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    FAQ by JHaver

    Updated: 02/05/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Fri, 05 Feb 1999 11:21:00 CST
    		      By Jimmy Haver             
                       Email - Chocobo4@juno.com
                   	        Version 1.0
      I.Getting Started
         1.How to Fight
         2.How to Equip
         4.New moves
      II.Game Walkthrough
         1.First Place
         2.Second Place
         3.Third Place
         4.Fourth Place
         5.Last Place(I think)
     	I.Getting Started
    	1.(How to Fight) To fight in battle chose the top choice for a normal 
    attack.  The second choice is special move which takes some stuff.  The 
    third is use items.
    	2.(How to Equip) Go to the Third choice and you can equip weapons and 
    armor.  The top space opens up three more things which give you diffrent 
    abilities never unepquip the top one because that is your best.
    	3.(Items) You get items in treasure boxes.  You can sell special items 
    for lots of money to the guy in Society.  Equip before you sell  and 
    sell everything but your cures.
    	4.(New Moves) Every time you kill an enemy you get some yellow stuff 
    which is knowen as talent points(TP).  When you select special abilities 
    you can learn a new move if it is yellow.
    	II.Game Walkthrough
    	1.(First Place)You start off in a battle which you should just chose 
    the top choice to 
    attack.  You will go through a long talking scene.  Then go to a place 
    called Society talk to the 
    girl and chose the first choice.  Chose a place to go to.  Then if you 
    want The Buttler go back to your house and chose the second choice.  If 
    you want the Rocket Boy(Chain Gun) go to the bus and talk to him and 
    chose the second choice.  Now go to your airplane and chose the first 
    choice. You are now in your first Dungeon.  Get to the 9th floor and you 
    will fight a boss you need level 11 with everybody.  Now talk to you 
    Buttler and chose the second choice.
    	2.(The Second Place)Go to Society and chose another place.  Now you can 
    get Pepper Spray.  If you want her got to the bar and talk to her and 
    chose the second choice.  Now go to your airplane.  There are about 11 
    to 13 floors.  You need about 20 something levels to beat the boss.  
    Again talk to your buttler with the second choice.  
    	3.(Third Place)Go chose a place to go to and go get your Character.  
    There are 16 floors and you need level 33.  Beat the boss and talk to 
    your buttler.  
    	4.(Fourth Place)Your last dungeon not last place.  Do the same stuff.  
    Now this time there are like 20 to 22 floors.  You need an amazing level 
    50!!!!! to beat the boss with ease.  Now go to your buttler but this 
    time it is diffrent.  They have guns pointed to him and you see the gay 
    fag from the beginning. 
    	5.(Last Place)Go to your airplane and you will fight a wimpy boss.  You 
    will see a cool FMV and lose Linear Cannon.  Now get all the good stuff 
    you need to beat the upcoming bosses. Go to your airpot and you will go 
    to a familiar place.  The best party is Mag Launcher, Pepper Spray, and 
    the buttler(Still don't know his name).  Equip your main guy with the 
    heal ability and your buttler can heal.  Go to the boss after a long 
    tough fight it ain't over yet.  You have to fight him in a robot suit.  
    I have not beat the robot yet but I am pretty positive that this is the 
    last place.
    	1.(Cool Item) If you pay the girl off at Society you can get a weapon 
    that is plus 72!!!!!
    	2.(Load Dungeon)To load a file you saved going on a stair way chose 
    load and then the bottom choice.
    	Please Email me if you find some other cool secrets.   
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