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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CChan

    Version: 1.0a | Updated: 09/30/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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              T h e    W o r l d   o f    S a c r e d    D e v i c e
    Evolution: The World of Sacred Device                            version 1.0a
    Last updated: 30th of September 2000
    Created by: Clement Chan Zhi Li
    E-mail address: saigoheiki@gmail.com
    Table of Contents
          <1> Introduction  <1>
              [1.1] About Evolution: The World of Sacred Device
              [1.2] Copyright info [1.3] Review [1.4] How to Best View this Guide
          <2> Basic Information <2>
              [2.1] Controls [2.2] Menu [2.3] Battle Menu
              [2.4] Pausing and Saving
          <3> Evolution <3>
              [3.1] Beginning [3.2] Ruins [3.3] Fighting Against Eugene
          <4> Bosses and Ruins <4>
              [4.1] Blind Ruins [4.2] Descent Ruins [4.3] Shades Ruins
              [4.4] Heaven Ruins [4.5] Sheol Ruins
          <5> Cheats, Secrets and Tricks <5>
              [5.1] Main Strategy for Ruin Bosses [5.2] TP Check
              [5.3] Storing Items [5.4] Effecting Ruins [5.5] Mag's Strength
              [5.6] Infinity Naolin Gold [5.7] Cure Poison and Paralysis
          <6> Miscellaneous <6>
              [6.1] Character's Biodata [6.1A] Mag [6.1B] Linear [6.1C] Gre
              [6.1D] Chain [6.1E] Pepper [6.1F] Eugene
          <7> Lists <7>
              [7.1] Skills List
          <8> Credits <8>
          <9> History <9>
    <1> I n t r o d u c t i o n <1>
     Hi! I'm Clement Chan and I'm proud to present you with this Guide (commonly
    known as FAQ in the whole World Wide Web), specially created for Evolution: The
    World of Sacred Device. This guide should help you a lot throughout the game as
    you will find certain parts annoying or bosses incredibly hard to defeat.
     As every of my FAQs, this Guide contains SPOILERS so if you do not want to
    spoil the fun of the game, please do not read it. I'll try to minimize as much
    spoilers as I can in order to help you. Read this ONLY if you are really,
    really stuck at certain points of the game OR just want to get along with the
    game without caring whether you had spoil this game.
     If you have anything that you want to e-mail to me, I will send an IMMEDIATE
    reply to you except for certain conditions when I'm busy with exams and work,
    out for a holiday and etc. Send comments, critiques, helpful information or
    anything to saigoheiki@gmail.com
    [1.1] About Evolution: The World of Sacred Device
     Evolution: The World of Sacred Device is the first ever RPG for the Dreamcast
    system and it turns out quite well. It is available in two versions, Japanese
    and US (I'm writing this Guide for the US version, not the Japanese). This
    game, developed by Sting proves out to be extremely exciting with a nice,
    developed storyline which engrossed the main characters in a fiercesome battle.
     Cute characters can be selected in the usual RPG-style battle which is quite
    normal to most RPGers. The graphics are really nice and you can see the intense
    well-developed full 3D graphics and animations as well as the clear and
    brilliant colours.
     A simple yet exciting music throughout the game helps top up the coolness of
    the game but the most important aspect, the actual gameplay still lies ahead.
    It's quite long and you will know more about it once you play.
    [1.2] Copyright info
    This FAQ is Copyright © 2000 Clement Chan Zhi Li. You can distribute this FAQ
    as long as its contents are not changed. No. Not even a single letter.
    Only Clement Chan Zhi Li can make changes and updates to this FAQ. Any
    unauthorized changes and updates without my permission is prohibited by law.
    If you want to put parts of this FAQ publicly, at least write down the name of
    this FAQ and the owner's name (mine) together. One more word, don't even send
    parts of this Guide to other FAQs and write it as your own. I will soon find
    Evolution: The World of Sacred Device, names of characters, weapons and others
    are Copyright Sting, UbiSoft, ESP and the rest.
    [1.3] Review
    Before you buy this game, check out this review and see whether it's good
    enough to buy. For me, it's already one good game that satisfies by RPG needs.
    This game has no ending to its fun factor with tons of cute characters in the
    game including the enemies and the boss. Sting has done a great job to produce
    the first RPG of all for the Dreamcast, making more people eager to buy it.
    There are some new stuffs that you want to know, perhaps totally different if
    compared to other RPG games like Final Fantasy VII.
    Graphics - 10
    The graphics are simply beautiful and this is the first game (import) I've ever
    seen that drives me into buying a Dreamcast. It's simply amazing to describe
    and it has the looks of cuteness that will drive everyone saying how nice this
    game is. Furthermore, the perfectly rendered 3D graphics of the characters,
    animals as your enemies, other bosses in the game and the surroundings and
    background, all totally in 3D.
    Not only do the pictures look clear, they do deliver millions of colours to fit
    into this game and the animations are really quick. Backgrounds are just nice
    and many other visual things are just nice for Evolution. Lighting is used
    correctly in the game with the sparkles that appear during battle.
