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    Walkthrough by West-Beard

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 04/17/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by Nathan West, Tristan Beard and Maxime Bargiel.
    Version 0.9
    17 April, 2000
    Updates are available at http://skidmarks.niteshade.net/
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Credits
    3. General Tips
    4. Downtown Sector
       4.1 Yakuza
       4.2 Loonies
       4.3 Zaibatsu
    5. Residential Sector
       5.1 Rednecks
       5.2 Scientists
       5.3 Zaibatsu
    6. Industrial Sector
       6.1 Russians
       6.2 Hare Krishna
       6.3 Zaibatsu
    7. Version History
    8. Disclaimer/Copyright
    This mission guide has been designed to provide suggestions for those who have 
    trouble completing some of the missions or are new to the game. Our board of 
    "experts" provide their own opinion on which is the best way to successfully 
    complete each mission, which will hopefully help you get through some of the 
    more difficult parts of GTA2. For some missions, there are various ways to 
    complete them, and there may be some ideas which we have missed. If you have a 
    different solution to a mission which we have not included, contact us at one of 
    the addresses below so we can include your suggestion in the next update.
    If you want to finish GTA2 by yourself, don't go past this point. It contains a 
    whole bunch of spoilers, which will probably ruin your fun if you're the kind of 
    person who hates to cheat.
    2. CREDITS
    This mission guide is a collaboration of ideas from many gamers in the GTA2 
    community. Those who have contributed to this guide, or have helped in any other 
    way, are listed below -
    * Nathan West (NW) - skidmarks@niteshade.net (Main Contributor for Sectors 1 & 
    * Tristan Beard (TB) - danozz@hotmail.com (Main Additional Advisor)
    * Maxime Bargiel (MB) - maxbargiel@hotmail.com (Main Contributor for Sector 2)
    The following are a list of general tips which may help you complete the 
    missions in GTA2 -
    * If you are new to GTA, make sure you complete the tutorial by answering the 
    phone located outside the church.
    * Try to complete the missions in order (Easy -> Intermediate -> Hard). This 
    allows you to gain experience in handling the cars and following orders, 
    experience which is necessary to complete the Hard jobs.
    * Avoid slow vehicles such as the Truck Cabs or TV Vans, unless they are 
    required to complete the mission. They are just too slow when trying to avoid 
    the cops or get to your destination in a certain period of time.
    * Avoid running over pedestrians, as it is too easy to attract the cops 
    attention when you are midway through completing a mission. Most missions are 
    pretty easy if you're clear of the police.
    * If you have no wanted level, hitting a squad car automatically gets you one, 
    so avoid hitting squad cars needlessly.
    * If you have enough money, don't be afraid to use the Respray shops.
    * If possible, avoid driving through the middle of a hated Gang's turf. They 
    will fire at you or your vehicle, which can be devastating if you have no armour 
    or your car is on fire. Use the
    map to go around the area they control.
    * You can not choose a different job when you have already been assigned one, 
    except when you are arrested, killed, or fail the requirements.
    * Don't collect Cop Bribes when you have a wanted level of one. Save them for 
    when you really need them. Instead just wait it out in some back alley, away 
    from the road.
    * Do not kill policemen when your wanted level is one, because after two 
    officers killed, your wanted level increases to two. Instead just wait until 
    you're clear and the police has forgotten about you.
    * If you read slow, and the information has gone off the screen before you could 
    read it, press F7 to bring it back up.
    * The arrow points to your destination, but does not show which way to go.
    * Some of the hints in this guide refer to the map provided with the game. If 
    you did not receive a map, have lost it, had the dog chew it, you downloaded the 
    warez version, or you found yourself a CD burner, head to 
    http://gtaextreme.niteshade.net to download the online versions.
    * If you want more information on GTA2, including cheat codes and other game 
    tips, peruse the GTA2 Unofficial FAQ written by Nathan West (available at 
    http://skidmarks.niteshade.net), a contributor of this guide. It's packed full 
    of information, and you will probably learn something you didn't know.
    4.1 Yakuza
        The Yakuza, the local Asian gang, want the greatest clothes, weapons and 
    cars. Johnny Zoo is the man who informs you of the jobs that they want you to 
    carry out. They are the dark blue gang on the first map, and despise the 
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - The Yakuza is having money illegally transferred to a bank account. 
    You must pick up your inside man, Hiroshi, and return him safely back to the 
    NW - One of the more difficult easy missions, although the firepower and car are 
    provided. You must remember to stay in the car, as you can not use another car 
    for the job. Try not to run over any peds or attract the police's attention, as 
    it is difficult to leave the bank with the cops waiting outside already. Park 
    the car facing to the left for a quick getaway.
         Kill the two guards with the provided Uzi, and wait for Hiroshi to come out 
    of the bank and run up beside you. The cops, who have been tipped off, will 
    probably arrive on the side street to the left.
         Once both inside the car, head towards the Garage (just follow the arrow), 
    and get the respray. You won't lose any money as the Yakuza paid you for it 
    after you killed the guards. After the respray, follow the arrow to the 
    safehouse, and drive into the garage (waiting for the door to open first). Job 
    MB - Actually, you don't have to wait for the door to open. Just drive in!
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - The Zaibatsu have discovered that the Yakuza are performing 
    experiments with the help of Doctor Zitzaki.
    NW - The marked car is only a couple of hundred metres away, and is easy to 
    find. Like the previous mission, you must stay in the car at all times. Drive to 
    the hospital, following the arrow, and beep your horn (default is TAB) when you 
    arrive. Wait for him to get in, and drive to the J-LAB. This is the easiest 
    mission in the game.
    MB - This is indeed the easiest mission, and also the quickest. If you can avoid 
    hitting cop cars and running over pedestrians, you should encounter no trouble.
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - The Loonies owe money for Yakuza merchandise, but they refuse to pay, 
    so you must blow up their happy gas tanks instead.
    NW - Get ready to run over the Loonies as they get out of the van, as they don't 
    pay up. Try to stay in your car as your armour won't last long against their 
    Uzis. One trick to use is to shoot the van until it is just ready to blow, hop 
    back in your car and sound the horn, get out straight away, and finish off the 
    van. The explosion should kill most of the gang members, and it is fairly easy 
    to shoot the remaining victims.
         To find an ice-cream truck, just drive around till you spot one, pull out 
    in front off it, and steal it. If you don't have enough money to arm the truck, 
    just drive over a few peds until you do. Once armed, head towards the Loonies 
    hideout, locate the tanks using the arrow, and park where told to do so. Set the 
    timer off by pressing the fire key (default is CTRL), and run away as fast as 
    possible. The job is complete when the happy gas tanks are destroyed.
    TB - Especially in an Ice Cream Truck, it is hard to navigate through a gangs 
    base without your car being blown up by furious gang members.  To avoid getting 
    the Ice Cream Truck blown up, there is a fast route to the Happy Gas Tanks.  
    Outside of the Loony gang territory, there is a long bit of paving outside with 
    heaps of Loonies walking about.  At the right hand end, there is an opening in 
    the wall.  Use this opening and drive straight ahead, past the Loony red phones, 
    and smack into the Happy Gas Tanks.  Detonate the Ice Cream Truck only when you 
    are told, and run behind the other tanks to avoid the blast.
    MB - The easiest way to complete this mission is to befriend the Loonies before 
    receiving the mission briefing. In order to do so, you must kill a ton of 
    Yakuza, until the Loonies respect you somewhat. No need to maximize their 
    respect, but you can do it while you're at it. 
         Since this mission is an intermediate mission, you need the Yakuza to 
    respect you too, so go kill Zaibatsu members. Now you're ready to pick up the 
    phone and kick Loony ass - with their blessing!
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - Gama Rei is in hospital after having plastic surgery and has to be 
    returned safely back to the Yakuza.
