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Reviewed: 03/12/10

Want to have fun? Stare at a wall instead.

Around August 2008, I picked up a used Dreamcast and several games along with it. Among the crop of games I got was Fighting Force 2. Of course, when I saw the game, I was ignorant of all the bad press it got... So I pop the game in the Dreamcast and for some reason the bloody thing didn't read. It just kept going to the Dreamcast menu screen thing. So in any case, for reasons I have yet to comprehend (and yes, the disc was thoroughly cleaned), I couldn't play the game. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise or divine intervention. Doesn't matter now. All I know is that among the small library of games, I had one dud in my collection.

Now as luck would have it, someone had a working copy of Fighting Force 2. And given that I really wanted to see for myself if I missed anything despite the bad press, I borrowed his copy and gave it a go. A couple days later, I returned the copy of the game and offered my friend a box of matches and a small container so he could burn the game away as well as the sin of having picked it up.

Yeah, that should tell you everything about my thoughts on Fighting Force 2 and I could end the review right here. But I'll keep going.

For the most part, Fighting Force 2 takes the rather harmless-but-ultimately-boring gameplay mechanics of the original Fighting Force and shoves it down the proverbial black hole of doom to regurgiate the awful mess we're stuck with today. Instead of four different characters with varying stats and attacks, you're stuck with one character and he moves like a turtle... quite possibly slower than that. To make up for the slow speed, your character has the ability to make everything he touches explode into a ball of flames after a few hits. What sense does this make? Absolutely none. Does it help my chances? Of course not.

And for some odd reason, the exploding chairs yield weapons such as pipes and guns which can be used against your enemies, who are easily subdued by these weapons that are literally laying all over the place. Indeed, your only real difficulty in Fighting Force 2 lies in the awkward controls, jittery camera (not too bad in large rooms, but problematic in smaller ones), and overall generic gameplay that proves to be a fine test in how long you could fend off boredom.

Looking for a game with great sound? Look elsewhere. While the sound quality on Fighting Force 2 is admittedly crisp and clear for the most part, there's very few bits of music to be found here and what's there isn't all that memorable. The only real positive I could give this game is in the graphics. Aside from some clipping issues, the game looks fairly good... by Playstation standards. By Dreamcast standards... it's tolerable at best... Perhaps I'm being too critical. The models and environments are neatly rendered, but not much more than that.

It's truly unfortunate that Eidos and Core dropped the ball in porting over this game over to the Dreamcast. It seems like they just copied-and-pasted a Playstation game onto a GD-ROM disc, did a couple minor touch-ups, and BOOM! Brand new game. Now, I understand a number of Dreamcast games that started off as Playstation games were like this, but it's hard to believe that the quality was just THIS bad. It seems like whoever was working on this simply didn't care about the final product.

Anyone who is looking for a good Dreamcast game should not be picking up Fighting Force 2. Anyone looking for a further fix of Fighting Force should just play the first game again. Anyone looking for a fun activity should just stare at the wall... yes, staring at a wall is MORE FUN than Fighting Force 2.

Story: 2/10 (the story is unmemorable and dull - not much to it)
Graphics: 5/10 (the graphics are okay - slightly higher-resolution version of a Playstation game, but that's about it)
Sound: 2/10 (little music, repetitive grunts and explosions, please make it stop)
Gameplay: 1/10 (touchy, awkward controls - boring gameplay - unstable camera)
Challenge: 2/10 (weapons all over the place make this a cinch to beat - if you want to)
Replay Value: 1/10 (just play the original Fighting Force instead)


Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Product Release: Fighting Force 2 (US, 11/30/99)

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