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    Walkthrough by LTill

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                                  Evolution Walkthrough
                                      By Lee Till
                                   Complete version
                            made: 6/2/99 last updated: 6/1/00
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    This guide is intended to help anyone who has purchased Evolution on import and needs some help
    (I did!) please use the email address above if you have any good points to make and extras that
    I've missed out. if you use this guide on your site please give all credit to me! this is free 
    and no money should be involved in this!
    copyright 1999 from 6/2/99 by Lee Till. 
    Note! This is the jap version translation English ones are being done now!
    Index:   1 Main menu translation
             2 Main town options
             3 Battle mode translation
             4 Brief Character summary
             5 Item translation
             6 Main walktrough 
             7 Extras
             8 History
             9 Thanks
    1: main menu.
    basically consists of:           NEW GAME
                                     LOAD GAME-VMS LOAD 1>    LOAD FROM CITY       > yes/no
                                              -VMS LOAD 2>    LOAD FROM DUNGEON    > yes/no
    (Note: if you havent saved through a dungeon then you'll just get Load from city automatically
    2: Main town options
    This is as follows:
                       ITEM- lets you select items such as HP up etc.to use choose yes then a 
                       character: 1= Mag 2= Linear 3rd option= extra character (look on vms screen) 
                       EQUIP- lets you equip gun or armour upgrades. 
                       SKILL LEARNING- Every time you kill an enemy you get T points which let you
                       upgrade on new magic moves. note always use in battle because first time used 
                       they are free ie. no magic consumed.
                       STATUS- lets you look at the characters health, level and strengths etc.
                       PARTY        - 1 Formations: 
                                      (lets you change the character battle positions)
                                    - 2 Party disbanding: (Deselect extra character ie: chain, pepper
                                      or Gregory.)
                       OPTIONS>        1 MUSIC - stereo/mono
                                       2 TEXT SPEED: Slow
                                       3 CONTROL CONFIG:  select:
    3: Battle mode menu:
                                  1= Attack: normal attack
                                  2= magic(FP): Each character has different attacks and healing 
                                     abilities etc these use FP which is magic.(you get this by     
                                     killing enemies or using potions) translations may follow.
                                  3= Use item: use magic like fire or heal 
                                  4= Move Character: lets you move either forward or backward, this 
                                     helps you to get all characters into a line to use Linear's heal 
                                     to full effect(also to escape enemies such as boss ones suction                                  attack)
                                  5= Increase defence (and use the turn)
                                  6= Later on into the game you also have 'escape' which lets you run 
                                     away from a fight.
    note. the green numbers that appear after a fight are Experience points and when accumilated will
    make your character stronger with more enegy (look at each character to see their levels)
    You also get Talent Points which let you learn new moves(in yellow numbers after killing an enemy)
    4: Brief character profiles.
    the characters in the game are all very balanced and you dont really lose out by choosing any
    of them Mag and Linear are your characters that you have to be. whereas the others can be chosen.
    (Stupid names or what?)                         
                       Mag Launcher: He is the main character of the game and one of the strongest.
                       he is equipped with a gigantic robot hand. his normal attack is 
                       strong but can miss certain enemies frequently because they are
                       close combat. his magic is based on attacks. He has a huge hammer for 
                       one of his final special attacks.
                       Linear Cannon: She is the healer of the game with alot of healing magic.
                       she also has an ocarina dissimilar to Link's in Zelda. With this 
                       she can cast many spells on enemies such as barriers etc.
                       Her attacks are the weakest (HP too) and miss due to close combat 
                       although her healing abilities are immense.
                       Gre Nade: The butler is one of the extra characters and is
                       an all rounder. He is Mags family butler and he has a long range
                       attack of a rifle which doesn't miss as much. His power is good and
                       has some powerful magic attacks.
                       Chain Gun the jetpack girl: He looks quite jealous of Linears attachment 
                       to Mag. She is a fairly strong character, although her attacks are 
                       not the strongest, she makes up for it with his health and wide range
                       of spells which can hit all enemies in one go.
                       Pepper Box: She is very powerful with a long range attack that hits its mark
                       She is a good character to keep on you team because of the damage she
                       does and also her special attacks can hit alot of enemies and cause 
                       unnatural statuses to them. A good character. she also has the most powerful
                       attack which is one of her final special attacks (it uses all FP  but inflicts
                       over 9999 damage!)
    5: Items.            
                         English versions need no translation but maybe soon
    6: Main walkthrough
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        You start off in a battle with two enemies. just attack them
        You will then meet Chain the jetpack girl. 
        Go to the society in the village and talk to the girl. choose the first option to show you a 
        map of what dungeon to travel to next.
        Now go back to your house and get Gre the butler. Choose the second option and he is a 
        member of your party.(i dont know wether or not you can get chain yet but she's in the bus)
        now go to your runway and get in the plain to the first dungeon.