    NW - To find a Medi Car (the game won't help you), shoot some peds on a main 
    road, and listen for the approaching sirens. It may take a while, but you will 
    soon find one. Drive into the hospital grounds, and sound the horn (if the siren 
    is on, he will also come running).
         The Loonie assassins are fairly harmless if you drive fast enough to the 
    Safehouse. Drive in to the garage, and Job Complete! The Loonies may still annoy 
    you though.
    TB - You can get a Medi Car without getting the cops onto you - you only need 
    one or two dead pedestrians for a Medi Car to come.
    MB - A tip for extra money: When the Medicar comes, don't wait until the medics 
    get out of the vehicle. Hi-jack it instead, and quickly run over the driver. The 
    second medic will exit the vehicle. Sometimes, he'll go around to throw you out 
    of the driver's seat. After he reclaimed the Medicar, do to him as you did to 
    his partner. Driving over the driver of a Medicar gives you 1000 points, more if 
    you have a multiplier. Of course, you risk catching the cops' attention, but if 
    you're ready to do it, it's easy 'n free money.
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - One of the top Yakuza men is selling secrets to the Zaibatsu. His 
    hideout must be found, and his existence eradicated.
    NW - He starts out walking close to where the phones are. Once you spot him, 
    follow him in your car or on foot, staying a few metres behind. Make sure he 
    doesn't see you. You can stop following him once he enters the garage.
         Once you find Refried Noodle, walk up to him so you make contact. Take the 
    Uzi if you need it. Get back in your car making sure Refried joins you, and 
    drive back to near the hideout. The traitor and his men are standing on the 
    footpath close to the hideout, so try and run over as many as possible. You can 
    either drive around running them over, or get out and shoot them with the 
    assistance of Refried. Once all dead, the mission is over.
    TB - Personally, I wouldn't use a car to track the traitor.  I try to keep him a 
    screen's length away.  You only get one chance to get spotted, then you get a 
    Job Failed.
    MB - Since the traitors stand in a pack and are armed with Uzi, running them 
    over with a car or burning them with a flamethrower is advised. At any rate, 
    something to kill them quickly enough so that THEY don't kill you.
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - The cops have impounded Johnny Zoo's car, and he wants a SWAT van as 
    NW - My favourite way to complete this mission is to use a Respray shop (just 
    use the map to find one). I park a car right outside the entrance, get out, and 
    go on a shooting spree, remaining close to the garage at all times. It's then a 
    matter of attracting the cops' attention, killing enough to warrant the SWAT 
    team, killing all members of the SWAT, jumping back in the car parked at the 
    Respray, and driving through it. If all goes to plan, the empty SWAT van should 
    remain behind, and you can steal it without getting a wanted level.
         It is then fairly easy to drive it back to Johnny's garage situated close 
    to the red phone.
    MB - Just to be on the safe side, try to avoid damaging the SWAT van as you get 
    rid of its occupants, in case there's any trouble on your way to the safehouse.
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - The Military is pissed off with Johnny Zoo, and have sent a tank, 
    escorted by half a dozen troops, to destroy his valuable cars.
    NW - A Rocket Launcher is provided with 10 rockets, as this is the only way to 
    blow up the tank. There is a limited amount of time before the tank reaches its 
    destination, so a fast car is necessary. Head towards the tank, and when you get 
    there, run over as many troops as possible. Do a U-Turn, and run over the 
    remaining troops. Try to stay in your car as long as possible.
         When all the troops have been killed, get out of your car, and use the 
    rocket launcher on the tank. It takes four shots before it explodes. If you 
    manage to do this before the tank reaches the end of the road, the job is 
    TB - The army dudes walk parallel to the Tank, and right next to it.  So if you 
    drive straight enough ( not hard ) , you can pick off one side without ramming 
    the Tank.  This will attract the other sides attention.  So drive further down 
    the road, and as you are coming back towards the tank to run the rest of the 
    army over, they will probably be running single file towards you.  An easy way 
    to run them down.
    MB - If running over them doesn't work, you should take them out with a 
    flamethrower - it's always the best weapon against armoured foes, and the 
    quickest. One little blast of liquid flame and they're going to run around, 
    screaming. Once the infantry is out of the way, the time to strike at the tank 
    has come. If you took a fast car to reach the tank and if you didn't take too 
    long killing the armoured troops, you should have plenty of time to destroy the 
    tank with a load of rockets.
    4.2 Loonies
        The Loonies are a group of fun loving people who have taken over the local 
    asylum. They are totally mad and insane. Elmo (not the red muppet) dishes out 
    the jobs for the gang, and they control the green portion of the first map (the 
    smallest in the entire game). The Yakuza are the enemies of the Loonies.
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - A new Zaibatsu drug mixed with Futuro FM's music is sending people 
    crazy, which is what the Loonies are supposed to do. Reverse the situation.
    NW - The Zaibatsu know your coming, so when you arrive at the main entrance, 
    they are armed with Molotov Cocktails. Head east, and find the entrance in the 
    fence to access the back way. Kill anyone that goes near you, as most 
    pedestrians are infected, and will try to kill you. You will see a set of 
    stairs; go up the stairs, and follow the catwalk to the left to locate the 
         Collect the Molotovs if you wish, but watch out for the Zaibatsu. Return to 
    the T-Junction, this time going right instead of left. Follow the arrow to what 
    it's pointing to, and you will automatically drop the bomb. Make sure you run 
    away as far as you can (you can't return the way you came). Once the antenna is 
    destroyed, Job Complete! (and the city returns to normal)
    TB - As long as you don't stand still, the guards can't hit you with their 
    Molotov Cocktails.  Even at the point where you pick up the briefcase, they 
    still can't throw far enough to hit you.  Run behind the building next to the 
    Radio Tower, and the blast won't get to you.  Also, on your way out, remember 
    there are no borders on the metal catwalk over the water.
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - Pizza Cake Restaurants keep on screwing up Elmo's favourite food. Use 
    explosives to teach them a lesson.
    NW - The bomb shouldn't be too hard to find using the arrow, although you do 
    have to do a bit of walking/driving in the University grounds to find it. Pick 
    it up, and head to Pizza Cake (only a couple of hundred metres away). Get out of 
    the car, and run to the spot the arrow points to. You will drop the bomb, and 
    have five seconds to get clear.
         Oops, all it did was scorch the walls. Locate the Pizza Cake Delivery Truck 
    mentioned in the game, and destroy it (a weapon would be handy at this point). 
    Job Complete!
    TB - A weapon is actually vital - you can't get into the Pizza Van.  It's purple 
    for those who can't follow arrows.
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - Wreak havoc at the J-Lab for revenge for the Yakuza making the insane 
    sane with their new drugs.
    NW - The explosives you need to start the fun are at the University (just follow 
    the arrow). Make sure you get the silenced Uzi as well. Use the arrow to locate 
    the J-Lab, go inside, and head around the back (go left once inside). Go up the 
    stairs, follow the rooftop (killing any Yakuza that get in your way). Drop the 
    briefcase where the arrow points to, and go up the nearby stairs. The explosives 
    will blow when you are above them (don't worry, you're safe). When the J-Lab is 
    paralysed, Job Complete!
    TB - Be extra careful and use Molotov Cocktails to hit the guards from far away, 
    before they try to shoot you.
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - Elmo wants the new Dementia Limousine impounded at the Cop's Car 
    NW - Meet Dodo at the University, and once you bump into him, he will direct you 
    to where he arranged some bombs and a gun to be left. Once at the Hotel, collect 
    the Molotovs and the silenced Uzi.
         For some reason (probably to make things harder), you're not allowed to 
    kill the first Guard at the compound. Instead, a friend named Lance will 
    distract the Guard for $1000. Find a car, and go and meet Lance (kill some peds 
    on the way if you need the cash). Drive up close to him, beep your horn, and he 
    will join you. Drive to the compound.
