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    FAQ/Walkthrough by winnie the poop 2

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               $%!         !%                                         
                 ! %      !%%                          %              
                  %!%%%%%%%%$$  $%   !     %      %   %%              
                    %%$%%! %!$$ $$  $$    !$$    $ $$$$   !           
                     %%$     $!%$   $$$    $$$! !$$ $! %$       !     
             %%!!!!%%%%%%$$% $$$    $$%$   $$!$$ $$ $$%$   %%%%       
                     $$!    $$$!$%! $$$$$% $$    $$ $$   %%%%   !     
                   !%%%!    $$$ $$$!$$  $$!$$    $$ $$$$$%!  %%%      
                   %%%% !$$$$%!  % !      ! !      !%$    $%%%%!      
                  !%%!$$$$$$$$$$$  $$$$%  $  $$$%   %$$$$$%%$%        
                %%!! $$$$!       $ $  $! !$  $   $$$ $$     %%        
               !!%   $$$!     !$$%!$ $!  $$!!$    $$%$$$%%%$          
             $%%     %$%      $$$ $$%$   $$ $$   $$$!$$% !!           
            !%       %%%%%!  $$$$ $$ %$% $$ $$$$$$$  $$      !%!!     
                     !$%%%%$$$ $$ !$! $$$!$!!$!     $$$$$$$$%%%%%     
                        !     %$$        !          $$%    !$%%%!!    
                              %$$                    %%        !!!!%
                              %%$                   ! %           %!%!
                              $%%                                   ! 
                               F R A M E   G R I D E
                              (フレーム   グライド)
                                    Version 1.5
                              Martin 'Fox' Dale-Hench
                                ASCII Art by scurty
                      Best viewed as Courier New, Font Size 10
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Before you start reading this guide, you should know those basic 
    Japanese terms, for they will pop out as options if you tinker with 
    the menus in the game long enough. They are:
                          (はい)Yes      (いいえ)No
          (火)Fire     (水)Water     (土)Earth     (風)Wind
    Fair enough.
    Also, if you want to know how you can view the Japanese characters 
    properly, take a look on the section entitled 'Reading this Document'. 
    Thank you.
    0.                   T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
     0. Table of Contents-----------------------------FGToC
     1. Introduction----------------------------------FGIntro
     2. Reading this Document-------------------------FGRtD
     3. The Story of Frame Gride----------------------FGStory
     4. The Controls----------------------------------FGCont
     5. The Battle System-----------------------------FGTBS
     6. Menu Translations-----------------------------FGMenu
     7. Frame Gride Walkthrough-----------------------FGWalk
     8. Rankings--------------------------------------FGRank
     9. Material Translations-------------------------FGMT
    10. Arenas----------------------------------------FGArenas
    11. Equipment List--------------------------------FGEquip
    12. Squire List-----------------------------------FGSquire
    13. Disclaimer/History----------------------------FGDH
    Find System
    This FAQ has an unique find system. Although this one still use the 
    Table of Contents to quickly move the guide around for you, this 
    will not rely on the main headers. Instead, you have to use the 
    Japanese characters (Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji) shown on the 
    right side of the Table of Contents OR the number and the period. 
    Don't worry, the effect will be the same. Here's the steps:
    (Yes, I think you should use this! The path to the main Walkthrough 
    is a long one if you just scroll down manually! This only takes 30 
    seconds to learn and 3 seconds to master and use!)
    1. Highlight the desired location's 'code' (i.e. 'FGWalk').
    2. Press Ctrl + C (Copy)
    3. Press Ctrl + F (JWPce or others) or F5 (NJStar, this one is kinda
    glitchy. Sometimes it may work, sometimes it won't. If it does not 
    work, then use the numbers [10.] instead.)
    4. Press Ctrl + V (Paste)
    5. Press OK or Enter and Viola! You're there!
    1.                       I N T R O D U C T I O N
    Hi, indulged reader, Martin 'Fox' Dale-Hench here. Whether if you really
    need to find a tidbit of information to complete your objective or 
    you're just probing through the FAQs and the boards, hoping to find a 
    intruging fact, does not matter to me. I made this FAQ not because this 
    game desperately needed one, but because I adored this odd-ball import. 
    I bought this game while vacationing with my family on the main island
    of Japan, Honshu. I happened to be in the Electric Town in Tokyo, after
    hours of begging to the feet of my own parents, and found this lovable
    unopened Frame Gride case. After a minute of pondering, I decided that I
    shall buy it. Back on the other side of Pacific, I popped in the disc 
    and began... There went hours and hours of my already worthless time! I
    haven't seen anything special and unusual as this game and it's like 4
    years old! Why did this part of the world has never seen the daylight of
    Frame Gride? Well, I shall make it up with this FAQ! With your Frame 
    Gride, you can love your game to the fullest with this FAQ! 
    </arrogance> ;p
    Let's stop talking about me... Now I'm going to talk about the game. 
    This game has you building a Xenogears-like mecha and use it to face one
    of the evil Knights of the Round en route to the final boss. It's like a
    fighting/strategy hybird, I guess. It can be only found in Japanese, 
    hence the lack of fame that it has received. I find it rather sad and 
    depressing because the game screams originality and inspiration. There's
    a ton of stuff to tinker around with, so if you're a tinkerer then HAVE
    to get this if you have a Dreamcast! Even though if you don't like that 
    sort of game, you can still just sit back and play the fireworks!
    Anyway, if you're having some difficulties reading some of the letters
    here, I recommend you read the following section.
    2.              R E A D I N G   T H I S   D O C U M E N T
    This guide is full of translations, therefore the Japanese characters. I
    know that there are two other FAQs for this very game, but I feel that
    with the Japanese character included, you can absorb everything much 
    better. So, if you want to view the Japanese character instead of the 
    fancy 'f' thing or the stupid hollow box sticking out front of you?
    Well there are two ways to view the characters without much difficulty:
    1. Go under the 'View' header on top left of your screen and find 
    'Encoding. Now, find 'Shift-JIS' in the long list of 'Others'. Viola!
    Now you can view this wonderful guide! Heh.
    2. Here's how if you don't have the appropriate program to view them. Go
    to one of the following sites to download the Japanese Viewer:
    www.njstar.com (Recommended!)
    www.physics.ucla.edu/~grosenth/jwpce.html (not bad)
    All you have to do is download one of them (takes like 3 or 5 seconds!)
    and get back to this document and press Ctrl + A (Select all) and press
    Ctrl + C (Copy). Open the Japanese Viewer (JWPce or njstar) and press 
    Ctrl + V. Viola! Enjoy!
    *Note: On NJStar (or others, if the following happens), if the JAPANESE
    characters looks out of the place and abnormally small, then you should
    highlight them all (Ctrl + A) and change the font to Courier New, 10. 
    The characters should revert back to the intended shape and size. Thank
    3.           T H E   S T O R Y   O F   F R A M E   G R I D E
    Manual Translation
    In an empire 700 years ago...
    As an emperor named Regilio was on the verge of dying,
    Count Zolt led a rebellion against the entire empire that engulfed the
    continent in war.
    The government of the empire chose 6 imperial candidates, now united, to
    protect the Imperial Empire from the opposing forces, led by Lord Zolt,
    and its spirits of 9 knights that was believed to be dead previously.
    Time turned out to be the deciding factor as the empire went down the 
    Every person wished for the Chosen One to come forth to save them all,
    as prospected by Archbishop Milanje. Although he is an old and sick
    Archbishop, he knew that this unprecedented crisis will summon forth a 
    lone knight and informed the people about this.
    My Explanation of the Story
    Obviously, Zolt took advantage of the sickness of the Emperor and 
    decided to lead a rebellion against the political realm of the empire,
    initating a war among the people. The leaders of the empire summoned the
    six other candidates that would be the possible ones to replace the 
    dying Emperor. Zolt revived the legendary 9 fallen Knights to destroy 
    and obliertate those leaders and their armies. Therefore, there were 
    only one candidate left: Zolt. He has succeeded what he aimed.
    The Archbishop Milanje foresaw that a lone Knight will rise from the
    catastrophe and return the Throne and peace back into the Empire.
    Now, it is obvious that the nine Frames that you fight during the course
    of the Main game are the 9 Knights that Zolt has revived. The 10th, of 
    course, is Mr. Zolt himself, under a different alias. As for the 6 slain 
    candidates, they are the ones that each asked a question in the very 
    beginning of the saga. The Archbishop is probably the one that 
    introduced you to the candidates and explained the story to you. 
    Everything fits, doesn't it?
    4.                       T H E   C O N T R O L S
    D-Pad - Move Frame
    This is a tricky one. This is a third-person fighter, so you don't have
    a fixed camera mode. The camera will be always behind your Frame 
    (sometimes front if you move around too much) so that complicates the 
    motion a bit. Press down (if the camera is facing the same direction as
    the Frame), and the Frame will BACKSTEP. Not turn around and run! That 
    is created that way so you can just backstep and shoot or keep track of
    your opponent. It's great and better that way, believe me! Pressing the
    D-Pad to the left, right, or forward will move the Frame to the desired
    direction. The camera should change to keep up with you.
    A Button - Jump Up
    This is the basic move of all basics. Most of the fighting games that 
    you wholly recognize (Street Fighter, Kings of Fighters, etc.) have a 
    jump button so you should be comfortable with this button. This is used
    primitively to avoid/evade attacks. Alterantely, it can be used to jump
    over obstacles such as Fallen Bridge's broken bridges (duh). Like Mario,
    you may move around while in the air and even attack with your 
    projectile weapon and sword! Nice. To do that, use L and R to move left 
    and right and up and down on the D-Pad to move those directions.