        DUNGEON 1: In the dungeons you can get items from chests and fight enemies to increase you 
        exp. Your main goal is to find the next floor. When you reach this place you can then save 
        your game (the second option) or go to the next floor (the first option)
        the red dots on the radar show your enemies and the white show item boxes or warps.
        Note. you can get a map item which lets you see what the block is. if you use it then you
        know what the trap is. it also show the enemies and boxes that are available on the floor.
        When you get to floor 10 you should be on at least level 10 to kill the boss.
        you have the choice to save (via the blue green swirly pad) 
        you can also warp go to the society via the yellow illuminated circle to replenish health and
        sell special items to the bloke on the opposite counter to the woman.
        this money will help you to buy the big weapon or to buy power ups from the shop.
        (you can also sell unuseful items at the shop and buy HP ups etc.) 
        Afterwards head back to the runway (near you house) and use the map screen to choose which 
        floor to travel to.
        note. this is only when you warp to society.
        Boss 1: the mean green momma: this bitch'll suck you towards her and spit you out for some 
        serious damage! so always try to move back a step when she pulls you towards her.
        wipp her ass with you attack and magic that you have and she will be gone.
        After killing the boss you should find yourself in the mansion with your butler. After the 
        long sequence go back to society and ask the woman for your next mission.
        you can now get rid of the Gre and use either Mag or Chain by selecting the second option
        for each, they are in the bus or the Cafe.
        Now you should go back to the plane and you will find yourself on a dock with a huge boat.
        go into it via the lift and make you way up to Eugine.
        after the long sequence you should get in your plane and go to dungeon 2
        DUNGEON 2: This dungeon took me some time but get your characters to level 26 and you should
        get through it. There are 14 floors and the last two don't have enemies. The boss is a metal
        robot thing with cogs, he has three attacks: 1 electric shock (takes two goes) 1 drill and
        a smoke screen which I believe is darkness. You need to be on level 26 to take the punishment
        of the electric charge you should get around 331 EXP for killing him.
        Afterwards you'll find yourself in society. You will recieve loads of money (by selling
        goods) then go home and talk to Gre. After the long sequence go back to society to choose 
        the next mission then get which ever extra character you want and go to your plane.
        DUNGEON 3: This dungeon is over lava and instead of going up floors, you go down.
        the enemies here are not too difficult and you'll find that the traps are sometimes hidden
        in the strange blocks on the floor. After about 7 floors the scenery changes and you'll
        be in a room with tonnes of enemies. (don't worry, just use the sneak attack method and 
        you'll be okay!) There are approximately 15 floors, each getting more difficult.
        Boss 1: Be sure to be on at least level 36 to stand a chance ( I did it
        on level 36 and had one character left) The boss is a giant moth with tonnes of energy so
        be prepared for a long fight. it has two attacks, one hits all for about 1000 HP and another
        hits one person for about 800 HP (a whirwind) after your fight. you'll get lots of money
        off the big weapon and remember to sell your artifacts and relics to the man.
        Afterwards make your way back to your house and talk to Gre. You should then go to society
        and select the next level. choose your character and then go to your plane.
        DUNGEON 4: This dungeon has alot of new enemies but it is still fairly easy. there are 21 
        floors. when you get to the boss you have to be around level 50 but its quite easy to get 
        there because of all the strong enemies you fight. the boss is a giant gold robot who has
        two attacks. a ice cube that can freeze enemies and a lock on attck that hits all characters
        for around 1500 so be prepared to heal! after he is dead (which isnt that hard if you have
        Mags final attacks) go back to your house.
        Oh No! Gre is being held at gunpoint by the General. He wants Linear.
        Afterwards make your way to your plane and fight a tank (which is easy to beat)
        You'll then get a cool FMV and then you'll be on the generals ship. I chose Pepper, Chain
        and Mag (because Linear has been captured)
        You will be presented by four options when you get out of your plane, they are:
        Heal All
        Select Characters
        Store Items
        Afterwards make your way to the end of the ship, fight as many enemies as possible.
        (you'll have to solve a little puzzle on a lift, it's DOWN!)
        when you get to the end you'll be facing Eugine.
        You need to be on at least level 82 to kill the boss but keep healing with Mag and attacking
        with Pepper's final attack and he should be down soon.
        Afterwards he'll run away, take this time to go back and save and have about 200 fights.
        You'll need to be on about level 92 to stand a chance against the next boss.
        When youre done messing around (p.s the best place to fight is just after the tank room, in a 
        door in the corridor, just keep going in and out of the room to have unlimited fights.)
        Now time to face the final boss, Mecha Eugine. His attacks are very powerful so be prepared
        to heal every go with Mag. Use Peppers final FP attack and try to heal her FP with potions
        etc. The boss has around 30,000 HP so you'll need to use Peppers attack three times!
