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    FAQ/Walkthrough by tweakaim

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/09/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fur Fighters
    By Bizarre for Dreamcast
    FAQ/Walkthrough by Amy Freudeman
    Table of Contents
    1.0  Introduction
    2.0  Background
            2.1  Roofus
            2.2  Chang
            2.3  Juliette
            2.4  Rico
            2.5  Bungalow
            2.6  Tweek
            2.7  General Bristol
            2.8  Sergeant Sternhauser
    3.0  Weapons
            3.1  Close Attack
            3.2  Pistol
            3.3  Shotgun
            3.4  Bomb Launcher
            3.5  Rocket Launcher
            3.6  Plasma Blaster
            3.7  Neutron Gun
            3.8  Freeze Gun
    4.0  Items
            4.1  Bear Disguise
            4.2  Bug Shield
            4.3  Meerkat Multiple
            4.4  Pet Yums
            4.5  Tokens
            4.6  Miscellaneous
    5.0  Notes
    *****  Walkthrough *****
    6.0  Fur Fighter Village Map
    6.1 The Fur Fighter Village
    7.0  New Quack City Map
    7.1  New Quack City
            7.2  The World Quack Centre
            7.3  Lower East Quack
            7.4  Quackenheim Art Museum
            7.5  Saving Gwynth
    8.0  Beaver Dam Map
    8.1  Beaver Dam
            8.2  Compound Factions
            8.3  God Machine Valley
            8.4  Beaver Dam
            8.5  Saving Juanita
    9.0  Cape Canardo Map
    9.1  Cape Canardo
            9.2  VAB Building
            9.3  Plasma Beam Map
            9.4  VLF Facility
            9.5  Shuttle Launch Countdown Map
            9.6  Space Station Meer
            9.7  Saving Claude
    10.0  Dinotopolis Map
    10.1  Dinotopolis
            10.2  Dinos Downstairs
            10.3  Dinos Upstairs
            10.4  The Rumpus Room
            10.5  Saving Esmerelda
    11.0  City of Fear Map
    11.1  City of Fear (Anatat Tatatanat)
            11.2  Jungle of Despair
            11.3  Temple of Gloom
            11.4  Maze Map
            11.5  The Bad Place
            11.6  Doors Map
            11.7  The Bad Place Bug
            11.8  Saving Winnie and Mai
    12.0  Viggo-A-Goggo
            12.1  HMS Viggolina
            12.2  The V-100
            12.3  Secret Island
            12.4  The General's Lair
    13.0  Mini Games/Cheats
            13.1  Sliding Puzzle
            13.2  Snake
            13.3  Hot Air Balloon
            13.4  Bear Squares
            13.5  Bombing Buildings
            13.6  Super Snake
            13.7  Auto-Aim
            13.8  Health to 100%
            13.9  Ammo Boost
            13.10  Invincibility
    14.0  Credits
    15.0  Copyright information
    1.0 Introduction
    This is quite possibly the coolest game for the dreamcast ever put out. The 
    graphics are rich, there is no end to all the different playing environments,
    there are all sorts of neat things to find, the music is great, and you get to
    relieve your frustrations with a whole lot of fluff. Not to mention you get to
    play six different awesome furry creatures.  The other cool thing is that this
    is a first person shoot 'em up game, but you also have to solve all sorts of
    puzzles to complete each area and find your babies.
    NOTE:  This is not a token guide--this is merely an in depth view if you are
    having a tough time with certain areas... this should definitely help you
    figure out what to do next or what sequence of events to follow.
    2.0 Background
    Many years ago, the Fur Fighters were deployed to stop the evil General Viggo
    from carrying out his plans for global domination.  Good conquered evil (of
    course!) and Viggo found himself breaking rocks in the hot sun.
    With their greatest foe behind bars, the Fur Fighters retired to a peaceful
    seaside village to relax and raise their children.  But General Viggo did more
    than whittle soap guns in the Big House!  He was scheming to take over the
    world again but, this time, he employed the mighty resources of Viggo
    Industries.  In order to prevent the Fur Fighters from stopping him again,
    General Viggo and his army of stupid bears have kidnapped our heroes'
    What General Viggo didn't count on was the Fur Fighters' fury, furtiveness and
    skill with firearms!  These six shaggy, stouthearted soldiers - Roofus,
    Juliette, Bungalow, Rico, Chang and Tweek - must combine their individual
    skills and their semi-functional telepoints, in their quest to find their
    families and defeat General Viggo once and fur all!
    2.1  Roofus
    The oldest of the Fur Fighters, this tough hound has dependability stamped all
    over him.  Raised in the brutal inner city kennels of Glasgow, he joined the
    army to escape the slums as much as to fight.  He was a natural soldier and won
    many medals but shunned all offers of promotion.  As the most experienced
    fighter, Roofus leads the Fur Fighters, steeling himself for one last battle to
    help save his family.
    WIFE:  Winnie
    SPECIES:  Hound
    SPECIAL SKILL:  Burrowing
    2.2  Chang
    Chang was born into a rich family in rural Hong Kong and raised in the bright
    lights of the country's southern boom cities.  When the war started, he
    horrified his kin by choosing to become a common foot soldier.  His
    encyclopedic knowledge of science and strategy combined with his natural
    agility and cunning, make him one of the Fur Fighers' best weapons.
    WIFE:  Mai
    SPECIES:  Firefox
    SPECIAL SKILL: Squeezing through holes
    2.3  Juliette
    Beautiful and athletic, Juliette is a supreme warrior.  She can be
    temperamental, stubborn and selfish with an annoying tendency not to listen to
    others.  When frustrated, she becomes tempted to go it alone but, with
    persuasion, she'll stick with the team.
    HUSBAND:  Claude
    SPECIES:  Pussycat
    SPECIAL SKILL:  Climbing
    2.4  Rico
    Raised among the huge penguin communities of southern Argentina, this
    idealistic bird always craved more than his mundane life of fishing and dodging
    orcas.  He set forth in search of his dream and stumbled on the Fur Fighters
    who have helped  him to hone his talents.  Rico is somewhat overconfident and
    prone to daydreaming.  He isn't quite the hero he imagines himself to be, but
    there's no one more skilled in the water.
    WIFE:  Juanita
    SPECIES:  Rockhopper Penguin
    SPECIAL SKILL:  Swimming
    2.5  Bungalow
    Bungalow is a fully-grown male Kangaroo and best friend to Roofus the hound.
    Slow and easygoing, this massive antipode has a lot more muscle than sense.
    He is happiest when taking orders from others--usually Roofus or his
    domineering wife!
    WIFE:  Esmerelda
    SPECIES:  Kangaroo
    SPECIAL SKILL:  High jumping
    2.6  Tweek
    Tweek is less than a day old.  The last of his mother's eggs to hatch, he only
    spent a few precious minutes with her and his siblings before General Viggo
    stole them away.  Although he is the largest and slowest of his brothers and
    sisters, he knows he must fight to get them back.  Clumsy and nervous, he finds
    his new world scary and fascinating.  Luckily, he can rely on his instinctive
    knowledge of firearms and the other Fur Fighters looking out for him.
    MOTHER:  Gwynth
    SPECIES:  Dragon
    SPECIAL SKILL:  Gliding
    2.7  General Bristol
    Will usually appear in areas with difficult puzzles.  If you see him and need
    advice, make sure you walk up to him a few times because he gives different
    tips about the same puzzle, which will help you figure out how to solve it.
    Sometimes gives you items once you clear an area.
    SPECIES:  Ghost Walrus
    2.8  Sergeant Sternhauser
    He will appear on occasion to check your 'fitness level.'  You will engage in a
    short series of a memory game in pressing the controller buttons in a certain
    pattern.  The Sergeant does not serve any particular purpose in the game, but
    he will reward you with some extra ammo, tokens, or occasionally a new weapon
    for completing his test.
    SPECIES:  Antelope?
    3.0  Weapons:  As you get a new weapon, each one in turn will eventually be
    upgraded until it shoots faster, more, or even different ammo.
    3.1  Close Attack:  Not very effective against enemies (not to mention it puts
    you way to close for them to hit you).  This is mainly for bashing in grates
    and bars and for moving things when you don't want to waste ammo.
    3.2  Pistol:  This is the gun you start out with.  Pretty decent, but a little
    slow and sometimes not very accurate.
    3.3  Shotgun:  Also starts out a little slow, but has a really nice scatter
    effect.  Quite effective when closer up to enemies.
    3.4  Bomb Launcher:  Good weapon for taking out a group of clustered bears at
    once.  Bit of a time delay when resting on the floor, but immediate results
    when impacted directly with enemies.  Bombs will bounce if shot at an angle to
    the ground.
    3.5  Rocket Launcher:  Great for both short and long range.  If you are too
    close on the short range it can damage yourself.  Long range is great for
    taking something out that is hard to reach but needs a lot of fire power, or if
    you want to take an enemy out with the fewest possible hits.
    3.6  Plasma Blaster:  Really effective against all enemies.  Uses photon
    energy.  When upgraded to the solid beam, it uses a TON of energy.
    3.7  Neutron Gun:  Short range weapon uses nuclear energy.  I really don't use
    it too often.
    3.8  Freeze Gun:  Shoots out jets of icy cold.  Upgrades to use fireballs.  I
    don't use it too often.
    4.0  Items
    4.1  Bear Disguise:  Looks like a box with the outline of a bear drawn on it,
    this will keep you safe from bears for a limited period of time as long as you
    don't fire at them.
    4.2  Bug Shield:  Three bugs float around you until they are shot off by HEAVY
    artillery;  will prevent most damage until they are destroyed.
    4.3  Meercat Multiple:  A group of small furry meerkats will join you in
    firing shots at whatever you shoot at for a short time frame.  Very useful
    against bosses or bigger enemies for some extra fire power--use wisely (know
    that this will usually only appear when a boss fight is coming).
    4.4  Pet Yums:  Wonderfully yummy and delicious--recommended by all pets who
    try them because these treats restore health.  The small cans restore twenty
    health points, while the larger ones restore forty health points.
    4.5  Tokens:  They look like 3-D triangles with a golden glow (blue if you
    restart a level and have already collected it).  These power your teleport
    device and also restore health by two points at a time.
    4.6  Miscellaneous:  Throughout the game you will receive other items (usually
    noticeable by a golden glow) for a short time including but not limited to:
    keys, tanks, disks, etc.  Since Fur Fighters is not 'menu' driven, these items
    will automatically activate, or be used when you move up to the
    appropriate area.
    5.0  Notes
    -  The direction you walk through a teleport device is the direction the game
    will face you if you exit/reenter or fluff it and restart.  If you don't want
    to face the wall when you start off again (mainly if there are enemies to shoot
    at your back), then back into the teleport device so you face outwards.
    -  You can always reenter different levels to find more tokens or do a "Time
    Attack" (beat a certain time for completing the level) when you have found all
    the tokens.
    -  Tokens not only help your teleport device--they give you health.
    -  Try to get to telepoints often--they save your progress in the game.
    -  Levels are linear--make sure you do everything possible from beginning to
    end and to go back to any unfinished puzzles before leaving.
    -  Try to take on enemies from long range--it just may save you some health.
    -  Learn to circle strafe around enemies--it makes you a moving target and
    therefore harder to hit.
    -  I am not always going to tell you to collect certain tokens, weapons, or
    ammo--that is your job to explore fully and get what you need.
    -  Most the buttons in this game are yellow; chances are, if you see a big
    yellow button, you have to do something on it or to it.
    -  Avoid getting smooshed between doors/walls that automatically close--you
    will get fluffed before you can even say 'fluff match.'
    ***  I have provided maps to the best of my ability because I am a visual
    person (please don't laugh at them :) ).  I'm sure some of you will find them
    useful since some of the areas I find confusing if you never done them
    before--they should at least help you get your bearings.
    *****  Walkthrough  *****
    6.0  The Fur Fighter Village Map
                   /----------------/       \----------------\
                  /        |----------|     |--------|       /
                 /         |__   1  __|     |   2    |      /
                /             |____|        |________|     /
                \       __________________________________/
                |      |
                /      /
                |      |______________________________
                /        ___/   \___      ___   ______\     ##############
               /        /           \    /   \_/      \#####| |      |   |
              /        /             \  |     _    4   |####| |      |   |
          ___/        |       3       |  \___/ \______/#####| |  8   |   |
         /            |               |               |#####| |      |   |
        /    ___       \             /                |#####| \      /   |
       /    /  |        \___     ___/                 |#####|  \    /    |  
      /    /   |            \___/                     |#####|   \__/     |
     / 5  /    |    ____________                      |#####|            |
    /    /     |   |           |                      |#####|            |)    ___
    (\  /      |   |     6     |                      |#####|  ________  |)   (11 )
     (\/       |   |           |                      /#####|  |       | |)10 /  /
               |   |___________|_____        ________/######|  |   9   | |)  /  /  
               @####### %%% #########\       \##############/  |       | \)_/  /
               @######################|  7    |############/   |_______|       |
               @#####################/       /############/                    |
               |                                                       ______  |
                \                                                     |      | |
                 \______________________________                      |  12  | |
                                                \                     |______| |
              Legend                             \____________________      ___|
                                                         ( 13 )       \     \
    1.  Juliette's House      #   Water                                \     \
    2.  Chang's House         @  Waterfall                             |     |
    3.  Tweek's House         %   Water mill                          /      /
    4.  Bungalow's House      ( )  Denotes entrance to hub           /      /
    5.  Cape Canardo                                          ______/      /
    6.  Undermill                                           (|            /
    7.  Bridge                                              (| 14        /
    8.  Rico's House                                        (|__________/
    9.  Roofus' House
    10.  Viggo-A-Gogo
    11.  City of Fear
    12.  New Quack City
    13.  Dinotopolis
    14.  Beaver Power
    6.1  The Fur Fighter Village
    You start out with a nice cut scene of all the fur fighters in their village
    (you cannot skip any of the cut scenes) -- I love the view of Bungalow ;)  Once
    this cut scene is finished, General Bristol (I will refer to him just as
    Bristol for the rest of this walkthrough) directs you to the Undermill, which
    is their training facility.  It is pretty self explanatory as Bristol and
    Sergeant Sternhauser (Stern for short) guide you through everything.  Just be
    sure to explore everything fully and find all your tokens--this will give you
    the feel for exploring the levels.
    The Village is also your main access to all of the different hubs and levels
    of the game.  Here, also, you will find all the Furfighter's houses in which
    'mini-games' will open up once you rescue the significant others of everyone
    (or Tweek's mother).  Playing these minigames and beating a certain score or
    time will unlock a cheat that you can use later on in the game.
    Once you are finished with the Undermill, head on over to New Quack City with
    the token that Bristol gave you and get on the subway.
    7.0  New Quack City Map
                                                                          (  1  )
    Legend                                                            |           |
                                                                      |           |
    1.  World Quack Centre                                            |___      __|
    2.  Central Quack                                                     |    |
    3.  Quackenheim Museum                                                |    |
    4.  Saving Gwynth                                                     |    |
    5.  Quackerfella Plaza         /\                                     |    |
    6.  Lower East Quack          /  \                         ___________|    |
    7.  Icy Courtyard            /    \                      |                 |
    8.  Bristol Statue          /      \                     |             2   |
    9.  Home                   /        \                    |                 |
                             (/         /                    |______     ______|
                     ( 3 )  (/         /                           |     |
                           (/         /                            |     |
                          (/         /                             |     |
                          /          \                             |     |
                          \           \               ( 4 )        |     |
                           \    /\     \              ______       |     |
                            \  / /      \            |      |      |     |
                             \/  \      /            |      |      |     |
    ________________              \     \            |      |      |     |
    |                 |            \     \___________|  5   |______|     |
    |                 |            /                                      \
    |___( 6 )___      |           /    ______________________________      \
                |     |          /    /                              \      \
                |     |_________/    /                                \     | 
                |                    |                                 |     |
                |      _________    |                7                  |    |
                |     |         |    |                                 |    |
                |     |         |     \                               /    /
                |_____|         |      \_____________________________/    /
                                 \                                       /
                                  \                                     /
                                   \_____________                  ____/
                                                 |                |
                                                 |                \_______
                                                 |      ______       ____ \_
                                                 |      |  8  |     |__9_|  \
                                                 |      |_____|   ___________|
    7.1  New Quack City
    Once you get into the city, go to the World Quack Centre.