    Music - 9
    Now, the background music just sound all right and the different kinds of music
    in the game during battle, in the town or wherever you go will have different
    background music going on. Some places will have quick, emergency, terror kind
    of music to make you more be careful of that particular place. Others suit
    really well like the humorous, comedy background music that will turn on in a
    funny situation.
    Sound effects like the hit-and-dash, fire, lightning, ice, gun and others all
    can be heard during battles and other moves like jump can also be heard.
    Basically, they do deliver something that all of us want, something that will
    sound either real or fantasy and this game deals both. Sometimes, you can
    really hear the sound effect as if it's in the real world and other like
    sparkling stars are just fantasy.
    Gameplay - 9
    There are few characters that you will hang out and play with, mostly Mag
    Launcher and a mysterious girl Linear Cannon. The main character, Mag Launcher
    looks extremely cute because of his young face and the always-funny
    conversations with Gre, his butler. Other optional characters are also
    available and only three characters can be joined in the same battle.
    You can also upgrade weapons, process and research items, wear protective
    things and other usual things that you will expect in all RPGs. Together with
    Mag's family debt, you will receive little money and try and keep them and make
    full use of it by don't spend all the money at one go. Also, you can sell items
    or buy new ones by going to a shop but most good ones are located in ruins.
    One good thing is in a battle area (specifically, ruins), you can see the
    enemies and later attack them. There are three types of battle, the first one
    being normal, second is initiative where you sneak behind them and taken them
    for surprise and the last is that your own group is surprised by enemies. Of
    course, the most preferably thing is having the initiative type and the bad one
    being surprised where the enemies will have two rounds in hitting you. This
    will cause great damage and grief to you.
    Other than good things, there are bad things. Not all games are super-perfect
    except few exceptions that are quite rare. This game gets a bit annoying after
    you are stuck in ruins for hours and my own main reason is getting beaten by
    normal enemies while other people is being stuck in them. There will be always
    a special item to help you in the treasure chests in ruins.
    Bosses are extremely tough, believe me. Chuck out some spare time and use all
    of that time to defeat them. Most of the time is that you don't know the right
    strategy and the right and strong equipment to fight. This will get down right
    annoying as you will either lose your items and money or just one big 'Game
    Over' splashed across the screen.
    There are many special powers that can be used by using FP and to learn them by
    using TP. These are quite different than the normal MP (Magic Power) in normal
    RPGs. Many of these special powers help you a lot in tight situations and using
    them will consume your FP. Levels can also be leveled up by gaining more
    experience points too.
    Some save-points are too far for you to save so you will have to exit the ruins
    for a while. There are two types of load, the normal load and the resume used
    in dungeons. It's advisable to think when using the resume because they will
    automatically delete the resume file once you enter the file. This has become a
    lesson for me because out of anger, I reset the whole game and that's all too
    late and I have to start the ruins all over again from scratch.
    Controls - 10
    Who complain about controls are really mad because even a kid of six can
    control them! It's really easy, A to select or activate, B to jump and X for
    menu. You can even head to options and change them according to your likes. No
    problem really.
    Replay Value - 8
    Who ever wants to play an RPG all over again? Some people do like me because I
    want to feel as if I have totally understand and master the whole game.
    There are also many secret and hidden items too including secrets that are
    quite special to do and use. These will provide further entertainment for you
    to try it out though they are not really that special except to wow and
    surprise you.
    Overall - 9
    As all the facts above collected, this game doesn't turn bad as it sounds. If
    you're extremely lucky, you may find this game easy because the most important
    things are having the right equipment. Have some patient and give this game a
    little try. After all, it's the first ever RPG on the Dreamcast! It does worth
    the money to buy it.
    [1.4] How to Best View this Guide
    If you view this guide of the Internet and noticed that some words are filled
    in with spaces and etc., it's because your browser did not view it at the right
    width. Save the guide and open it up with WordPad (recommended).
    Click File, then Page Setup. At the section where they put Margins (inches),
    look for Right and type 0.8" in it. That way, you could view this guide neatly
    as it is meant to be!
    <2> B a s i c   I n f o r m a t i o n <2>
    This section will be useful for newbies on Evolution and need help on the
    controls, menu and others.
    [2.1] Controls
    You can actually changed the controls if you don't like the default controls.
    D-Pad        - Move characters left, right, up and down.
    Analog Stick - Move characters, left, right, up and down.
    A button     - To activate something, open treasure boxes and confirm.
    B button     - To cancel and jump.
    X button     - Brings up the menu.
    Y button     - To walk and arrange items in menu.
    L button     - To change camera to the left.
    R button     - To change camera to the right.
    [2.2] Menu
    Press the X button (as in default controls) to bring up the menu. This is the
    list of them as what they did and descriptions of them.
    Item   - Use or throw items away.
    Equip  - Equip weapons, armors and parts for Cyframes.
    Skill  - Master the skills of a character if you have enough TP.
    Status - Show character's information regarding experience points, HP, FP and
    Party  - To change your party.
           Formation  - To change the location of the characters stand in a
           Disperse   - To make the optional character leave.
    Config - To change the games settings.
           Sound      - To change between Stereo and Mono.
           Speed      - To change the speed of the text that appears.
           Controller - To change the controller's configurations.
    [2.3] Battle Menu
    This will appear in a battle against enemies.