         Park at the spot the arrow points to, and get out. Once you've run to where 
    you are told, Lance will talk to the guard, and they'll both get back in the 
    car. Head up the stairs on the right of the compound, go inside, and kill the 
    second guard. Throw a Molotov at the lock to open the door (stand back, run, 
    then throw to hit it). Get in the Limousine, and head back to the Asylum. Once 
    inside the garage, Job Complete!
    TB - If you want to take the extra precaution against the second guard, pop some 
    Molotov Cocktails his way.  And even if you run out, there are some Molotov 
    Cocktails waiting across the road that is north of the compound.
    WHO'S MAD?
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - Cosmo Trouble wants you to do a job for him. But it's a hoax. Elmo's 
    mad brother has hired hitmen who want you dead.
    NW - Head downtown to "find" Cosmo Trouble. Once you've found where he's 
    located, jump out and run to the spot the arrow points out. You'll learn it's a 
    hoax. Get in the car beside you, and drive outside the small cordoned off area 
    you were in. The three Zaibatsu hitmen will arrive in their cars, so run them 
    over in your car when they get out. Once all three are dead, Job Complete!
    TB - The bit where the guys get out of the Van really cheesed me off.  So here's 
    the plan.  Park your car so it faces away from the Van, and make the door open 
    right onto the spot you have to stand on.  Step out, then step back in again.  
    Drive off.  Simple.  If you want all the guys from the Van dead, you can turn 
    around and run them all over in a line.  They'll have got out of their Van 
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - The Taxis in the city won't give Elmo a ride. Take care of three 
    taxis for him.
    NW - Hunt down the first taxi using the arrow. Steal it when you get the chance, 
    and run over the driver. Once he's out of the way, follow the arrow to the South 
    Docks Car Crusher. Park the taxi near the crane, get out, and watch the fun. 
    Collect the Double Damage powerup if you wish. Find the next taxi, and repeat 
    the same steps (there is also another passenger). The final taxi will have five 
    or so people in it. Once all three have been destroyed, Job Complete!
    TB - It gets hard near the end of the mission.  But right from the start, learn 
    to cordon off the Taxi's at red lights.  Once you've performed Grand Theft Auto, 
    drive off a bit.  Do a U Turn, and run the driver over.   But make sure there 
    isn't any cars in front of you.  You don't get quick getaways with cars in 
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - Elmo's bored, so he wants you to start a gang war.
    NW - To find a Zaibatsu car, use the provided maps to locate the grey area, and 
    head over there. Drive around the streets, and you'll soon spot one. Steal the 
    Z-Type, and follow the arrow to the three Yakuza. Once you're in the general 
    area, the arrow will split into three, allowing you to hunt them down one by 
    one. When you spot one, run him over in your car. Do so until all three are 
         When that's done, it's the Zaibatsu's turn. Locate a Yakuza Miara, steal 
    it, and drive to Zaibatsu land. When you arrive there, the arrow will once again 
    split. Run over all three Zaibatsu gang members, and it's Job Complete!
    TB - All this mission requires is the basic rules you've learnt over the past 
    missions.  The Z Type and Miara perform beautifully, so you won't need to worry 
    too much about being too slow.  But if either gang hates you, try to drive fast.
    4.3 Zaibatsu
        The Zaibatsu, the largest gang in the city, control all three sectors. They 
    effectively run the entire city, which the authorities turn a blind eye to. Trey 
    Walsh is your contact, and the Zaibatsu are the grey gang on the first map. They 
    hate the Loonies.
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - An informant thinks he is being picked up by the cops, when it's 
    actually you. Escort the prisoner to the car crusher to get rid of him.
    NW - You don't have to steal the cop car, as there is one waiting to be 
    "borrowed" parked nearby in a carpark. The informant is located at the Avalon 
    Train Station, so follow the arrow to find it. Park over the manhole, and either 
    beep the horn or sound the siren. Once the informant is inside, head to the car 
    crusher. Get out of the car when it's near the crane, and Job Complete!
    MB - Easy mission. 'Nuff said.
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - The Zaibatsu want you to supply their dealers with the new shipment 
    to beat the Yakuza's suppliers.
    NW - This is one of several timed missions in the game. Make sure you steal a 
    fast car to pick up the shipment, as you will need as much time as possible. 
    Once you've collected the drugs, get in your selected car, and follow the arrow. 
    Once you spot the first dealer, get out, and "bump" into him. The dealer gets 
    the goods, and you can get back in the car and find the three others. The final 
    dealer is beside the church, and once he gets his drugs, it's Job Complete!
    TB - You have to pick up the drugs from inside a building, so ( if you are 
    really desperate for time ) you can park the car facing out towards the street, 
    for a quick take off.  It's best to drive towards the drug dealers along the 
    road, because it's hard to tell where he will be, and you'll run him over if you 
    drive along the foot path.
    MB - Be careful not to drive over the dealers, because doing so gets you a 
    Failed Mission immediately. Even if it is a timed mission, you will you have 
    plenty of time to drive safely to each dealer, as long as you don't start 
    wasting time running from the police, or some other trouble.
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - A new gang, the Yutes, are crushing Zaibatsu cars for scrap. You must 
    talk to out snitch, and find out what he knows. Then, with enough information, 
    you can put the gang Boss to sleep.
    NW - Follow the arrow to the casino, and find the informant. He won't walk 
    unless you beat it out of him, so make sure you have no weapon selected, walk up 
    to him, and hit the attack key (default is CTRL). He'll talk when he's been 
    punched. Follow the arrow to find the Yute car located at the car crusher. Watch 
    out for Yute gang members (they look like Loonies). When you get to the Easy 
    Rider Whore House, sound the horn, and the Boss will get in. Head to Zaibatsu 
         When you spot the other Zaibatsu members lined in a row, stay in the car as 
    the Boss gets out and has a chat. Once back inside, find the car crusher, and 
    watch the Boss get a taste of his own medicine.
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - The Loonies have slipped narcotics in the water supply, which has 
    crippled our drugs business. Use a Loony Dementia for revenge.
    NW - Locate the Dementia vehicle in the Loony compound, and watch out for any 
    guards. Once you've stolen the car, head south to the garage, and rig the car 
    with a bomb. Drive the car back to where you found it, enter the garage door, 
    and run away. Boom!
         The Loonies will get mad, and send a bunch of thugs after you. Find the van 
    mentioned in the game, and the collect the conveniently placed armour if needed. 
    Head towards your fellow Z-Men, and once there, sound the horn. Return to the 
    garage you blew up, and run over as many Loonies as possible. Kill the rest 
    (it's at this point the armour really helps), and Job Complete!
    TB - Inside the Loony Compound bit, you can see a Flame Thrower sitting up on 
    the ledge, which is on the right wall as you come in.  Climb the stairs to get 
    it, and it comes in mighty handy in killing all the Loonies later.  Once these 
    Loonies are torched, they stop shooting and run around on fire.  I wouldn't use 
    the Van to run them over because it's too slow and the turning is shocking.  If 
    you hit a wall, all the Loonies will instantly shoot the Van till it blows up.
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - You must steal a Third World Bank Van to collect some cash to pay off 
    a cop.
    NW - This is one of the longest missions in the game, but isn't too difficult. 
    It isn't hard to steal the van, just park a car in its path so it has to stop, 
    or wait until it's at a set of traffic lights. Follow the arrow to the Z-Men, 
    and beep to get their attention. Find the bank, and they will think it's the van 
    ready to collect the money, so will cause no trouble. Go through the door, get 
    out and collect the briefcase. Only when you collect the cash will the bank 
    notice something is wrong, and your wanted level will rise to two. Head to 
    Zaibatsu HQ, locate the garage, and drive inside.