    B Button - Sword Slash
    THE weapon in this game. Every RPG has a hero that wields a bad-ass
    sword like Cloud of Final Fantasy VII, and this is no exception (well,
    it's not a RPG, I know). The reason for that is that it is 
    interchangable and can be used 1 million times in a few seconds and it's
    still intact and usable. The projectiles requires energy to fire, but 
    this one doesn't. So, you can ALWAYS resort to hack-n-slash method. To 
    use it, just get close to the opponent and face him properly and press 
    the B button. Learn to use it well, for it will carry you through the 
    X Button - Guard/Parry
    Newbies tend to use this the least, but you shouldn't! This comes 
    especially useful in the late levels and the final battle. It is a good
    habit to start learning to use parry often early. Unneeded fall of 
    health that can be rejected should be prevented. This guards against the
    sword attacks the best, and can be used to guard yourself from 
    projectiles. However, if you press this button, you cannot move at all. 
    Therefore, you will be standing still. Don't hold it too long, though. 
    The enemy can easily get around you and confuse you, costing you some 
    time and perhaps energy.
    Y Button - Punch (Up Close) Fire the Projectile Weapon (from a Distance)
    Whoa. A long sub-header. Anyway, to make it clear for you, if you're 
    standing or running by your opponent, your Frame will gear up for a 
    powerfl Punch. Slower than a Sword attack, but more powerful. Should be
    used when your opponent's off-guard. If you're out of the range 
    (referring to the enemy), then you shall fire your gun at the target.
    The damage is minimal, but it really adds up if you connect (the 
    projectiles depends on what gun you has and your elements). The 
    projectiles usually come out in threes, so it can be deadly if you use
    it wisely. However, it uses up your energy so you have to be considerate
    about it. Don't over-use it, but don't neglect it too much. The energy 
    will come back, but don't WASTE it. OK? By the way, you do not require
    any energy for the punch, but can't use it while in the air (will use 
    the gun instead).
    L Trigger - Strafe Left
    One of the finer points in this control scheme. Is the enemy front of 
    you? Want to move to the left to avoid its attacks and counter with a 
    powerful punch? You can do them all... fast! Just press L (or R if you
    want to go right) and the Frame will still look forward and _sidestep_ 
    to the left. It's pretty nifty. I use it ALL of the time. 
    Indispensable. You can even use it while in the air. 
    R Trigger - Strafe Right
    See above (L trigger). Should be common sense, anyway. ^_^
    A + X Buttons - Summon Squire
    First, if you're wondering, "What the hell are Squires?", then you need
    to read the Basics section before moving on. Back to the point, you can,
    if you have at least one remaining in your active inventory, summmon a 
    Squire to help you out. They are actually pretty useful later levels as
    a distraction for the enemy. The intelligent ones can actually take a 
    huge chunk of the opponent's life bar, if you two work together. Yes,
    you can summon them out at will if you have at least one equipped. If 
    you have two and want to use them both, then you just press A + X twice 
    to get them out. However, there's a downside - there is an animation for 
    your Frame to execute in order to get the Squire accessible. Oh well.
    B + Y Buttons - Special Projectile Attack
    Something different, huh. This is not the same gun that you have 
    equipped on the right hand (Y button), it is the strange contrapation on
    the back of the left shoulder of your Frame. Press those buttons (B and 
    Y) will cause the machine to release homing projectiles to the target.
    It takes out a LOT of energy so you have to be wary about that. It hits
    the opponent about 5 times, taking off a sizable damage each. Not bad.
    L + R + B Buttons - Sword Combo
    The most effective form of attack in the entire game! Merely pressing 
    those buttons will send your Frame flailing with its main weapon, 
    thrusting the weapon three times to severely damage the opponent.
    However, once you input those buttons, the Frame will proceed and try 
    all three attacks so if it misses, it's all open for countering. Make it
    count. The damage to energy ratio is very high, because the energy spent
    on this is nothing compared to the damage if ALL of the connects. It's 
    wonderful to use this if you got the opponent cornered.
    L + R + X Buttons - Energy Shield
    Eh, that's something that I don't use that often. Hell, I never really 
    used it. It's an energy field released by the Frame to block the 
    opposing team. IF they comes over to it... >_< The way I see it, you can
    release it and stand face-to-face with the shield between you and the 
    opponent. That way, the opponent will stroll over and attempt to attack 
    you and hit the shield. You may attack through the shield. I guess 
    that's the purpose... 
    Unfortunately, I find this game to be too fast-paced to create this kind
    of opportunity, especially with the Squires. Oh well. You can experiment
    and tinker with it, if you want. One more thing: it only lasts a few 
    seconds... 0_o
    L + R + Y Buttons - Punch Combo (Up Close) Lay a Mine (from a Distance)
    The Punch Combo is highly effective because of the damage that it can 
    inflict in a relatively short amount of time. It takes off a bit less 
    than half of your Energy bar, but it's worth it. Depending on its 
    elements and weapons, your Frame can punch up to 5 punches in a row. 
    This one is not easily countered because of the speed and time between
    punches. As for the Mine, you should only use it when there's a lot of 
    enemy Squires around. There are three kinds of mines: Proximity Mine 
    (just drops onto the ground and wait for a bystander), Floating Mine 
    (duh, it floats mid-air), and the Seeker Mines (it chases stuff!
    whoo!). The mine will be based on your main elements.
    L + R + B + Y - Emergency Bomb
    Oooooh, this is a good one! Inputing this command will release ALL of
    your energy (a FULL bar!) to form a mini-bomb that clear the area around
    you. This should be used when you're in a tight spot with a tough guy
    beating you up or something. The bomb will send the enemies back, flying
    and damaged, but it will also damage you, considerably. Should be used 
    in emergency situations only.
    Analog Pad - Adjust the Camera
    Now you know why I put this on the bottom of the list. :) Not as
    important  as you would think... Moving this around will move the camera
    around your Frame to get a better view of the landscape and the battle 
    field. You know what to do.
    5.                  T H E   B A T T L E   S Y S T E M
    Should be known by you already, but here it is. The main goal here is to
    defeat the opposing forces. There are ten main enemies during the course
    of the main game, but you only take on one of them at a time. You use a 
    variety of attacks such as projectiles, swishing your blunt/edged metal,
    and even your robotic fist. You display them to knock down the 
    opponent's health bar down and down until it gets to zero. Then you have
    won the battle. Like a fighting game, the opponent, of course, will try
    to do the same to you. Simple enough.
    Battle Screen
           YOU                       ENEMY
            |                          |
            V                          V
    | ______________             ______________ |
    ||______________|           |______________||<-- HP bar.
    | ---                               --- --- |<-- Squire's HP bars.
    |                                           |
    |             \     /                       |
    |              #####                        |< The target and the
    |               ###                         |              opponent.
    |                |                          |
    |                                           |
    |                                           |
    |                   ####                    |
    |                 ########                  |<-- You! yay!
    |                  ######                   |
    | #                 ####                  # |<-- The condition of the
    |### ______        ##  ##         ______ ###|                      Frame
    | # |______|                     |______| # |<-- The energy level.
    HP bar --- Just the classic motif. As you take damage, the bar 
               decreases. As it reaches the mid-point, it turns yellow. The
               red hue will display the critical condition.
    Squire's HP bar --- A bit different. They will be empty if they aren't   
                        used yet. When they are used, the HP color will come
                        out. When the HP's gone, they're dead but you have 
                        to continue hitting it to reveal the Material.
    Target/Opponent --- What can I say? It's.... your target. The guy that
                        takes your shots.
    You --- Always in the bottom middle.
    The condition of the Frame --- It's like a indicator of how damaged the 
                                   equipment is. If it's blue, then it's 
                                   like the top condition. As it get more 
                                   redder, then it might break any time. If
                                   this happens, you have to find something 
                                   else to replace it after the battle.
    The energy level --- As you use up energy, this bar will decrease. The
                         energy are interchangable so you can wait for it to
                         recover. If you attempt to use a move that needs 
                         energy but you don't have enough energy to execute
                         it, then the bar will flash up to the minimum 
                         energy required to use the said move.
    One of the most important aspects in the game, hence the importance of 
    mastering the knowledge of this condition. Since the game takes place 
    in a three-dimensional battlefield, you have to worry about the latitude
    between you and the opponent AS WELL AS the longitude. The game makers 
    has given you an useful tool to play around with: the targeting system.
    How does it work? Just look at the direction where the opponent is at. 
    The target will be on automatically. What does it do, then? It is used 
    solely for the guns and your vector. Guns will home only to the targeted
    mecha, and if you strafe, the target is your vector, causing you to 
    revolve around it. 
    If there are two or more enemies on the screen simulateously, then the 
    closer one will usually be targeted. 
    This is the your apprentice. You build it up, you wear it off, you win
    and lose by it, and you love and hate it. There are three Frames for you
    to use and they are: Light, Medium, and Heavy. Light are agile and 
    quick, but it is fairly weak in power and defense. Medium is just right
    for everything. Heavy is like a golem, slow but powerful. You know those
    old stuff. Now, to use a Frame, you have to EQUIP it down to the last 
    Material. If not, then you cannot use it. An error message will come up 
    if you don't have the right Frame (not fully uneqipped). So get one of 
    the Frames to the max and fight! 
    Throughout the story, your Frame might lose an armor or two. If this 
    happens, just replace it by creating a new one with your Materials and 
    equip it. If it doesn't work, then you might have the wrong Frame. Go to
    the Frame Select menu and active the right Frame.
    LF - Life Force
    This is your _HP_ this time. No 'HP' or 'MP' or anything. Anyway, you
    cannot increase it permentantly... So how do you increase it then? You
    can, via several equipment for your Frames. When you view the stats of
    certain Equipment (Helms, Leg Guards, Arm Guards, Body Armor), you can
    see a stat with 'LF' within. The larger the bar (for that stat), the
    more LF you gain. This feature is extremely useful in the latter bosses
    because they will go all-out on you, you won't have a chance to block
    their attacks. You will notice a SIGNIFICANT change in the downfall of
    your LF as you increase.