        When he is defeated settle down for the ending of the game.
        (oh cheerist! theres more!!!!)
        After the ending save your game and now you'll come across another dungeon!
        Go to society and pick the place. then choose Pepper! and get in your plane.
        I spent bloody hours on that boss and then theres more! oh god.
        This game is only a special game where you can fight and power up etc. to your hearts
        content. Once you kill the lizard boss (after 26-27 floors), you'll arrive back at the 
        society but instead of a new level you now have a level select to choose which dungeons 
        from your the past you wish to play.
        Congratulations on completing one of the best dreamcast games around!
        note.. if anyone knows any better please inform me!!!
     7: Extras.
                   In the dungeons you'll find alot of artifacts that can be sold to the guy
                   at society. this can earn you mega bucks to buy power ups or the Big weapon 
                   When you get to the next floor in a dungeon you have the option to save or to 
                   carry on.
                   Get Pepper and get one of her final attacks with FP 0 in it, its solid!!!
                   In dungeons white dots are boxes or warps. Red dots are enemies, green are traps. 
                   The swirly yellow pads in dungeons are warps. They take you to society where you 
                   can sell special items and replenish health (also go to the shop to sell unwanted
                   items) Then go back to you plane where you can choose which dungeon floor to go
                   back to (note: sometimes it puts you back a few floors).
                   You can sell useless items at the shop in the village. but before you do 
                   equip your new weapons + armour to your characters because you don't want 
                   to sell them by accident!
                   Square marks on dungeon floors are either traps or bonuses. Don't bother
                   because the traps are suprise attacks and you'll probably die!
                   keep yourself to the walls and you'll be safe from them.
                   You always want to have some form of magic attack equipped to you characters. 
                   Mag's Gaun dahhh attack is good and Peppers FP 0 attacks are superb 
                   (They are shown as 'Lvl 1')
                   Once you have magic attacks on the characters then equip power ups
                   (shown as +30..etc) because some enemies dodge your normal attacks rendering
                   your character useless so you need magic just in case.
                   Near to the end of the game Mag recieves a healing magic, equip it and you'll
                   never need Linear again!!
                   !When you see an enemy inside the dungeons always try to hit them from behind.
                   !this way you'll get a suprise attack and get 2x the amount of turns and the 
                   !enemies will be more vunerable.
                   The shop next door to the item shop sells upgrades, it sells magic that's strong!
                   They also let you add more magic slots to your characters, which is very good.
                   You will want to upgrade your attacks for the final boss.
                   When going up levels on magic you will need to pay more for the next upgrade but
                   is worth it because it increases your attack and also uses less magic!!!
                   Note: Linear cannot be upgraded.
                   The higher the level you're on, the more magic you recieve back from attacking 
                   enemies, so always try to save your FP items for the bosses and just attack when
                   low on magic.
                   If you ever use magic and its a shield or poison etc, ignore it because you don't
                   need it to complete the game, i completed it without using them.
                   If you ever fill up on items in a dungeon remember to either drop useless items
                   or find a warp to sell them at the shop and society.
                   If you translate the items you'll find that some of your magic add-ons
                   correspond (namewise) to them. this means that this type of magic equipped 
                   is has a special effect (such as fire) can be good against ice enemies!
                   Once you complete the game there is another weapon upgrade to buy from society
                   but it'll cost ya!
         More as it comes...
     8: History
                   6/1/00: Started tanslating to the U.S Versions of the game.
                  22/2/99: Finally finished game and the guide reflects this. please send any good
                           extra information to me to make this the best guide for the game!!
                           Does anyone know of the story?
                  18/2/99: Corrected even more
                  17/2/99: Corrected names etc.
                  16/2/99: Happy new year, finalised guide. please help me fill in the blanks.
                  14/2/99: Completed normal game, and god there's more!
                  13/2/99: Updated Guide, added to extras.
                  12/2/99: corrected battle guide.
                  10/2/99: added to guide and added to extras.
                   9/2/99: updated extras and made the character profiles.
                   8/2/99: updated extras and went through more of the guide also translated
                           more items. found new battle routines (look at extras!)
                   6/2/99: I've finished the beta version of this Guide not much done.
     9: Thanks.
                   Thanks to my uncle Simon Tsui and Auntie Gina Luk in HongKong for getting this 
                   game for me.
                   Thanks to Jimmy Haver for helping with items, armour and walkthrough. 
                   Thanks to Jeixun Li for correcting the battle mode and other translations.
                   Thanks to Jan-Lieuwe Koopmans for correcting dodgy translations.
                   Thanks to the thousands of you who told me Chain was a girl, have you no lives?
    Any help on this guide will get your name in bright lights so any help is welcome.
                                                  Lee Till

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