"Avoid at all costs."

Fighting Force 2 is Eidos's second (and I hope last) attempt at a 3D beat-um-up. Fighting Force was their first attempt and that was full of mixed responses from gamers and the press alike. It was quite a shame, so Eidos and Core went back to work, and made sequel to Fighting Force. Fighting Force 2 was released around December 1999. It was published by Eidos and developed by Core Design Ltd. Fighting Force 2 was one of the first Dreamcast games and is also one of the worse.

Graphics: I have to say that these graphics look pretty poor and bad. I will admit that it was a first generation Dreamcast game, but that's not the point. The game's graphics look worse than some of the worse looking Playstation games. Despite that, the game runs at a smooth frame rate – but that's all that matters, right?

Sound: Bang, bang! Boom, boom! etc. All of your classic and favorite gun noises are in this game. Even your punches and grunt noises are well implemented, but as imaged, they are pretty poor sounding. To make matters even worse, there is almost no music in the entire game. I did notice some faint music in the title screen but I could barely hear it. And yes, the volume was pretty high up on my TV.

Gameplay: This is just a boring game where all you do is just run around beating people up, getting keys and going on to the next level and doing the same thing. It's made worse by the horrid controls that are very awkward and hard to get used to. A very boring and lame plot was put in this game. Sadly the inclusion of a plot doesn't add much to the game. Just thinking about what the games plot could have been gives me nightmares.

Replay Value: None, whatsoever. There is no 2-player mode and no alternate endings. Besides, who'd want to play this game with you anyway? If there was a two-player mode, that’d be way beyond me. Basically, this game is a simple one-time affair.

Overall, Fighting Force 2 brings nothing new to the boring 3D beat-um-up genre. It's a very poor looking, and extremely poor playing game. Is the game worth buying? No. You have tons of better games to spend your cash on. You could rent it, but the price you'd pay to rent – you could buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 12/30/02, Updated 12/30/02

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