    Those materials are the building blocks of this game. You collect them 
    to use them. For what? To create new Equipment and Squires (see the 
    following sub-sections) for your Frames. You start off with default 
    Equipment (the original equipment depends on the answers of the first 
    6~7 questions) but they are CRAPPY. And they can BREAK. ;_; So, you have
    to replace them occasionally to make your Frame stay upgraded. They can 
    be used to make Squires, too.
    To obtain them, you have to either defeat the Squires that your 
    opponents release or the bosses themselves. If you happen to defeat one
    of the Squires, a gem will pop out. Touch it to grab it (can be 1 or 
    more Materials in one gem). Regardless of the final decision, you still
    get the Materials. If you defeat the boss, you will attain the Materials
    by default.
    Every Squire and Equipment only needs two Materials to be produced. 
    However, there are various Materials for various combos. The list of the
    Materials are down below, past the Walkthrough.
    One of the finer points in the game. It gives this game immediate depth.
    Opponents have them to annoy you, you use them to win. These machines 
    are like slaves to their master. They can be any of those: mines that 
    wait for the unsuspecting (or foolish) opponents to come and BOOM!; 
    driods that are incredibly dumb and die against the simplest bosses and
    do you no good; or the ones that help you by playing lame duck, 
    distracting the opponent's attention, giving you an easy chance to 
    attack repeatedly; and, finally, the ones that can ACTUALLY do serious 
    damage! You want the last one, right? Yea...
    To create a Squire, you need Materials won from battles. Then, go to the
    'Create your squires' (スクワイア) sub-menu and there you go. If you
    have the appropraite Materials, you may create the desired Squire.
    However, you must have enough FP to contain the Squire to bring it to
    battle. The FP can be attained from the equipment (like Helms, mostly).
    Watch for those stats!! The more useful the Squire is, then more FP it
    needs. And yes, they have their own HP, so they may die in battle. 
    Sorry, man.
    One more thing: try to kill all of the opposing Squires to receive bonus
    Materials! Some Squires yield MASSIVE, rare Materials for your usage! 
    Like Squires, they are forged from the Materials. They protect the 
    interior of the Frame. Without those, your Frame ain't a Frame. Every 
    item has an uniquer make-up to it, hence the various attributes. One 
    Helm could have a stronger form of resistence to physical atatcks, but
    it has low FP. Another one could have a high FP, allowing for more 
    Squires in your arsenal. Try to balance them out. The full translations 
    for the Equipment are on the bottom of this FAQ. The full descriptions 
    should be on the other FAQ I made. If there's nothing, then I haven't 
    finished it or this ain't GameFAQs/IGN/Neoseeker. Heh.
    This is where and how you get Squires and Equipment. Synthesis. Yeah. 
    Anyway, you need at least two materials to make SOMETHING. So, win some
    Materials to be your booty and Synthesize them if you wish. To view the 
    list of the Equipment or the Squires, go to their menu (Y button) and 
    highlight the desired item and go back to the Synthesis forum
    (マテリアル合成), and the materials should be all ready for you.
    To confirm that you have the right Materials, look at the gems in the
    box of the item. If BOTH of them are flashing, then you can realize its 
    To summarize it up, go to the Equipment or Squire menu (騎兵組替 or 
    スクワイア) and press Y to bring the list up. Highlight the desired 
    item and leave (B button) and go to the Synthesis forum 
    (マテリアル合成)to finish the job. Don't forget to equip it!
    Every boss, with the exception of the final boss, has an element 
    attached to it. The possible elements are: Fire(火); Water(水); 
    Earth(土); and Wind(風). The sole purpose of those elements is to 
    take advanatge of the opposing element. Every element has a weakness.
    The boss' element can be seen in the pre-battle (when you view the
    card) display. It's the sole letter, all by itself in the lower right
    portion of the screen. 
    They are:
    Fire >>>>>>>>>>> Wind
    ^                 V           Wind-based damage will inflict more damage
    ^                 V           on Water than it would on Fire. Got it?
    ^                 V
    ^                 V
    Earth <<<<<<<<<< Water
    Now, you know the effects of the elements. Want an element? Just make 
    one with some Materials (Synthesis - the translations are on the bottom.
    Go there to find the right one) and equip it on the top tier of the 
    four-tiered elements pack on the back of your Frame.
    Also, the elements will alter your Special Projectile Attacks, hence the
    effects of the opposing elements. So you know now. :)
    Boss Cards
    Once you defeat a boss, you receive his 'Card'. What's it for? It's 
    nothing but a 'genie' or a 'soul' of the said boss. Back at your 
    training base (Forsaken Town), you can select the card of the boss that
    you want to re-battle with. Yes, you still can fight them at their own 
    arena, but the Forsaken Town is a flat piece of land, giving you an
    easier time to fight and defeat the boss. A great way to recover more 
    6.                  M E N U   T R A N S L A T I O N S
    *Do you want to view the Japanese characters? Go back up to the section
    called 'Reading this Document' to find the directions.
    New Game/Continue (The menu you see once you are in this category)
         (出撃)Exit the menu to battle/fight
     (フレーム選択)Select Frame (Light-Middle-Heavy)
       (騎兵組替)Equip your Frame/Change spare parts
        (色変更)Change your Frame's color
      (スクワイア)Create your squires
    (マテリアル合成)Material Synthesis
      戦績 Battle Record (More details in Section 8)
    セーブ Save
    ロード Load
       (出撃)Exit the menu to start fighting
     (1P選択)1P Frame Select/Customization
     (2P選択)2P Frame Select/Customization
    (マップ選択)Map Select
    1P/2P Frame Select/Customization (1P/2P選択)
    ----------------------_ (フレーム選択)Select Frame (Light-Middle-Heavy)
       (騎兵組替)Equip your Frame/Change spare parts
        (色変更)Change your Frame's color
      (スクワイア)Choose your squires
    (マテリアル合成)Material Synthesis
    Net Game
    (ダイヤル開始)Start Dialing
      (サーバー)Pick your server 
             (東京サーバー)Tokyo Server
             (新規)Original server (your own)
        (設定)Create the game (rules, etc.)
             (回線の種類)?            トーソ ペルス
             (リダイヤル)Re-Dial      あり  なし 
             (外線発信番号)?          あり  なし
    Left Toolbar (L button)
       (ホーム)Home (Homepage)
       (しおり)Bookmark the website/List of favorites
      (ジァソプ)Search the Web (input URL)
    (グームのHP)Call and play against somebody over the Net
       (つなぐ)To make a call/To connect
    Right Toolbar (R button)
    (戻る)Go back to the previous page (Return)
    (進む)Next, forward
    (中止)Stop the connection/download/loading
       (BGM音量)Change the BGM volume by pressing left or right.
        (効果音量)Change the general volume.
        (音響設定)Select from those: Stereo(ステレオ)or Mono(モノラル)
    7.           F R A M E   G R I D E   W A L K T H R O U G H
    Starting the game
    After some uncatachable kanji-filled intro with some nifty pictures in
    the background, you are greeted by a knight in armor. I cannot interpret
    what he said because I am not fluent in Japanese, I just make 
    translations. However, I can vaguely predict what he said: there are 6
    men that shall ask you questions, and what you answer will determine 
    your fate (actually, your equipment but whatever). Or something. Anyway,
    after this weirdo, you enter a door. Another knight in shining armor 
    stop you. This time, you are asked a question. 
    Now, you are given THREE choices for each of your answers for those six 
    question you will receive shortly. Those answers will affect what 
    equipment your Middle-Armored Frame would be using at the start of the 
    missions. Now, I don't know what the questions are but there is a guide 
    on GameFAQs that tells you what equipment you will receive from the 
    answer. It's by DLe, and I credit him greatly for this information. I 
    have tried to contact him but that e-mail is extremely old (from '99) 
    and everybody changes their e-mail after a few years or so, so I didn't 
    receive a response. Here it is: (in the order from top to bottom)
    1. Head                              2. Torso        
    -------                              --------
    -Sword Collar                        -Final Mark
    -Bolt Head                           -Grand Guard
    -Knight Mask                         -Pearl Plate
    3. Arms                              4. Legs
    -------                              -------  
    -Manifaer                            -Sword Shin 
    -Aeon Armlet                         -Far Cross 
    -Wing Coat                           -Brick Spur
    5. Sword and Shield                  6. Gun and Cannon
    -------------------                  -----------------
    -Answera and Medal Blood             -Sky View and Flame Bird
    -Rune Mace and Flame Leaf            -Soul Strike and Gungnir Charge
    -Valmonk and Luteran Shield          -Destruct Stare and Elemental Song
    After the sixth question, the seventh knight will ask for your birthday.
    The first counter is your month, and the second (obviously) is the date. 
    After that one, there's one more Frame that babbles about the missions 
    or something. Congrats, you've set your Frame up for the battles!
    Name your Frame/Squires
    Now, you have to name your Frame and squad of Squires. The first choice 
    is your Frame's name and the bottom is for the Squires. Choose whatever,
    the chart for the characters are just down below.
    HIRAGANA - Used to spell out _Japanese_ terms/words
     あ-a   い-i   う-u   え-e   お-o  | か-ka  き-ki  く-ku  け-ke  こ-ko
     さ-sa  し-shi す-su  せ-se  そ-so | た-ta  ち-chi つ-tsu て-te  と-to
     な-na  に-ni  ぬ-nu  ね-ne  の-no | は-ha  ひ-hi  ふ-hu  へ-he  ほ-ho
     ま-ma  み-mi  む-mu  め-me  も-mo | や-ya         ゆ-yu         よ-yo
     ら-ra  り-ri  る-ru  れ-re  ろ-ro | わ-wa                       を-wo
     ん-n                              | はやし = Hayashi (forest in JP)
    KATAKANA - Used to spell out _foreign_ words
     ア-a   イ-i   ウ-u   エ-e   オ-o  | カ-ka  キ-ki  ク-ku  ケ-ke  コ-ko
     サ-sa  シ-shi ス-su  セ-se  ソ-so | タ-ta  チ-chi ツ-tsu テ-te  ト-to
     ナ-na  ニ-ni  ヌ-nu  ネ-ne  ノ-no | ハ-ha  ヒ-hi  フ-hu  ヘ-he  ホ-ho
     マ-ma  ミ-mi  ム-mu  メ-me  モ-mo | ヤ-ya         ユ-yu         ヨ-yo
     ラ-ra  リ-ri  ル-ru  レ-re  ロ-ro | ワ-wa                       ヲ-wo
     ン-n                              | マールティン = Martin (my name)
    *Small tsu (っ/ッ) is used to repeat a constant.