    Attack  - Attack enemies with Cyframes or weapons.
    Special - Use a special ability.
    Item    - To use an item.
    Move    - To move the character to the front of back.
    Defend  - To defend a character in order to reduce the enemy's hit into half.
    Flee    - To run away from a battle when all characters in your party are in
              the back row.
    [2.4] Pausing and Saving
    There is a difference between pausing and saving. In ruins, you can pause the
    game when you find the exit and create a temporary save file. It will
    automatically destroy itself once you play the save file (by going to load and
    Saving is completely different. It permamently stays in your memory card
    (unless you wish to delete it) when you find a save point.
    <3> E v o l u t i o n <3>
    This game contains a whole lot of battles, a unique storyline which slowly
    develops and approximately 5 characters for you to choose, not including lots
    more characters which you will meet during the time you play the game. As I
    have explained before, this guide is designed to meet your needs and to help
    you in the game.
    [3.1] Beginning
    You start with an extremely easy battle which needs you to hit an enemy once.
    Hit them with your character's weapons. Try and get used to the battle system
    as you will meet hundreds of enemies later on. After defeating them, you're
    treated with a long cut-scene which introduces the storyline to you.
    Mag and Linear has stepped into a trap which demolishes a wall nearby. They run
    into a picture (possibly a mural) of some sort of strange creature which Mag
    calls, 'The Messenger of Light'. Above it all, lies the treasure but
    unfortunately, Chain Gun, the rival of the Launcher family reached the top
    first and grabbed the treasure away.
    Wait for a little more cut-scenes and once you get control of yourself, head
    upstairs in the house and search thoroughly in Mag's room until you find the
    first Fire ball in the game (it's near the cupboard and stairs). Now, head for
    the door and go outside to the town.
    Get used to this area and explore every nook and cranny of Pannam Town. Once
    you saw the 'Society' signboard, enter the large door and talk to the girl Nina
    on the right side. Get your assignment by choosing any ruins you which to
    visit. You may also want to follow every steps as I go (as this Guide will be
    used as how I get through the game. You may also not follow it if you like
    since it make no difference except for the difficulty of the game).
    On your left, talk to Nop and ask him 'What is appraisal?' to know more about
    it. Bring any appraisal items here to sell them or process them into useful
    items with some cost of money (called Dinars). Choose between two optional
    characters if you want (which I strongly recommend). Go to Chain in the blue
    bus and to get recruit Gre, talk to him in Mag's house. Then, head to the
    Landing Field and hop on the Sea Otter airplane to go.
    [3.2] Ruins
    Select Blind Ruins as your first assignment; it's the easiest of the five. This
    ruin will be the perfect place for you to train yourself up and to get used to
    the battle system. Basically, in every ruin, they will have floors like this,
    depending on what kind of ruin it is, it will go one floor up when you find the
    You'll be automatically be transported back to the Society once you completed
    the ruin where Nina will give you 10,000 Dinars as a reward. But, she will cut
    off majority of the prize money towards the debt and if your optional character
    is Pepper or Chain, they will take some but if it's Gre, he won't touch the
    Talk to Nop to appraise any of the appraisal items and if you got the Upgrade
    Kit, go to Sam the Upgrader to add more slots to Mag's Cyframe. If you got more
    money remaining (after buying items or selling them and etc.), upgrade Mag's
    Cyframe (preferably him of course, but you can also upgrade Chain's if you
    Save now and head back to Mag's house. Say that you wish to retire for the
    evening and rest for the whole day to the afternoon. The next day, Gre will
    talk to Mag regarding the 8th Imperial Army which wants to see Mag. It's an
    interesting talk really and they want to know more about the legendary Cyframe,
    Walk out from Mag's house and you will find yourself at Pannam Port with Mag.
    Talk to one of the guards there near an elevator-like machine so that he will
    let you in. The rooms around here are completely useless with no items or
    something useful for the game.
    Search your way until you meet Crown Prince Eugene, which looks awfully odd
    with some kind of snobbish attitude. You'll have a funny conversation (part of
    them are) with him and later, Prince Eugene which mistakenly takes Linear as a
    present by Mag to give him.
    Talk to him again and he will ask you to leave. As Mag says, "What a rude
    person!", he certainly is. The next morning again, you will have another
    conversation with Gre. Head to the Society and you'll meet Pepper, where Mag
    will talk to her. After that, talk to Nina and select your second assingment,
    which I recommend Descent Ruins.
    Choose your optional character (recommended Pepper) and head for the Landing
    Field. Pepper will be at the bar so go there and talk to her. After finishing
    off the second ruins, you'll gain 20,000 Dinars; 10,000 more than the previous
    Do your job here; sell or buy items, appraise them or upgrade weapon. Once you
    do whatever thing that you want, head back home and rest for the day. Next
    morning, have the usual talk with Gre and go to the Society to choose your
    third assignment.
    Select Shades Ruins (or others if you like) and choose your optional character
    that you want. Update your unused character's skills as they will gain TP even
    though they are not in your party. Then, head for Sea Otter airplane to fly to
    your destination. Complete it and you'll get 30,000 Dinars.