    7.2  The World Quack Centre
    Once inside, go forward and you will see a passage to your left, and one to
    your right.  Go right ignoring the left passage for now.  You will be in what
    looks like a dining room with some water tanks.  Make an immediate left and you
    will hear one of Chang's babies in the back right corner of the next room.  If
    you are not already Chang, you will find a teleport for him in the next room
    after that if you keep going straight.  Once you rescue Chang's baby, go back
    to the entrance of the dining room.  There will be a teleport for Rico inside
    the first tank there.  Hop on in and follow the tanks all the way around.  If
    you get confused on which way to go, there are arrows for your convenience to
    direct you the correct way.  At the end of the tanks is Rico's baby.  Once
    finished here, double back to the main entrance and this time take that left
    path we ignored the first time.
    Follow this path around, making sure you shoot open the glass-front stores as
    you go, killing bears/collecting tokens and whatnot.  The third store is going
    to be up on your left, called Dirtree Dawg Air, with a Roofus teleport that you
    need to grab.  Go straight ahead and just to your left some doors will open.
    Once you enter these doors, make an immediate right and you will see a burrow
    between a couple of pillars.  Dig on through, and keep burrowing to each
    successive hole, at the end you will find a pup.  Go back out to the hallway
    and continue to your left.  Keep going until you see a big set of stairs.
    ((Straight ahead in that door is your first encounter with Stern if you want
    some extra goodies))  Go up the stairs and talk to the bird.  He'll tell you
    that he can't let you go to the first floor until the clock says 8:45.  Well, I
    guess we'll have to change that!  Go down the stairs and outside.  Make a left
    on the path and follow it all the way around until you come to what looks like
    a lift.  Hop on and push the button.  This will take you to the top by the
    clockface.  Jump onto the clock hand sticking out in front of you, which will
    change the time and cause the bird to move out of your way.  Go back up the
    stairs and take the middle elevator on down.
    When you get off the elevator, go left and you will see a treadmill directly in
    front of you in that next room, which has a kitten in it.  The transport for
    Juliette is in the other treadmill just off to your right.  Once you get your
    kitten, keep going past that second treadmill into what looks like a locker
    room.  Go to the left into the ladies locker room, past the pink bird doing
    aerobics, and in the shower will be your second kitten.  Once finished here,
    double back to the hallway with the elevator, but go past the elevator to that
    next room.  This room has what looks like models of buildings in it.  You will
    see a huge model of a yellow skyscraper on your left, with an arrow at the base
    If you try to go past this building into that next room, a bird will yell at
    you saying "authorized personnel only."  Push against the building on the side
    with the arrow until it blocks the doorway right in the middle.  Go in the room
    on the left side of the skyscraper, and you should go by undetected.  This next
    area looks like office cubicles, and it contains a gauntlet of bears, so be
    ready.  Once you get to the end of the desk cubicles, you will go through
    double doors and see a large room with a pool in it.
    In front of you is a ladder, but ignore this for the time being.  Now the
    object of this room is to flood it so you can get to the vent above you on your
    left.  There are four plugs in the room which will be used to plug the pool at
    the bottom (in their respective four corners).  First, get the plug to your
    right and then the second one further up the room on your right.  Now go back
    to the ladder and climb it to reach Rico.  Once you plug a couple holes, you
    will be able to reach the diving board straight ahead with another plug.  Stop
    up another hole, and you will reach the board on your right with the last plug.
    Voila, swim on up to the vent on the left side of the room.
    When you come out of the vent you will see a ten ton weight to your left with
    Bristol.  Carefully push that weight off into oblivion, then jump (CAREFULLY)
    onto the top of the elevator to your left.  Look in front and just below, then
    jump into that opening.  You will be back in that main hallway with all the
    elevators.  Grab the Bungalow teleport, then go right back to where you just
    jumped in from.  Now you will see the entrance to the secret elevator (which
    is green inside).  Take this up to a penthouse which has Bungalow's joey
    in it.  Take the elevator back to the main hallway and look to your right--
    that middle elevator will be available for use.
    When you get to the top of the building, Bristol will have a chat with you.
    Make a right or a left, it doesn't matter--they both will take you to a small
    courtyard with a transport of Roofus and Bungalow, stairs that take you further
    up, and two yellow buttons for the manual tilting of the building.  First, you
    need to move back and forth (about three times should do it) pressing the
    buttons in turn to get the buildings to tilt far enough to touch each other.
    Your pup jumps onto your building and is ready to be rescued right by the
    elevator you came up at.  Grab Bungalow and take the stairs up to the very top
    of the building, which will show you a cut scene of the bears trying to land a
    helicopter, but unable to see.  Jump onto the outer wall of the building, and
    carefully light the lights at the four corners.  The Helicopter will land, jump
    in and on top of the brown box to get Bungalow's joey.  Then push that box out
    of the helicopter and press the button on the side, which releases an
    inflatable gorilla, which then causes one of the helicopters to knock a walkway
    to the other tower.  Take the walkway over, and grab Bungalow's last baby by
    the exit.
    Congrats--you've finished the first level of the game!  Now let's head over to
    Lower East Quack.
    7.3  Lower East Quack
    You start out on a subway station, and Bristol urges that Roofus catch up to
    the train to get one of his pups.  Don't worry about that for now, we'll get
    there.  Just turn around and go down onto the street level.  Once down below,
    make a right and keep going--you will see a truck speed and turn around right
    in front of you.  Nail all the bears, then continue on past it to the series
    of ladders.  Climb on up until you see Chang, transform, then continue straight
    onto the ledge that loops around the building to your right.  You will see a
    window to your right which will lead you into a room with a bunch of doors.
    One by one, open up the doors, pound the bears, and you will be rewarded by a
    cute and adorable firefox cub!  Head back out the way you came, and once you
    get off of the last ladder, turn around and you will see an alley.  Go this way
    and follow the alley all the way around until you are threatened to be fired
    upon by a huge tank.  Hmmm... wonder what this could be???  Well, just keep
    going straight (keeping the tank on your left) and then around to the back
    where you see a fence with a target mark and the word 'target' on it.  Pretty
    obvious, right?  The tank will have followed you already (I hope you picked up
    that beetle shield from around the corner), so fire a shot, let the tank's fire
    come really close to you (enough to bust open that fence), and then move the
    hell out of the way.  From where you were standing against that fence facing
    the tank, behind you to your left is another fence we must play target practice
    with.  Get out of the line of fire once that last fence is busted and rescue
    Chang's next baby.
    Double back to the truck where we nailed all those bears, go just past it, and
    on your right you will see a building with a yellow button (kinda blends in
    with the building lights, keep your eyes peeled).  Press this and a stairway
    will lower itself just above you.  Follow the stairs all the way up to the last
    ladder that blends in very well with a blue wall (if you reached the top level
    with the floating tokens you've gone one level too far, we'll do this one in a
    sec).  Here you find a Tweek teleport to grab, then go back down the ladder and
    around the building to that last level up with the floating tokens.  Nice
    they've given you a hint, huh?  Glide Tweek through these tokens to the other
    side, and follow the stairs/ladders all the way to the top to find a baby
    dragon.  Get back to street level (you've got Tweek, you could glide if you're
    in a hurry) and continue in the direction you were heading before (away from
    that truck).  Follow the street around, another truck with bears will screech
    around and attack you.  Go up to the truck and make a right down the street,
    just up on your right will be another series of ladders and stairs where at the
    end you will find a pup (the Roofus teleport is just up farther on your left).
    Make a mental note about this Roofus teleport for later, we are going to have
    to come back here from the end of the level.
    Back to the street level, keeping the ladders behind you, truck to your left,
    head straight down the street you see.  As you go along, some platforms with
    bears will rise up; on one of these is a yellow button.  This one you can take
    like an elevator--if you look carefully in the crevices in this underground
    cavern you will find your first bomb launcher.  When you do finally come back
    up, it drops you back down that alley by the huge tank with target practice.
    Go back around to the street you were following, and continue all the way
    around until you hear a pup jumping up and down--you should see him on your
    left in a corner.  Right by where you found this pup is a bright yellow door,
    which leads to O'Quackers--they will let you roam their store for one minute
    and collect as much ammo/health that you want.  If you hustle up to the second
    level you can get your first rocket launcher which will come in useful very
    soon.  You can always come back and reenter O'Quackers later for more ammo and
    health--I think it's pretty much unlimited.
    When you come out of O'Quackers, go straight and around the building.  Keep
    going straight and off in the distance you will see a basketball hoop on your
    left kind of hidden between buildings.  Go back here and talk to the bird, he
    will challenge you to some hoops.  This is really trial and error, but the way
    I find is most effective for me is to line the top of the basketball up with
    the very bottom of the net, making sure it's centered, and then hold the right
    trigger until the blue line is about halfway full.  Three out of six and he
    will reward you with a dime.  I know, it's not much but you need it for your
    taxi fare.  He will let you keep trying if you don't get it at first.
    Now go back towards O'Quackers but make a right where you will see your taxi
    (which you can't take yet) and a drop off into water.  Move onto the edge of
    the left side of the street and look down--you can either take the ladder or
    jump down to the little ledge where you'll find a baby dragon.  Climb back up
    and move to the right edge of the street.  Move out onto  the little ledge you
    see, but don't try and glide yet.  Equip your oh so handy rocket launcher and
    take out that peacock on the opposite bank--he should be easy to spot.  He's
    going to be a pain in your ass if you don't just take him out first.  Now take
    a good leap and glide on over to the opposite bank where it's all snowy white
    right next to what looks like a control booth.  Go into the control booth and
    activate the bridge control--which will lower the bridge so it's passable.
    The only way to get out of here is to glide back to the bank where you just
    were (there is another platform right on the water).  Once back on the original
    side, climb the ladder and hop in the now accessible taxi.  The taxi will take
    you back to the opposite bank, and now the bridge is crossable by foot.
    Go the only way you can go (without getting stuck in the control booth) and you
    will walk with a building on your left and the water on your right.  Keep an
    eye out because a little ways down on your left hidden in a small alley is what
    looks like a black square hole.  Glide on down with Tweek and find your Rico
    teleport.  Explore until you find a button just below water level in one of the
    canals.  Pressing this will cause the water level to rise.  Swim around until
    you find a ladder towards the other end of the canal, where you will find a
    baby penguin at the end.  Another button and another ladder will bring you
    Remember that Roofus teleport I said to keep in mind?  Well back there we go.
    MAKE SURE YOU ARE GOING AS RICO! (this will save you some time/work) Go across
    the bridge and follow the street until it ends, then hang a left.  Right where
    Roofus' teleport is, Bristol will direct you to jump for a subway ride.
    Directly accross from him is an open grating.  This takes A LOT of patience
    for timing.  Stand on the edge of the grating so you can see down into the
    opening.  When you see flashes of light, wait a few extra seconds until you
    actually see a solid object moving underneath you (the subway).  Jump down and
    then keep steady on the subway, making sure to maneuver any obstacles (it helps
    if you stand on the highest part of the subway).  At the end you will find a
    baby penguin.  Go out the only way you can go out, following the twisty blue
    hallway (if you reach what looks like a turnstile back to the snow-filled
    streets, DO NOT take this yet, double back to go the other path).  Eventually
    you will come to another subway station with a train waiting for you.  Right
    there is a Roofus teleport so you can get the pup.  Aren't you glad you waited
    until you had Rico so you didn't have to do the subway ride two times???  So
    now you can go back out to the street, and you need to go all the way back to
    the big bridge over water at the end there.
    Once over the bridge, go past the taxi and past the underground water canals
    until you reach the end.  You will see another kind of bridge with an opening
    in the side.  Go in and get the Bungalow teleport you see.  Follow the bridge
    on up to the top, and just on your left you will see an opening in the railing.
    This also takes a lot of patience and timing.  Pay attention until you see a
    big red truck coming towards you (it may help you get prepared to know it will
    pass you on the right first before doubling back on your left).  Angle
    Bungalow in just a way so he can jump on top of the truck right when it gets
    to you, keep going forward, and then jump onto that platform straight ahead of
    you with the golden tokens on it.  Then turn to your right and look straight
    ahead--you should see a joey hopping up and down.  If you have a hard time
    seeing the other platform (there is a bit of a gap between the two) then angle
    your point of view down and you should see the bluish white snow-covered
    platform.  Jump on across to get your bundle of joy.
    Drop down to the bridge and continue to the side you have not done yet.  All
    the way at street level, go straight ahead and get the Roofus teleport on your
    right.  Look to your left and jump down on that huge iceburg (careful, it's
    slippery).  There is a pup down there, but you can't seem to reach her yet.
    Turn and look straight above you until you see a huge barrel with a target mark
    on it and shoot it.  This will cause extra water to flow down and get frozen,
    allowing you access to Kathrine.  The exit is over by the Roofus teleport you
    used before... and you're done!
    Head on over to the Quackenheim Art Museum.
    7.4  Quackenheim Art Museum
    Once inside, take the right path, which will lead you into a big atrium with a
    HUGE golden statue.  Make a right and to your right you will see a room with
    gigantic bowling pins.  Continue to the back of this room and then make another
    right.  The next room you will see is split in two; go to the left side first
    and get Bungalow from behind that stair/island thingy blocking your view.  Go
    back to the right side of the room, and you see that this is actually a
    guantlet you must maneuver to get your first baby.  Get through it (watch out
    for the trap floor at the end), and once you finish make a right out of the
    gauntlet.  Take that hallway to your left where you'll find a Roofus teleport.
    This hallway will dump you back into the main atrium, so then follow the spiral
    ramp on up.  The first possible right you can make, go into this room where it
    looks like a lot of wardrobes.  Look up and to your left where there is a sign
    hanging by mere threads on one side--shoot the threads to cause it to break.
    This will cause one of the wardrobes to fall to the ground floor and break that
    clear casing in front of the statue, which gives you a coat stub.  Go back down
    and collect your coat stub and head on over to the cloakroom, which is pretty
    much directly across from the room with the bowling pins.
    Just before you can get there, that golden statue activates and is actually one
    of General Viggo's bots.  Bristol directs you to aim for it's eye.  Just to the
    left of the cloakroom entrance in the plants is a meercat multiple, which will
    help make short work of this bot (he really isn't that hard, just keep moving
    if you need to, aiming for his eye...  when you get a hit, he will pause
    shooting and fling wildly, giving you another shot at him).  Once you blow his
    head off (about two to four good shots with meercat multiple) the doors will
    reopen so you can continue to the cloakroom.  Go in, deposit your coat stub,
    and collect your pup.
    Head back up the ramp to the wardrobe room.  Just under that sign we broke is a
    hallway.  Follow this hallway straight back (ignoring that right path until
    later) to the cinema and press the button right by the screen. Claude will show
    you a series of pictures that describe how much he likes certain things, then
    he asks you to put them in reverse order.  Just turn around and at the back of
    the theatre are three pictures.  The reverse order of what he likes is:  water,
    yarn, and Juliette, so press them in that order.  Claude will then tell you the
    code to the main vault (keep this for future reference for the end of this
    level):  6 counterclockwise, 2 clockwise, 4 counterclockwise, and 6 clockwise.
    Head back out and continue up that long ramp until you reach the room at the
    end.  Grab Bungalow just through this room to your right, then use the rocks to
    jump onto the clear shelf to get to his baby.  This next part is tricky and
    takes some precision: to open up the clear case by the bowling pins, jump onto
    the rocks until you are able to jump onto the highest one with the bowling ball
    and then push it off.
    Continue on through this room until you reach the next room which has
    meteorites in it.  Go talk to the bird in the back right corner, he will 'drop'
    the key.  Push the meteorite glowing with green waves until it touches the
    meteorite at the other end of the room, which will release the Exhibition Key.
    Use the key on the door lock right there and you now have access to the diamond
    room.  There's plenty of health in here if you need it.  Get Chang from the
    back right corner of the room, then push the mirror/crystal thingy carefully
    until it deflects the lasers.  Walk between this contraption and rescue your
    firefox.  Once you do this, that huge diamond in the middle will drop down into
    the vault, so you'll have to wait until later to get the baby dragon on top.
    Go to the ramp, back down to the wardrobe room and then underneath that sign we
    busted.  This time instead of going to the cinema take the right fork to go to
    a large room with an enormous moving sculpture, which you have to get to the
    top of to rescue a kitten.  Get Bungalow just to the left, and then hop on the
    moving wavy water.  Stand on the water where you are facing a replica of
    General Viggo's moving arm, wait for a gray ship to pop up in front of you.
    Quickly jump on the very top of it and then jump onto the moving arm.  Jump
    onto the next platform in front and to your right with the Juliette teleport.
    As Juliette, turn around and jump onto the whisker section of Viggo's jaw when
    it gets low enough (careful not to get inside the red maw part because you will
    get crushed when he chomps down).  Move onto the middle part of his jaw, and
    climb the claw marks up his face to the top.  Move out onto the edge of the
    'fur' of his face, and time your jump to land on that circling helecopter.
