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    Mag's Hand FAQ by JOrtiz

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/06/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       EEEEEEEEEEE                                                        NNNNNNNNN
       __________   VV    VV   OO  OO  LL   UU   UU  -------  --  OO  OO  NNN    NNNN  
       EEEEEEEEEE    VV  VV   OO    OO LL   UU   UU  TTT      II OO    OO NNN    NNNN
       EEEEEEEEEE     VVVV     OO  OO  LL    UU  UU  TTT      II  OO  OO  NNN    NNNN 
       EEEEEE          VV       OOOO   LLLLL  UUUU    TTTTTTT II   OOOO   NNN    NNNN
       EEEEEEEEEE                                                         NNN    NNNN		
       EEEEEEEEEEE            -THE WORLD OF SACRED DEVICE-                NNN     NNN
    by: Jonothon Ortiz
    date: 07/06/01
    email: sidephase@therealms.net
    Changes in v.1.2
    -changed email address
    Changes in v.1.1
    -added Mag Launcher Introduction
    The purpose of this In-depth is to show a list of Mag's available hands
    and the skills with each hand. Due to the large number of hands, Mag
    is the most versatile character in the whole game. This list of hands is
    based on the hands that I have found so far in my game (level 79, approx.
    50 hours into game) [yeah yeah yeah a long time; I have RL work to do so
    I let the game sit while I do my work]
    I've purposely not listed a cyframe that you get at the last level
    because I feel it would be a spoiler. If you have not gotten there and
    really really want to know what it is email me. 
    General Cyframe Information
       1. Select which parts you want to upgrade carefully. Keep in mind
          that the attack/effect is more effective at a higher level.
       2. Think ahead. Will upgrading the Fire hand be more effective than
          Lightning hand in the Ice dungeon?
       3. Keep an eye on your money. Too low is NOT good of a level. 
       4. Some parts function just fine at level 1 and depend more on
          your attack level. 
        1. Introduction to Mag Launcher    
        2. Mag's Hands
            - Hand Parts
            - Steal Parts
            - Hammer Parts
            - Rock Parts
            - Moving Parts
            - Flame Hand Parts
            - Ice Hand Parts
            - Lightning Hand Parts
        3. Copyright and Credits
         -Mag Launcer is the hero of the game. He is nicely well-rounded in terms of attack
          and receiving damage. However, as the game progresses, his strengths will lend
          themselves more to attack and defense while his luck, evasion, agility, and hits
          lower. Concentrate on Mag's attack and defense parameters and let whatever armor
          you find compensate for his weaknesses in the other areas. IF you have a spare,
          use one of the processed items enhancers to boost up a weak area.
    +(in no particular order)
    =======////////////// Hand parts
    Mag's default hand. He starts the game with this one.
          Magna Punch:  a double-punch combo that does decent damage. useful
                        if you have to get rid of pesky enemies that just
                        won't die.
          Charge Punch: a dashing attack that moves Mag up to the front row
                        after he makes contact. be VERY smart when using this
                        attack; the enemy that attacks Mag after Mag gets 
                        moved up front will hit Mag for more damage.
          Magna Combo:  a tripe-punch combo that looks VERY sweet. it's a 
                        magna punch finished off with a variation of a dragon
                        punch that has multiple hits. useful when it's a strong
                        enemy that needs to be moved back a line. when using
                        this technique be careful that you don't push a monster
                        that's dying to the back line and the monster is up next;
                        the monster will very likely run away and you will lose
                        experience points and/or items.
          Mach Punch:   a nice medium-sized damage slammer. EXTREMELY SWEET!. 
                        however, it will 'freeze' mag up for one wait turn 
                        after usage. use it for fun or for that last-ditch hit.
                        can also be useful if you want to have the other members
                        of your team move up in their wait time.
          Shock Punch:  Mag's first multi-hit attack that is a real show-off. 
                        Hits a complete row of enemies for a very nice damage
                        chunk. A friend of mine and I sometimes attack with this
                        JUST to see the animation ;)
          Dive Punch:   Anoter multi-hi attack. This one hits all the enemies 
                        for another nice chunk of damage. Perfect for groups
                        greater than four and when you have five enemies
                        inbetween Mag and the next character. Definately a
                        house cleaner ;)
          Magna Rave:   The ultimate single enemy attack; Mag does a tight combo
                        and finishes it Yung Phat style. VERY tight, VERY classy.
                        The damage chunk is usually over 1,500; depending on your
                        attack strength and Hand upgrade levl.
         Giant Knuckle: This one is just for fun; the Giant Knuckle will hit a 
                        large group of enemies for mega damage. It's hillarious
                        to see at times. Useful when you just want to swat every
                        annoying creature on the screen.
    =======////////////// Steal Parts
      Gimme an Item!:   Steals an item from an enemy
      Gimme Health!:    Steals health from an enemy and distributes it to the 
      Gimme Power!:     Steals FP from an enemy and distributes it to the group.
                        This comes in VERY handy when fighting a boss and using
                        a character with high-FP consumption.