    Again, do whatever you want now (appraise items, buy or sell them, upgrade
    weapons, keep extra items in Mag's box at home and etc.). Go for a rest and you
    wake up the next day. Linear will get a surprising visit from Prince Eugene and
    all of them will have a little chat together.
    After that, head to the Society, get your assignment (get Heaven Ruins as your
    fourth one), and get your optional character. Buy some useful items (like
    weapons and armors) for the next trip. Then, hop on the Sea Otter and go for
    your journey.
    Get your 40,000 Dinars as award and head back home.
    [3.3] Battle Against Eugene
    Another surprising visit from Eugene! Apparently, he wants Linear and Gre is
    threaten to be shot by his soldiers. Mag and Linear ran away and you'll have a
    short BUT totally easy fight with one of the tank.
    Defeat him and prepare to see a nice and cool cut-scene. Later, Mag will find
    himself at home and learn that Linear has been kidnapped after all. You'll have
    another automatic sequence and your true friends (Chain and Pepper) are
    Gre will be at the Landing Field so get prepared by buying items, keeping them
    (keep items such as Item Search, Ruin Search, Trap Search, Chameleon Color and
    other ruin-related items as they will be no use later on). Once you are ready,
    head to the Landing Field and talk to Gre.
    Another cut-scene will follow up where Gre will crash-land on Eugene's ship.
    Select your characters (I suggest using Chain and Pepper combination). Defeat
    all the enemies here because they are easy and earn you lots of experience
    points. Enter every room, search every dead soldier, every box and every thing
    to get cool, new items and weapons.
    Fight your way through until you reach a place with mechanical stuffs in it
    which is the engine room with an engineer there. Walk upstairs and you'll be
    surprised by three soldiers (which you won't attack them anyway). They will
    throw some sort of screw but succeeded in malfuntion the whole engine system.
    Go downstairs and talk to the engineer until he runs away. In front of it, will
    be some sort of switch. Press the button 'Down' when this option appears. Go
    upstairs back and wander around until you find a treasure box. Get it and head
    to the blue room.
    Save there and get your treasure by searching the whole place thoroughly. Turn
    the camera a bit and you should see a door. Enter it and walk all the way to 
    the door to fight Prince Eugene but before heading the door leading there, you
    will have to fight a few guards.
    Boss - Eugene Leopold
    This boss should be easy. If you select Chain and Pepper, then Eugene should be
    easy to defeat. Use Chain's Air Raid to kill the remaining guards and hurt
    Eugene. Pepper's Trigger Happy and Flat Shot are extremely useful against
    Mag should use Magna Rave repeatedly and attack him until you run out of FP.
    Then, attack him with normal attacks but beware that he will use Minnaolin 3000
    to cure 3000 of his HP which I find quite annoying (as annoying as
    If you have Gre in your party, Energy-Saving (again) will be useful to Mag and
    the other Cyframe user (Chain or Pepper). After that, use Full Power and High
    Speed if you got it and use Spirited Peak after that.
    Overall, just attack him with any special attacks that you've got. You'll find
    it easy.
    After that, you will get Apple Grass but DON'T USE IT. Eugene will run away so
    head back all the way back to Gre (or other character that you leave) and rest
    to cure your HP and FP. DO NOT fight with any enemies so just head back to
    Eugene's place and go down the way he follows.
    You will fight with few guards and follow him later on. This would be an
    automatic sequence where Eugene reveals that Linear is Evolutia, the legendary
    Cyframe after all. Follow a cut-scene later on with Eugene and then, head to
    the other exit and save the game.
    Prepare for a definite last battle against the hardest boss of all hard bosses.
    If you have anti-poison outfit or accessory, use it on every character in your
    party if possible. The Apple Grass and Green Moss item come in handy here.
    Pepper is most important in this battle but the other character can be Gre or
    Chain (I used Chain).
    Enter the door, talk to Linear and out comes the horrid villain of Evolution,
    Prince Eugene.
    Boss - Prince Eugene
    Hard? Sure it is! This is one boss that takes more than 20 minutes of battle so
    make sure you have lots of free time to spare. Use Pepper's ultimate and most
    useful attack of all, Flat Shot at him until 5 or 6 times (the more the better
    of course, but more than 6 times, it will make no difference). Then, attack him
    with Trigger Happy and normal attack.
    Mag should use Magna Rave of course while Chain should use Hyper Air Rave. Gre
    should use Energy-Saving, Full Power and High Speed if he got all of them. One
    more important word, CURE YOURSELF once your HP gets lesser and lesser
    (Minnaolin Gold or Minnaolin Royal comes extremely handy here).
    Eugene will use Beat-Up, a charging shot which will hurt all characters and
    poison them AND a slash attack. That's how the Flat Shot helped here to reduce
    the attacks and defense considerably and increases his wait time (because it
    decreases his agility).
    Once EVERYONE'S FP is low (around 20 or so), use Apple Grass to cure almost all
    of the FP. Then, Pepper MUST use Trigger Happy on him and then normal attack.
    As before, Mag should use Magna Rave, Chain with her Hyper Air Rave and Gre
    with Spirited Peak and normal attacks.
