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"A perfect example of how NOT TO DO a sequel"

When the original Fighting Force appeared on the PSOne, Saturn and PC some years ago, there seemed to be two schools of thought - one decreed it as a fantastic 3D upgrade of the classic Streets of Rage and the other thought it was utter balls. From the fact that I actually bought this game, it would be a fair assumption that I came into the former category. For me, the prospect of walking round as a big beefy guy and beating people up with random objects always appealed and the original FF seemed to get it just right.

So here comes its sequel. Firstly the 3 characters of the original have been reduced to just one - Hawk Mason, who lets face it, is something of a Duke Nukem wannabe. This fact should serve as a warning sign - there is just one character now. Hm. Upon actually starting the game, it becomes apparent that they have changed the formula. Instead of the cool rotating camera of before, we are now stuck in a 3rd person view. Bummer. And also (and this is the killer) FF2 is in fact a Metal Gear Solid-lite pseudo stealth game. Pseudo because you'll need to use no stealth whatsoever to play it. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they have truly messed up the winning formula.

Let's start with the good things though. For a start, the graphics have their odd moment of goodness. By odd moment I mean, about two things in the game like halfway decent (the furness in the first level and the tube things near the start of the second). Ok, that's the good things over with. Aside from these two moments, the graphics are drab and uninteresting, as is the sound and strangely enough, as is the gameplay. Sure you can still pick up random weapons and bludgeon enemies with them, but the whole thing is so tedious you'll not want to even bother. The sound is virtually non-existent (virtually no music at all and quiet, muffled sound effects) and you can only save at the end of the levels. Now usually this isn't a bad thing at all, but when you consider the levels are so huge and meandering that it usually takes an hour to complete them, frustration soon sets in. The AI is also the most appallingly stupid I have ever seen in a video game. Enemies just stand in front of you looking bemused whilst you shoot them.

I don't think I'm going to bother carrying on with this review. This game is just crap. What more can I say?


Nice lighting effects, but aside from that it just looks like a PS1 game. Drab drab drab.

SOUND - 4/10

Er, what sound? There seems to be very little music and the sound effects consist of the odd ''arh'' noise and the occasional dull thud.


The original was great fun. This is one of the most dull games I've ever played. Why have they ruined it?!


Ok the missions are huge, but there's not that many and you'll be bored to tears by the end of the first one anyway, so why even bother?

OVERALL - 4/10

This game is just simply dull, boring and lifeless. By trying to add depth to the series, they've sapped away everything that made the original so damn enjoyable. FOOLS!!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/29/02, Updated 11/29/02

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