    Then jump onto the platform where you see Roofus shooting his gun and collect
    your kitten.  Try to jump down onto Viggo's arm to get down safely.
    Just underneath the ramp on the bottom of the same room you are in, is the
    entrance to go below the museum.  Head this way and get the beetle shield
    because the next area is strewn with those damn peacocks with rocket launchers.
    Go all the way through until you reach the boiler room.  Get Bungalow in there
    and talk to the bird--he tells you that he over-stoked the boiler.  You have
    to go and press the buttons in order within a certain time limit:  take the
    ramp up and press the first one on your left, press the one next to the very
    bottom part of the ramp, back up to the top press the last button, the last
    button is back on ground level.  This opens the metal door so you can continue
    (don't worry about the dragon just yet).  In the next area, use the boxes to
    get the Tweek teleport, go back and get the baby dragon by the boiler room,
    then go back to the room with all the blue shelves.  One of the middle shelves
    has a ladder by some boxes, then glide from top to top to get the dragon in
    the back corner there.
    Continue through the room with all the boxes and then through a slender room
    with blue shelves and lots of boxes on it.  When you see the Roofus teleport,
    get him and then go back to the slender room you were just in--climb the ladder
    you should see at the end of the blue shelf and follow it around to get your
    pup.  Hate to tell you this, but go back and get Tweek (same way you did before
    with Bungalow on the boxes) and then go past where you just got Roofus' baby
    until you see a combination lock.  Use the combination we got earlier from
    Claude, climb the stairs, use the boxes to get up high, then glide to the top
    of the diamond to get your last baby.  Head on out the exit right behind you.
    7.5 Saving Gwynth
    The pattern here is Gwynth charges around in a circle shooting fire from her
    mouth, you damage her enough, she will stop and shoot out a big fireball that
    destroys the roof of the building you were just on.  You automatically get
    moved to the next building, but then search for the elevator to go up to the
    top level.  Sometimes she will take flight, but be patient and she will come
    back to stalking the building top.  The way to damage Gwynth is to shoot at
    her head, preferably when she opens her mouth and it glows yellow to shoot
    inside it.  Watch out when she breathes fire as it is very damaging.  There
    should be plenty of ammo and health laying around, and if you need a break you
    can always go back down below.  If you accidentally fall off the building, try
    and glide down and land on the lower ledge.  Keep following this pattern and
    you should beat Gwynth no problem.
    Bristol gives you the entry permit for Beaver Dam, so head back to the Village
    and then into Beaver Dam.
    8.0  Beaver Dam Map
    -------------------              ______
                                    /      \
                                   |   2    |
                                    \_    _/
                                     |    |
                        _____________|    |
                       /                   \
            __________/                     \_
         __/                                  \________
    ____/                                              \_
    \          _________                          ___    \_______________
     \ 1    __/         \                        /   \                   \
      \___/              \                      /     \_____              \
                          \                    /            |              |  4
                           \                  /             |              |____   
        Legend              \                /              |                  |)
    1.  Home                 \______________/               |__________________|)
    2.  Stern                     ( 3 )                       |      |)
    3.  Compound Factions       ________________              |      |)  5
    4.  God Machine Valley     /                 \__________ /       |
    5.  Beaver Dam            /                                       \
    6.  Ship                 /                                         \
    7.  Saving Juanita      |                                           \ 
                            |                    6                      |
                             \                                          |
                              \                                      ___|
                               \_____________________________/(  7  )
    8.1  Beaver Dam
    Cut scene showing that General Viggo has taken over Beaver Dam.  If you go to
    the left when you are in the main hub, you can meet up with Stern and get your
    first Plasma Blaster--quite possibly my favorite weapon of the game.
    8.2  Compound Factions
    Go up and look to your right where all the big red crates are, and next to them
    are some boxes to get on top of them.  To the right is a grassy ledge, go to
    the end to get the Juliette teleport, then double back to where you saw the
    sign with the picture of Juliette and an arrow next to claw marks.  Climb up
    and at the end of this ledge is a kitten.  Hop down, run up to the back of the
    yellow machine circling in the middle of that courtyard, and steal the starter
    handle off the back.  Keep going straight and off to your right is another
    courtyard.  When you enter it, you will see a scene of a pup stuck in a room.
    Look to your immediate right and climb the scratches up to find Roofus at the
    end of the little tunnel.  Go down and to the right is another yellow machine.
    Walk to the back of it and insert the starter handle that it is missing.  It
    will push a set of stairs over so you can access the pup.  Climb on up the
    stairs and rescue your baby.  Go over to where the machine stopped and burrow
    down with Roofus.  Go up to the gate and open it by pressing the arrow button,
    now allowing you easy access between areas.  Go back and get Juliette, then go
    through the gate and to the right climbing up the scratches that are just ahead
    of you.  Follow the ledge until you get back to the gate, climb the signpost,
    walk carefully across the top of the sign, then climb down this side of the
    signpost to find your second kitten.
    Continue down the main path from before, all the way until you reach a BIG
    dropoff with a Chang teleport to your left.  Get Chang, drop on down, and be
    prepared for some heavy duty fire from all the port-a-johns.  Go straight ahead
    and in the next area there is a small green building to your right.  Talk to
    the beaver inside, and he tells you that he is not giving out any safety
    certificates until he gets his square tool back.  Right across from there is a
    large warehouse with explosives.  First, just to the right of the warehouse is
    a tiny hole for Chang; go through and find a firefox baby at the end.  Now go
    inside the explosives warehouse and be forewarned not to fire any shots at any
    of the boxes--if you see your target for your gun turn red on a wall nearby you
    then it's bad.  There are crocodiles inside, so it's best to lure them back out
    into the hallway by Bristol--it's safe to shoot 'em down from there.  Once you
    have all the crocodiles out of the way so they don't eat you up, head back in.
    Directions to get to Bungalow from the beginning... from the first opening on
    your left go:  straight, right, left, right, left, straight, right, first right
     straight, left, right, left, straight, right, and around.  As Bungalow, jump
    on top of the boxes (there should be a box low enough to get up on just around
    the corner).  You will see a bright shaft of light on one side of the warehouse
    and on the opposite side on a lone box is the square tool.  After getting your
    square tool, head toward the shaft of light and hop down until you see double
    doors.  Push them open, shoot open the lock of the cage outside, and get your
    joey.  Head out of the warehouse and see the beaver in the green building
    across the way again, and he will give you a safety certificate.
    Go back to the beginning (using Juliette) and get Roofus, heading back to the
    small green building with the beaver in it.  Just to the left of the building
    is a path to a ball wrecker.  Get in and use the wrecker to break down
    everything in sight, mainly that gray marshmallow looking thing.  When you're
    done, go and get your pup from the wreckage of the gray marshmallow.  Back out
    to the main path again, make a right and give your safety certificate to the
    beaver guarding the gate.  Continue through until you see an opening with a lot
    of green grass and a yellow truck on your left.  Take the ramp on your left
    until you are right by the tires, hop right into the middle of them (don't
    worry, you won't get crushed) and start walking towards the back of the truck
    'hamster style' to get it moving towards the platforms.  Jump onto the
    platforms from the tires, and then around and up the ladders to claim your pup.
    If you mess up at all, just get into the inside track of the back tire to move
    the truck backwards to start again.  Get Juliette from by the explosives
    warehouse and come back to this ramp, going up, following the path all the way
    to the end to find a kitten.
    Exit the area with the platforms and truck, and make an immediate left.  The
    next area looks mostly flooded with brownish/redish water and another warehouse
    on your left.  Take the first door in and get Bungalow at the end.  Use the
    boxes to get high enough to enter the next warehouse, and start moving away
    from the rolling machine.  A cut scene begins showing that the rolling machine
    has been turned on and is headed your way!  Just up and to your right are some
    boxes--get on top of these and turn to face the rolling machine.  Time it so
    Bungalow lands directly on the rolling machine when it almost gets to you.
    Once outside, face forward (to get your bearings) and then look to your right.
    There is a ledge with a hopping kangaroo baby that you need to get--so time
    your jump once again to get up there and rescue the little guy.  The exit is
    just past the warehouse you were just in to your right.
    Head over to God Machine Valley
    8.3  God Machine Valley
    You start out on a ledge with Bristol nearby (if you want to get the quick
    intro to the level you can talk to him), so go down until you see an opening
    into a big area with a huge God Machine in it.  Watch for it's mechanic arm to
    pass, then bolt to your left, taking shelter in caves along the way to avoid
    getting squished when the arm comes around faster than you can run.  In the
    second cave get Bungalow, and at the end is a control booth for the machine
    you just dodged.  Ignore this for now (remembering it for later), going over
    the gray ledges into the next area.  There is a digger at work, so catch a lift
    on the shovel part, turn around and hop on the ledge for a joey.  Back down and
    moving on, straight ahead is a big sign saying 'Danger, Blasting Ahead (don't
    worry, you can shoot all you want--these won't explode from your gun).'  Take
    this path in:  straight (kinda curvy) to the end, right, right, left, left.  A
    crazy pup accidentally steps on the trigger for all the explosives, so now you
    need to run like hell out of there.  Take this path out:  curve to the right,
    right, left, left, straight out (kinda curvy).  Whew!  Once out, head to your
    left and then behind that green beaver building straight ahead there, where
    another joey awaits you.  Then go inside where a couple of beavers challenge
    you to arm wrestle.  It's pretty easy (use the red 'A' button), but SPEED is
    the key, not how hard you can hit it.  When you win they will give you their
    Union Pass.  
    Double back with Bungalow to that very first God Machine that I said to ignore.
    Go up the stairs to the beaver and give him your Union Pass.  Press the button
    which will stop that arm from circulating around the valley.  Wait for that
    silver scoop thing to slow down (a lot slower) and then hop onto one of the
    scoops.  Take it up and jump onto the ramp, navigating a gauntlet.  At the end
    is your third joey.  Now go back and get Roofus from right by that green
    building where you arm wrestled, and go into where the explosives were to get
    your crazy pup.
    Exit the Blasting area, go left (note the sign on your left saying 'Caution,
    Drilling Ahead'), keep going straight past the yellow digging machines (okay,
    I'm sorry, I can't remember all the names of these stinking machines... so for
    now it's going to be the yellow truck or the digging thingy or whatever!).
    You will eventually see HUGE brown metallic doors with lift machines just
    inside.  Go to the right of the lift machines and into the purplish/grayish
    cave on your right, swim through, and get Juliette from this cavern.  Go back
    to the drilling area, take the stairs up to push the yellow button which will
    open up an area we will explore later.  Now this part, for me, is one of the
    biggest pains in the @$$ ever.  See that big, lovely, golden drill?  We have
    to walk up it.  If you are facing the main machine from the drill bit, then you
    need to be on the left side of the drill.  Wait until the thread opens up at
    the bottom, allowing you easy access to jump onto it.  Jump onto the thread
    (trust me, you do not want to fall down into that hole) and carefully walk your
    way to the top.  What I find helps most is to face towards the center of the
    drill bit (which helps keep you from sliding off the edge) and gently,
    methodically, work your way up.  You'll find there is something of a rhythm:
    walk, pause for more thread to become easily accessible, walk...  I hated this
    part with a passion, so ANYWAYS.  Once you are high up enough you will see the
    platform immediately in front of you to jump onto.  Go up and go left into that
    red area right into the middle of it.  Move out to your left a bit until you
    see the next platform in front of you (there is a break in the railings), take
    a jump, and find your kitten at the end.
    Jump down that hole the drill created before and get Chang from in there.  Just
    outside the brown metal doors is an area that looks purple with huge yellow
    lasers going by.  Move into the laser area right when it passes, and run like
    hell (moving towards the laser beam [ex:  you go to the right, the laser is
    moving to the left towards your running path in front of you], taking a break
    in caves along the way.  You will see breaks to go into the next laser area,
    just continue this pattern moving through the three laser areas until you reach
    a firefox cub at the end.
    Get Juliette again, and head over to those yellow digging machines we noticed
    on our way to get Juliette from before.  Jump up progressively on the scoops of
    the three digging machines.  When you get to the third one, turn around and hop
    onto that ledge to get your second kitten.  Go back through those brown metal
    doors to meet your hippie, forest-loving beavers protesting the destruction of
    some old building.  Look to your right on that ramp, and shoot at that small
    gray rock wedged underneath that large brown boulder until it comes free,
    causing the wanton destruction of the aforementioned building.  Oh well.  This
    will set the lift machines going, which is just what you need.  Get onto the
    edge of that building facing the machines, and jump onto the turquoise tube
    when it stops right by the building.  Ride it until it connects with another
    tube, run into this one, and then jump onto the ledge when it stops to get
    Jean-Luc (I love that name... am I a geek for liking Star Trek?)
    Go to exit this area, but just before you do there is a path to the left of
    those brown metal doors (get Roofus first, though).  Follow this on down until
    you come to another large area with a machine with ramps sticking out of it
    (called the God of Processing).  Go into the valley below and press the buttons
    inside the platforms on the ground connected to those large ramps, which will
    adjust where they lead to.  Back up top, ride the walkways until you reach a
    cave, follow that to the end to get a pup.  Go back down and press the buttons
    again to get them back to their original orientation.
    Go to the plateau, jump onto the moving ramp, skip to the next one at the end
    there, then jump into the opening of the green machine.  When you drop down it
    should pop you right into a Chang teleport, but make sure just in case you miss
    it.  The next area is yet another gauntlet, which is pretty self explanatory.
    When you land in water, move to your right and get on the gear.  When you get
    up top, get onto the ledge right by that grate and use your paw power to break
    it open.  Follow the shaft around and break the next grate.  Jump down and take
    the stairs to the first level up.  Go to the end of this walkway and take the
    ventilation shaft outside (P.S.  If you explore the second level ventilation
    shafts before doing this you can get your first cluster bomber =)) three bombs
    are better than one, I always say).  Talk to the beaver then do the control
    booth and use the claw to pick the pipeline up.  Slide down the pipe and a baby
    firefox is right there by the exit.  Do not exit the level yet because we still
    have some unfinished business.  Jump as far to the right side of the river as
    you can, using the gray stones.  You will probably fall into the water (there
    is just one ledge Chang can't reach), so if you do just swim to the right, go
    straight, when you see gray rocks swim right of them and back onto dry land.
    This puts you at the foot of the very first machine.  Elevator is right there,
    head back over to the drilling area.  Climb back down that hole the drill made,
    get Chang, then go deeper into the hole until you fall through into...
    DINOTOPOLIS.  Yeah, surprise, right?  Another cut scene, then exit the area to
    the Village (which will now create a nice entry to Dinotopolis for later when
    you do need it) and go back to Beaver Dam itself in Beaver Dam.
    8.4 Beaver Dam
    Get Juliette from your left if you don't already have her, then head to your
    right and climb the wall on up.  Walk across and jump down, where there are
    brown double doors.  Press the button inside and take the lift up to an area
    with a helicopter (note the baby kangaroo in it for later).  Past the
    helicopter are openings to the left and right.  Take the right path and follow
    the grating around to your right (bypassing the stairs up and down for now) for
    a kitten.
    Go back and take the stairs up to an area that has multiple pipelines--a cement
    mixer.  Go straight ahead just to the left and climb the claw marks to an
    opening.  In this area is the excavator.  First go up to it and jump on the big
    white feet sticking out on either side to stabilize it, then run back to where
    you first came in and shoot at the yellow button on the front of it, lastly
    press the button on the pipe there to start the sand pump.  Get Rico and head
    back to the metal grating at the stairs, where just below the down stairs is
    the button to start the water pump.
    On the opposite wall of the tank is the tube to get your baby penguin.  Take it
    through (the first chamber has your first seeker rocket launcher) continuing to
    the last chamber.  Press the button right by the entrance, which will close the
    chamber and take the water level lower.  Push the box underneath the hole in
    the ceiling, push the button again, and climb the box on up to your baby.  Head
    back to the cement mixer, press the button right by it, then move over and
    press the button on the bigger green box by that drop off.  Get Juliette and
    walk across to get your second kitten.  Get Bungalow and go to the helicopter,
    break the glass on the front with your gun and shoot the button to get your
    joey from inside.
    Now take the left path and go inside the next building, looking immediately on
    the right ledge for Juliette, then on the left ledge for your third kitten.
    Take the ramps up until there is a door on your right, go in and free the
    beavers so they can start the first turbine engine.  Get Tweek and the beetle
    shield hiding in the corner, then go to the ground level and into the door
    right below where you just were to get a baby dragon.  Defeat the robot
    transformer and continue to the other side of the room into the sliding door.