                         -Example: がっこう - gakkou (school in Japanese)
    *The long line (ー) is used to make a vowel longer.
                         -Example: コーヒー (Coffee)
    *Small 'i' (ィ) is used to make 'ti' (ティ) because there is no 'ti'
     in Japanese - it is voiced as 'chi'. (ディ = di)
    *B and P are found under the 'H' series. 
                         -B is displayed with a " (ば/バ = ba)
                         -P is displayed with a 。(ぱ/パ = pa)
    *G is found under the 'K' series.
                         -G is displayed with a " (ぎ/ギ = gi)
    *Z is found under the 'S' series.
                         -Z is displayed with a " (ぞ/ゾ = zo)
    *D is found under the 'T' series.
                         -D is displayed with a " (づ/ヅ = du)
    *Small ya, yu, and yo (ゃ、ゅ、ょ) are used to eliminate the vowel and
     replace it with the appropriate vowels. (ひゃ = hya) (きょ = kyo)
    I called my Frame 'Fox' (きつね) and my Squires '14' (十四). Who cares,
    right? You finally get to the main menu, where you may customize your 
    Frames and such.
    Main Menu
              (出撃)Exit the menu to battle/fight
      (フレーム選択)Select Frame
          (騎兵組替)Equip your Frame/Change spare parts
            (色変更)Change your Frame's color
        (スクワイア)Create your squires
    (マテリアル合成)Material Synthesis
    Now, there's virtually nothing to do here if you came here from a New 
    Game file because you don't have any equipment or Materials to play
    around with. The places to go are: Training (second option) and the
    Battlefield (first option). However, if you attempt to go to either 
    menus and come across a sign prohibiting you from going... then you have
    the wrong Frame. Return to 'Select Frame' menu and pick one of two other
    Frames and try again to see if it works. If not, then only one remains. 
    The reason for this is because of your selection of the answers in the 
    six question given to you earlier. The equipment will only get on one of
    the Frames. Oh well. Let's proceed to the walkthrough!!!
    THE Walkthrough
     / The Fossil Desert - Gordova |_______________________________________
    /============================================(Earth Element - 1 Squire)|
    |                                                                      |
    Meh. Pretty simple even for a new-comer. For your first battle, you are|
    greeted with a lame excuse for a Large Mecha. He's slow as hell and he |
    NEVER jumps! And I mean NEVER! Actually, he DOES jump, but he does it  |
    like a fat ass would. Har Har. Just come up to him and bash the hell   |
    out of him (try to corner him, easier to do so that way) or just shoot | 
    with your puny projectile weapon over and over again. Of course, you   |
    may want to use this guy as a live training target for your various    |
    attacks such as mines, cannons, and special combos. Usually, he'll     |
    use his only Squire, a spider look alike (I think it's called Ensera - |
    エンセレア, just in case) which is very passive. It cowers at the sight|
    of your Frame and tries it fullest to run away. Just destroy it for an |
    easy Material. Afterwards, continue your obliterating of the Boss      |
    Frame, Gordova. Not a bad start to a relatively short game.            |
    Materials Yielded: The Boss just provides you with a VERY COMMON one:  |
                       Exinet, but the Squire can provide you a variety of |
                       materials such as Ramud, Kuromutit, Crystoball,     |
                       Firohait, Barait, and possibly others.              |
     / Fallen Bridge - Cronher |___________________________________________
    /=============================================(Wind Element - 1 Squire)|
    |                                                                      |
    Tougher than Gordova but still nothing for you. He starts off by       |
    summoning a Squire (looks like a Wind-type Haitore - ハイトーレ) right |
    away. As for the battle, he (Cronher) like to jump all over the        |
    snowy field, shooting various projectiles at you. Keep your target on  |
    him and shoot bullets when you're far and use the combos (L+R+B) when  |
    you're close. Not that hard... It might be VERY mobile (jumping ability|
    is pretty high) but it takes hits rather harshly because it's a small  |
    Frame. He will jump away when you and him are pretty far apart (sword  |
    in not range) so get in close to him and attack him with melee weapons |
    and you should be fine. As for the Squire, it's like a bird, twittering|
    around, firing Wind-type projectiles(just like Cronher himself).       |
    However, he is extremely simple to take down. Just shoot at it a few   |
    times and it will fall to the ground (if you connect, that is). As     |
    soon as it falls, come up to it and attack away! Its HP is extremely   |
    low, believe me, so you only need a few seconds to finish it. It won't |
    be able to fly away. Easy Material. :)                                 |
    Materials Yielded: Mal, Barait, Feram, Kuromutit                       |
     / Great Ravine - Otlante |____________________________________________
    /=========================================(Water Element - Two Squires)|
    |                                                                      |
    Yet another relatively straight-forward boss. He likes to summon a     |
    Barnid (ボルナイト) as his opening move. Otherwise, the boss doesn't   |
    really have any special attrubites/skills for you to be corcerned about|
    except for his mines, which he likes to drop all over the field often. |
    Just decimate him with your rod/sword. As for the Squires, both of them|
    are Barnids, a fairly large Water-type mechas. They are rather stupid  |
    for their size (wait...) and they don't react that quickly at all.     |
    Basically, just be aware of everything that's going on and you should  |
    be alright. The difficulty hasn't picked up that much yet.             |
    Materials Yielded: Rishia, Crystoball, Baskuroa, Ramud                 |
     / Vanity Castle - Redorall |__________________________________________
    /=========================================== (Fire Element - 5 Squires)|
    |                                                                      |
    This is a rather complex and compelling Frame battle so I'll start out |
    with an introduction of what's he's all about. He's a large Frame, but |
    you already have battled a Frame the size of Godzilla so that's not    |
    a concern. However, he wields a fast sword (believe me, he can react   |
    pretty quickly for a fat ass!)and holds FIVE squires. Luckily, all     |
    five of them are just Viruses, THE most basic one that you can have.   |
    Now, what's with the worry I'm displaying? Well, he is your first      |
    'true' battle, meaning that the blow-offs are in the past. The battles,|
    starting with Redorall, will only get tougher for you. Redorall can    |
    turn the tide around pretty quickly with his iron-sized strength. One  |
    last thing: he IS a Fire Elemental so equip a Earth Element, if you    |
    can. Now you know what he is all about... Let's get ready to           |
    ruuuuumble!!!!!                                                        |
    Again, he is a fast Large-Type Frame with five Viruses with him, but as|
    long you have a Earth Element equipped OR is fluent with the skills in |
    the realm of Frame Gride, you're alright. He loves to open with a      |
    special cannon projectile attack, which is a plasma missile. Strafe to |
    either side to avoid this opening. If you don't want any trouble, GO   |
    FOR IT! GO ahead and attack Redorall, all out! He might be a bit quick |
    for a Frame like his, he's still 'too' slow for your sword attacking!  |
    Keep pummeling him with your sword (combos is an excellent idea!) until|
    he retreats. After that, it is up to you. He might drop a Virus or two |
    or five to bomb your brains out. If you want some Materials, you should|
    go ahead and take the bait (the Viruses are kamikazes, they die once   |
    they explode) and break them open for some Materials. If you just want |
    to finish the battle, take it easy. Find a chance to get to him        |
    stealthly and resume the devestation. He can trap you with a plethora  |
    of projectiles, missiles, and mines. Just be careful. :)               |
    As for the Squires, they are the best ones for seeking some decent     |
    Materials this early in the game. They provide common and uncommon     |
    Materials rather easily and there's FIVE of them in a battle, compared |
    to 1~2 that most Frames possesses. Unfortunately, the rarer ones won't |
    come out here. Still, this is an excellent place to collect Materials  |
    for standard equipment, but not the advanced ones.                     |
    Materials Yielded: Exinet; Rishia; Barait; Baskuroa; Mal               |
     / Synthesis |_________________________________________________________
    |                                                                      |
    This may be the best time to start the synthesis process to obtain new |
    weapons and armors because the following battles get progressively     |
    harder all of the way to the final boss. Redorall and his five squires |
    can yield a lot of Materials from his Squires so you can fight him over|
    and over again for a LOT of easy materials! Get some decent equipment  |
    for now by fighting Redorall all over and over and over again. To make |
    the matters easier, you should get a Earth Stone ASAP and put it on    |
    your top tier slot. 2x damage on Redorall and its minions! Whoo!       |
    Now, the Materials that Redorall and the ones before him does not yield|
    those that can create some bad-ass equipment so just stick to what     |
    you can get. Good luck.                                                |
     / Silent Forest - Leehliax |__________________________________________
    /========================================== (Earth Element - 2 Squires)|
    |                                                                      |
    Silent Forest is perhaps one of the most visually stunning arenas in   |
    this tiny game. My favorite place to fight! ^_^ Anyway, Leehliax is    |
    a speedy Small-Frame that wields big guns- Dyrandal (デュランダル) and |
    Gungnir Charge (グングニルチャージ). The reason why I'm telling you the|
    weapons is because they have a distinct feature and advantage to them. |
    It's up to you to exploit its weakness and make yourself victorious. As|
    for the Squires, they are the earthly Bibenid (ビビアニト) and Ghimorer|
    (ガビモレル), both fairly intelligent Squires. Still, the weapons      |
    themselves are the ones that you should be worried about.              |
    Gungnir Charge delievers a stunning blue aura blow that can deplete    |
    your wary HP by about one-quarter of the entire thing! However, it     |
    requires some time for charging up, hence the 'Charge' in its alias.   |
    You can see the 'light' that it expresses as it charges up. When you   |
    see this, SIDE-STEP!!!! Once the gun picks its direction, it's going to|
    shoot that way so it won't track you down. Exploit it and get in close |
    to punish Leehliax. As for the sword Dyrandal, it's one of the fastest |
    sword in the game, and its combo can devesate anything it comes across |
    with. There isn't really any weakness to it, but you can just be       |
    defensive about it and see what you can do. In other words, just       |