         You must then find Rollo Tomassi, who will swap the cash for the pay-off. 
    Follow the arrow to find Rollo. Bump into him, and another briefcase will 
    appear. Pick it up, get back in your car, and locate the cop. Bump into him, he 
    will pick up the briefcase, get in his car, and find out it had explosives in 
         Your wanted level will jump to four, so try and locate the respray shop 
    just north of where you killed the car. Once clean, find the safehouse in 
    Omnitron, and go inside. Job Complete!
    TB - As you pull into the Bank, you will notice there are two cops there.  If 
    you want a quick get away, so the cops don't shoot your Van as you are reversing 
    out, you can reverse in through the door, and get better speed coming out.  Or 
    you could just run the cops over.  You are going to get a two wanted level 
    anyway, so it can't be that bad.
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - The Zaibatsu Latin Biologist is being tortured for information in one 
    of two armoured Yakuza vehicles. Destroy them before he squeals.
    NW - There is a time limit of six minutes on this mission, which may sound a 
    lot, but really isn't. The method I like to use requires the use of car bombs. 
    Find a garage on the map, find it in the game, and rig a car. Head towards one 
    of the cars, and try and stop it. Both vehicles will try and outmanoeuvre you, 
    so it's best to have other cars close nearby to stop them. If you blow up car's 
    surrounding the Yakuza ones, they should also blow up as well. It helps to get 
    them sandwiched between two cars, as they can't go anywhere.
         Repeat the above for the second car, and once its out of the way, Job 
    TB - They do stop at traffic lights though, so tail them until they stop at a 
    traffic light, making sure the light isn't just about to turn green.  Stop in 
    front of them, and hit the trigger.
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - Trey Walsh needs used bank notes for his contraband drug operation. 
    Steal a bank van to get the required dough.
    NW - Locate the bank van, and wait for the guard to get inside. Steal the van 
    once he is onboard, or you fail the mission. The Yakuza have found out about 
    your plans, and will follow in their cars and vans. Some of the Yakuza gang 
    members carry rocket launchers, so try and be as quick as possible. The cops 
    will probably be on your tail as well.
         Follow the arrow to the garage, and go inside. Once the van's safe, kill 
    the remaining Yakuza gang members. Job Complete!
    5.1 Rednecks
        The Rednecks are a gang of weird traditionalists. They hate everything that 
    moves, everyone who's not like them, and they particularly enjoy blowing things 
    up. The Redneck who's your contact in the gang is named Billy Bob Bean. Rednecks 
    dress in blue and red, and they drive Redneck pickups. They are known for their 
    hatred of the Scientists.
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - Montana, a Redneck, has rigged a pickup with some new explosives, and 
    Billy Bob Bean wants you to test it, and if efficient, to use them against the 
    MB - The rigged pickup is parked not far from where you are. You'll find it 
    easily. Once you're in it, drive to the north part of the Mobile RV Park. Billy 
    Bob Bean wants you to test the new explosives. Stop by Fat Boy Jim's trailer, 
    arm the explosives, get out of the pickup, and watch the fireworks. If you 
    weren't chased by the police, your wanted level will rise to one for blowing up 
    a vehicle. Just wait it out. If you need it, a shotgun with 10 ammo will be left 
    where Jim's trailer was.
         Since the new explosives were efficient, you are to use another rigged 
    pickup, which you'll find next to where the previous one was parked, to blow up 
    the barricade blocking a key access point to the Zaibatsu territory. When the 
    pickup blows, it should increase your wanted level to one, but it's Job 
    Complete: any wanted level you have should normally be removed; however, since 
    the explosion might hurt people/destroy vehicles AFTER you have finished the 
    job, you could end up with a wanted level of one. If it happens, just enter the 
    Zaibatsu territory and wait it out.
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - The Rednecks are annoyed at the Scientists and the Zaibatsu troubling 
    them. Billy Bob Bean wants you to make them hurt each other a little for a 
    MB - This mission is ideal if you are neutral with all three gangs. If not, it's 
    still pretty easy. All you have to do is to first steal a Z-Type, go to the 
    Scientist neighborhood, and drive over 50 Scientists; then you steal a Meteor, 
    go to the Zaibatsu Village, and drive over 50 Zaibatsu. For the kills to count, 
    you must be driving a Z-Type or a Meteor (depending on if you're killing 
    Scientists or Zaibatsu). If your car gets too damaged, don't hesitate to get out 
    of the place and get a new one. And if the cops are after you, don't hesitate to 
    go to the nearest Respray shop, steal a civilian car and get a respray.
         Hint: When you first load the stage, you will see a Redneck who kills a 
    Scientist with a shotgun, and uzi bullets coming from beyond the edge of the 
    left screen, aimed at the Redneck. Those bullets are shot by a Zaibatsu - 
    theoretically. When you walk west, sometimes you'll see a Zaibatsu, sometimes 
    you'll see an empty Z-Type, sometimes you'll see a Z-Type driving north with the 
    Zaibatsu in it. Get this easy Z-Type if you can.
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - The Cop Chief is expecting a brand new Benson, but he's been annoying 
    Billy Bob Bean. The Cop is in for a surprise.
    MB - Personally, I would have rated this mission Easy. All you have to do is 
    follow the arrow to a Benson. Steal it. Go to the Redneck's car device shop 
    (just follow the arrow) and arm the vehicle with a bomb. Go to Mobile RV Park 
    and park the armed Benson next to the crane. You must steal a Truck Cab so that 
    you can move Dwight T's Trailer. Once you have the Truck Cab, follow the arrow 
    to the Trailer and get it. Go back to the crane, where the Benson will be loaded 
    onto the Trailer. Finally, drive to the Cop HQ in the Scientists' neighborhood 
    (once again, follow the arrow). Job Complete!
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - It's Jungle Montana's birthday, and you are to deliver him his 
    present - a Tank.
    MB - First, get a fast civilian car - like a B-Type. Go to the military complex, 
    but leave your car outside the gate. If you can have a second car - it makes it 
    easier to kill the guards inside and protects your armor, which will serve you 
    later. Of course, be careful not to die. 
         Now, after you've killed all X guards, pick up the Tank - and the Get out 
    of Jail free card, while you're at it. Bring the Tank to the entrance. When you 
    exit the gate, you will notice your Wanted Level has raised to 6 instantly. A 
    few guards will be waiting outside and will start shooting you with their Uzis. 
    Kill them with rockets. 
         Once the way is clear, get out of the Tank and enter the fast civilian car 
    you brought with you. Follow the road, the one that's to the left of the 
    military complex, north. You will see, to your left, a Respray shop. Get a new 
    paint job, and lose the cops. Now you can tranquily and quietly bring the tank 
    home, without any trouble from the cops...
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - The Rednecks want to have some fun destroying the other gangs' cars.
    MB - Seven Redneck thugs will follow you but I find them totally useless. You 
    have to go to the Scientist area and destroy 5 Meteors, then go to the Zaibatsu 
    Village and destroy 5 Z-Types. It is very easy. The best way to do this without 
    getting the cops after you is to get a fast car, like a Z-Type, a B-Type or a 
    Meteor, then rig it with mines. You'll have 10 mines provided, which is all you 
    need to destroy those 10 vehicles. 
         Once equipped with mines, drive to the Scientist area. As soon as you spot 
    a Meteor, get in front of it, then drop a mine and accelerate so that the Meteor 
    is beyond the edge of the screen when it explodes. If you're far enough, the 
    cops won't come after you. If you were too near, your Wanted Level will rise to 
    1, but you can hide it out. Once you destroyed 5 Meteors, go to The Village and 
    do the same. You don't need to drive as far as the island itself. You are 
    considered to be in The Village when you're just a little to the northwest of 
    the military facilities. 