    Follow this hallway to the end and take the elevator.  When you get out, drop
    to the ground on the right side of the pipe and get Bungalow underneath the
    floor up there.  Take the ladder back up (by the elevator), hop across the pipe
    and take the right path.  Get Rico from the big room, and double back to take
    the left path.  Either swim or jump (Rico CAN make it, just in case you
    accidentally drained the tank) to the other side and take the tunnel all the
    way until you can get Tweek. 
    Exit into the even bigger tank with a ship in it, and immediately to your right
    is a ladder.  To your left is a big lift machine (just past it there is a
    hallway leading to an elevator shaft that is not working) and some platforms
    with ladders.  Head on up these platforms until you are high enough to jump
    onto the lift machine.  Push the button and climb on out the white lift arm,
    riding it over to the ship.  Jump on the ship in the water, then cross to the
    other side of the ship (or the other side of the lock) and jump down onto a
    ledge that is barely visible.  Push the lock control button, which will lower
    the water level, lowering the ship (which allows you to get the turbine to get
    the elevator shaft working).  Go back on top of the lift machine and press the
    button again.  It will get the turbine, which will start working so you can
    take the elevator.  Take the elevator on up to get your baby dragon, then
    follow the tunnel to the end for the exit.
    Turn the corner to your left to go to Saving Juanita.
    8.5 Saving Juanita
    Swim on through until you get locked in with Juanita.  She will keep swimming
    below the metal walkway, the water level will rise so you can't get a foothold
    (try and take shelter in the entrance), then it will subside so you can get
    some more shots in.  It is easiest to equip the bomb launcher (single so you
    don't waste as much ammo) and aim in the water to damage her.  Make sure to
    avoid any fish thrown your way.  When you get enough shots on her, she will
    start walking on the middle circle walkway throwing even more fish at you.
    Do your best to get behind her and use whatever weapon you want to damage her.
    Once you finish her off, she will shrink and Rico gets slapped for not keeping
    his big mouth shut ;)
    Go back to the Village and Bristol gives you the Astrophysics Degree, do
    whatever you want to do, then head on over to Cape Canardo and give the bird
    your Astrophysics Degree to gain entry.
    9.0  Cape Canardo Map             
             _____/       \____                              
            /                  \                             
           /                    \             ______________ 
          /                      \           |              |
         /                        \          |              |
        |                          |_________|              |_______________ 
       |             1             /|                                      /| ( 2 )
       |                           \|_________               ___________   \|
        |                          |         |              |       ___|    |
         \                        /          |              |      /        |
          \                      /           |______________|      \   \|   |
           \                    /                                   \   \___|
            \____          ____/                                    /   /( 3 )
                |/--\--/--\|                                     __/   /
                |   |  |   |                                     |   _/
                |   |__|   |_________            ________________|  |___________
                |                    |          |                               |
                |____________________|_____     |     _____________________/__\_|
                           |     \   /    |     |    |                     ( 4 )
                           |              |     |    |      Legend
           ________________|              |_____|    |    1.  Solar System Model
          |                |             /|          |    2.  Space Station Meer
          |                |             \|__________|    3.  Saving Claude
    ( 5 ) |\               |\             |               4.  VLF Facility
          |/               |/             |               5.  VAB Building
          |                |              |               6.  Home
          |________________|              |           /  \  or  /   Denotes Doors
                           |              |                     \
                           |              |
                           |              |
                                ( 6 )
    9.1  Cape Canardo
    Nothing real special here, just head on over to the VAB Building.  The VAB
    Building, just to warn you, is one of the more complex and difficult levels of
    the game (at least I think so).  There are many steps to complete and you have
    to do them pretty much in order for it to work properly.  Let's get started.
    9.2  VAB Building
    Go straight until you see the elevator to your left, take it up and talk to the
    duck.  He asks you to land a shuttle, which is tricky.  When you get control,
    go straight and then around the NASDA building (either way) to get to the
    landing strip.  The trick here is to land at the beginning of it as soon as
    possible so you have plenty of time to decelerate.  Put out your landing gear
    and land as smoothly and evenly as you can; once you get down immediately
    decelerate as fast as you can.  If you mess up, he will let you keep trying so
    no big deal (it's just another few billion dollars blown up).
    Go back down, then to the left and out into the big fenced in area.  To the
    left are what looks like three big rocket thingies, so go to the third one and
    climb the ladder on up, getting Tweek at the top.  Glide across the other two
    rocket thingies, then glide over to the wing of the shuttle.  Jump into the
    doorway and climb the ladder to get your baby dragon.  Go down and into the
    doorway just behind the shuttle and talk to Bristol there if you want to hear
    about what order to do everything in this area.
    Take the door to your right, follow the hallway around until you reach an
    opening on the left.  Go into the next room to the right, get Chang, and take
    the ramp up and into the next room for a firefox cub.  The tube room to the
    right has your first freeze gun.  Go back out to the main hallway you were just
    in, make a left continuing the direction you were going, and get Bungalow from
    the right.  Go straight ahead into the door, and go all the way to the end
    (skipping that hallway to the left for now) to get Joey (he's actually named
    that, bit of a pun, huh?).  Watch out for when the fans turn on--if they blow
    you too far it's a good way to get fluffed.
    Go back to the hallway we just skipped, take the elevator up, and follow the
    hallway around to the big room.  Head into the doorway to the right and hop
    into the area with the yellow joystick next to the duck.  You will have to
    navigate a buggy to get it decontaminated.  The chamber is not working, so
    break down the grate and follow the ventilation shaft, making a right into the
    big tube.  Keep going all the way to the end where you will reach a bathtub.
    Knock the pink soap into the tub, then get in and get out--you will see that
    the buggy is clean now.  Go back to the beginning with the broken
    decontamination chamber (make sure you don't land in the water or you will have
    to do this all over again) and take the ramp up putting the buggy inside the
    next chamber.  You will regain control of Bungalow, so press the yellow button
    closest to load the buggy into the shuttle.
    Back to the room you were just in, and get Juliette from below the rampway.
    From the ground level, climb two ladders up the platform thingy in the middle
    of the room, then climb all the claw marks to the top (on the third set stay on
    them instead of climbing on the platform, it will make it easier).  At the top,
    go to the panel and press the button.  Jump onto the platform just below and to
    the left side (looking out from the panel you just pressed) and press the
    button on this panel.  Get Tweek from the other end of the platform, glide down
    to the panel right next to the decontamination chamber and press this button.
    Now head to the hallway right next to the left of the panel (when facing)
    following it until you come out onto metal walkway with a lot of stairs.  Take
    the stairs down and go into the hallway immediately behind/below the stairs to
    the right when you come off of them.  In the next big area, take the stairs up
    to the top where a larger control panel is.  Press the left button which will
    cause arms to grab onto the white rocket boosters.  One didn't get picked up,
    so look at the rocket booster and shoot at the target on the side, then button.
    Now press the right button, which will load the boosters onto the fuel tank.
    Head back to the room that has Bristol in it (also the one with all the stairs)
    and climb the stairs up to the control panel.  Press the button, and the
    shuttle will get loaded onto the fuel tank and boosters.
    In hall again just under the stairs,  go to the next big area (there is
    what looks like a taaaaaaaaall ladder to your left with a platform on it, skip
    it for now) and go forward to find another control panel.  This button will
    get the shuttle loaded to the final area.
    Now take the ladder in that same area and glide to the island in the middle.
    Turn left and glide into the opening in the wall straight ahead, following the
    hall to the end where the elevator will take you up.  If you try to pass the
    bird, he will tell you only kitchen staff past that point.  So go straight
    ahead through the silver door, skipping the bathroom doors to the left for now.
    At the end is a huge laser gun shooting out a plasma beam (behind it is your
    first plasma beamer--it just uses up ammo like there is no tomorrow).  The idea
    is to redirect the beam so it shines on the toaster in the first room.  Here is
    a map (mirrors numbered in order) if you get stuck.
    9.3  Plasma Beam Map
      Legend                                         Toaster
     X  Mirror not used                                /
     3  Beam just catches edge of door                /
    ______________________________                  _/
    |                             |               _/ /
    |   1 /________________Plasma |             _/  / 6
    |    / |                Gun   |           _/   |
    |      |  ____________________|         _/     |
    |      |  |                         5 //       |
    |      |  |                     _____/|  ______|
    |      | X|                    |      |        | 
    |      |  |                    |      |        |
    |      |  |                    |      |        |
    |      |   \                   |      |        |
    |     \|______________________________|/       |
    |    2 \   /    table          / 3   /  4      |
    |         |                    |     |    |  X |
    |_________|                    |_____|____|____|
              |                    |
              |                    |
              |                    |
              |                    |
    Once the toast pops out, collect it and put it on the rolling tray--now you can
    get past the bird.  In the next area get Juliette and negotiate your way
    through the firing rockets to the left, where you will find a kitten at the
    end.  Back at the Juliette teleport, go into the hallway straight ahead until
    you reach what looks like a super computer room.
    Take the rampway up (ignore the door at the end of the ramp for now) and then
    go right to get Chang.  Now go to the door we just ignored and follow the
    hallway to the end.  Take the stairs up (you should notice that you are now in
    the room with the exit and the shuttle fully mounted) and hop into the shuttle
    door up top to collect an Unformatted Floppy Disk.  Double back to the super
    computer room and pop the disk into the reader (located on the same side of the
    room as the duck cleaning the floor), which blows a fuse.  Go up the ramp until
    you are able to jump on top of the super computer in the middle of the room
    (yes, on top of it) and drop down the hole inside the blue box sticking out
    like a sore thumb.  Follow the path to the end (there really is only one way to
    go) and knock the fuse to the other side.  The other paths you see leading up
    do/give you nothing and go nowhere if you don't want to waste your time.  Now
    go back to the disk reader and try a second time, where you will get a properly
    formatted disk.  Take the hall back so you can hop into the shuttle (yes,
    taking the stairs up again) and pop the now-working disk into the shuttle's
    disk drive.
    This will finally cause the door blocking your way to the pup down below by the
    exit to open!  The short (and non-fluffing) way down is to carefully jump from
    the main grating where you came out on onto the red stand things, then
    maneuver so you can jump carefully onto the 'wheels' (they look like tank
    wheels) right below the platform you are on.  Get Roofus from by the exit,
    claim your pup, and head on out.
    Head over to the VLF Facility and make sure you get Chang by the entrance/hall
    before entering.
    9.4  VLF Facility
    Follow the hall until you see an opening on the right with yellow and blue
    pipes.  Underneath the blue metal stairs when you go in is your first automatic
    shotgun.  When going through this area, be careful if you shoot the pipes not
    to touch the emissions--the blue pipes will freeze you then cause damage and
    the yellow ones will scald you.  If some emissions are blocking your way
    forward, then wait a few seconds for them to subside.  Now go to the entrance
    on the left between the yellow and blue pipes.  The path through is:  right,
    left, keep going around, in the bigger area go right, right, straight, left,
    and then around.  At the end it looks like a dead end into a yellow wall, but
    go to the right of it and squeeze between the wall and the pipe.  In there you
    will see an opening to the right, go on through to get your firefox cub.
    Go back out from the pipe maze, up the stairs, then go right past the door
    where the Roofus teleport is.  Go through the door at the end, get Bungalow
    from this area, climb the ladder to the platform, and press the three buttons
    at the top.  This will set the satelite dishes in motion.  Jump across all
    three and then to the platform to get a joey--this takes patience and practice.
    Sometimes you may need to wait a few rotations before they line up properly for
    a good jump.
    Go back to the door with the Roofus teleport right by it, get Roofus, and go
    inside.  There is a puppy trapped that you need to set free.  Down the stairs
    to the right is a button, press it and go into the small room that opens up.
    This will activate the mirrors in the next big chamber.  Play around with them
    for a minute until you get the beam to hit the red target mark.  Now you can
    get your pup!  Head down into the opening to get to the area with the mirrors,
    and follow the walkway around to press the button (which opens the small exit
    at the floor).
    Go out and around the tree, following the path around until you
    get to a rocket stuck out of the ground (notice the other path going straight
    ahead, we are coming back here in a minute).  Swim (or you can jump across all
    the logs and such) through until you reach the next 'beach' which is kind of
    curved around to the left, and get Rico from this spot.  Jump back in the water
    and swim to the bottom of the shuttle that is stuck in the water.  Find the
    thrusters down there and swim up the hole in the right one.  Keep going on up
    until you can surface.  Jump up the platforms, and when you get to the last one
    that looks like it has a yellow bow on it, shoot at the glass in front of you
    so you can get through.  Carefully jump onto the stump that is jutting up, then
    turn around to jump on the top of the shuttle, getting your baby penguin at the
    top.  Now get back in the water and swim to the area with the huge red lattice
    dome.  Get onto the logs, and follow them all the way until you can get on the
    platform and get the four leaf clover (you must stay on the logs because the
    platform will not let you climb up it from the water).
    Now double back to the beginning of this area by the rocket sticking out of the
    ground, where I told you we were coming back to take the other path.  Take this
    left path to the end, take the stairs up into the building and continue all the
    way to the top.  A duck tells you that you have to compete with the bears for
    a launch window.  Steer your shuttle to the end faster to win.  I just bust
    down the first few buildings (try not to run into everything but there are some
    that are unavoidable) and the rest is self explanatory.  This opens up the exit
    to the area for you, where a pup awaits.
    Go all the way to the ground floor, get Roofus from under the stairs, then go
    into the open door there.  Go in and around to the right, where in the next
    room a duck scientist tells you he has a new invention.  Move to the back of
    the invention, and shoot at the yellow/black striped button to break his
    contraption.  Dismayed, he leaves you to the clutter.  Get the lucky rubber
    band from the wreckage, and continue straight into the next door where you have
    to push the button to enter.  Climb the ladder and jump across to get to the
    opening above to get your pup.
    Follow the hall around, down the ladder, get Chang when you see him, and move
    on forward.  A rocket will begin firing it's thrusters, so avoid the fire best
    you can (wait for breaks).  Just follow the path of tokens to a ladder, and get
    Juliette where a kitten is right there.  Once you get the kitten, a timer will
    start (you have to climb up to a 'gantry,' whatever that is).  Just do your
    best, despite the shaking, to get to the end.  Climb the claw marks, jump onto
    the ledge, go around, climb more claw marks, and go into the room and to the
    left (totally ignoring the bear).  You still get to give it another shot if
    you mess up.  A duck gives you the lucky Rabbit's Foot for completing this.
    Now go on out from there, where you will end up back in the elastic band room.
    Take the door on the left first, get Bungalow, then go straight back through to
    the opposite door in the elastic band room.  Back in the hallway, curve to the
    right, where in the next room is a countdown to beat so you can rescue a pup.
    He wants you to help launch the shuttle by pressing the buttons in order (it
    will keep restarting if you don't get it just yet).  Below are maps on what
    order to press the buttons, start from 10 and work DOWN to 1 (count-down, get
    9.5  Shuttle Launch Countdown Map
    GROUND FLOOR                                LEVEL 2
                  Windows                                    Windows
    __________________________________          _________________________________
    |            ________             |         |       ___________________      |
    |           |   1    |            |         |       |    |   4   |    |      |
    |           |________|            |         |       | 6  |_______| 9  |      |
    | D                             D |         |       |____|       |____|      |
    |   ____                   ____   |         |                                |
    |  |    |                 |    |  |         |                                |
    |  | 8  |                 | 7  |  |         |                                |
    |  |____|                 |____|  |         |        ____         ____       |
    |                                 |         |       |    |       |    |      |
    |                                 |         |       | 3  |       | 5  |      |
    |             _______             |         |       |____|       |____|      |
    |            |   2   |            |         |             _______            |
    |            |_______|            |         |            |  10   |           |
    |              ____               |         |            |_______|           |
    |             | P  |              |         |                                |
    |_____________|____|______________|         |________________________________|
                                      P = Puppy
                                      D = Door
    Complete the countdown and go through the Authorized Ducks Only (we are coming
    back for the puppy in just a minute) door, not the plain brown one.  Get on the
    bus, where the driver tells you that his passengers won't budge until they have
    their lucky charms.  Lucky we've collected them along the way, huh?  Give each
    one their lucky charms, and the bus will move into the next area.  From the bus
    door (I hope you are still Bungalow) jump onto the bus stop sign in front of
    you, then jump on top of the bus stop cover to claim your joey.
    Now go up the ramp behind and to the left of the bus stop and follow it
    around to get Chang.  Take that entrance by Chang (the one with the red
    railings on the stairs and walkway) and go to the ground floor to talk with the
    duck.  He tells you that you have to pump the fuel in so you can get your cub.