    proceed as normally but use caution.                                   |
    The Squires aren't a threat if you don't worry too much. If you go for |
    the boss during the entire battle-athon, Squires won't be a factor.    |
    However, if you need some Materials, they can be a hassle. Bibenid, the|
    first one, has a quirk: he exerts lethal missiles, one for every minute|
    or so. He can expertly evade your attacks and fire missiles while      |
    moving away from you. However, if you hit it while it's mid-air, it    |
    will stumble downwards and stay stunned for a while. That's your best  |
    chance to do some serious damage and awakening. The second one would be|
    a Ghimorer, a spider look-alike. Not that tough. Somewhat intelligent, |
    but nothing that you can't handle. If both of the Squires are out      |
    simulateously, it spells trouble for you.                              |
    Enough about the weapons and the Squires, time for the BOSS! Leehliax, |
    like I said before, is a elusive little guy. He is an offensive Frame, |
    jumping rightr up to you once the battle starts. You think you should  |
    be defensive to counter his actions? Nah. This time, you fight fire    |
    with fire. Give him what he wants: a physical battle. Save your energy |
    for sword/punch combos, not projectiles. Only use the guns when you two|
    are far apart. If Leehliax is reachable, reach him! Be wary of his     |
    speedy Dyrandal, though. Don't be surprised if you escape with a silver|
    of health left.                                                        |
    Materials: A LOT of those: Mal, Crystobal, Baskuroa. Ramud only comes  |
               up occassionally.                                           |
     / Synthesis |_________________________________________________________
    |                                                                      |
    I know, I know. You just read a Synethesis section above, before the   |
    Leehliax fight. Two words: Too bad. The following battle, with a Fire- |
    type Baraerk is the toughest yet. I won't tell you why here, but I will|
    tell what you NEED. You need one of two things: squire(s) or a Earth   |
    Stone equipped on your top Material slot. For an Earth Stone, you need |
    a Mal (easily found - Cronher) and a Barait (Cronher or Redorall).     |
    If you're too lazy to collect those items, you can take what you have  |
    right now and create a decent squire or two to aid you in the following|
    battle. That's all for now. Take your pick and go.                     |
     / Ruins of Ancient - Baraerk |________________________________________
    /=========================================== (Fire Element - 2 Squires)|
    |                                                                      |
    In my original write-up for this showdown, I said you needed a Water   |
    Stone to off-set the Fire Stone this guy has. I was wrong. You need an |
    Earth Stone instead. Crazy system, eh! Anyway, in this obstacle test   |
    drive (referring to the boulder/wall-filled arena), you're going to    |
    see a Squire coming out right away. I recommend you to destroy it      |
    IMMEDIATELY. Just go ALL OF THE WAY to the other side and track the    |
    Squire down. Hunt it like it's your favorite prey and eat it up! A     |
    second one might come out, a buffer one. This one can SERIOUSLY give   |
    a hard time. However, if you kill him, he will reward you with a rare  |
    Material (possibly an Olihalcon!). Otherwise, the squires are some son-|
    of-bitch group. Casting some squires to aid you isn't a bad idea at    |
    all.                                                                   |
    Oh, how annoying this boss is! Besides the sky-high difficulty of the  |
    Squires, you have to deal with the high-flying Baraerk that jumps      |
    like there's no tomorrow on the ground. This might sound nothing, but  |
    you can't really get a grip on him and the target. He'll hop from one  |
    place to another, firing projectiles and finally he lands just BEHIND  |
    you and slashes you to hell. How to prevent that? You can quit chasing |
    his jumps all of the time and let him come to you. Then, stick to him  |
    and do some combos. He tends to jump back if he's in trouble. Again,   |
    Squires are a big help here. Projectiles are a HUGE assistances to     |
    eliminating his ass off.                                               |
    Materials Yielded: Ekusinet, Feram, Firohait, Mythril (second Squire), |
                       and Olihalcon                                       |
     / Forgotten Temple - Eudorpho |_______________________________________
    /=========================================== (Wind Element - 2 Squires)|
    |                                                                      |
    Finally, a nice, sweet, charming boss! What I mean by that is that he's|
    EASY! Yay! Not that easy as you would imagine, but he's not tough at   |
    all. He's a wind-based Large-Frame Type so use a fire element to       |
    realize your full potiental in this battle. His attacks incredibly weak|
    for a boss this late, especially if you have a Fire Stone equipped!    |
    Lucky you! His punch combo can cause massive damage and cause the Frame|
    to stumble backwards, but that's about it.                             |
    He likes to put up a protective shield up and cast a Squire (two       |
    Jistbalts - ジストバルド). The squire(s), like its master, aren't too  |
    tough and can be cornered and taken down rather easily. Other than     |
    that, he just runs around and fire some wind slashers. Just chase him  |
    down and turn him into wind. :)                                        |
    Materials Yielded: Barait, Crystobal, Kuromatit, Baskuroa, and Ramud   |
     / Grudge Arena - Balentine |__________________________________________
    /=========================================== (Wind Element - 3 Squires)|
    |                                                                      |
    The true difficulty lies not in Balentine, but in the Squires. Actual- |
    ly, only one. However, let's start with the general overview of the    |
    clash. Another Wind-based Frame (the previous one, Eudorpho, was also  |
    a Winder) so if you used a Flame Stone for the preceding battle, you   |
    should be all right here since you have the advanatage, which is more  |
    than enough. He will summon Squires, without a doubt, and fire count-  |
    less projectiles and Wind-Type mines. Don't be surprised if you see    |
    your Frame getting engulfed by green-ish domes every other 15 seconds. |
    Still, Balentine, isn't that tough to beat. Let's talk about the harder|
    part of the fight, which are the Squires. Balentine will ALWAYS start  |
    off the battle with a Restid (レスティート). It's kind wimpy but head  |
    its way and fire projectiles at it to stun it. When it's down, attack  |
    ASAP. Finish it off as usual. One squire down. If you did kill the     |
    first Squire right off the bat, you should breeze through this fight.  |
    Proceeding through the fight... more often than not, you will see      |
    another Squire come out: an exceedingly rare Rissunsk (リッシュニスク).|
    This Squire is arguably the best and most intelligent one in the entire|
    game. Rissunsk is a stoic, slow-moving Wind missile owner. Yet when you|
    come up to it, it flutters away by repeated jumps. Attacking by sword  |
    or punch is virtually impossible so you have to resort to your standard|
    gun. So, revolve around it and shoot the projectiles continuously. If  |
    you stand still, it might connect with a mighty missile explosion so   |
    you have to watch out. The third and final one is just another Restid. |
    No worries this time. Maybe it's a reward for you for solving a        |
    Rissunsk. The rewards for destorying them are mostly unparralleled.    |
    Those guys gives you the most Angalas you'll ever get.                 |
    Finally the strategy for Balentine! (shouldn't it be VALENTINE? Hmm...)|
    He will hit it off with a Restid and attack you head-on. The Restid    |
    will usually run away momentarily. You should chase it down because    |
    if a Rissunsk ever come sout, you're going to have a TOUGH time. Back  |
    to the point, you have to be steady. The boss will give you all sorts  |
    of attacks: punches, sword, mines, missiles, whatever you can dream of.|
    You can't chicken out. This is essenstially a basic boss fight. Just   |
    give all you got and you shal prevail if you use the skills well.      |
    Materials Yielded: Rishia, Barait, Crystobal, Firohait, Kuromatit,     |
                       A LOT of Angalas from the Squires, Myhtril          |
     / Deep Cave - Racine |________________________________________________
    /========================================= (Water Element - 5 Squires!)|
    |                                                                      |
    Alas, the second-to-last guy. The one that nobody cares. Oh well. This |
    one's a tough one, but he gets easier to beat as you fight him more and|
    more because he's methodical. really, he's nothing special. The squires|
    makes this guy seem harder, that's all. With that, I will introduce you|
    to the infamous Squires of Racine.                                     |
    Starting with the Squires, there are five in all and you WILL see the  |
    first one. Unfortunately, that's the hardest. Fortunately, the rest are|
    garbage. The squires, in order:                                        |
    アムダイラス Amdiras                                                   |
    ハレシニア Haresine                                                    |
    ヴィルロス Virros                                                      |
    ハレシニア Haresine                                                    |
    ヴィルロス Virros                                                      |
    Amdiras, the opening move, will be summoned by Racine once the battle  |
    commends. A HUGE armored tank, it has no weapon expect for its pointed |
    belly button. It will attempt to track you down and bump you with its  |
    uh... pointy thing, if you know what I mean. Thus, it is fairly diffi- |
    cult to slash him with your chosen sword as it is bumping you away.    |
    That leaves you with only one decent choice: fire at it with your gun. |
    So, once the battle starts, fire repeatedly at Racine while it's call- |
    ing for Amdiras and the bullets should hit the Squire, eventually. Keep|
    your distance from it as you are still firing at it. It has a plethora |
    of HP with it so this might take a while.                              |
    The Haresine (2nd and 4th) and Virros (3rd and 5th) are absolutely     |
    NOTHING, especially Virros. Haresine does at least attack you favor-   |
    ibly... If they ever come out, you can destroy them if you wish.       |
    The boss himself has no idiosynacrises that sets himself apart from    |
    the others. Therefore, it is a simple battle of brawn. Who is stronger,|
    wins. As long you don't get too distracted by the squires! :)          |
     / The Lost Tower - Zydlanel (Zolt) |__________________________________
    /============================================= (No Element - 0 Squires)|
    |                                                                      |
    Ah, the final battle. As you would have expected, this is easily, with-|
    out a doubt, the most difficult encounter you will ever face. Strangely|