         A tip for this mission is to get all three gangs to respect you, with the 
    Rednecks as highest respect so that they may give you the mission. Kill 
    Scientists until they hate you, and the Rednecks love you. Now, kill Rednecks 
    until they are back down to neutral, and the Zaibatsu love you. At this point, 
    the Zaibatsu love you, the Rednecks are neutral, and the Scientists still hate 
    you, so  killing more of them won't decrease their respect, but it will increase 
    the Rednecks' respect. Now balance the Scientists and Zaibatsu by killing 
    Zaibatsu until the respect level of both are neutral.
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - Billy Bob Bean has a score to settle with the Alma Mater Prison 
    guards. He wants you to make them pay for him.
    MB - I divide this job in six steps. The most difficult step is number 3. First, 
    you must get inside the prison. Get arrested the way Billy Bob proposes it, by 
    selling Beany Liquor. I suggest you get armor first. Follow the arrow to the car 
    in the parking. Enter it, and you'll get arrested. Now, once you're inside the 
    prison, you must get the key to the security closet from your contact inside. 
    With the key you can get a Uniform and a Uzi. Follow the arrows again. 
         Now comes the hard part. As soon as you shoot, a riot starts. Prisoners hit 
    each other, hit guards, hit you. Guards shoot prisoners, and you if you shoot 
    them. Thus prisoners may knock you out, and guards may kill you. It's Job Failed 
    in any of those two cases. Fetch the eight guards and kill them. Remember: the 
    riot starts when you shoot. You can follow a guard until there are two in the 
    screen then kill them. The riot will start but you'll already have two guards 
         If you succeeded in killing the guards, you'll have to get out. To open the 
    gate, you'll have to use the key your contact gave you on both generators. You 
    can reach the first one by using the right ramp that's just north of the 
    basketball court. Climb up, then jump down to the generator. In ten seconds 
    it'll blow, so just move away. Follow the arrow to the second generator. The 
    gate is open... but the bridge is still up! 
         To the southwest of where you're standing at the moment, there's a parking. 
    There are special agent vehicles there. Just steal one, but keep watching out 
    for rioters on the way to the car. Once in the car, just speed out of the 
    prison, jumping over the missing bridge.
         Last part may be tricky, but it's easy. Your Wanted Level jumped to 3, so 
    cops are making roadblocks every now and then. Follow the arrow to the building 
    where they have clothes for you to change and for your Job to be Complete. Once 
    in or near Mobile RV Park, you may notice it's impossible to get to that place - 
    it's all enclosed in a fence. But to the north of it, there's a jump ramp you 
    can use with a car to get in, and, inside that area, there's a second ramp to 
    the south that leads you out. Be careful, when you jump you'll land on the main 
    road. If you land on a car, you're dead. If you landed on a car and you're not 
    dead, you're terribly lucky.
    5.2 Scientists
        Their name says it all. The Scientists are science freaks - a gang full of 
    them. They take themselves very seriously. Your contact in this gang is Dr 
    Labrat. You can easily recognize their yellow outfits and cars. They hate the 
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - Dr Labrat wishes to acquire secret SRS data from Zaibatsu Operatives. 
    Pick them up in a taxi, and try to keep it in one piece, as massive destruction 
    tends to attract cops.
    MB - This mission is rather easy if you can avoid getting the cops' attention. 
    The first step to this mission is to steal a taxi. Just walk around until you 
    can get one. Once you've become a taxi driver, go pick up the four Zaibatsu. The 
    arrow will guide you to each, one after another. The first one is next to a 
    tower clock, the second one is waiting in an elevated parking to the west, the 
    third one is in a hospital parking not too far, and the fourth one is farther to 
    the south, waiting by the bridge over a river. You will then have to bring them 
    to the car crusher to the east. Leave the car to be crushed, and it's Job 
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - The Scientists want to sabotage a Redneck/Zaibatsu peace meeting.
    MB - First, get an old factory bus - the arrow will lead you to it. Once you 
    have it, go pick up the Redneck and Zaibatsu delegates. Go pick up the two 
    Redneck groups that are waiting in their Mobile RV neighborhood, to the 
    northwest, then the two Zaibatsu groups waiting in The Village, to the 
    northeast. Once you picked up all four groups of delegates, bring the bus to the 
    Scientist compound, where you will be told to get out of the bus by Dr Labrat 
    while his clones destroy the bus, and make the mission a successful one!
         In order to really make this mission an easy one, try to get all 3 gangs to 
    respect you, or at least be neutral so they don't shoot you. You need the 
    Scientists to respect you to get the mission, you need the Rednecks to navigate 
    through their part of the city unhindered and the same for the Zaibatsu.
    NW - Unless the Rednecks or Zaibatsu *really* hate you, this should be an easy 
    mission to complete. Just follow the instructions above to increase your 
    respect, just in case.
    TB - If you are having trouble getting into the Redneck base because they don't 
    respect you, try going in the gate at the front, turning towards the left, and 
    driving up there till you can get inside the fence at the car crusher.  There 
    isn't any Redneck's between there and the Ol' Banjo.  It also is easier to get 
    into the Zaibatsu base without any respect - just take the entrance along the 
    walkway over the water at the left of the base, and drive like crazy.
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - Dr Labrat's statistics tell him the Zaibatsu population is on the 
    rise, and he wants you to correct that.
    MB - You have to kill some Zaibatsu in The Village. Dr Labrat provides you with 
    9 Scientist clones armed with Uzis, who follow you around like baby ducks 
    following their mother. Walk north of the phone to the nearest street and hi-
    jack a stretch limousine or some Van, since there's enough room in those 
    vehicles for all the men to enter too. I suggest the limo, because it can drive 
    fast enough and is more manoeuvrable. Drive along that road to The Village, to 
    the north. 
         Once in The Village, Dr Labrat tells you to kill 47 Zaibatsu in order to 
    complete the mission. The easiest way to do so is to drive along the road, on 
    the sidewalk, back and forth, west to east, until you've killed enough Zaibatsu. 
    If at some point the limo threatens to explode, get out of it. The Scientists 
    will get out too and cover you while you escape. Don't count on them if you're a 
    few Zaibatsu short of complete the mission, since the ones they kill don't 
         Having some armor at this point is a good idea, because some Zaibatsu are 
    armed with Uzis. Most likely you'll also have cops after you because there 
    aren't only Zaibatsu walking along the streets of The Village. As soon as the 
    mission is complete, though, your Wanted Level will drop to back zero.
    NW - If you need to get out of The Village in a hurry, try and stay on the west 
    side of their compound (near the Green phones). There is a gap in the wall that 
    allows you to drive above a set of train tracks, and make your way down to the 
    adjacent highway. This is useful when you need a new vehicle, and you are under 
    heavy fire in The Village. You can use this trick to re-enter The Village at any 
    time. Plus, you get some bonus Oil Slicks for your car (but you must stay in 
    that car to use them). 
    TB - Try to align your limo up with the footpath, and drive straight along it.  
    If you are walking, align yourself again with the footpath, and walk straight.  
    Keep shooting, because you can hit Zaibatsu off the screen, and you won't get 
    shot by any Zaibatsu coming at you.
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - The Professor wants to experiment on Gran'pa, a member of the Redneck 
    gang. You'll have to win the Redneck's trust if you are to kidnap Gran'pa.
    MB - The first step toward completing this mission is gaining the Rednecks 
    confidence. We're not talking about your respect gauge here, so starting to kill 
    hundreds of Scientists won't help you in that mission. 
         Meet Dirk, Gran'pa's grandson. He'll give you his pickup if you beat his 
    record of running over 3 Loonies loose in the city in less than four minutes. 
    You have the choice of doing that in a Furore GT, a Hachura or a Panto. I 
    recommend one with the white line on top: either the Furore GT or the Hachura. 