    The key again, is speed (remember the arm wrestling in God Machine Valley from
    Beaver Dam?).  Pound that red button on your controller, get your firefox, and
    go back up to follow the hall around to Roofus.  Get Roofus, double back to the
    countdown room and get the pup back there BEFORE you take that elevator up.
    Get back to the Roofus teleport we just used, now you can take the elevator up,
    and rescue your last pup by the exit.
    9.6  Space Station Meer
    This level can be confusing, so pay close attention.  Also, this level is
    really fun because when you jump, your Fur Fighter jumps like three times
    higher than usual, neat, huh?  The great thing is that it can help fight bears
    and you can use it to take shortcuts.
    Anyway, go forward and go through the door on the left.  Now go across the hall
    and take the door just to the left.  Talk to the meercat, who tells you that he
    lost his codes to keep the space station balanced, so he is keeping some bears
    and a joey locked in a room for now.  Continue through the station (there is
    really only one path to follow at this point) until you see a red door straight
    ahead, and talk to the meercat.  He thinks the station is boring, and walks
    off.  Try to continue through the door that the game puts you by after your
    conversation with the meercat, and an alarm will go off.  Run to the red door
    and man the rear gun rack.  There really isn't anything I can tell you about
    this, just keep shooting to keep the asteroids away, and when you are finished
    it will tell you the disaster was averted.
    Get Roofus and continue through the door that you tried before.  Once again,
    only one path to follow, which will put you in the first Hydroponic Dome (looks
    rather like an arboretum if you ask me, but I will call it dome for short),
    which I guess is tropical.  Get to the ground and look at the sign by the
    Gherkin (looks like a watermelon/bean) which tells you to keep out of direct
    sunlight.  Hm, interesting, I guess we will have to disobey that ::evil laugh::
    Anyway, go back and climb the ladder by the door we just entered by, and
    continue the path (these areas are where I meant you can cheat--if you don't
    want to walk all the way around, find two corners relatively close and you most
    likely can make the jump! low gravity is great).  The next area is a raining
    dome (get Bungalow from below), continue through to the snowing dome.  Get on
    the ground again, go straight from the ladder by the door you just entered with
    and just to the right is a tree--by this tree is an oxygen bottle to grab.
    Back to the path above, through the blue door, press the button (which will
    open up the Hydroponic Domes, causing the Gherkin to grow to astronomical [ha
    ha, get it? astronomical, space? oh, well, me and my cheesy jokes--sorry]
    Continue on through, into a room that has MANY lights all over, jump onto
    the top of one of the 'buildings' and look for an oxygen bottle on one of the
    lower buildings.  Now go out the other end and then take the left door.  You
    will see a big eye outside the window, so run to the panel--this will activate
    the telescope.  Zoom into the lower left buildings with the right trigger, and
    you will see papers called the Gyroscopic Codes (I almost couldn't catch the
    name that quick, I must have been spaced out... haha! ok, I promise to stop,
    for now), then pick up the Print Out that appears on the floor.
    Exit the telescope room and go straight through the other door where you will
    have to balance the reactor.  Start pressing buttons, and you will get messages
    that the reactor is too hot or too cold (you will see the levels rising or
    falling).  What you want to do, is press it so it gets cold/hot, then run to
    another button and press it to do the opposite.  So, if you press a button and
    it says that the reactor is too hot, then you want to go around and press one
    of the buttons that will lower the level (one that when you pressed before
    would say it is too cold).  Now take take the only ladder down below, and find
    the third oxygen bottle.
    Climb back up and go through the door, following the path until you reach
    another room of lights.  On the left side of the room is a lever which when you
    walk up to it, you are asked not to touch.  The mechanics of this are, you
    press the lever, a machine comes to put it back, and you jump on top of the
    machine so you can get to the higher areas.  So what I do: turn your back
    to the lever, jump backwards onto it, the machine will come to fix it, and you
    time your jump to get on top of the machine (remember that Bungalow jumps SOOO
    much higher than normal because of the lesser gravity, so it takes longer for
    him to complete a jump).  Once you are on top of the machine, jump onto the
    'building' in front of you (quickly because the machine will reset itself to
    it's original position).  Now jump so you can get the last oxygen bottle at the
    other end of the room in front of you.  I find what helps with aiming Bungalow
    in the low gravity, is to look straight down so you can get a better feel for
    where he is going, so you can better direct him.
    Get the Beetle Shield from this room, and head into the next, bigger room.  An
    alien is waiting for you, but then someone comes in and sends it on it's way.
    You're thinking, yay now I don't have to fight it!  However, your Fur Fighter
    will dispute the claims of this new party, and you will have to fight the 31st
    Century Fox.  Pound him with whatever ammo you got, I find the plasma blaster
    works best and with the least ammo wasted.  Once you nail this guy, continue
    through the rooms until you come out in the main curved hallway again.
    Go right, and into the first opening on the right.  Talk to the meercat again,
    and he will open the clear door so you can get your joey.  Continue forward on
    this path again, get Roofus, and into the first dome to get your pup from down
    below by jumping from that Gherkin.  Double back to the main curving hallway,
    make a left, and then take the second door on your right in.  The room has been
    depressurized, so keep running up to the panel on the right until all four of
    the oxygen bottles are placed there.  Go on in, get Bungalow, and grab your
    high jumping joey.  Do not go into the next door unless you are ready to leave,
    because this is part of the exit.  We still need to get back and get Roofus for
    one last thing, anyway.
    Back to the curvy hall, go left and take the first door on right to get Roofus
    a few rooms in.  Back to curvy hall again, go left and take the second door to
    the right to continue on where you just were.  Now go through the next door,
    and be prepared to land another shuttle.
    Landing this one is just like the one we did at the VAB Building--'X' button
    decelerates and 'A' button puts out the landing gear.  What I find easiest, is
    to go to the left of the NASDA building, staying low (there is a rock jutting
    out there) so you are closer to the landing strip.  As soon as you get on the
    other side, straighten out along the landing strip the best you can, and land
    smoothly and straight AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so you have plenty of time to brake.
    Once you complete this successfully, there is a pup waiting for you at the
    P.S.  If you accidentally don't have Roofus, instead of taking the exit where
    the pup is, take the black entrance between the yellow walls, which will take
    you back to Space Station Meer.  If you do have Roofus, MAKE SURE you get the
    pup before you exit or you will have to land the stupid shuttle all over again.
    Once out of there, go left for Saving Claude.
    9.7  Saving Claude
    Juliette comes out and tries to talk to Claude, and he of course won't respond
    to her--so they fight.  The pattern is:  you walk out onto the 'arm' which
    supports a platform, Claude flys above, shooting plasma energy down at you
    which disperses in circles, you get a shot on him and Claude comes down and
    begins shooting a plasma beam at you.
    This battle is pretty tough with the lesser gravity.  Be sure you look before
    you leap and take into account that you can jump farther.  Again, use the trick
    with Bungalow from Space Station Meer--look down where you are jumping so you
    can better see where you are going and better control where you land. It's a
    long way to fall and get fluffed--and it sucks if you are almost done with
    Claude just to misjudge a jump to fall to oblivion.
    Usually you are pretty safe on the arm or further back on the station, just in
    case you want to take a break.  As always, there is replentishing ammo and
    health if you need it (health is mostly on the station).
    Walk out onto the platform because Claude will not come down when you
    shoot at him if you are still on the arm.  Start aiming up and shooting at
    Claude (all the while jumping to avoid the plasma circles), which will cause
    him to come down and start stalking you on the platform.  You will probably
    need to circle strafe because of the plasma beam he shoots.  Do your best to
    get as many hits as possible before he takes off again.  You will know it is
    time to move to the next level because Claude will clutch his heart like he is
    really injured, and the platform you are on will begin to shake heavily.  This
    is your cue to get the hell off of there--carefully jump back to the arm
    because that platform is getting destroyed.  A panel will open up above you,
    and now you can climb the claw marks to the next level.  Just repeat the
    process again until you have beaten him.
    When you get back to the Cape Canardo hub, Bristol will give you his old Bull
    Whip which he has no use for now that he is dead.  Head on back home now, do
    whatever you need to do, then head over to Dinotopolis.
    10.0  Dinotopolis Map
    _________________________________               ______________________________
    |                               |              |                              |
    |  1      ____                  |______        |                  _____    6  |
    |        |   |                  |   2          |                 |     |   ___|
    |________|   |____________      |______        |                 |     |   |
                             |      |              |           ______|     |   |
    ________________________ |      |___           |           |           |   |
    |                                   |          |           |___________|   |
    |                                   |          |                           |
    |     ____      _____     ____      |__________|       ___     ___   ___   |
    |    |    |    |    |    |    |                        |  |   |  |   |  |  |
    |____|    |____|    |____|    |_____________/____\_____|  |___|  |___|  |__|
    |                                                      | 
    |                                                      |         Legend
    |\                                                    /|
    |   3                                              5   |  1.  Home
    |/                                                    \|  2.  Grass
    |        4                                             |  3.  The Rumpus Room
    |______/___\___________________________________________|  4.  Dinos Upstairs   
                                                              5.  Dinos Downstairs
                                                              6.  Saving Esmerelda
    10.1  Dinotopolis
    Get Bungalow from right by Dinos Upstairs before going to Dinos Downstairs.
    10.2  Dinos Downstairs
    Move forward and then go right, around the fireplace, and to the right is a
    large yellow button.  Jump up as best you can with Bungalow to get that button,
    then turn around and head straight and just to the left until you hit the
    wall--just to your left is a Chang teleport.  As Chang, go back towards where
    you entered the level and you should see a crack in the side of the fireplace--
    go in and get your firefox baby (the button turned off the burner around him.)
    Out of the fireplace, go right and down the stairs (you should see table
    and chairs), then go left into what I guess you could call the study.  Go past
    the red chair hanging in midair to your right, go to the bookcase (get Juliette
    from the left side) and climb the claw marks on the inside right to the top. 
    Go to the left and jump onto the desk, then go again to the left and jump on
    the globe (quickly jump to get the claw marks on the top frame) to get the
    kitten on top.  Now jump onto the red chair, punch the two buttons on the
    armrest, and climb the scratches on the seatback to the top of the chair.  Go
    left and jump onto the piano to get Tweek.
    Move to the right edge of the piano, look to your left, and glide to that table
    (with the funny light coming out of the bottom) making sure you get on top of
    that plant to get your baby dragon.  Now glide towards the next area (with that
    big mustard yellow easy chair), go to the back right side by the plant/
    bookshelf and get Roofus.  Now go on the bottom shelf right there and climb the
    green books to the burrow in the plant.  Burrow through, get Tweek right there
    on the shelf, then glide to the remote control on the yellow easy chair to turn
    the television off.  Glide towards the shelf that the television is resting on,
    get Bungalow, then go around and into the back of the television.  Use the
    circuits to jump up to get the joey (try to land dead center on them because
    you will keep sliding off--it's tricky).  Go back towards where you got Roofus
    by the plant and head down that hallway to your right.
    Take the stairs up to your left, then bounce on the foot pedal at the bottom of
    the refridgerator to open it up.  Get Rico, then climb up all the levels to hit
    the button, which will melt everything in the refridgerator.  Get to the bottom
    and swim in for the baby penguin.  Get Bungalow again (next to the stairs)
    and go past the refridgerator.  There is a puny chicken on the floor which is
    dehydrated.  Search the countertops above you, shoot the glass of water you see
    which will hydrate the chicken making it grow to humongous proportions.  Ignore
    it just for now, and find the dishwasher just next to the chicken.  Angle
    yourself so that you can shoot the button at the top, then go on inside.  To
    get to that joey up top, you need to get onto one of the dishes in the machine
    while it is moving.  Be careful to avoid the blue lasers (I don't know what
    they use to clean their stuff!) and you will see that there is a pattern:  they
    will dip in the water, come up halfway to get cleaned, then come all the way up
    top.  Be on the dish when it goes all the way up, and it should be an easy jump
    for Bungalow.
    Now head back to the chicken (get Bungalow if you aren't already and climb it
    to get onto the counters.  Follow the counters around towards the purple mama
    dinosaur (making sure not to get smooshed by her hand) and hop in the Roofus
    teleport just below.  This part can kinda suck with the stove burners going off
    and on, so pace yourself.  Pretty much, if there is a token in the burner, then
    it is active.  Roofus' teleport is a safe area though.  If you want a run-down
    of the order the burners are in (Safe [S] or Not Safe [NS]), then here it is
    starting with the teleport:  S, NS, S, NS, NS, S, NS, S.  At the end is a pup
    right by the bread box (Exit).
    Head on over to Dinos Upstairs.
    10.3  Dinos Upstairs
    Go straight ahead into the next room ((if you want to get the tokens from under
    the bed, start with the shoes and work your way up to the nightstand with the
    remote control)) and get Juliette.  Go left to the shower, shoot the button
    above to drain the lava, then get your kitten from off the soap.  Continue
    around the bathtub, past the break towards the toilets, and climb the towel on
    the side of the tub.  Carefully walk the edge of the bathtub until you can jump
    on top of the bottles by the faucet, then climb the towel to the top.  Get
    Tweek from the shelf by the sink, then jump into the earhole of the dinosaur
    reading his paper in the bathtub.  Shoot at his brain, and he will sit forward
    allowing you to glide out the front of his nose, to the table at his feet, to
    get the baby dragon.
    Get Juliette and head back to the toilets and past them, continuing through the
    bathroom into the next room.  Shoot the daylights out of Mr. Dustee then go
    right to the bedroom (we are coming back here in a minute).  Use the tank to
    your left to work your way onto the bed, shoot the box on top, then get out and
    climb the scratches on the nightstand next to the door.  Get the battery off
    the bed and double back to the previous room.  Get Bungalow to jump onto the
    shelves, put the battery into the back of that small drill machine, and then
    get Rico.  Jump through the hole and get the baby penguin.
    Back into the bedroom, get Roofus from one of the cabinets and burrow in that
    plant next to the big tank to get a pup.  Go back to one of the other cabinets
    to get Tweek, and you'll see the next area which looks like a nursery.  Jump on
    the record player in the back corner of the room and press the button to get
    it started, which will cause the eggs to hatch.  Jump onto the car play set
    next to the bassinet, climb it to the top, then jump onto the head of the
    bassinet.  Jump from head to head (ooooh I HATE this part!) of the dinosaurs,
    then from the third one glide to the mobile straight ahead to get your last
    It's Rumpus Room time!
    10.4  The Rumpus Room
    Take the door into the pool room, go up and to your right to get Bungalow, then
    go back to the left of the door (to the bookcases) and get Juliette.  Climb the
    claw marks up the bookcase, get off at the first shelf to rescue a kitten, then
    climb to the next shelf and get Tweek.  Glide over to the pool table and drop
    into one of the pockets and down the center to claim a baby dragon.  Get
    Bungalow again, then go straight and to the right climbing the stairs there.
    Stern is to the left at the top of the stairs if you want some tokens.  Go
    through the door, look to your left, and climb into the jukebox from underneath
    it.  Climb until you get on the pole that holds all the records, then turn
    around and go straight across the records to the other side.  Turn around again
    to wait for the arm that grabs the records, hop on it and ride it to the top
    where your joey awaits.  Climb the green books next to the jukebox to get onto
    the train set.  Go straight, just past the buildings on the left, climb the
    track that goes upwards, then look to your left and jump onto the green hill
    there.  Get on top of the digger on the side of the hill there, jump onto the
    train when it comes by, then jump onto the island in the middle to get your
    second joey.
    Along the left side of the train set is a pinball machine (if you are coming
    from the jukebox)--jump into the hole in the side and get Roofus.  A pup is
    located in Viggo's maw towards the back, and you have to press a few buttons
    to get it to open.  Start with one right behind Viggo's head, and keep pushing
    buttons until it's open (I think you only have to do three).  Head on out of
    there, and get Chang from the other side of the pinball machine.  Go to the
    opposite side of the room from the train set, and there is a hole in the wall
    (close to the stairs).  Inside are some mice (to your left) who have one of
    your firefox cubs, they ask that you get rid of all the rats below in exchange
    for your cub.  Go down below and explore until everything is exterminated (as
    long as you don't get too close, it helps to use the single bomb launcher so
    you can save more of your ammo), then talk to the mice again to get your cub.
    Now head down the stairs into the next room.