    enough, there is no set pattern for Lord Zolt, hence the cause of the  |
    difficulty: uncertainity. I had to face this boss several times and    |
    retreated to 'train', or 'equip', my Frame up and went back. Yet I was |
    not ready. I had the equipment, but I didn't know what to do with them.|
    Fortunately for YOU, you don't have to figure the second part out      |
    because you are reading this. Besides, the only reason why you're read-|
    ing this guide is to master this game, right? RIGHT?! I did some trail |
    and error and lo and behold, I finally defeated the Evil Zolt and saved|
    the kingdom! However, explaining this battle to you is not as simple.  |
    I'll divide the main ideas up separately to make it easier to absorb.  |
    EQUIPMENT                                                              |
    ---------                                                              |
    Possibly the most important aspect when battling Zolt because of the   |
    sheer number of defense/HP the serpent has. The main thing to do is to |
    build your FP (HP) up to stabilize yourself, forces the battle to draw |
    on longer. If the HP gets down pretty quickly, we tend to panic a bit, |
    throwing our composure out of the window. Another important thing is   |
    the LF for the Squires, but we'll talk about that later. You need to   |
    use your front 4 (helm/body armor/arm armor/leg armor) to the fullest, |
    to attain the maximum number of FP and LF as possible. Do not worry    |
    about the strength because you won't be using your brawns in this one. |
    Now we have to worry about our most lethal weapon against Zolt: the    |
    Cannon. If you're surprised, you should be. Landing a sword-guided     |
    strike against the final comrade is next to impossible because of the  |
    mammoth size. He'll just run you over. :) So, the projectile attacks is|
    your only feasible and the only _choice_, as it may seem. You want the |
    best, right? Well, the best would be... the GUNGNIR CHARGE. It's the   |
    second from the top on the left column in the 'Y' menu of the Cannons. |
    Why this one? Because it wields the single most powerful blast in the  |
    entire game. Get that, it's a must-have.                               |
    As for the gun, shield, and sword... all of them are secondary. I never|
    used any of them during the course of my first victory against Zolt and|
    I doubt you will. Take whatever you want.                              |
    Here is my complete list of the Equipment I used against Zolt, feel    |
    to compare your list to mine. Only Gungnir Charge is virtually         |
    necessary.                                                             |
          Helm - Sharp Knife (シャープナイフ)
    Body Armor - Rondel Chest (ロンテルチェスト)
     Arm Guard - Wing Coat (ロンテルチェスト)
     Leg Armor - Far Cross (ファルクロス)
           Gun - Knight Crusher (ナイトクラッシャー) *not important*
         Sword - Valmonk (ヴァルムンク) *not important*
        Cannon - Gungnir Charge (グングニルチャージ) *must have!*
        Shield - Cross Shield (クロスシールド) *not important*
    SQUIRES                                                                |
    -------                                                                |
    Squires are _NOT_ neccessary for your success against this behemoth,   |
    but the law of survival of the fittest requires you to get every       |
    advantage you may need. Squires act as a distraction, a eye sore for   |
    Zolt while you attack him up the ass. You want a Squire to distract him|
    long enough for you to win the battle so you would prefer a Squire with|
    a feasible number of FP (HP). They also have to be somewhat intelligent|
    because the dumb ones tends to wipe out quickly (due to their aggress- |
    ive nature). There is a number of Squires in this category to pick out |
    from, but you have to remember that you have a limited number of LF to |
    exert. My Middle Armored with 1000 Bonus Points (the maximum) reaches  |
    the 8000-point pleateau. Therefore, I was able to afford a Lisygir and |
    a Mesynos (they both tally up to 8000 points) for the desicive battle. |
    Sure, there are a plethora of Squires for you, so take your pick. Just |
    make sure you pick an intelligent and defensive Squire to survive long |
    enough.                                                                |
    If you need some bonus FP, just go to a regular battle and summon 2~3  |
    Squires and win the battle. You will receive 6 points per Squire you   |
    summon and possibly some more. (I cannot figure out why I got some mad |
    points like 50 after a battle and 18 points after another. I dunno.)   |
    ATTACKING ZOLT                                                         |
    --------------                                                         |
    There are two basic methods... One is preferred and the other one is,  |
    rather blatantly obvious, not preferred. Here's the plans:             |
    PLAN A: A FAR better strategy. A cheap one? Maybe. But Zolt himself IS |
    cheap. Cheap as hell. You counter the cheapness with cheap. Got it?    |
    Make sure you have your Gungnir Charge equipped and head into battle.  |
    Summon a Squire to hit it off and move to your left or right. To dodge |
    his attacks/survive the battle, skim through the following sub-section.|
    Anyway, wait by constantly moving around him, still at a distance. DO  |
    NOT come up to him. Wait until he's standing still and FIRE your       |
    Gungnir Charge (Y+B). The cannon will charge up, hence its alias, and, |
    if left uninterrupted, it will fire a POWERFUL blue stroke. This holy  |
    light will chip off about 1/10 of Zolt's HP. Might not sound a lot, but|
    try firing with your ordinary gun and see what you got! Retreat and    |
    repeat. While your Energy is refreshing, you may cast out another      |
    Squire or two. This slow method is, ironically, the fastest one you    |
    got. (Make sure you don't hit the Squires :))                          |
    PLAN B: No Gungnir Charge? Duke out your Projectile gun and fire away! |
    I mean it. Swords won't work. Mines either. Just move and move around  |
    and around and hope you have chipped him off long enough. *shrugs* Told|
    you, you need a Gungnir Charge.                                        |
    PLAN C: You have an alternate plan? Let me know at hockeyfox@ameritech.|
    net!                                                                   |
    SURVIVING THE FURY                                                     |
    ------------------                                                     |
    Attacking Zolt is not as easy as it might seem because of the speed    |
    your FP can go down. Sure, you can successfully connect your charges,  |
    but you will fail if you don't learn to protect yourself. There is no  |
    luck in this battle, as it would seem to be the contrary. Either you   |
    deserved it or not. Learn or lose.                                     |
    The attacks of Zolt's is not varied, but they are random.              |
    1) Zolt fires out fire seeker missiles from its horns (right?) that    |
    chases you until it either hits the ground or you. It does light to    |
    moderate damage. Nothing to worry about? No. It is probably the most   |
    frequent attack you will witness. Therefore, you save a lot of FP if   |
    you know how to avoid it properly. To avoid it, just keep moving (DO   |
    NOT JUMP) around Zolt like a circle or an oval. A tip for this: tap A  |
    once, it will hit the boosts on and let the Frame glide off.           |
    2) Zolt casts a large purple-black hole that comes out of nowhere. Not |
    as frequent as number one, but it does damage you severely. It's un-   |
    predictable, so the only thing I can tell you is keep moving. The      |
    entire battle requires you to keep moving, like I did. The ONLY time   |
    you should pause would be when you fire your projectile or squire.     |
    3) The most potent weapon of Zolt's: a lighthouse-like plasma beam that|
    sweeps over one-half of the field. Once it crosses your general path,  |
    you're toast. I don't mean you're going to die, but you're going to be |
    HIT. It's nearly impossible to avoid, even if you jump. The best       |
    solution to this is to dart to the space behind Zolt. The beam does not|
    revolve around Zolt, so you're safe there. That time is also the best  |
    time to use your Gunguir Charge because Zolt is too busy firing.       |
    4) Not an attack, but whatever. Zolt does damage if it whips your care-|
    less ass with its tail, so steer clear of the body. That's why I said  |
    you got to stay in a distance while constantly moving (in attacking    |
    section). Just letting you know.                                       |
                                 KEEP MOVING!                              |
     / Random Battles |____________________________________________________
    |                                                                      |
    The following Frames are the ones that randomly appear in any of the   |
    battlefields (besides the Forgotten Temple) once you have defeated the |
    arena's own Knight Frame. They will not provide you with their own Boss|
    Cards, but they will always be random and alive even if you have       |
    defeated them to the ground. They are NOT related to the story. At all.|
    -The Revenger                                                          |
    -The Cub                                                               |
    -The Mugger                                                            |
    -The Retired Hero                                                      |
    -The High Clown                                                        |
    *Also, the elements and the number of the Squires for those random guys|
    are RANDOM as well. Even the size (light, middle, heavy) are random.*  |
    Now, the reason I did not write a detailed 'walkthrough' for those     |
    Frames is that they are purely random. If their size changes, so does  |
    their tendencies. Therefore, it is impossible to tell what you would   |
    expect from them. Fortunately, all of them are not outrageously diff-  |
    icult like Leehliax once was for you. Your Frame has grown and matured |
    with Equipment over time, and you should have some Squires to boot you |
    up. Along with those, your skill/experience should end up victorious.  |
    Those Frames are no sitting ducks. They will jump and movee frequently.|
    They will charge at you and chip away. Just be alert.                  |
    8.                          R A N K I N G S
    This section covers the data of the 'Battle Record'(戦績)in the Save/
    Load section of the Main Game menu (記録). This data displays your
    battle history and the current statistics. The translations:
          ?士名 Name of the Frames
          ?兵名 Name of the Squires
            1P Record of 1P matches (Main game)
            VS Record of VS matches
          NET Record of Internet matches
            総合 Total Record
            ???? Number of Equipment you own
      スクワイア Number of unique Squires you own (doubles does not count)
    指揮ポイント Command Points**
        総合評価 Final Ranking/Evaluation*
    *I'm not sure how the Final Ranking is affected, but I think the record
    (victories, mainly) and the number of Equipment and Squires are the most
    important factors. You start it off with an "E" and you want to climb up
    to an "A".
