    your family's debt.  Embarking on adventures in the ruins pays off in the 
    form of artifacts, valuable relics that Society member Nop appraises and then
    grants you payment.
    Debt comes in two phases.
    Your family left Mag an $80,000 debt with the Society.
    So long as you spend wisely on Cyframe upgrading (I dedicated much of it to 
    Mag since he was always on my team and he's, without a doubt, your strongest 
    character.) and you fight the bosses with Linear and Gre (He always reserves 
    his portion of the adventuring money toward the family debt, and he can make
    a decent fighter once you level up his skills.), you can get that paid with
    little worry.
    To thank you for paying off the $80,000, Nina will give you an Attack Booster 
    +72.  This gift also "unlocks" your team's luck in find Boosters over +72 in
    treasure chests.
    After you defeat Eugene and the 8th Imperial Army (which means you've beaten
    the game and your save file has a star with an S in the middle), the family 
    has a $200,000 debt to repay - the Society fixed the Sea Otter and cleaned up
    all the wreckage from the carrier ship.  Hefty, huh?
    Unfortunately, even if you defeat the bosses from each of the ruins, the Great 
    Treasures have already been found, so you don't get credit for them a second 
    I pose two recommendations here:  (1) Discover which treasures yield the 
    greater amount of value.  If you're unfamiliar with how treasures are spread 
    out through the ruins, remember that the more valuable items and objects reside
    in the deeper dungeon levels.  Each ruin carries the same three or four 
    valuableitems in its depths, so once you figure them out, remember to collect
    as many as possible.  (2) Items are in abundance, and once you find the "rare
    items" such as Firefly Mushrooms, Green Moss, and Apple Grass, keep them.  
    These are more valuable than your standard fare healing items (i.e. Naolins, 
    Minnaolins, Red Vipers) and miscellaneous equipment (i.e. Fire Ball, Ice Ball,
    Sticky Ball), so when your inventory appears full, dispose of the cheaper 
    belongings and save the valuable ones.  That, and hunt down as many Angel Seeds
    and Upgrade Kits as you can - after adding slots to your favorite adventurers' 
    Cyframes, they continue to pop up and sell for $1,000+.
    Don't get too excited, though.  Once you pay off your $200,000 debt, Nina 
    givesyou a Prehistoric Broach.  I already had found one in my adventurers 
    and I didn't equip it because the Prehistoric Pendants were more effective 
    But hey, at least you thoroughly beat the game, right?!
      FINISH TIME - 49:30 

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