    Go left and climb the boxes until you can jump onto that thing (kinda looks
    like an elongated version of Tweek's face with a joystick on the nose),
    shoot/nudge the joystick thingy, and ride it until you see another one of those
    things on your right.  Jump carefully onto that one, it will automatically take
    you upwards, and look to the left where there should be a thick beam with a
    baby dragon on it.  Glide over to get him.  Glide down and get Bungalow by the
    Exercisolator (the bike), jump onto one of the foot pedals, then jump onto the
    seat of the bike where your third joey (and your eighth baby) is hopping happy
    to see you.
    Now go across the room into the other door (it's the one on the left that you
    haven't explored yet), climb the stairs, and shoot the buttons on the washer
    and dryer to the left.  Keep going across to the left and climb up until you
    get Roofus on the shelf there.  Burrow in the plant, and keep burrowing through
    until you get Juliette.  Jump onto the shelf that Roofus first burrowed into,
    go across and jump onto the washer below.  Jump onto the dryer, then on across
    to the shelf where your kitten is.  Go back towards the shelves from before,
    climb the claw marks on the wall to the top, get Roofus, and burrow through
    once only.  Carefully jump across the moving bras until you get to the
    windowsill across the way with your pup on it.  I have no clue how they expect
    you to get down for the exit without losing a lot of health, but anyways, shoot
    the door handle with your rocket launcher and you can exit on out.
    10.5  Saving Esmerelda
    This just takes a bit of time to observe what is going on.  She will shoot at
    you, and you cannot directly damage her.  Look at the float she is on, find the
    yellow air intake valve, and shoot at it so the raft loses air and she takes
    damage from the lava.  She will jump onto a different raft, so just keep using
    this pattern until you are finished.
    Take cover behind the ball on the float you are standing on, don't fall into
    the lava, and wait for her to run out of ammo temporarily to aim for the air
    intake valve.  I find the shotgun works rather well--you don't have to be as
    accurate with your shots because of the gun pellets' dispersal.
    The first valve is on the bottom right of the raft, second one is on the bottom
    left, third one is on the right (hit two times), and the fourth one is on the
    back left of the raft (hit three times).
    Love that smack that Bungalow gets :)  Head on out from there and talk to
    Bristol--he gives you his old Fedora.  Now you can go on over to the City of
    11.0  City of Fear Map
          __                                     \___          /
    _____/  \___                 _____  __  ___     /    _____/
    | t       t \   ______      /     \/  \/   /   /    /
    |/          |__|      |_____|      t  t   /   /    /
    |\ 1                        ___           \  /t   /
    |/                   ____  /   \  ____     \/   t/
    |                  t|    |/  2  \|    |          |
    |      t            |____|\     /|____|         _/
    |                      t   \___/               |
    |                                              |
    |________________t______                       |_____
                            |                            |
                            |                            |
                            |                            |
            Legend          |                            |
                            |           t                |
      1.  Saving Winnie     |___                         |
          and Mai               |              t         |
      2.  The Bad Place         |                        |
      3.  Temple of Gloom       |      ________          |
      4.  Stern                 |     |        |    t    |
      5.  Jungle of Despair     |     |        |__       |
      6.  Home                  |\    |           |     /|
                                |  3  |           |  4   |
      t = Tree                  |/    |         __|     \|
                                |     |        |         |
                                |     |________|         |
                                |                        |
                                |                        |
                                |                        |
                               /                         |
                              |                          |
                              |                          |
                               \                   t     |
                                |                  / \   |
                               /                   |  \__|
                               | t                /
                               |                t/
                               \                 \
                                \                 |
                               __|   t    t  |    |
                              /              |    |
                             /                     \
                            /                       \        /\
                            | 5                      \      /  \     ____
                            |                         |____|    \   /    \
                             \                    _________     _|_|_     \______
                              \__________________/         |   |log |          6 |
                                                           |   |____|      ______|
                                                            \   /  |      /
                                                             | /    \____/
    11.1  City of Fear
    Give the bird out front your bull whip and fedora which gains you entry.  This
    opens with a cut scene of Viggo--he's lost much of his bear army because of the
    Fur Fighters.  He says that he is going to open a portal to a place where all
    the bad bears go, so he can recruit an army of undead!  I love the remark one
    of the bears has about wearing green leotards ;)  This definitely isn't good,
    so we need to stop him before it's too late.
    Stern gives you your first Flame Gun if you complete his task.
    11.2  Jungle of Despair
    Go straight until you reach an open area, where it looks like you can swim out
    to an island with a hydrogen bomb.  Don't swim out there just yet, make note of
    it for us to return here later.  Continue to the next area, and just before you
    reach it is a Roofus teleport in a cubby hole to the right.
    Get him, and go to the next area, where you will find a burrow just up to the
    right next to the trees/leaves.  Burrow through (this is the easiest way to get
    to the island out there, the water current is very time consuming to swim) and
    talk to the bear standing guard in front of the hut.  He tells you that he does
    not want to fight, that if you help him finish his raft he will release a puppy
    he has in his hut.  Fair deal, I guess.  From looking at the bear, look to the
    left and climb the palm tree that is farthest out left (or the tallest), making
    sure you get Juliette on the island first.  When you get high enough on the
    tree, jump backwards to land on the palm tree that should be right behind you
    (make sure to position yourself if it's not).  Jump up higher using the palm
    fronds and get Rico up top, then jump onto the last and tallest palm tree to
    find the raft sail.  Get down from there, go to the back of the island, and
    swim down a hole in the sand.  Keep going through until you come out in a cave
    on the other end, where you find the raft rudder.  Head back and jump on the
    raft, which will automatically install your new items--the bear thankfully
    sails on off in the sunset.  Get back to shore on the double, get Roofus,
    burrow back and get your pup from the hut.
    Back on shore, head to the left.  When you see a split in the path, go left.
    Jump onto the ledge below to get Bungalow, use him to jump all the ledges up to
    the top to get Rico, then dive into the whirlpool to get a baby penguin from a
    hole down there.  Climb back out, get Bungalow, and you guessed it--you have to
    jump all the ledges again to get high enough to get to the original tunnel you
    just came out from.  Go back, and when the path splits, head to the left.
    When you come out in the open, go right until you see a bug (caterpillar?) on a
    ramp in front of a cauldron.  Talk to him and he will ask you for help with his
    potion.  Double all the way back to the beginning of the level where we saw the
    hydrogen bomb, and you will see a bunch of bugs worshipping it.  If you try to
    talk to them, they say 'um worship holy bomb of um boom-booooooooommmmm'--I
    think this is hilarious!  Well, anyway now the side panel on the back of the
    bomb is open, and we have to disarm it by shooting the wires.  If you looked at
    the manual laying nearby, the order of colors is on the front:  yellow, blue,
    green, red.  Once you disarm it, jump inside to find a beetle--we will need
    this for later.
    Go back to where the bug with the cauldron is, and just past the front of the
    ramp is another path to the left.  Go through here and note that the path
    divides again, but this time you want to go left.  Go across the bridge, and
    allow it to fall, dropping you to the ground.  Find the beetle by the big tree
    down there, and the main thing is to get Juliette.  Right by her teleport is a
    tunnel, take this and it will drop you back by the bug with the cauldron.  Go
    back into this area and past the cauldron--follow along behind the two huts
    there, and you will see a somewhat hidden path open up just past the ruins on
    the left.  Take this on in and you will see the mother-lode of all tree houses!
    I wish I had this baby when I was a kid!  Anyway, on the other side is a lift,
    once you are on it look straight up and fire a shot to get the elephant going.
    He operates the lift and takes you up a level.  Follow the ramp around to your
    first kitten.  Back to the lift, fire another shot to get to the second level,
    take this around to get your third and final beetle.  The elephant will take
    you to the third level and then finally back to ground level.
    Now go back towards where you dropped with the bridge, but instead of going
    left to the bridge, take the right path.  In the back of this area is a
    contraption that looks like a wooden elephant.  Hop on in and maneuver it back
    to the area with the bug and cauldron.  Go past the cauldron, make a right
    (which is back towards where you first entered), skip the first tunnel to the
    left, and head on into the last tunnel in the back there.  Go right when given
    a choice, and go straight back to the gates of the elephant graveyard--they
    will open when you touch them with the wooden elephant.  In the back right of
    the graveyard is a Fragrent Orchid.  Back to the tunnel, go right to the path
    we just ignored into another beach area.
    Swim out to the island, enter the ruins right there, get Bungalow from the left
    of the inner ruins, and head on inside.  If you stand on the different colored
    square right there, it will break allowing you to continue.  Get the joey from
    the back left of these ruins (an easy rescue), then climb the stairs in the
    back right of the ruins.  Keep going until you can hop on the ledge, follow it
    around until you are just in the middle of the ruins facing that house/island
    looking thing.  Jump on top of it to get the Ancient Skull.  Now, finally, go
    back to the bug with the cauldron (get Chang just before that area to the right
    before doing so).
    Give the bug the skull and flower--he will be ecstatic but will request a
    special kind of beetle to complete his potion.  Fortunately for us, we've been
    collecting them all this time!  Give him all three, push him into the cauldron,
    and he will finally release your cub (like he has any choice!).  Rescue him,
    then go back to the collapsing bridge area.
    Drop down again and get Juliette.  Climb up the side with claw marks and
    continue through.  Be carefull on the log across the water because it shifts
    with your weight.  Once across, just past the corner on the right between the
    tree and the wall is another nearly hidden pathway.  Follow this, jumping
    over all the spikes, and claim your kitten at the end.  Back to the main path,
    go right and you will see the exit in the back there.
    11.3  Temple of Gloom
    Go to the right and into the next room where it has all the bear statues.  The
    second statue on the right looks like a slot machine--fire a shot at the right
    arm and he will crank it down.  You want to get three puppies in a row to set
    Roofus' pup free.  If you get three bombs, get out of the there because the
    room will be bombed like mad, if you get three bears then you have to kill off
    a bunch of bears.  Once the little guy drops down (we will come back later with
    Roofus to get him) continue into the next room which has a bear statue hovering
    over a large pool.
    If you are looking at him from the front, shoot at his right arm, right leg,
    and left arm to destroy them and cause the water to displace differently.  We
    have to come back later here, also, with Bungalow and Rico.  Continue through
    the door behind the bear, and you will see some railroad tracks.  Go up to the
    rail cart and get it moving (you can either ride it or just press the button by
    itself) so it will come out to the other side.  Stand right next to the button
    on the cart now, but so you are facing the water bucket with the faucet in the
    side.  Try and make this as simultaneous as possible, because you want the
    water to fill the cart:  shoot at the lever on the faucet then press the button
    to get the cart going again.  If you did it right, the cart is now full of
    water, but on the wrong side of the tracks.  Again press the button on the cart
    but do not ride it (easy way to get fluffed) because it is going to bust
    through that wall.
    Follow this path around until you find Bungalow, and head back to the room with
    the bear over the water pool (make sure all the excess parts are shot off--it
    resets each time you fluffed it).  Go to the button on the long wooden shaft to
    the right of the bear and press it, then go to the platform with the arrow
    marker to the left of the bear.  Jump on top of the arrow marker then on the
    platform to get the joey.  Head back to the railroad area and past where you
    just got Bungalow.  Keep going through the room with the melting pots (ignore
    them for now) and in the next room are three pillars in the middle.  Jump to
    the highest one to get a silver mold, then go back to the melting pots.  Place
    the mold in the one on the right side of the room (right by the Juliette
    teleport), pull the lever to pour the silver liquid, then collect your new
    silver key.
    Head past the three pillar room into another area--collect your joey from the
    low pillar/ledge on the left, then use the silver key on the door in the middle
    of the room with the large stairs all the way around the area.  In this area
    is a big maze for you to navigate.  Below is a map (of course I'm that good).
    11.4  Maze Map
    1.  Idol                               X (b)     3
    2.  Gold Mold
    3.  Area with             ______________________====____________
        Chang                |              |        b              |
    ==  Door/wall        ____|____      ____|     ________          |
    E = entrance        |              |    |    |        |    |    |
    MM  model map   ____|     ____     |    |____|        |    |____|
    X = button     |              |    |             |              |
    R  Roofus TP   |     ____     |    |_________    |     ____     |  
                   |    |    |    |      a           |         |  c =       X (c)
       X (a)    ___|    |    |    |____ ====____     |_________|    =  2
                        |    |         | 1  |        |              |
          MM    ________|    |         |____|________|     ____     |
                             |    |    |      d =         |    |    |
                             |    |    |     ___=     ____|    |    |
                             |    |         |   |    |           R  |
                             |____|_________|   |    |______________|
                                      X (d)
    This is a map of a 'model map' located on the left side (or coordinates MM).
    I added a little extra bit of hallway by the MM or 'a' button, because it
    needed it and is kind of confusing to navigate without it (the map seemed
    incomplete).  When you get to the model, you will notice that there are four
    buttons all around it (you enter closest to button C).  Each button
    corresponds to a wall, and will cause it to drop down so you can get into the
    'secret' area.  Once you are inside each one of the wall/doors there is a
    button right there to reopen it so you can get back out.  So, press button 'a'
    and go over and grab the idol, head back and press button 'c' and get the Gold
    Mold from back over there (the walls only stay down for a certain time period,
    so don't take too long or you will have to do it all over again).  Now leave
    this area and go back to the melting pots.  Put your Gold Mold in the spot just
    opposite from where you put the silver mold, crank the lever, and collect your
    Gold Key.
    Go back to the maze model and press the 'b' button, which opens up an area you
    need with Chang.  Run on around to it, and put the Gold Key in the door lock to
    gain entry.  Drop down into the trench below (unless you like being smooshed)
    and get Chang (press the button in the hall right next to his teleport before
    moving on).  Go around until you find the ladder and take it back up.  Go
    into the only hall open to you, and follow the ramp to the top.  I hope you
    have plenty of health, because we are going to take a couple of falls now.  At
    the top of the ramp, look down to the left and you should see another hall with
    some crates/boxes in it.  Jump down and go into this hallway as fast as you
    can.  In this area are what looks like shots that fire whenever you move or
    shoot your gun, but I TRIED to get damaged and it wouldn't touch me--I don't
    know if it is there for looks or what.  Go across the way, put your idol on the
    platform with the sand, and take the sand.  Head back out, and take the hallway
    with the ramps that go up again.  Look across the way, shoot at the button,
    then walk across when the platform gets high enough to get the Spanner Mold by
    that button you just fired at.  Go back across and down to press the button by
    Chang's teleport, then go back up the ramps.  When you get to the top, look
    down and to the right where you will see the exit out.  Jump down and go right
    to get on out of there.
    Go all the way out of the maze to get your firefox cub from on top of the arch
    at the beginning to the maze area.  Go back to the melting pots and put the
    Spanner Mold in the only one left (the middle one), crank the lever, and get
    your Spanner.  Get Bungalow from the previous room, then go back to the room
    past the three pillars.  Go to the left where you see stairs with a huge gap
    underneath them, and get Rico from up top.  Keep going ahead, and you will
    slide down another set of stairs.  Immediately to the right are some cogs and
    gears--so run up and clog them with the spanner that you have.  Keep going
    through (away from the area we just did) and you will notice that we are at the
    beginning again.
    Keep going until we reach the bear statue hanging over the pool, where we can
    now get our baby penguin from off of his nose (drop the statue into the water
    if it isn't already).  Head back to the maze (I think it's faster going back by
    the jammed cogs, but it's up to you) and get Roofus from just inside to the
    right.  Now go back to the Vegas style bear where your puppy is waiting (it's
    faster to go past the cogs again, and you can make it if you get a good jumping
    leap from the second step by the maze back across to where the jammed cogs are)
    and rescue him for being so patient.  Go back past the cogs, and head straight
    across into the entrance above the broken bridge piece that we have ignored
    thus far.
    Go to the weighted platform in front of the doors and deposit your sand bag.
    Run through the field (fighting the wind) until you reach the building ruins at
    the end.  On the right side of the building is a Roofus teleport just in case
    you do not have him yet, on the left side is a burrow you need to take on in.
    There is a knocked over pillar that you can use as a ramp to move upwards.
    When you get to the top, look to the left and jump under the bear's jaw to a
    ledge.  Follow the ledges and pillars around until you come to a large platform
    with a dome in the middle.  Enter the dome and you will see a cut scene of
    Winnie and your pup.  Drop to the ledge below you, and follow the ramp and then
    ladder on down to the bottom level with the portal.  If you talk to Bristol, he
    tells you to make sure you have all the ammo you need before entering.
    There is a bug in The Bad Place--if you leave and come back it is very hard to
    get to the next area without getting fluffed.
    11.5  The Bad Place
    Read warning above if you are just scrolling down to read this section.