    **The Command Points are the points that increases your LF for the 
    Squires. To attain them, just summon a Squire in a battle and win that
    battle. Usually, it will increase by 6 points or so.
    My Rankings:
    D = 49 wins, 49 Equipment, 11 Squires
    C = 63 wins, 64 Equipment, 16 Squires (I got the C once I got the 16th
        Squire, marking the half-way point of owning every Squire. Looks 
        like you have to get at least 50 percent of equipment and squires 
        to get a C ranking. Just an idea.
    B = 83 wins, 85 Equipment, 25 Squires (82% of all Equipment and Squires)
    A = Not yet! I am assuming, which is very simple at where I am right
        now, that you need to get EVERY single equipment and Squire in the
        game to get the A ranking. If you didn't receive an A ranking this
        way, try getting 1000 Bonus Points (the max). I have 105 Equipment
        (3 left!), all 32 Squires, and 1000 Bonus Points as of 10/14/03. All
        I need is FOUR more Oriharukons! Bah.
    9.              M A T E R I A L   T R A N S L A T I O N S
    I thought this section would be helpful because there are more than just
    a several materials/stones to obtain. You will have to syntheize some of
    those, and I'd imagine it is easier if you know what they are spelled. 
    Here we go. The list are from the one in the Material Synthesis menu 
    (マテリアル合成), so forgive me if this looks like it's picked out of 
    Here we go...
    (To those who are fluent in Japanese, you don't really need this one, 
    you know the letters and the explanations by heart. Move along.)
    1st page
    エクシニート Exinet - green like emerald (e start)
    マール Mal
    リシア Rishia
    バライト Barait
    クリストバル Crystoball
    フェラム Feram
    フィロハイト Firohait
    クロムタイト Kuromutit - kuro=black but this one is not black...
    2nd page
    バスクロア Baskuroa
    アンガルト Angala
    ラムド Ramud
    ミスリル Mythril
    オリハルコン Oriharukon
    Material/Boss Chart
    ***This is what ~~I~~ found. There are LIKELY some Materials that I did
    not find for some bosses. So don't think that Otlante won't yield an
    Exinet. It might. However, those that are marked as 'x' are those that
    are CONFIRMED to be seen. From the boss? Not always. Could be from its
    squires, you know...***
               Gordova   Cronher   Otlante   Redorall   Leehlias   Baraerk
    Exinet        x                             x                     x
    Mal                     x                              x
    Rishia                            x         x
    Barait        x         x                   x
    Crystobal     x                   x                    x
    Feram                   x                                         x
    Firohait      x                                                   x
    Kuromatit     x         x
    Baskuroa                          x         x          x
    Ramud         x                   x                    x          x
    Mythril                                                           x
    Oriharukon                                                        x
               Eudorpho   Balentine   Racine   Zyldanel   The High Clown
    Exinet                              x
    Mal                       x         x
    Rishia                    x                 x
    Barait        x           x                                  x
    Crystobal     x           x         x
    Feram                               x       x                x
    Firohait                  x                                  x
    Kuromatit     x           x         x
    Baskuroa      x                                              x
    Angala                    x         x                        x
    Ramud         x           x                 x
    Mythril       x           x                                  x
    Oriharukon    x           x
                  The Revenger   The Mugger   The Cub   The Retired Hero
    Exinet               x             x                        x
    Mal                  x             x        x
    Rishia                             x
    Barait                             x
    Crystobal            x             x        x
    Feram                x             x
    Firohait             x             x        x
    Baskuroa                           x        x
    Angala               x                      x               x
    Ramud                              x                        x
    Mythril              x             x
    10.                             A R E N A S
    This is merely a section for strategies and descriptions for every arena
    in this game. Every arena is unique and have some advantages to it. I
    will be swift and short because there's not much I can say about it.
    There are 15 arenas in all, 4 of those are random, attained after you
    beat several Frames in the storyline. They are:
    Malicious Shrine
    Graceful Shrine
    Huge Hollow
    Vain Palace
    All of them can be used infinitely, but once you beat the boss of the
    arena (except the random ones and The Lost Tower), the said boss will
    disappear from that arena forever. The random Frames will tab in 
    If you're wondering why there is such a section for this and why would
    you read it... Well, you can scan it through and see what you can do
    to pull some strings on your hated friend in the head-to-head battles.
                    VP||            FS -- Forsaken Town
      ._   VC |\      | \__         FD -- Fossil Desert
     |LT\_  _/  \.___.'    \        FB -- Fallen Bridge
     |    --                |       GR -- Great Ravine
     |_ SF   FB  GA     FT .|       VC -- Vanity Castle
       |                     |      SF -- Silent Forest
       \_RA    GR           /       RA -- Ruins of Ancient
     HH  |          ____   /        FT -- Forgotten Temple
      ___|MS       |_ DC\  \        GA -- Grudge Arena
     |        FD     '|  \_.\       DC -- Deep Cave
     |GC_---------__FS|.    \|      LT -- The Lost Tower
                                    MS -- Malicious Shrine
                                    GC -- Graceful Column
                                    HH -- Huge Hollow
                                    VP -- Vain Palace
    Your practice arena and the place where you fight the former Frames with
    their cards. It's an extremely flat arena, except for 4 pillars, one at
    each corner. A pillar is fallen... Not a great place to play hide-n-
    seek, no-siree-bob. The best strategy while fighting in this wasteland
    is to go all-out because nothing's going to save your ass here.
    THE FOSSIL DESERT (FD) -- Boss: Gordova
    Although this appears to be a spacious cemetery for your winnings, it is
    not. The area here is fairly limited because the borders end once the
    sand rise up. However, there are some ruins (Dragon bones or something)
    scattered in one part. You can use it to jump out and in, shooting at
    the confused enemy Frame. Not much, but could be useful.
    FALLEN BRIDGE (FB) -- Boss: Cronher
    After only two fights, we're already reached the heights of desert sands
    and the depths of the freezing blizzards... o_O. This snowy field is
    flanked by two bridges, one to each side. One has a broken gap (hence
    the title) but that's not much. This is a great chance to jump over some
    obstacles and wait for your opponent to come. Then, you strike it with
    some projectiles while it's flying and slash it off. The spaces between
    the bridges are far and wide, so you can use it to your advantage if
    you use a speedy Frame. In this case, take out your Squires and conquer!
    GREAT RAVINE (GR) -- Boss: Otlante
    If you like to jump around like there's no tomorrow then this is the
    place for you. Boulders and rocks everywhere. You can actually get onto
    some of the boulders and snipe the enemies down! If you have a powerful
    artillery such as Gunguir Charge, it's a good idea to warm it up a bit.
    The obstacles might get in the way, but it's fun to shoot them down from
    above. Death from above, indeed.
    VANITY CASTLE (VC) -- Boss: Redorall
    Ugh. What a dreadful place. This crapatula hurts my eyes (TOO MUCH GREEN
    FOR MY TASTE!!!) and there's nothing to do here. Just do your best (try
    to corner the other guy somehow here) and win. It's just a barren place.
    SILENT FOREST (SF) -- Boss: Leehlias
    A pretty nice background, indeed. Fluffy stuff everywhere. O_O Eh, any-
    way, the man attraction is the ubiqutious, gigantic tree along a corner.
    I could tell you to play 'merry-go-round' around it, but you won't do
    it anyway, right? Thought so. Instead, just kamikaze into the enemy and
    you should be fine. Eventually the fight goes off into the woods...
    Then, you can use the smaller trees to your advantage. Sometimes the CPU
    is dumb enough to hit the trees, not you. Counter with a well-hit melee
    attack of your choice.
    RUINS OF ANCIENT (RA) -- Boss: Baraerk
    One of the best arenas in the game, if not the BEST, because of the
    varying layout. Here you have a battlefield that revolves around the
    ruins of ancient times. The interior part (closest to the ruins) has 
    some arches and small pathways, while the external part is just a flat
    space with some tiers. Now, if you need some protecting/want to trap the
    opponent/be defensive/low on health, you need to stay in the interior
    because the arches and everything can really help you. Lay down some
    mines to surprise the other guy, always work. In this part, it's pretty
    easy to corner a guy to do some serious damage. 
    As for the exterior, it is made for one-on-one battles so use when you
    have fast hands/sword or great skill. An ideal battle would take place
    in the exterior part first, cutting the HP down considerably and return-
    ing to the interior part and do some trickery to finish things off, just
    to be safe.
    FORGOTTEN TEMPLE (FT) -- Boss: Eudorpho
    This is a weird level. You have a 'hub' in the middle and some ramps on
    the corners elevating up to two catwalks. Walls are aplenty. All-out
    battles can be disrupted pretty easily here, since the opponents can 
    easily evade by jumping over obstacles. There are a few tricks to punish
    your foe... One is to lay a mine under or around the tower in the middle
    and wait by it. Try to draw the opponent onto it. You know what will
    happen. Also, the catwalks are useful when you want to draw somebody
    into your range. Just get on the top of a catwalk and wait. Then
    GRUDGE ARENA (GA) -- Boss: Balentine
    Ah, I like this place. It's a circular one with two indents on the far 
    ends. Luckily, the secrets lies in those indents. I've found that
    cornering a foe into those indents usually equals SERIOUS, BIG-TIME
    destruction! It's pretty difficult to get out of those holes so if you
    see a chance to corner a foe in the said position, try it out!
    Otherwise, there's nothing. Just a circular arena.
    DEEP CAVE (DC) -- Boss: Racine
    Another one of my favorites. You hit off by seeing the enemy in the 
    midst of the fog. There's a trench between you two, but that doesn't
    mean anything. However, the path goes around so you can exploit it by
    going around and around until you catch the enemy off-hand, defenseless.
    This works weel with human opponents. There's some sort of steps in the
    rear end that you can use to snipe. Squires are great here, too. Enjoy!
