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"Fighting Force2:Missing in Action"

Ok being for Dreamcast I expected to be a pure action, non-stop 3-d brawler full of fun, just like the first, yet instead we are treated to one of the most boring fighting games ever invented. And you thought Simpson wrestling was bad wait to you get to this. Anyway without further delay this is my review.

Graphics:10 The best part of the game. Show someone on the development team actually was using their head. Beautiful backgrounds and sceneries. Hawk looks better than ever with a new hairstyle. I just wish he was in a different game.

Game play:5 The fist version became big because of the awesome weapons and multi-player arcade fun. Now its all thrown in the trash and were reduced to only 20 weapons and no 2-player action. Was someone drunk while making it. When your making a second game you don't take the best feature in the first one out. That's just being a retard. They even took out the bazookas. Why? The levels are so long. I had to pay my friend to beat the first level for me cause it was so long. Give me a break and to make it worst there's no music to keep you entertained. I cover that later. At least they made it more realistic and someone gets killed if their shot unlike the first where you had to shot a person a billion times just to kill him. In the last version you get to choose where you wanted to go. Do you in this version, um no. Even if you did you wouldn't get to find out because you'll be so bored with it you'll throw it out before you get pass the first level.

Sound:4 No sound, no music, no nothing, It sucks. The only thing I heard is the machine gun which was done perfectly in the game. Yes the sound is yet another reason why we must give the game to goodwill. I personally thing salvation army needs it more. You pick.

Control:6 Its ok. It took me a while at first. It takes a year for you to punch after you press the punch button, but when you do you can create some mean combos. Overall the control is not bad.

Replay value:0 What? The only reason you will even touch the game is if your taking it back to the store.

Lost in Action: The game speaks for itself. Another year or two they could have had a Dreamcast classic, yet they destroyed it and gave Dreamcast another reason to go out of business. The game was simply rushed.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 05/19/03, Updated 05/19/03

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