    This is easily one of the most frustrating levels of the game.  Be careful how
    much you strafe because you don't want to fall off the walkways.  This is
    definitely a case of killing as many bears (well actually skeletons) from far
    away--use your bomb launcher around corners to make sure you don't get
    ambushed.  Now that that is said and done, on to the walkthrough.
    Follow the path to the end and go left.  At the end of this path in a room is a
    beaver trying to torchure a bear (your punishment is a flogging!!!), but these
    imps are bothering him too much.  So go back and take the right path (or it is
    just straight ahead to be easy) and you will see a small pool type thing on the
    right not too far ahead.  Fire a few shots into the liquid so it catches fire.
    There are four of these, and lighting them causes the imps to be attracted to
    the fire and leave the beaver alone.  'Nuff said?  Continue on and make a right
    just past the pool into an area with all these bones and snapping skulls that
    you have to go through.  Go straight through the maws (yes you have to go
    through it, not around it).  It is pretty self explanatory, it just takes
    timing and practice.  When you come out at the end, shoot at the liquid pool
    and head back out of the boneyard.  When you come out and see all the big
    spikes, make an immediate right.
    Follow the path around until there is another split, take the right path where
    you will see a room with another liquid pool in it.  Shoot at it, head out and
    then go to the right again.  Follow this all the way until you see a door in
    front of you--this is the Door to Nowhere.  You cannot go in just yet, so make
    a left and shoot the last pool of liquid at the end there.  Now double back to
    the beginning of the level where the annoyed beaver was, and talk to him.  Now
    that you got rid of all the imps, he is able to talk to you.  He gives you the
    Key to Nowhere.  Go back to the Door to Nowhere by following the main path to
    the end--now you can enter!
    You are placed in halls that have red carpeting and have all these doors.  None
    of the doors work, except those marked with the Fur Fighter's faces.  You have
    to enter them in a certain order, though, and sometimes it's easy to get turned
    around in the halls.  Because I'm such a visual person, here is yet another
    map.  The numbers not only show where all the Fur Fighter's doors are, but in
    what order to tackle them.  Once you finish a scenario (usually by exiting a
    door) it will automatically place you back in the main hallway by the door you
    just entered.
    11.6  Doors Map
    |                                    |             Legend
    |     __________      __________     |
    |    |          |    |          |    |         1  Tweek
    |    |        6 |    |          |    |         2  Bungalow
    |    |          |    |          |    |         3  Chang
    |    | 3        |    |          |    |         4  Rico
    |    |          |    |          |    |         5  Juliette
    |    |          |    |          |    |         6  Roofus
    |    |          |    |          |    |
    |    |          |    |          |    | 2
    |    |          |    |          |    |
    |    |          |    |          |    |
    |    |          |    | 5        |    |
    |    |          |    |          |    |
    |    |_4________|    |__________|    |
    |                                    |
    |_______________      _______________|
                    |    |
                    |    |
                    |    |
                    |    |
                    |    |
                    |    |
    Now we still have to cover what to do in each scenario.  The first one is
    Tweek, where he is back to just before he hatched.  It's pretty self
    explanatory--jump all the platforms to the top of the nest with the eggs.  Keep
    in mind he can still glide even though he is inside the egg, and many of the
    platforms will bounce, turn, or wobble.
    Bungalow is also self explanatory--just keep jumping up through all the ledges
    until you get to the door.  ALL of the tokens are in this area, so if you reach
    the door and do not have them all, you may want to explore some more.  I ignore
    the gators and bears--they will only keep regenerating.  The key is to keep
    moving so they cannot get too close to you or have an easy lock.  Also, if you
    have a hard time reaching a ledge, try from another part of it or approaching
    it from a different spot.
    Chang's scenario is pissy--you have to navigate a maze to get to a door above
    you somewhere, but all the walls are invisible!  Use your target mark from your
    gun to see where walls slope and where they end--it really helps. With back
    facing the door, this is the best I could do for directions:  left, right,
    right, left, left, left, right, right, right, right, right, left, left, right.
    Make sure before you make the next turn that you hit the wall first--that is
    how I based my turns from left and right.  Let me know if I'm off on those
    directions, it was just really tough.
    Rico is also a no brainer--just like in New Quack City where you had to use the
    fire power of the tank to bust open the fences.  Trick here again is to ALWAYS
    keep moving, kill the bears from a distance so you aren't dealing with the tank
    shooting at you AND the bears at once, do some back and forth motion and some
    jumping in front of the fences to get them busted open without you taking as
    much damage.  NOTE:  You only have to bust down the first two fences to advance
    in the area--the third one just holds extra plasma ammo and health (the door to
    exit is in the distance past the third fence).  If you are already running low
    on health and can't take any hits, it might be best if you skip the last fence.
    Before you enter Juliette's scenario, equip your biggest, baddest weapon
    (I prefer the one that shoots fire--it gets the job done quick ;) ) and prepare
    to shoot at your own babies.  Yeah, that's what I said.  It's really freaky,
    too, because there is this high-pitched laughter.  Kill them off as fast as you
    can (they're shooting some serious stuff at you, too) to get to the next area.
    Now on to Roofus--the hardest scenario of them all.  I try not to waste my ammo
    because again, these bears are everlasting--they just keep coming and coming.
    In teleport bubble, take the tunnel off to the right and then exit out of the
    first right you can make.  Get the Dynamite from that area, then from the
    tunnel exit you just came out of, make a right, cross the street, and go inside
    the building to get the second Dynamite.  Turn around so you are facing the
    bridge, and run towards it to jump into the water on the right side.  You
    should see another bridge in the distance, so swim towards it.  When you get
    under it, get up to the ledge on the left and place the Dynamite at the brown
    wire at the far end of this ledge (careful you don't run up to it twice because
    the game will accidentally put BOTH dynamites there, and then you can't finish
    the scenario).  Look to the other side of the bridge where there is a tunnel,
    and take this in to the ladder.  From the top of the ladder, turn around, jump
    off the building, and go left to the end.  You should notice that there is your
    brown wire running along the right side of the street, but you will see the
    detonator at the end of this street where it hits the building.  Don't pump it
    yet, but turn so you can see the bridge.  Wait for that crazy ammo-lovin' tank
    to get on the bridge, THEN you can pump that detonator.  A cut scene shows how
    it is now stuck on the bridge that you blew up.  Go right and follow the street
    again until you get to the other bridge (not currently occupied), jump in the
    water and swim to the now broken bridge to go through the tunnel and up the
    ladder again.  At the top, turn around and you will see the back end of the
    tank that is now stuck.  Get on the ledge at the edge of the building, and
    observe that brownish/reddish part sticking out from the back of the tank.  It
    is also where the bombs get thrown out from.  Get a good running leap onto that
    brownish part (it's tough but you CAN do it--may require some practice and
    precision) and once you are on top of the tank it will try to shoot itself.
    Now it is broken a cut scene starts showing that a new area opens up with a new
    tank running amok.  Follow the street all the way around to where you hit the
    detonator (you should see the front of the busted tank) and go into the
    new area to chase after the second tank.  Run up behind it and jump inside the
    black hole in the back (probably easier on turns and stuff) and Roofus will
    plant the second Dynamite.  This breaks the new tank, and now your exit door
    appears on the bridge that was not blown up.  Rescue the pup and you will
    automatically complete the level--there is nothing to see/do/explore in this
    Alternate method for defeating the first tank in Roofus' scenario:  "NO!!!!!!!!
    sorry guys, but youre trying to hard! for bad place-(rufus), after placing the
    dynomite underneath the bridge and using the lever to blow it up, go to the
    small ledge, and instead of struggling to jump on the tank, simply shoot a
    granade high enough to land on top of the hatch, at the top of the tank. if you
    hit the right place, you will see a short scene of the tank blowing up and the
    second tank breaking through the wall."
    I have not checked this out, but according to FroggedUp this works.
    11.7  The Bad Place Bug
    Okay, so just in case you already left The Bad Place, came back, and are having
    problems with the bug, this section is for you.
    Like I said before, the bug only happens when you leave The Bad Place and come
    back to finish the level.  When you follow the path to go to the Door to
    Nowhere, it seems an invisible force that you cannot control will make your
    character suddenly turn around and walk themselves off the ledge, automatically
    fluffing you.  So how do you get past it?  With a little bit of precision it is
    not the end of the world (or game).
    Observe this map of the walkway at the end there:
                    /       /
                   /       /
                  |       |
                   \       \
                    \       \X
                     |    |  |
                      |   |   |
                     |   \|/ |
                     /       /
                    /       /
                   /       /
               ___|       |___
    Note that the top of this map is where you are coming from the entrance of this
    level, and the Door to Nowhere is the spot that you are moving towards.  'X' on
    this map is approximately where the bug occurs.  Move towards the left side of
    the walkway (when you are moving towards the Door to Nowhere), turn around so
    your back is facing the Door to Nowhere, and begin walking backwards so that
    you are moving parallel to the edge of the walkway.  The bug will kick in and
    you will walk backwards, harmlessly, along the arrow on the path towards the
    Door to Nowhere.  The bug will cease (seeing that you are safe on the walkway)
    and you will be free to continue to the next part of the level.
    11.8  Saving Winnie and Mai
    Walk inside and burrow through to the next area.  Chang comes through the
    teleport at the same time as Roofus, which causes a strain on the system.  But
    now you can switch back and forth as you need to.
    It starts with Winnie walking around a big covered island, with Mai clinging
    to her neck.  Run towards Winnie and walk underneath the middle of her jaw (it
    is the way to take the least amount of damage).  Immediately turn around and
    shoot as much as you can at Mai on Winnie's neck.  Winnie will stutter and turn
    around, just keep getting as many shots as possible while you have her in one
    spot.  When you have done it enough, Mai will fall down and begin shooting
    laser beams from her eyes at you.  It is really tough to avoid, so run like
    hell to the burrow and it will take you inside that island.  Change into Chang,
    and switch to the freeze gun.  Mai will come inside the island where you are,
    so do your best to aim where you think she is coming (by where the beams are
    coming from) and then freeze her when she is over that green liquid (it will
    only work on top of the liquid).  Then use whatever weapon you want to damage
    her, and she will unfreeze.  If you are fast enough, you can freeze and damage
    her several times on one go.  When she takes enough damage she will move back
    to the outside and cling again to Winnie.  Follow the pattern for both Winnie
    and Mai until they are defeated.
    You will automatically be transported to Viggo-A-Goggo.
    12.0  Viggo-A-Goggo
    This is really a simple area, so I'm not going to provide a map.  Get whatever
    you want or need from off the derelict ship in the middle, and head on over
    to the HMS Viggolina (it's the entrance with the aircraft carrier showing in
    the background, or the one closest to the end of the ship underwater).
    12.1  The HMS Viggolina
    Instead of collecting babies, we are damaging all of Viggo's aircrafts.
    Take the ladder on the right side of the room up to the ledge, follow it around
    to get Rico at the end.  Jump into the pool in the middle--I hope you are a
    good swimmer with Rico because the current makes it impossible to backtrack for
    a token you missed (or you can always do this area again).  When you come out,
    go into the next room where you will see a lot of shelving and four missiles
    ready to be launched.  Look straight ahead at the shelving unit there with
    Tweek on the top--we are coming back to it.  Go right and press one of the
    buttons (it doesn't matter which one you press because we are going to do all
    of them anyway), then go to the other side of the shelving unit with Tweek at
    the top and climb up it.  It kind of takes a certain angle to get up all the
    shelves because of how they have the boxes sticking out on them.  The easiest
    way I know is to look at the box when you are on the shelf and run to jump onto
    the edge of it by running parallel to the shelf edge.
       aim here X |         |
    ______________|   box   |______________________
       _____\     |         |  shelf edge looking outwards
            /     |_________|
    When you get on top, grab Tweek, then look to the left so that the missiles are
    to your right.  Glide onto the top shelf to your left, then go to the right and
    glide onto the shelf straight ahead and a bit to the right (you should now be 
    on the shelf that you saw straight ahead from when you got Tweek and the
    missiles were to the right).  Carefully go to the other end of this shelf and
    find the air vent shaft in the wall.  Go through the air vent, when you get out
    curve around the corner to the right and follow the hall to the room called the
    Anti Air Craft Missile Launcher.  Press the button and it will launch the
    missile you just loaded.  Take the air vent back to the armory, jump down, and
    press your next button.  Repeat the steps to get back through the air vent up
    top, press the button, and head back to the armory again.  Keep repeating all
    of this until you have launched all four missiles.  The bear button launches
    the Bear Homing Device, the aircraft button sends the Anti-Aircraft Missile,
    the yellow one does the Anti-Submarine Missile, and the blue one sends the
    Ship to Ship Missile.
    Now go back through the hall, but pass the vent you came through going all the
    way to the end.  Climb the ladder up, get Juliette right there, and climb the
    ladder into the aircraft.  Fly around and destroy the three other aircrafts
    (being careful of the damage you take and that you don't run into anything).  I
    am not sure how you get down once you finish, so I just destroy the craft and
    restart after fluffing.  If there is another way, let me know.  Well, anyway,
    now climb up the tower type thing in the middle there.  The first room you stop
    off in, the computer in the middle tells you the Friendly Fire Lock is enabled,
    and you need a code to disable it.  Continue climbing up the tower until you
    come to the end where you see a bunch of platforms with tokens and such on it.
    Jump around the platforms until you get the Stateroom Key.  Get down from there
    and climb the ladder to go back into the ship.  Follow the hall again, but this
    time make the first left you can.  You will come into a big room with several
    aircrafts in it--go up the ramps on both sides of the room into the control
    booths, and press all the buttons to destroy them.  Now continue through the
    next door (the one with the short hallway before the sliding door) and press
    the button in the next room--it will start moving all those platforms on the
    top of the ship.
    Continue through the next hall and into the next big room.  You will see a
    control panel in the middle of the room, and a ramp to the left.  Take the ramp
    up, press the button (which will cause the rocket thingie to move), and then go
    down to activate the control panel.  The rocket will activate and will burn to
    a cinder all the aircrafts on the other side of the wall.  Now press the button
    at the top of the ramp to bring the rocket back to you, press it again, and
    quickly jump onto it.  When it gets to the big hole, drop down and forward into
    the hole.  Now there is a button in the back right of the room which activates
    the sprinkler system--you have two options.  You can run through the fire, take
    about four/five hits of heavy damage, or you can jump across the aircrafts to
    the other side.  The second option is definitely the safer one, but not
    guaranteed because it's easy to slip off the aircrafts, the first one is
    definitely easier/quicker.  Once you get across, activate the sprinkler system
    (which now makes it safe to walk through there) and I would come back with
    Bungalow later if you don't already have him--it's easier to get the tokens
    with him.  Go through the door with the light pouring in.  An aircraft will
    attack you, but just shoot at the glass on the front--when it opens shoot at
    the bear inside.  Keep this up and it will sink in no time.  Now back to the
    rocket room.
    Go through the next door (the one closest to the ramp) follow the hall again,
    but this time we are skipping this room for the moment--we need Bungalow.
    Take the ramp up to the door, follow this hall and get Bungalow from the
    room you end up in.  One at a time, activate each of the aircrafts, then climb
    the ramp to activate the homing bomb to destroy each one.  Now double back to
    the room we were just in (climb the ramp and take the furthest door), and jump
    into the helicopter to press the button.  The helicopter will destroy two more
    aircrafts, so now go out of the door where all the light is flooding in.  Again
    defeat the aircraft that attacks you.
    Now go back to the room with the homing bombs (up the ramp and through the
    door), but when you come out from the door, look right and take that door you
    see.  Take the first right you see, keep going until you see a large opening in
    the floor and a small door straight ahead to the left.  Take the small door (as
    far as I can tell there is nothing in the room below but a Chang teleport if
    you want him, and a bunch of tokens) and then take the first right.  Use the
    Stateroom Key to gain entry to the Stateroom, and get the Friendly Fire Codes
    off the table in the middle.
    Exit out of there and go right--when you come out you will have another
    scenario of the aircraft attacking you (same deal as before).  Head back out of
    there and go all the way towards the beginning--directions if you need them:
    straight, follow hall, up ramp, left, door at left, follow hall, door under
    ramp, door at right, follow hall, door on left in control room, door at left,
    follow hall, first right, ladder up.  Climb the ladder to the tower, go into
    the first room, and insert the friendly fire codes to deactivate the lock.  Now
    head back towards the stateroom, directions from ladder back down inside:
    follow hall, first left, follow hall, door across to right, door at right in
    the control room, follow hall, left into door, take ramp above, door, follow
    hall, door to right, follow hall to the end where you see a gunnery in the
    window.  Jump on the gunnery and shoot down all the aircraft.  You should
    notice that they have patterns that they repeat, so if you pay attention you
    can anticipate a spot they will be in so you can get them easier.  Once you
    blast the last three aircraft, you will automatically finish.