    The Panto is much too slow. Needless to say, killing the Rednecks standing near 
    the cars and Dirk's pickup will get you a Failed Mission.
         The Loonies are scattered around the city. You'll easily find them by 
    following the arrow. Once you killed all three within the time limit, go back to 
    Dirk and he'll give you his pickup. Now all you have to do is drive to Gran'pa's 
    house, sound the horn, pick him up, and drive to the Scientist Lab.
         I must warn you that this mission is difficult if you have the police on 
    your tail. Especially if you use the Panto. With the Panto, this mission is 
    challenging, and it becomes VERY challenging if you get it damaged - walking is 
    almost faster!
    NW - Whenever I do this mission, the last Loonie to run down is hiding inside a 
    small building. The entrance to this building is located at the top, so drive 
    inside, locate the Loonie, and kill him.
    TB - If you have no respect from the Rednecks, wait behind their yellow phones 
    building before driving in and stealing the car you want.  You won't get shot at 
    much if it is all over in a flash.
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - Drunken Rednecks are using the Scientists' high-powered Generators. 
    You must protect those generators.
    MB - First of all, get to the generators by following the arrow. Once next to 
    them, you will notice several Scientists standing on the south side of the 
    street, near three Generators. These Scientists are the last line of defence. A 
    timer will start: for two minutes, you must prevent the groups of Rednecks from 
    destroying the generators. 
         The best way to complete this mission is to either be ready with an 
    electrogun, a flamethrower, or a fast car, and stay on the north side of the 
    street, waiting for the Redneck groups to advance. Kill them as they come. Don't 
    worry if one or two slips from your grasp from time to time, you have around 15 
    Scientists armed with Uzis waiting for them. 
         The Rednecks will also be armed with Uzis, and will be coming in small 
    groups, so if you have no armour, and no flamethrower or electrogun, grab a fast 
    car instead and drive over them. Be careful, cars get damaged very quickly when 
    fired upon by a half-dozen Uzis.
    NW - I prefer to go on the offensive and hunt down the Rednecks before they get 
    too close to the generators. Stay in your car, follow the arrow, and run down as 
    many as possible. If your car threatens to explode, get out, grab a new one, and 
    continue. Oh, and don't think you can stand back and let your fellow Scientists 
    do the job. There are not enough members to protect the generators without your 
    TB - I do it entirely different. Stand next to the Scientists, cock your flame 
    thrower, and spray the screen as soon as you see a Redneck.  The arrows don't do 
    you much good either - the Redneck run from side to side before advancing on the 
    generators.  Using any of our hints will make you win.
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - Dr Labrat wants you to test the Scientists' prototype remote-control 
    MB - I think this mission isn't half as hard as it might be. It is composed of 
    two phases: testing, and using. First, testing the remote-control Taxi takes 
    place in a small track in the south part of the Scientist Complex. Just follow 
    the arrow to the Remote Control icon. Once you get it, you will start a testing 
    race in the track. You control the Taxi as if you were in it. You have two 
    minutes to complete five laps. That's about 20 seconds per lap, but don't worry, 
    unless you hit a wall every five pixels, you'll easily make it. The first time I 
    tried it took me about 90 seconds, after two or three tries, I was able to do it 
    in one minute. When you complete the fifth lap, the car will explode - Dr Labrat 
    says they haven't had time to test the system yet...
         The second phase of the job is putting the remote-control Taxi to use. 
    There are three SRS traitors that must be eliminated. You are to use a Taxi to 
    pick them up and make it look... accidental. You pick one up, and destroy the 
    Taxi, then do it again two other times. Once all three traitors have met their 
    fate, it's Job Complete. Be careful not to kill one of them by driving over him. 
         The good thing about this mission is that policemen can't stop you. So the 
    ideal way to do this mission is to stay near the Scientists' red phone, killing 
    "innocent" people and blowing up cars, until the special forces are after you. 
    Then go pick up the phone and start the mission. Since there's no one driving 
    the Taxi cabs, they can't arrest you. They'll make roadblocks, but when you 
    approach them they'll just "shake" on their spot, not knowing what to do. This 
    is good for two things: you can get easy silenced machineguns (10 per special 
    agent you kill), and second, for every second that goes by while you have a 
    Wanted level of at least 4, you gain money. Once the mission is complete, you 
    lose all wanted levels.
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - Dr Labrat wants you to shut down the H2000 Water Company. 
    MB - You are provided 4 useless tag-along clones to assist for this mission. The 
    H2000 Water Company is located to the west of The Village. You must go through 
    The Village to get there. The mission will then unfold in three steps. First, 
    you must destroy the turbines. Second, you will have destroy the Generator. 
    Third, get out. 
         The easiest way to complete this mission is to get a load of Molotov 
    Cocktails. I got mine at the top left corner of the map - by the red Redneck 
    phone. When you approach the compound, two guards will come out. Drive over 
    them, then, without entering the compound, follow the upper "sidewalk" on foot, 
    toward the right. You will - barely - see the turbines at the top of your 
    screen, inside the compound. Just throw the Molotov Cocktails with enough 
    strength to destroy them. You have to hit the middle of a turbine to destroy it.
         Now all that's left is the generator. Continue right on the "high 
    sidewalk", until you reach a mini-bridge of asphalt (not the one of grating) 
    that goes south.  Cross over the lane and enter the facility. Go west until you 
    reach the bridge of grating. Follow the path left, until it turns up. You could 
    continue walking down all the rest of the bridge, but if you move your screen 
    down (Press and hold Alt and press Down), you will see the Generator - and that 
    you can hit it from where you are with either a Molotov Cocktail or a rocket. 
    Now all you need to do to Complete your Job is to get out of there, back to the 
    entrance of the facility.
         Final advice: before embarking on this mission, first get your health full, 
    and some armor. You'll be glad to have them if you meet some Zaibatsu. And by 
    the way, grenades can replace Molotov Cocktails without any problem.
    5.3 Zaibatsu
        The Zaibatsu are in this part of the city as well. They are the biggest gang 
    around, and their cars are the best. Your contact in the Zaibatsu group is an 
    individual named Red Valdez. Their outfits are black, and their cars the same 
    color too, with a 'Z' letter on top. They hate the Rednecks.
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - The SRS Clone Test Center is to be destroyed, but its destruction 
    must seem of Redneck origin.
    MB - You'll need a rigged Redneck pickup to do this job. Montana's pickup will 
    be perfect. It's parked in Mobile RV Park. However, there's just one little 
    problem. Four Rednecks with dangerous weapons and an attitude protect the car. 
    Drive over the two of them who are on the ground and armed with uzis. The other 
    two, standing on buildings either side of the pickup, will throw Molotov 
    Cocktails at you. Keep moving - you'd hate to see one of those explode in your 
    face. Either you time your actions to steal the car without it being destroyed, 
    or you kill those two cocktail-loving guys and safely make your escape with the 
    pickup. I suggest killing them, because you need at least one Molotov Cocktail 
    for the next part of the job. 
         Now that you have the armed pickup, follow the arrow to the Scientist Clone 
    Test Center. Blow up the generator at the entrance with a molotov cocktail, 
    grenade, or rocket, to make the gate open. Enter with the pickup, park it just 
    to the south of the Scientist building and all that's left to do to have a Job 
    Complete is to blow it up!
         Tip: before doing this mission, make sure every gang is at least neutral 
    with you. See 5.1 - GANG CAR BANG! for more details.
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - The Scientists are experimenting a new type of flamethrower, and the 
    Zaibatsu want it.
    MB - The new flamethrower prototype is being moved around the city in a SRS 
    security van. The man in the van won't come out of it unless it's a policeman 
    telling him to do so, so you must steal a cop car. Once you have the cop car, 
    try to get rid of your Wanted Level(s), then go after the SRS van. When you 
    approach it, the driver will come out. Just kill him and bring his van back home 
    to The Village.