    By now, Eugene should have used Naolin 3000 to cure himself. If he doesn't,
    then you're lucky. Once Pepper's FP reached 0 (which she will be once she used
    Trigger Happy), use Green Moss on her to restore all her FP. Then, USE Trigger
    The rest is up to your team. Attack him with all your special powers that you
    got, Mag with his Magna Rave and Chain with her Hyper Air Rave. Once their FP
    are exhausted, use normal attacks and cure whenever possible. Then, Mag will
    rescue Linear and the rest will be easy.
    Just head back to Eugene's place and Mag will find Eugene gone. Head to the
    part where Eugene's gigantic outfit come out and go downstairs. The rest is all
    automatic sequence and enjoy the ending.
    BUT, it's not end yet. Once the credits roll down, save your game and get a
    Star which means you had seen the ending. Apparently, Gre has crash-land the
    Sea Otter seaplane and the Society did rescue him, at an enourmous fee which
    adds hundreds of thousands to his debt (more than before).
    Once you can get control of Mag, head to the Society and get your last
    assignment, at Sheol Ruins (or other ruins if you did not follow according my
    order of ruins that you visit).
    -to be continued-
    <4> B o s s e s   a n d   R u i n s <4>
    This section will describe more about the ruins in Evolution, and the bosses
    that you find irritating. The reason why I did not put the boss guide into the
    walkthrough is because every people will have a different type of game and the
    order of which ruin they visit will effect the game later on.
    [4.1] Blind Ruins
    The map which automatically appears will show you the location on where you are
    BUT the whole plan leading to exit (which won't show anyway except there will
    be no road leading to it) will appear gradually as you go to the right path.
    That means, the whole map will be totally empty except on the part where you
    are now and you must travel the whole floor to find the exit which is some sort
    of stairs leading upwards in Blind Ruin.
    Fight your way through your very first boss. On the floor where Mag says, "This
    seems to be the deepest part. I doubt the Society could even reach me beyond
    this point." is the place where the boss will be. There will be no enemy for
    you to fight but the boss at the very end.
    The level will be pretty straightforward. You'll need to jump from platforms to
    platforms to reach the boss. Save first before you even do anything or you
    could just use the transporter if your life is low and go down two floors and
    TRY to avoid enemies so you could fight the boss in perfect health.
    Boss - Mandasks
    If this is your last ruin boss, you're in for a tough time. Congratulations if
    this is your first. Use Mag's special power on him repeatedly, preferably Magna
    Rave if you have it or Magna Combo. If you don't have either, Magna Punch
    should be all right. If you run out of FP, attack him with normal attacks.
    Linear should use Protection Spell and Strength Spell immediately on her turn
    and cure whenever neccessary. Attack when everything is okay to gain some FP
    back. For the optional characters, three of them should be all right. Gre
    should use Energy-Saving on Mag if he has it BUT DON'T ever use the Cooking
    Type against Mandasks (and other bosses) as it is completely useless. Attack
    normally once you had used Energy-Saving already.
    For Pepper, Flat Shot will be absolutely perfect if you use it for five times
    or more. Combining such attack with Linear's Flat Tone will be great to reduce
    one enemy's parameters (which means ALL abilities, by the way). Otherwise,
    Pepper should attack the enemy with normal attacks or other useful things. If
    Pepper has full FP (or almost), use Trigger Happy. It does lots of damage on
    the boss so this will be the most useful one of all.
    For Chain, attack Mandasks using special powers (Blade Parts) or the most
    powerful one of all, Hyper Air Rave which deals constructive damage. If she
    don't have it, use other special attacks will be all right. Cure whenever
    necessary or use healing items (such as Naolin).
    The enemy can paralyse you with its attack so beware. Overall, this boss is
    totally easy if it's the first boss so just attack until it runs away.
    [4.2] Descent Ruins
    This is one ruin that will bring you upwards instead of down because as the
    description says, it's a tower that have been left long ago and some parts of
    the ruin are simply like walking on space!
    The enemies are going to be tougher here (it all depends on what level you are)
    so get the right equipments and make sure that all your characters have really
    high defense.
    Boss - Monograptus
    For the boss, get ready Mag's Lightning Hand Parts as you're need it to defend
    yourself and your group. This boss is real mean with its lightning attacks and
    it's said that it's been left there by the ancients.
    Monograptus will use the 'Geared Boomerang' attack and can cause Blindness on
    your team (although you can't see that it effect anything on the character,
    just ready any equipment that can prevent Blindness from occuring).
    Make sure your team is in the middle row and NOT in the back row. At certain
    points of the game, the message, "Monograptus is recharging." which means that
    he is getting ready for his lightning power which will attack the whole back
    row. Just get to the middle row and you'll be safe.
    Now, for the attacks, I highly recommend that you choose Pepper again (not that
    I like to use her always, it's because few of her attacks could be really
    useful against all enemies). In the beginning, use Flat Shot repeatedly for
    around 6 times if you got it(better still, combine it with Flat Tone). Then,
    use Trigger Happy at the enemy if you want to hurt him a lot (which I presume
    that you want, of course).
    Mag could do with Magna Rave or Magna Combo (if you don't have Magna Rave).
    Normal attacks could do. Mag should also use Thunder Shield to resist
    Lightning-based attacks. If Mag got the Moving Hand Parts, use it to line up
    all the characters in one row in the middle row.