    THE LOST TOWER (LT) -- Boss: Zyldanel
    Meh. Just a wide-ended spherical arena. Nothing much you can do around
    here except keeping living against the final boss. Oh well.
    The developers should've called this 'The Pit' instead because the
    stage all goes downhill to the middle. Fighting on the ridges is such
    a HASSLE because either you or the other guy will fall off to a lower
    level. So, fight your battle at the lowest tier all of the way unless
    you want to play defensively. Your pick.
    GRACEFUL COLUMN (GC) -- Random
    Nice style, but no substance. The background (the temple/column) is
    indeed graceful, but I don't see any 'interactive' stuff that you can
    exploit. Just a shiny, square palace. What can I say? Corner?
    HUGE HOLLOW (HH) -- Random
    A rather interesting place to take a glance at. Strangely enough, this
    underground cave has only one pillar to note. However, the walls are
    chippy so it is possible to 'corner' a foe at anytime. The arena is
    pretty large, so if you are damaged, you can use the size to your
    advantage by going the length and shooting some projectiles or summon
    some Squires.
    VAIN PALACE (VP) -- Random
    Meh. Just a circle/halo with a speed bump in the middle. No cornering,
    nothing. Just an all-out battle! May the best man win!
    11.                    E Q U I P M E N T   L I S T
    They all can be seen in the 'Equip your Frame/Change spare parts' 
    section(騎兵組替). To view them all in a list, press Y and there you go. 
    (You can change Frames via this option: フレーム選択) This is a mere list, 
    meaning that there are no valid descriptions for them all. It's more 
    like a translation section, if you will. The COMPLETE explanations of 
    the equipment should be on www.GameFAQs.com and www.ign.com, also 
    written by me. Go there if you want more information (such as the 
    difference in powers, what materials are needed to synthesize, its 
    rating, etc.). If it's not there, then I'm working on it :).
    One final thing: Make sure you find the RIGHT frame because the 
    Light/Middle/Heavy Frames has different Helms, Body Armors, Arm Guards,
    and Leg Armors. They has the same equipments for everything else, 
    though. So far, I have only the Middle Armored Frame, but I will add the
    other two as I translate more equipment.
    ハーレティアラ Hare Tiara
    ローズクラウン Rose Crown
    リッジゴルゲット Ridge Gorge
    ウイングヘルム Wing Helm
    リディアクレスト Lite Crest
    カルネットレザー Carnet Leather
    レティナラティス  Retina Ratis
    バスターストラル Buster Strap
    ウルクハート Ulk Heart
    ゲオルギスアーマー Gorgeous Armor
    ルメロヒサール Lumerh Nail
    ラフレシアバルト Rough Cabart
    ファトシアグローブ Fatosha Gloves
    ブルームバンブレス Bloom Banbares
    トライバインド Tri Bind
    アルテナスカート Altena Skirt
    レミエルガーター Remedy Garter
    ナイトグローリー Knight Glory
    グレイストライク Gray Strike
    ネストランザ Nest Ranza
    シャープナイフ Sharp Knife
    ナイトマスカレイド Knight Mask
    サタンヘルム Satan Helm
    ボルトヘッド Bolt Head
    ソードカラー Sword Collar
    ロンテルチェスト Rondel Chest
    グランガード Grand Guard
    デモンスケイル Demon Crest
    ベガルプレート Pearl Plate
    フィナーマー Final Mark
    ソードダンス Sword Dance
    マニファール Mane 
    アオンアーム Aeon Armlet
    グリーンキャタビラ Green Caterpillar
    ウィングコーター Wing Coat
    ブリックスパー Brick Spur
    ファルクロス Far Cross
    アストーヒール Astro Heels
    アスロシスクワイス Astro Shiskwas
    ソードシン Sword Shin
    ロンディーグナイフ Londeg Knife
    ゴリアテ Goliath
    バイレスヘルム Pairs Helm
    ミノタウロソホーン Minotaur's Horn
    スパインアーチン Spine Arch
    トリプルダガー Triple Dagger
    ポットベリー Pot Belly
    ビートルアーマー Bettle Armor
    チャールアイナ Char Lain
    アンカープレード Anchor Plate
    ツインピレム Twin Prime
    トレッドキャノン Tred Cannon
    ダイヤモンドキーン Diamond Kin
    ホイールパウロン Wheel Power
    ポールクラッド Pole Crad
    スケールタシット Scale Tasit
    ロータスブルー Lotus Blue
    バレルグレーブ Barrel Grip
    ベニソン Benison
    タイガーリリー Tiger Lily
    スキアヴォーナ Sky View
    ソウルストライク Soul Strike
    デストラクトステア Destruct Stare
    ナイトクラッシャー Knight Crusher
    ファルコンアロー Falcon Arrow
    フリッサー Frisson
    ロヤルスピア Royal Spear
    ロンクロイム Long Loom
    ヴァルムンク Valmonk
    レーヴァテイン Ravatin
    エクスカリバー Excalibur
    デュランダル Dyrandal
    ミョルニール Mythril
    グルヴェイグ Groveig
    アンスウェラー Answera
    ルーンメイス Rune Mace
    エクソダスゲート Exodus Gate
    グングニルチャージ Gungnir Charge
    ホーリーレイ Holy Ray
    ドラゴニックメテオ Dragonic Meteor
    エレメンタルソング Elemental Song
    エダールイン Edalin
    フレイムバード Flame Bird
    ソロモンズローブ Solomon's Robe
    フレイムリーフ Flame Leaf
    エーテルガード Ether Guard
    クロスシールド Cross Shield
    ゴシックプラント Gothic Plant
    メダルブラッド Medal Blood
    ルテランシールド Luteran Shield
    スポンチーン Soft Tune
    ランソール Run Soul
    Top Tier
    ファイアスーン Fire Stone
    アクアストーン Aqua Stone
    ウインドストーン Wind Stone
    アーストーン Earth Stone
    Second Tier/Third Tier
    スマッシャストーン Smash Stone
    プロテクトストーン Protect Stone
    プレスストーン Pure Stone
    ヘビーストーン Heavy Stone
    ディテクトストーン Detect Stone
    エーテルストーン Ether Stone
    ヘイストストーン Haste Stone
    フレームストーン Frame Stone
    Bottom Tier
    フォースストーン Force Stone
    ギアスストーン Gigas Stone
    グラントストーン Grant Stone
    シールドストーン Shield Stone
    12.                       S Q U I R E   L I S T
    Again, this is nothing but a list of the names of the Squires that you
    are able to synthesize during the course of the main storyline. The 
    'LF needed' represents the amount of the Life Force that you need in
    order to release the said Squire in the battle. The LF can be gained
    from various equipments such as Helms. The LF are cumulative so if you
    want to use 2 Squires that has 2000 LF each, you need 4000 or more
    1st Page
    Squire                             LF needed
    ------                             ---------
    ヴィルクス Virus                    1800
    ヴィルロス Virros                   1800
    エンセレア Anserea                  1900
    エンミニア Anminia                  1900
    アンクレイ Ankurei                  2800
    アイオール Iowl                     3000
    ドルガン Dorgan                     3200
    ドルロウ Dorgo                      2700
    2nd Page
    Squire                             LF needed
    ------                             ---------
    ハムリニカ Hamrink                  3100
    ハレシニア Haresine                 2700
    ハイトーレ Haidure                  3300
    ハイレント Hairend                  2600
    メルコート Merced                   2500
    メキアリル Mecarl                   3200
    メショノス Mesynos                  2600
    メルリンク Mellink                  3000
    3rd Page
    Squire                             LF needed
    ------                             ---------
    エルクリス Elcris                    3300
    ボルナイト Barnid                    4100
    レスティート Restid                  4300
    ビビアニト Bibenid                   4600
    ラールガハ Largh                     4000
    キュピクルス Cypocls                 2900
    ジストバルド Jistbalt                3900
    ガビモレル Ghimorer                  2600
    4th Page
    Squire                             LF needed
    ------                             ---------
    クーヴルウー Couvuris               1950
    アムダイラス Amdiras                6000
    ミルナーク Mirnaca                  3780
    リシュギル Lisygir                  5400
    アムガーラル Amgara                 6300
    リッシュニスク Rissunsk              5700
    ラールアレイ Rarerai                5800
    ジストイーレル Jisteru              5900
    13.                D I S C L A I M E R / H I S T O R Y
    Version 1.5 -- Looks like this update is the final version for a while.
    (10/14/03)     I don't know what else to add except spell-check... If
                   you have any comments, PLEASE do e-mail me about it.
    Version 1.4 -- Missed writing for the last 3 version, oh well. Who did
    (10/8/03)      read anyway? I finished the Walkthrough, added a LOT of
                   stuff. I must say that I'm pleased with my work. Might
                   write for the arenas themselves.
    Version 1.0 -- The Walkthrough up to the final boss, Zolt and I have 
    (9/20/03)      covered almost everything else. I got to finish my Basics  
                   section, the Walkthrough, and re-buff my descriptions for
                   the battles in the Walkthrough then I'm pretty much done.
                   When I'm done with this, I'll resume my work on the
                   Equipment List (a separate FAQ).
    Sorry. Only the following sites can display this guide:
    No questions. Period.
    -Scurty for the ASCII
    -My parents. They let me go to the Electric Town in Tokyo, and thus I 
    bought this very game.
    -JGonzalez and Kain for their FAQs. Their FAQs kinda made me get started
    on this game. I think they're gone with their lives presently.
    -DLe for the 'New Game Questions Guide'.
    -CJayC. I didn't thank him a lot before, but I do thank him now. Why? 
    because he took my guide (without line breaks) and did it all by 
    himself. I thank him.
                              ________) _____ __     __)
                             (, /      (, /  (, /|  /    
                               /___,     /     / | /     
                            ) /      ___/__ ) /  |/      
                           (_/     (__ /   (_/   '
    Copyright Martin Dale-Hench 2003

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