         The flamethrower in it is a special flamethrower. It only works in 
    conjunction with a Fire Truck. There are two ways to get a Fire Truck. Either 
    destroy a car and wait for a Fire Truck to come by to hi-jack, or steal the one 
    parked at the Fire station just south of the military base (just between The 
    Village and the Scientist area). Once you have it, get back to the garage in The 
    Village. An engineer is waiting just outside of it to install the flamethrower 
    on the Fire Truck.
         Now all that's left is to test it. You must kill 30 Rednecks with the 
    flamethrower. Take the bridge that links the west side of The Village and the 
    northeast of Mobile RV Park. On the western half of the bridge, you'll have a 
    lot of Rednecks strolling on the grating "sidewalks". Aim your cannon left or 
    right at a 90° or so angle (press and hold down the Horn button and press the 
    left/right arrow), then hold down the fire button as you drive back and forth on 
    the bridge until you meet the quota, and it's Job Complete!
    6.1 Russians
        The Russians, jealous of the USA's products, steal cars and weapons to send 
    back home. They are professional hitmen, and don't mind taking part in the 
    occasional organ and bodypart smuggle. Your contact is Jerkov, and the Russians 
    are the red gang on the third map.
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - A meat processing plant needs some meat to make hot dogs for Jerkov's 
    men. Humans are free and tasty.
    NW - Once you've run over the phone, head down the bottom staircase leading off 
    the platform, and turn right. Head down this road till you get to the six lane 
    highway. Cross the road, and head down this road. After you've walked for 10 
    seconds or so, you'll come across a bus stop. Wait in the dashed bus stop.
         A bus will arrive, so highjack it. Once you've stolen the bus, drive along 
    the highway, following the road, stopping at any stations you come across. Once 
    you've got enough passengers (the game will tell you when), follow the arrow to 
    the plant. Drive the bus into the garage, and you're half way there.
         Head to the left of the plant, and go up the stairs. Stand where the arrows 
    says to. Stay and watch the food get minced or shot. Once all are dead, head 
    back down the stairs, and to the right of the building. The hot dog van will be 
    ready for transportation. Follow the arrow to the Kovski Diner, and drive in the 
    garage. Job Complete!
    TB - You can simply sit at the bus stop until your Bus is full, then drive 
    backwards until the bus stop is entirely in front of you, then go back to the 
    bus stop again ! You save alot more time this way.
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - Zaibatsu Dealers are decreasing our profits from drug dealing.
    NW - Follow the arrow to the Z-Type. Get in, and head to the Bayano Train 
    Station (follow the arrow). Beep your horn when close enough to each dealer, and 
    they will get in the car. Find all the dealers scattered around the city. Take 
    the car and its occupants to the docks north of the city. Drive under the crane, 
    get out, and watch them drown.
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - The Karma Assassins are after Jerkov, and with the good Kovski drunk, 
    it's your turn to save him.
    NW - Once you leave the sewage plant, the Yellow Flower Buses (real name - Karma 
    Bus) will arrive one-by-one (8 in total). There are only one assassin per bus, 
    and as they are equipped with fairly tame weaponry (handguns, shotties etc.), 
    it's fairly easy to run them down. Your fellow Russians will help kill them as 
    well. If they stop coming, walk around a bit to find some more. If you have 
    plenty of armour, run around on foot and shoot them just as they get out of 
    their buses.
         Once that's done, it's time to kill the top Karma Assassin, waiting in an 
    Armoured Bus. He will be protected by four of his men brandishing Molotov 
    Cocktails, so try to arrive on foot and shoot them as they run towards you. Nick 
    a car, and find the bomb shop to the South East a few seconds down the road. Arm 
    the car, go back to the bus, activate the bomb when near the bus, get out, and 
    run away. That's a lot of commas, and it's also Job Complete!
    TB - Save time by rigging your car before getting to the Karma Assassin, then 
    drive straight through.  You can easily run over a Hare Krishnas before the 
    Molotov Cocktails land on the ground.  Once they're all dead, rig your car and 
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - Zaibatsu Executives want revenge for losing their money at Jerkov's 
    poker table. Save his cars from three tanks.
    NW - This, and the next intermediate mission, are very hard. There are three 
    tanks, all guarded by six or so machine gun equipped Zaibatsu gang members. 
    Although there is no time limit for this mission, you do have to destroy the 
    tanks in a certain amount of time before they destroy the cars.
    TB - I have an idea on how to finish, but it usually ends up you're dead before 
    you can start.  Park a car on the top lane of the highway that the Tanks are on, 
    and stand behind it.  The Tank will stop, the Tank Rockets will blow up once 
    hitting the car, and the guys will come at you.  Just make sure you have a Flame 
    Thrower or Electro Gun with you, or else it gets real hard to kill them all.
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - It's time for Krishna blood to be spilt on the streets.
    NW - Ivan and his mercenray friends have offered to help, so go find them. They 
    can be found in Azeri Heights, near the Train Station. Make sure you arrive in a 
    large vehicle, or they will tell you to go away until you've got one. Once all 
    are insisde, head to the Vedic Temple in Hare Krishna Land.
    6.2 Hare Krishna
        The Hare Krishna are the same guys as the orange chanting people in the 
    original GTA that we all enjoyed running over. They are deeply religious, and 
    try to convert all those who cross their path. They love crushing weapons and 
    cars, as they believe they break the peace in the world. They loath technology, 
    so many of their missions involve blowing up other gang's buildings. Your 
    contact is Sunbeam, and they are the yellow gang on the third map. They despise 
    the Russians.
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - The Zaibatsu are building a Shopping Mall on sacred Krishna land. 
    Drive on over to the Construction Yard to end the desecration.
    NW - Hop in a car the GTA way, and head to the yard. Drive up to the entrance, 
    but you'll find the door won't open. You need Leo the Locksmith to open the 
    Gateway for you. Drive to the Water Towers where he's doing a job. He is 
    standing high above the towers, so find the stairs to the bottom left of the 
         Follow the stairs up to the catwalk, picking up the Molotov Cocktails on 
    the way. You'll find Leo trying to blow up a Generator between four towers, 
    cursing to himself as he misses. Bump into Leo, who'll tell you he's too busy. 
    Eventually, he decides to make a deal - blow up the generator, and he'll help 
    you. Stand in front of Leo, and toss a cocktail. You should blow it up with your 
    first throw. 
         Leo will now help you, so head back to your car and get inside (ensuring 
    Leo does to). Head back to the construction yard. Stop at the Gateway, and get 
    out. Leo will stand at the door and do his magic. With the Gateway open, you 
    must then go inside and kill the Zaibatsu Construction Manager. Get back in the 
    car, and drive inside.
         Follow the pink arrow, picking up supplies and killing Z-Men on the way. 
    Head up the stairs, and kill the Manager. With him out of the way, you must blow 
    up a Zaibatsu Truck. It's at the top right corner of the yard, guarded by five 
    or so guards. Blow it up using some of the weaponry scattered around the yard. 
    Job Complete!
    TB - I think it is easier just to throw some Molotov Cocktails at them, then 
    running in and Flame Throwing the remaining Zaibatsu.  Do the same thing for the 
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - The Krishna like destroying cars, but the cops have halted the 
    program. Teach them a lesson.
    NW - To steal a cop car, bump into one in your car, or kill a ped when one is 
    near. When you hear the siren, get out. The cop car should pull up, and the 
    occupants will get out and give chase. Run around a bit, gaining a lead, and 
    loop back to the car. You should have enough time to get in and drive away. Find 
    a quiet place to hide so you get rid of your wanted level (it should be one).