    Head over to the V-100--it is the entrance to your left, or the one right
    across from the Home entrance.
    12.2  The V-100
    Get onto the submarine, and you will see ahead of you ladders with guns to
    either side.  Move as quickly as you can to climb the two ladders.  When you
    get to the top of these, the submarine starts a dive, so head to the left and
    climb the long ladder to the top and drop into the hatch (if you don't make it
    on time you will get fluffed).  Go right, and when you pass into the next hall
    Viggo will brag to you about his submarine, giving you the hint you need--that
    the only thing that can destroy it, is itself!  Continue (there is only one
    path right now) until you reach a large room with a water tank in the middle.
    Go right, and then into the first door on the right.  Kill all the bears and
    the beaver thanks you.  Head into that torpedo tube with Rico in it (getting
    him while you're at it) and prepare to be launched.  When it does launch you,
    don't worry about swimming forward because you have enough speed as it is.
    Move towards the end where you see that bright shimmering light, and make sure
    that you get right in the middle of it, where there is a metal wall to stop you
    from going any further.  Climb up, then drop into the other hole.  Climb the
    ladder and walk around the ledge to get the First Mate's Key.
    Take the ramp from the next room, where you will enter the Steering room.  When
    you try to leave, it will activate so you have to run back to the red panel and
    steer the sub out of danger.  Once you are done, continue through the rooms and
    hallways (there is only one way to go, ignore the small lift with the yellow
    button) until you come out in another big room with ramps and cylinders in the
    middle.  Go to the ramp across from you, and take the door all the way at the
    top.  Keep going through until you see a control room with a safe in the
    middle, with a spot for a key on both sides.  Insert the First Mate's key you
    have on the left, and continue through to drop down by the ladder.
    The next area you will stop at has a Juliette teleport which has a control
    console by it.  When you enter, it will warn you that during Proximity Alerts
    you have to man the station--when you try to continue through a Proximity Alert
    will go off.  Just run up to the console and follow the key pad instructions as
    quickly as possible.  When finished, get the Captain's Key from the next room.
    Double back to the safe with the two key holes on either side, and finally
    insert your Captain's key on the right.  Turn so your back is facing one of the
    key holes, but so you are directly facing the other one.  Run back to hit the
    one behind you, while at the same time fire a shot at the one in front of you
    so you can 'turn' both keys at the same time.  Get the Torpedo Launch Codes
    from the safe and go back out to the large room with the cylinders.  Go down
    the ramp and take the first door you see on the right.  You will go through a
    hall with a lot of pipes, then end up back in the main chamber with the water
    tank.  Make an immediate left and go into the first door on the left, where you
    will find another torpedo room at the end.  Insert the torpedo launch codes by
    the only panel that has a torpedo by it, then run up to it again to launch it.
    The torpedo destroys the V-100, and you are automatically finished with the
    level.  What I find amazing, is that Viggo doesn't seem to care that you have
    demolished all his stuff.  He keeps saying 'no matter, I have you where I want
    you!'  Yeah, buddy, whatever.  Ok, so head over to the Secret Island at the end
    of the boat that is not underwater.
    12.3  Secret Island
    This is basically a bunch of tasks you must complete just to earn the right to
    fight General Viggo.
    Exit the door and follow the circle to the only other opened door.  Follow the
    walkway to the first door (nothing down below but tokens/health/ammo) and take
    this hall around until you come to another ramp.  Press the button to the left,
    get Chang from the right, and go down below to crawl under that huge door.
    Viggo tells you that he has four 'challenges' to your existence which you must
    defeat.  It is pretty easy as long as you stay on task.  After the cut scene,
    go immediately to the left and up the ramp.  The first cage on the left is
    where the first bear attacks from.  Just pound him with whatever ammo you got,
    paying attention to where his body dissentegrates because that is where the key
    to Cage 1 will appear.  Unlock where it looks like the door is, and press the
    button next to Stern.  Keep following this pattern until all four cages are
    unlocked and the weapons are disarmed.  Staying on the second level, go through
    the back entrance to another hallway.
    Keep going until you reach an area where Bristol tells you that you have to
    catch Fifi to continue.  You should get the hang of this--it's a bit of an
    obstacle course with water and bridges.  Make sure you get Rico before
    starting.  If you are a little slow, Fifi will wait for you at certain points.
    Just try and get a head jump.  Once you catch 'it' I guess, you will
    automatically be put in front of the door you just opened.  Follow the hall
    around where you will come to a bunch of boxes--move so you are underneath the
    ramp you just came down on, where there is a ladder to jump down into.  Go
    across the water to get Bungalow and go to the next ladder.  Follow the grating
    to the next ladder to drop down into and get Chang.
    Through the tunnel and into the next area, there is a lift to the right of the
    big ramp you see.  Take it up and continue following the hall/tunnel.  You will
    reach yet another area with big boxes, maneuver them until you find a way to
    climb up on top and get Tweek.  As Tweek, glide to then climb up the ladder.
    Follow the catwalks around, gliding and climbing, until you can press the
    button at the top.  Go through the new entrance, continue through the next door
    where you see that you are back at the beginning. Make an immediate left and go
    into the first doorway on the left.
    Climb the stairs and keep going through until you can grab Juliette.  Climb the
    claw marks on the 'bookcase' ahead into the next area, where Bristol tells you
    about Viggo training 100 bears that you have to defeat.  When you move on, it
    will automatically move you into the action.  Back up a bit so you are not so
    much of a target.  There are three spots that bears keep generating out of--to
    the left, right, and straight ahead.  Move to either the left or the right, 
    using a pillar for cover, and launch some bombs to get rid of several bears at
    once.  Every once in a while you may have to manually shoot just to keep good
    health and because of the time delay of the bombs.  When you are finished with
    one area, move to the other side and take them out the same way, then move to
    the center one.  Inside the box to the left is a Meercat Multiple, box to the
    right is a Bear Disguise, and the center one has a Beetle Shield.  Once you
    have dispatched all but ten bears (all the ones on the ground level) go back
    and climb the claw marks on the pillar that was to the left of where you first
    came in.  Go around and kill the last ten bears on the second level, then walk
    around to find the claw marks up to the third level and your way out.
    Go through the elevator and again continue to the end, press the button so the
    big door will open.  Go through, get Bungalow from the left side of the large
    ramp, then climb the boxes on the right side until you come to a catwalk where
    there is another button at the top to open the next door.  Go through until you
    reach an area with boxes, navigate them until you find Chang (it's really easy)
    then go back towards the door to get into the tunnel.  Follow it to the end,
    get Bungalow, then go on the other side of the room to take a lift up to the
    level just above you.
    Jump up the boxes in the next area, press the button, and go through where
    Bristol tells you that you have 60 seconds at a time to defeat two bears.  You
    can ring a bell to restart the timer, though, so here we go.  Go in towards
    the blue background with the pink faces and turn right to get into the tunnels
    (it's easier to go right because the floor moves).  In the middle of the next
    area are some rounded stairs, at the top of which is a bell.  When I first get
    in I ring the bell just because of the time it took to get inside.  Then kill
    the bears and keep pounding Mr. Grr and Mr. Arr.  If you get down to ten
    seconds, go up to ring the bell.  When you are done, continue into the next
    area which is yellowish with a rampway.
    Once you come out the other end, you are now back in the beginning area.  Get
    Roofus from the center circle, and go into the doorway that is to your left
    where you just came out of.  Press buttons and take the elevator up, exit and
    go to the right.  When you go into the door, you end up in an arboretum.  Fluff
    the funky looking bear and bunny, then burrow in the dirt (it's right by the
    door somewhere) to get to the other side.  Through the door, grab Tweek, climb
    the ladder and glide from the end of the walkway to get to the other door.
    You come out in a huge area with a rock face all around you.  Fifi is in a big
    aircraft of some sort.  I find it's best to use the rocket launcher for this
    scenario.  Run around the base of the crater and shoot at the four brown things
    sticking out from either side of the craft.  Use the wall that sticks up for
    cover because the craft shoots at you whenever you get in front of it.  Now
    shoot off the vents on both sides (next to the brown things).  Then climb up
    the ramp around the crater (if you fall make sure to glide) to get the craft
    high enough so you can shoot off that piece directly on the bottom of it.  I
    find it helps to get high up, then jump off and glide down, while I'm gliding
    I shoot at it.  Now the craft can't maneuver up/down or side to side, so climb
    the ramp again and glide into the top of the craft (it looks like a yellow disk
    in the middle).  Shoot at the yellow disk, when the craft is destroyed you will
    be placed back on the ground.  Climb the ramp yet again to get to the door/exit
    at the top.
    You will automatically be in the General's Lair.
    12.4  The General's Lair
    This is it, your final showdown with General Viggo.  Enjoy (I guess... it's
    really a pain in the @$$).
    The first area contains large models of items from all of the levels that you
    have encountered.  Viggo stands in the center continually shooting.  You can
    take cover behind one of the buildings, but don't do this for too long behind
    one particular building because they shatter from too much firepower.  This
    method I think works pretty well:  move and jump out from behind the building,
    all the while firing at him.  Take cover to do it again.  Continue this pattern
    until he is defeated--you will know that you got a hit because he will look
    reddish.  The way this is effective is because you are constantly moving over
    and up, his firing is trying to move with you but he is too slow.
    Yeah, you thought you were finished?  That guy was only a clone!  The next area
    is for clone reproduction from what Bristol tells you.  You have to destroy all
    six fuse boxes to get them to stop.  This area is a bit hard to write for
    because the clones are continually reproducing, it is difficult to get a
    moment's peace to observe and write properly.  Tip:  if you are in a crunch,
    and just want to get one of the Viggos off of your back for a moment, use the
    freeze gun.  It will stall him temporarily so you can get away without fluffing
    him again.  Also, if you fluff it, you do not have to redo the fuse boxes, but
    you will have to walk through the beginning area again (it does not restart you
    from the location of the last teleport save, but you don't have to fight the
    first clone again).  Well, here goes.
    From where you talk to Bristol, go straight and a bit to the left where you
    should see an endless drop with Tweek's teleport hanging out in the middle.
    Jump down (making sure you get Tweek on your way) and glide down to get the
    first fuse box.  Take the lift back up.
    From where you come out, go straight and to the right where there is a big
    yellow button underneath some yellow support beam type thingies.  Press it and
    go into the door to the left.  Go inside and climb the ladder, then glide
    across to where you see the platform with the Juliette teleport on it.  Get her
    and climb the claw marks, continuing up until you reach the top with the second
    fuse box.
    I'm not sure how you're supposed to get down from here without taking damage,
    but drop down from the bottom-most part of the claw marks into the main area.
    Then look to the left where there are claw marks on the wall to an opening
    (between the Tweek teleport in midair and the waterfall).  Climb up and up so
    you can get Rico.  Drop down into the hole, and swim until you get swirled out
    by the waterfall.  Go to the edge (you will see running water above you) and
    climb onto it to get the third fuse box behind the waterfall.  Then swim out
    through the hole down below, climb the ladder, and jump down into the main area
    Just to the right of where you got Tweek from the elevator shaft is a spot that
    looks 'protected' by blue boxes/steps.  Go in the middle of this area, climb
    the ramp in the wall, and drop into the water.  When you come out (be careful
    not to get carried by the current to the drop) get Roofus, climb the ladder,
    and burrow through to get your fourth fuse box.
    Get Chang and go through the tunnel--when you come out go straight and then to
    the right where you should see two tunnels in the wall.  Go through (either
    one, they both go to the same place) and destroy the fifth fuse box at the end.
    Exit on out and go immediately to the right.  You should see another small
    tunnel with a larger one way above you.  Go through, get Bungalow, and when
    you get out go to the right to climb all the blue ledges/steps.  The pattern
    you need to follow is: up a level, then across diagonally.  At the top is your
    sixth fuse box.
    When you destroy the Clone Machine, you finally get to face the big man, er,
    cat.  When you go in to fight him, continue moving and strafing around him in
    a circle.  Use something to damage him so that he pauses for a moment (I like
    the freeze gun or fire gun--they work faster) so you can get behind him and get
    some shots on his backpack with all the buttons.  Keep doing this until one by
    one, each of these button type thingies blow up.  He will then shrink down to
    normal size, so keep strafing around him and pump him with your choice of lead.
    Two main regenerating Pet Yums for health if you need it (which you probably
    When he flops in defeat, you get your long awaited cut scene, which is not too
    shabby.  The great thing about Fur Fighters, is that when you finish the cut
    scene and the credits (you can skip these by pressing start) you can still go
    back and explore any aspect of the game that you want, including the
    13.0  Mini Games/Cheats
    When you defeat each boss of the game, a new mini-game will open for you to
    play.  Each one, once you defeat it within a certain time, or beat a score,
    will open up different cheats for you to use later. (or to use if you decide to
    play the game again)  Each of the babies you talk to right by the game will
    give you more detailed instructions on how to play the game and what to do.
    13.1  Sliding Puzzle
    OPENS:  After defeating Gwynth in New Quack City
    LOCATION:  Tweek's house (by swimming in the circle of lava to a hidden room)
    HOW:  Slide the pieces to fit together properly until it makes a picture
    BEAT:  120 seconds or less
    UNLOCK CHEAT:  Rotate Cam
    WHAT:  Able to rotate the camera angle
    13.2  Snake
    OPENS:  After defeating Juanita in Beaver Dam
    LOCATION:  Rico's house
    HOW:  Collect the green tokens without hitting yourself/walls
    BEAT:  score more than 6,600
    UNLOCK CHEAT:  Rocket Cam
    WHAT:  Attaches camera to your rocket missile when launched
    13.3  Hot Air Balloon
    OPENS:  After defeating Claude in Cape Canardo
    LOCATION:  Juliette's house
    HOW:  Use the balloon's thrusters to rescue your babies by beaming them aboard
    BEAT:  score more than 15,000
    UNLOCK CHEAT:  Honey I Shrunk the Furfighters
    WHAT:  Makes the Furfighters look really small
    13.4  Bear Squares
    OPENS:  After defeating Esmerelda in Dinotopolis
    LOCATION:  Bungalow's house
    HOW:  Move Tweek to escape the bears but cause them to crash into each other
    BEAT:  score more than 20,000
    UNLOCK CHEAT:  Walter
    WHAT:  Changes voices in cut scenes and voices of characters you talk to
    13.5  Bombing Buildings
    OPENS:  After defeating Mai in City of Fear
    LOCATION:  Chang's house
    HOW:  Drop bombs to clear the buildings so you can land the plane
    BEAT:  score more than 55,600
    UNLOCK CHEAT:  Big Head Mode
    WHAT:  Causes the Bear's heads to be HUGE
    13.6  Super Snake
    OPENS:  After defeating Winnie in City of Fear
    LOCATION:  Roofus' house
    HOW:  Collect the green tokens without hitting yourself/walls
    BEAT:  score more than 6,600
    UNLOCK CHEAT:  Fish Eye View
    WHAT:  Makes everything appear as if looking through fish bowl
    13.7  Auto-Aim:  Get this cheat by revisiting the boss Gwynth
          WHAT:  Automatically aims your target at the closest enemy
    13.8  Health to 100%:  Get this cheat by revisiting the boss Juanita
          WHAT:  When you pick up one Pet Yums your health is boosted to 100%
    13.9  Ammo Boost:  Get this cheat by revisiting the boss Claude
          WHAT:  When you get any of an ammo, all of that ammo is boosted to 100%
    13.10  Invincibility:  Get this cheat by revisiting the boss Viggo
           WHAT:  Causes your Furfighter to take unlimited damage without fatality
           WARNING:  Does not make you immune to long falls or other 'auto-deaths'
    14.0  Credits
    Thankyou Bizarre for putting out such an awesome game to write my first
    walkthrough about!  I used their booklet for all the character Bios and
    background information about the game in the introduction.
    Thanks to PSalmon's walkthrough for details about the mini-games.  By the time
    I finished writing this I was too lazy to go through and re-figure out what
    cheats the mini-games unlocked.
    Thanks to Lagunathemoron and Fatal Zapper for posting the secret cheats on the
    Cheat Codes and Secrets page for Fur Fighters on www.gamefaqs.com
    Alternate method for defeating the first tank in Roofus' scenario was posted by
    FroggedUp on the Fur Fighter's Discussion board on www.ign.com
    15.0  Copyright Information
    Copyright 2004 Amy Freudeman
    If you want to use this guide (seeing as how it's so awesome) please let me
    know.  Also, please leave it unchanged and do not take credit for my work.

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