    Linear should use her own Protection Spell, Strength Spell and cure abilities
    whenever your party's life are getting low. If everything's okay (no one's life
    is quite low and etc.), attack the boss to get some FP back.
    Gre must use Energy-Saving (if you put him in your party), Full Power and High
    Speed if you get any of them. If not, just attack him with normal attacks to
    give more chance into killing him.
    For Chain, special attacks like Hyper Air Rave is very handy here or if you
    don't have it, use Double Blade repeatedly. If Chain's in the back row, use
    Dash Tackle as it can help you move to the front row AND attack the enemy at
    the same time.
    Just remember, all of this type of strategy applies to every single boss in the
    game, which includes Eugene and the ruin's bosses.
    Personal Experience
    I'm not even good up to this for the first time. Chain was almost dead (about
    20 HP or so, she's real lucky), Linear's already showing sign of dying and
    Mag's the only one with full life. Surprisingly at the last minute, one normal
    attack from Mag killed him instantly and that's the best moment to see him
    destroyed as he's real annoying.
    [4.3] Shades Ruins
    As you may know, Shades Ruins is ice-related and therefore, fire attacks are
    quite useful against enemies here. Get some equipments that can protect you
    from ice-based attacks such as Wool Gloves.
    Use items such as Trap Search, Item Search and Ruin Search correctly and you
    will find that they actually helped a lot.
    Boss - Shadenischus
    Stay at the middle row because, like Monograptus, Shadenischus could attack the
    back row with ice attack. Most of his attacks are quite dangerous and you might
    say he's a most irritating boss to fight against (other than Eugene).
    Fire balls helped a little here as they cause little damage and Lightning balls
    are even worse! So, I suggest use the two strategies above against Mandasks and
    As usual, Mag should use Magna Rave or Magna Combo, Linear should use
    Protection Spell, Strength Spell and other similar abilities AND most
    importantly, cure and Flat Tone. Pepper should already be using Flat Shot for
    about 6 times in the beginning of the game and use Trigger Happy later on while
    Chain should use Hyper Air Rave or Double Blade.
    If any of your characters run low on FP, attack Shadenischus with normal attack
    to gain more HP and cure yourself with Linear's powers or items whenever
    possible. It's important to stay alive as every single character help  a lot in
    defeating the boss.
    [4.4] Heaven Ruins
    The enemies here can be quite tough so special attacks should be able to kill
    them off. At the floor where the boss are suppose to be, exit the level if your
    HP and FP are low and start two levels down. Use Ruin Search on both of them
    (if you have) and Trap Search to track down enemies and avoid them so you can
    start a battle against the boss with full health.
    Boss - Rafflesian
    Can you imagine a plant eating up human? Of course, this exist in comics and
    imaginations but plants that are really that carnivorous eat insects only. This
    biggest flower in the world seems to be the most extremely annoying boss ever
    fought against.
    Now, put all your characters to the back row as it will suck your characters to
    the front row and use the most annoying attack, Delicious Meal. Furthermore, it
    is able to cure itself so make sure you attack it a lot so that the cure won't
    effect one bit.
    Now, Pepper is VERY, VERY useful against Rafflesian so take her at all cost.
    Use Flat Shot in the beginning of the game and Linear should use Flat Tone
    against Rafflesian too. Once Rafflesian shows sign of being weak (attacks are
    surprisingly low, even Delicious Meal couldn't kill your character), start
    using special attacks (including Mag's Magna Rave or Magna Combo).
    If you want to choose Gre or Chain, I suggest no. Why? This battle is going to
    be real tough but if you really want, go ahead. Gre should use the usual
    powers, Energy-Saving, Full Power and High Speed and attack the enemy later on.
    Chain should use repeated Hyper Air Rave or Double Blade if you don't have it.
    Just attack the enemy until you see it dies. Remember, whatever you do, start
    using Flat Shot or Flat Tone first for around 6 times and you can see the
    Personal Experience
    Rafflesian is my last boss and I almost gave up on it, being killed a few
    times. Later, I tried using Pepper in my party and use Flat Shot and Flat Tone
    together and surprisingly, it helps dramatically. I don't know whether it's
    luck or good strategy but I feel glad that it's gone once and for all.
    [4.5] Sheol Ruins
    Sheol Ruins is a volcano so you can expect what's going on down there, all hot
    and all the enemies are weak against ice. Bring in some fire-resistance
    equipments such as Fire Cape to reduce fire attacks.
    Boss - Pannam Aohitori
    This boss is capable of confusing your party members whenever you go to the
    middle row so stay at the back or front. It can make its own defense rise up so
    the Suction Cannon from Pepper is quite useful. It can also attack your
    characters and damage them a lot so the usual technique: use Pepper's Flat Shot
    and Linear's Flat Tone for around 6 times.
    Use Mag's Magna Rave or Magna Combo, Gre's Energy-Saving, Full Power and High
    Speed and Chain's Hyper Air Rave and Double Blade if you use Gre or Chain. Once
    you run out of FP, use normal attacks repeatedly until you have enough FP for
    another special attack.
    Most importantly, bring lots of cure items and cure whenever possible. If you
    want to save these items or want to cure the whole row, then Linear's special
    abilities should do it.
