Review by BCostigan

Reviewed: 07/19/02 | Updated: 07/19/02

No Fun at ALL!!!

FIGHTING FORCE 2 in my opinion is not a very good game at all. I feel as though it was missing any sort of difficulty and was not very fun to play at all.

STORY: (4/10)
The story is about a man named Hawk Mason (from the first FIGHTING FORCE) trying to infiltrate an army base camp that holds hazardous materials. The first Fighting Force was much better than this. I do not like the story line because; it really isn’t a developed storyline. It could have been so much better than what it was.

GRAPHICS: (10/10)
The graphics for Fighting Force 2 were actually very well done. The atmospheres were very nicely put together and, the character models were also very well done. I have nothing bad to say about the graphics. I enjoyed them the most.
In a way, they were a little better than what they were in the first Fighting Force.

SOUND: (5/10)
The sound for Fighting Force 2 was not good at all. There was no music in the levels and at certain parts you could not hear any sound at all. It just kept going in and out. For instance, if you were punching an enemy at a very rapid speed, you would not hear any sort of punching sound. But, if you were kicking a computer till it exploded, then the explosion would be very loud. This might make jump out of your seat.

CONTROLS: (8/10)
The controls for Fighting Force 2 were not to bad at all. They were very easy to learn and, the combos that you are able to do were very easily performed. But, when you begin to run, the controls are not very responsive at first, but they improve. So, other then that, the controls have nothing wrong with them. I have no complaints.

GAMEPLAY: (2/10)
The gameplay for Fighting Force 2 is basically just run and punch. They really is no point to the game other than just to annoy you. It may seem fun the first 20 minutes, but gets boring very quickly. The enemies are not strong at all and only need a couple of punches to finally die; the bosses were not very hard at all and were no fun to fight.

So, to say the least, Fighting Force 2 is not a good game. It should have been like the first. The first one was very fun to play. So, should you RENT or BUY? I say neither because, either way you will just be wasting money on something that isn’t good at all.


Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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