      Two birds with 
      one stone!:       Steals an item and kills an enemy at the same time ;)
    =======////////////// Hammer Parts
        Magna Hammer:   Slams enemy from the side with the hammer. The enemy
                        takes a step back. same strategy as with the Magna Combo.
        Stun Hammer:    Bang'em on the head like a carnival toy! ;) Causes
                        paralysis; this isn't too effective but <shrug> 
        Mad Hammer:     Strong hammer attack that does decent damage. Apart
                        from moving an enemy back, it also causes confusion to 
                        the enemy. This is useful in large enemy numbers.
        Strike Hammer:  Viscious hammer attack that moves the enemy two steps 
                        back. Very cool and very nice damage.
        Trip Hammer:    Like the Stun Hammer except Mag takes a giant leap and
                        just smashes them in. Gives enemy brainwashing.
        Sledge Hammer:  Slams all enemies with some tight animation. Causes
                        Paralysis, Confusion, Brainwashing to all enemies.
                        You have GOT to see this one!
    =======////////////// Rock Parts
    + note: the Rock Parts have an unusual targeting system; instead of a line or 
      all it, for the most part, affect a circular area around one enemy.
        Magna Rock:     Hurls a giant boulder attack that increases enemy wait time.
                        Affects everything one step around enemy.
        Roller Rock:    Let's go bowling! Rolls a giant boulder to TWO enemy ranks.
        Stun Rock:      EXTREMELY COOL ANIMATION HERE! Mag whips up edge-sharp stones
                        and just slams them into the enemy like a shish-ka-bob. Nice
                        damage and causes paralysis. One step around enemy.
        Double Magna
        Rock:           Drops two giant boulders on the enemy; like if you were
                        dropping two quarters into a phone. Very funny animation.
                        Increases wait time; one step around enemy.
        Hyper Magna
        Rock:           This one's tricky; not only does it hit all the enemies but
                        the stone this one drops is so huge that it also damages 
                        any characters in the front line. Be careful when using this
                        against anyone. Increases wait time greatly; all enemies
                        and characters front line.
    =======////////////// Moving Parts
      Members Advance:  Moves another character forward a rank
      Members Retreat:  Moves another character back a rank
      Enemy Advance:    Moves an enemy forward. Useful for enemies with high defense.
      Enemy Retreat:    Moves an enemy backward. Useful for enemies that are strong.
      Rank Moves:       Lines up all characters on same rank. Useful for healing and
                        for effect/status techniques that affect only one row.
    =======////////////// Spray Parts
          Spray:        Gas attack against an enemy; kills bugs dead. One enemy.
          Sleep Spray:  Gas attack that induces sleep. All enemies.
          Spray:        Reduces FP consumption on all characters except Mag.
                        Does not work with Pepper's "Use All FP" attacks.
          Spray:        Gas attack that causes poison. If you keep doing it, the
                        poison will be stronger. All enemies.
          Tear Gas 
          Spray:        Causes blindness (DUh!!!!)
    =======////////////// Flame Hand Parts
        Burning Punch:  Fire envelops hand for a punch attack. One enemy.
        Burn, baby,
        burn!:          All enemies weak vs. fire freeze (like paralysis)
        Fire Shield:    Makes Mag stronger vs. fire
    =======////////////// Ice Hand Parts
        Freezing Punch: Ice envelops hand for a punch attack. One enemy.
        Freeze, baby,
        Freeze!:        All enemies weak vs. ice freeze (like paralysis)
        Ice Shield:     Makes Mag stronger vs. ice
    =======////////////// Lightning Hand Parts
       Lightning Punch: Lightning envelops hand for a punch attack. One Enemy.
       Zap, baby, Zap!: All enemies weak vs. lightning freeze (like paralysis)
       Thunder Shield:  Makes Mag stronger vs. lightning
    =======////////////// Copyright Information & Credits
    +My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for saving me from the pit of hell. John 3:16 is more
    than just a football phrase folks; read more about Jesus and how He can save you
    and change your live at: 
    +My loving gift from God, my Fiancee Carla for putting up with all the time I gave
    this game while she was visiting. Thanks Honey!
    +UBI Soft, E.S.P., and Sting for creating such a great game. Keep up the good work
    and keep steering RPGs from the lameness that is magic!
    +This information was written by Jonothon Ortiz on Dec. 30, 1999, out of PURE
            ---Copyright Information
    +This FAQ is copyright 1999 by Jonothon Ortiz.
    +No reprinting or copying of this FAQ for profit is allowed unless prior contact
    is made and an agreement is reached. 
    +You MAY freely pass out this FAQ as LONG AS IT IS NOT ALTERED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR
    +You MAY use sections of this FAQ within your FAQ as LONG AS YOU GIVE ME CREDIT FOR
    WHATEVER AREA THIS FAQ HELPED YOU WITH YOUR FAQ! (also, contact me if you did use it
    and I will add your name to the bottom of this FAQ as a reference to your FAQ.)
    + The name "EVOLUTION", subtitle "THE WORLD OF SACRED DEVICE", the name "MAG LAUNCHER",
    all names used for each item (i.e. Hands Parts), respective game characters, and all
    other names used are copyrighted by UbiSoft, Sting, and E.S.P.

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