    <5> C h e a t s ,   S e c r e t s   a n d   T r i c k s <5>
    This is where I'll put cheats, secrets, tricks, tips, hints or anything else
    that can be gathered into this section.
    [5.1] Main Strategy for Ruin Bosses
    Fighting against ruin bosses can be quite simple if you just know what to do.
    This only applies to ruin bosses only. For bosses that can be quite hard, you
    just need a few things:
    1) Mag that has mastered Magna Rave.
    2) Pepper that has mastered Flat Shot.
    3) Linear that has mastered Flat Tone.
    4) High defense for all characters.
    5) High attacks for all characters.
    6) High agility for all characters.
    7) Curative items and others that could help in a battle.
    During the beginning of a battle, Pepper and Linear should use Flat Shot and
    Flat Tone respectively for about 6 times (together). Once the attack has
    lowered every parameters of an enemy (which includes attack, defense, hits,
    agility and others).
    If it's Mag's turn when Pepper and Linear are attacking with Flat Shot and Flat
    Tone, Mag should only use normal attacks. Once they're complete, start using
    Magna Rave. Pepper should use Trigger Happy and then normal attacks while
    Linear should just attack normally and cure.
    If the ruin bosses has other abilities (such as eating you up like Rafflesian,
    electric-shot you, confuse you and etc.), refer <4> Bosses and Ruins <4> and
    move your characters to the correct row accordingly.
    [5.2] TP Check
    If you leave any of your characters while going for a ruin, it's all right.
    After you had completed it and leave your characters for a long time, check
    your characters that had been left out. They're most likely gaining TP too and
    the maximum would be 9999.
    Update your characters' skills as much as possible and check your character's
    TP often as not to waste them.
    [5.3] Storing Items
    A most annoying factor is that your item inventory would get full and you can't
    pick up any items later. Go back to Mag's house and right of the stairs would
    be a door.
    Enter it and there will be a save point and a box. Use the box and store any
    items that you want there (the limit's 100) or sell any useless items to gain a
    little bit of money.
    [5.4] Effecting Ruins
    During the beginning of the game, choose any ruins wisely. Any other ruins you
    choose will block other ruins from gaining access.
    [5.5] Mag's Strength
    If some enemies are stronger than you thought, try lower down Mag's strength (I
    don't know whether this can be done, even if you command him to defend
    everytime, it's no use as he will gain experience points too). Apparently,
    enemies' power are based on Mag's strength. The stronger Mag is, the stronger
    the enemies going to be.
    [5.6] Infinity Naolin Gold
    In Eugene's ship, there will be a door with the plus sign (first aid sign, if
    you don't know what it means and it's in red). Enter it and you'll see a sick
    soldier. Go further in and find for a cabinet. Grab as much Naolin Gold as you
    You can also sell lots of them to gain money. Go to Gre (or other character)
    and choose 'Cargo room' when the option is displayed. Keep all the Naolin Gold,
    go back to the medical room, go back to your character, keep all the Naolin
    Gold and repeat until it's full. Remember, keep some for yourselves too. You're
    going to need it.
    [5.7] Cure Poison and Paralysis
    This trick works! Press B button repeatedly when it shows your character that
    have been poisoned or paralysed. Later on, your character will be cured
    immediately after his or her turn. I don't know whether it will work for other
    <6> M i s c e l l a n e o u s <6>
    Other things that don't fit into other sections will be here. Find interesting
    things hear, character's biodata and more!
    [6.1] Character's Biodata
    I'll list every character's biodata in the game (the main characters, of
    course). This are straight from the official Evolution website. Happy seeing!
    [6.1A] Mag
    Name          : Mag Launcher
    Age           : 16
    Date of birth : April 22 (Taurus)
    Cyframe's name: Aeracomet
    Mag is the hero of this game and one of the most accomplished adventurers in
    His parents were both famous adventurers. Their influence has given him the
    determination to follow in their footsteps. His parents gave him a good
    upbringing so he is never vulgar or crude, but he's somewhat hot-tempered.
    A proud young man he is quick to answer a challenge and lives to go on treasure
    hunts of a high difficulty level. His boyish appearance make him look like a
    child, but he hates being treated like a one.
    He is a bit of a show-off, but full of life. His speech is very animated, even
    to excess. He is the very embodiment of cheerfulness and his perky behavior is
    contagious within his parties. He is a Cyframe user.
    [6.1B] Linear
    Name         : Linear Cannon
    Age          : 17
    Date of birth: February 3 (Aquarius)
    Linear is the game's heroine.
    She does not speak so her lines consist of short sounds only. She showed up on
    Mag's doorstep bearing a letter from his parents.
    Now she lives as a guest in the Launcher house. She opens her heart only to
    Mag. She is light-skinned, has big round eyes and has a mournful air about her.
    She's quite street-wise. She is not a Cyframe user.
    [6.1C] Gre
    Name         : Gre Nade
    Age          : 58
    Date of Birth: August 30 (Virgo)
    Gre Nade has worked for Mag's family for a long time and also Launcher's family
    butler. Given that Mag's parents often went exploring, Gre's been taking care
    of young Mag since he was a little boy. Whether he is doing the housework or
    exploring the dungeons, Gre is very efficient and is as capable as most
    professional adventurers.
    He also greatly admires Mag's sense of independence, which he believes is a
    sign that Mag will be a great adventurer.
    [6.1D] Chain
    Name          : Chain Gun
    Age           : 15
    Date of Birth : October 25 (Scorpio)
    Cyframe's name: Flamingo
    Chain Gun is the only child born to the Gun family,
    who are the archrivals of the Launcher family.
    Since the Gun family has no sons, she was more or less forced to receive the
    special teachings to become an adventurer. For generations, the Guns and
    Launchers have carried on a cat-and-dog relationship, but Chain actually has
    a crush on Mag.
    She has a rather rough disposition,is capricious and hates to lose. As an
    adventurer, her skills are on par with Mag's. She is short in stature with
    boyish looks and a rather dark complexion. She has a saucy mouth and is
    constantly talking. She is a Cyframe user.
    [6.1E] Pepper
    Name           : Pepper Box
    Age            : 24
    Date of Birth  : December 9 (Sagittarius)
    Cyframes's name: Moranna Solnier
    Pepper Box Pepper Box is a nomadic girl seeking adventure far from her
    homeland. She has traveled around the world looking for legendary ruins and
    she ended up in Pannam.
    Although she looks like a femme fatale, she truly is a merry adventurer, full
    of life and strong will. She is a knockout, but has one drawback : she likes to
    This is probably why she currently lives on the first floor of a pub. She is a
    Cyframe User.
    [6.1F] Eugene
    Name           : Eugene Leopold
    Eugene is the oldest son of the 8th Empire's leader and commands the 8th Empire
    He is keenly interested in the ultimate artifact, Evolutia. He's a rival more
    than friend, although he would love to be "friends" with Linear. Good thing Mag
    sticks up for her! Eugene cannot join Mag's party.
    He's rather snooty and doesn't think highly of Mag and his friends or the town
    of Pannam.
    [6.2] Storyline
    Many millennia have passed since the demise of a superior ancient ivilization.
    The civilizations that followed have now advanced enough to once again build
    submarines and airplanes.
    Now, we find ourselves at the end of the 1930's epoch according to the Western
    calendar. Those who carry Cyframes - technology excavated from ruins of this
    ancient civilization - are called "Adventurers" or "Cyframe Users".
    These individuals make their living by accepting assignments from the
    "Society", the organization responsible for investigating the ancient
    For many generations, the Launcher family has produced a long line of
    famous adventurers. They are now long since gone and this glorious
    heritage seems about ready to come to an end.
    Except that into this family is born a single son, Mag, who has dreamt all his
    life of becoming a skilled adventurer just like his mother and father.
    About a month after Mag's parents disappeared on one of their adventures,
    a lone girl appears at the Launcher house with a letter from Mag's father.
    "You must protect this girl, Linear, until I return", is all that is written in
    the letter.
    Since then Mag and Linear spend have spent their days investigating ruins under
    the watchful eye of their butler Gre Nade, but it's not until the day
    the army of the 8th Empire appears that the true adventure begins...
    <7> L i s t s <7>
    This section is created to put in the lists of everything that is available on
    Evolution, whether it's Skills List or Items List.
    [7.1] Skills List
    Hand Parts
    Magna Punch   - Double punch/uppercut against one enemy.
    Charge Punch  - Lunging punch attack against one enemy which moves Mag to the
                    front row.
    Magna Combo   - Triple punch/uppercut against one enemy. This will knock the
                    enemy to the back rank.
    Mach Punch    - God-swift punch. Freezes Mag after attack.
    Shock Punch   - Vibration attack that hits a row of enemy.
    Dive Punch    - Hits all enemies with one attack.
    Magna Rave    - Intense dancing attack aganst one enemy.
    Giant Knuckle - Hits all enemies with a giant knuckle.
    Steal Parts
    Gimme an Item!            - Steals an item from an enemy.
    Gimme Health!             - Steals some HP from an enemy and gives them to
                                the rest of your party.
    Gimme Power!              - Steals some FP from an enemy and gives them to
                                the rest of your party.
    Two birds with one stone! - Steals an item and kills an enemy in the same
    -to be continued-
    <8> C r e d i t s <8>
    Clement Chan - (saigoheiki@gmail.com)
    The creator, writer and designer of this FAQ.
    Evolution Official website - (http://www.evolution-rpg.com)
    Thanks to this official site for providing nice information that helps a lot,
    including the biodata section and others.
    <9> H i s t o r y <9>
    Version 1.0 - 24th of August 2000
    Released FAQ for Evolution!
    Version 1.0a - 30th of September 2000
    A tiny, minor update. Added [1.4] How to Best View this Guide
    One final note!:
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    |   |\     /\    /    |     |   |  |
    |   /|    /  \  /     |     |   |  |             f o r
    |  | _\  /    \/-\    /     |   |  |
    \  |/ \\/    /   \   /      |   |  |
     \ || |      |    \ /       |   |  |    E  v  o  l  u  t  i  o  n
    |  || |      |     /       /   /   |
    |  ||_/      \____/       /   /   /     T  h  e     W  o  r  l  d
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