         Head to the Krishna crane, and get out. Once it's crushed, you have to 
    repeat the same method for two more. By now, you should be able to out-drive the 
    cops, so don't bother worrying about your wanted level. Stay close to the cranes 
    if possible. Once three cars in total have been crushed, it's Job Complete!
    TB - Once you've crushed you first Cop Car - wait there ! Cop Car's keep coming 
    to the Car Crusher anyway.  Just be quick with the trigger finger.
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - The Russian Kovski have arranged the contract killing of the Grand 
    Master, Sunbeam. Kill the assassins before it's too late.
    NW - Go and meet the converts. You'll have to get out to get their attention. 
    You'll then see the details of the mission. Find a limo or similar vehicle to 
    fit all your friends into, and follow the arrow. A Russian vehicle will tail 
    you, so get out and kill the occupants. The game will prompt you to kill more 
    and more Russians. Remain in your car as long as possible, as it acts like 
    armour, and you can run over any Assassins that come near you. When you do have 
    to leave the car, your Krishna buddies will help attack. If you need to, find 
    some armour close to a phone, and return to the playing field. With all the 
    assassins dead, it's Job Complete!
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - The Krishna want to convert strong Russian workers from the Mad 
    Island Docks.
    NW - If you've done the previous mission before this one, the Russians will 
    probably hate your guts. If so, kill some Zaibatsu gang members.
         Head to the Lubyanka Warehouse to steal a truck. Once inside the compound, 
    an intruder alert will be sounded, and the guards will come in droves (and I 
    mean *droves*). It should be easy to run them over in your car, as they run in a 
    tight group. Go north and steal another car if your's threatens to blow. Once 
    the guards are out of the way, find and steal the truck.
         Drive to the Mad Island Docks (the road starts in Tedium), and stop at the 
    end of the road. Sound the horn, and four groups of the unconverted will appear 
    & get in the truck. Once they stop appearing, drive out of the docks, and head 
    to the Conversion House, beside the Krishna Krushers. Drive through the door and 
    it's Job Complete! The converted will walk out from the veranda above you, and 
    TB - It's pretty easy once you've got the Mad Islander's killed.  Just drive 
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - The Zaibatsu are using Krishna members as Guinea Pigs for their 
    Deconversion Drugs.
    NW - Follow the arrow to the hideout. The hideout is surrounded by tanks, so try 
    if you want, but it's OK if you die. Sunbeam will offer his Special Armoured 
    Vehicle if you meet your maker. Follow the arrow to the vehicle at the crane. 
    Buckle your safety belt, and go back to the hideout. Wind your way around the 
    tanks and the hideout until you spot your men (the truck won't blow up). Get out 
    to see if the men are still Krishnas, then do as they say.
         Go up the stairs to the left. Go to the right platform, kill the guard, and 
    destroy the generator. This will also blow up the tank. Do the same for the 
    other platform to the left. A second set of stairs is located to the right of 
    the hideout. Do the same for this platform.
         With the tanks destroyed, you must escort the men home. You can't use the 
    armoured truck though, it has to be a Krishna Karma Bus. Find a bus in the 
    Krishna district (there's a parked one near the yellow phones), and head back to 
    the hideout. When close enough to the men, they'll get in the bus. Once all are 
    inside, head to the Vedic Temple. Drive through the door (the Temple is partly 
    underground), and it's Job Complete!
    TB - I found a real easy way of getting through to the Hare Krishna without 
    getting Tanked.  As you can notice, there are numerous blocks and a Rocket 
    Launcher in that facility.  Just grab the Rocket Launcher, and stand next to a 
    block.  Make the position you are standing on close enough to the block that the 
    Tank Rockets hit the blocks, but you can shoot just at the edge of the Tank.  Do 
    this for both Tank's outside, then run past the inside Tank.  Blow up the 
    generator, and you're home clear.
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - Krishna members are being held captive at the Zaibatsu Power Plant.
    NW - Head to the Town Square (you know how), where the Krishna are held. You 
    must destroy the generators on the rooftops, but there is no obvious way up. Go 
    north, cross the road, and head up the stairs. Follow these stairs as they wind 
    around the building. Pick up the machine gun, then cross the walkway with the 
    armour situated on it. Kill the Z-Man, and jump to the roof to the south. Kill 
    the Z-Man, jump west. Jump south, kill the Z-Men, then jump west. Stand a few 
    steps to the south of the generator, and toss a Molotov Cocktail. If you are 
    standing in the right position, it should blow up. There are cocktails to the 
    left if you need them.
         Go to the roof before the one you used to blow up the generator. From the 
    back of the roof, run and throw a cocktail to the generator to the south. Run to 
    the roof with the cocktails, and do the same to the generator located south. 
    Once all three are destroyed, go to the door holding the men.
         They will run out, and tell you to follow, as they have transportation. 
    Follow them down the road, along the rooftops until you find the two limos. They 
    will get in the top one, and you drive the bottom one. Don't get in just yet.
         You may have noticed a Zaibatsu blockade when you were following your 
    fellow men. Head south, get their attention, then run back. You should be able 
    to shoot them from a long distance. Once all are dead, move the vans blocking 
    the road until the game says the road is clear. Return to the limo, get in, and 
    drive away. Make sure the other limo is behind you at all times. Find the 
    Safehouse, and park outside. The other men will go inside themselves. Job 
    TB - This is another mission in which I devised a sneaky plan to easily complete 
    a hard mission.  Once you're following the Hare Krishna over the building, stop 
    at the same point where the Zaibatsu blockade is.  Hopefully you've got some 
    Molotov Cocktails, because they come in handy when dispersing with the pesky 
    blockaders.  After you've moved a Van, try to drive fast to the garage - not 
    only do the Zaibatsu still come after you, but the Hare Krishna behind you ram 
    you if you go too slow !
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - The Krishnas have targeted the pollution emitting Kovski Power 
    Station, fuelled by old tires and reactor cores. Destroy it before it destroys 
    the world.
    NW - Go and meet the other Krishna members. When close enough, they'll pop in, 
    and reveal the details. Head to the power station to the far north-east. To 
    destroy the power station, you must plant four bombs in places which guarantee 
    the destruction of the station. Find the stairs to the south-west of the 
    station, and kill anyone you come across. With the final guard dead, you must 
    walk up to his body, and you will automatically plant the bomb. Do the same for 
    the guard standing on the ground beside the crates.
         Find the other two guards (the game will tell you when to plant a bomb). 
    With all four bombs planted, follow the arrow to the safe, higher ground (it's 
    accessible by the stairs you went to before). Once there, the bombs will 
    detonate, and it's big explosion time. It's also Job Complete!
    TB - Molotov Cocktails ( I'm obsessed with them, but ) come in handy for 
    reaching guards that may endanger your life.
    6.3 Zaibatsu
        The Zaibatsu, the largest gang in the city, control all three sectors. They 
    effectively run the entire city, which the authorities turn a blind eye to. Uno 
    Carb is your contact, and the Zaibatsu are the grey gang on the third map. They 
    hate the Hare Krishna.
    Note - Most of the Zaibatsu missions are *long*, requiring large descriptions. 
    While they do take some time to complete, they are no more difficult than other 
    gangs' missions. Please note that some missions require Molotov Cocktails, so 
    make sure you have some before you start the mission, or at least know where to 
    get some.
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - Use rival gangs resources so it looks like three separate incidents 
    were caused by everyone but the Zaibatsu
    NW - This, and the other Easy mission, are two of the longest missions in the 
    game. Get ready!
         Take a car, and go and collect the special package. Go up the far right 
    crate when you get there, jump on the conveyer belt, and jump down on the ground 
    to the left. Kill the two Krishna guards. Collect the briefcase. You must 
    deliver the special package to Bilovski, the crazed Russian weapons pervert (the 
    game's description, not mine!). He will take the special package (it's a Rocket 
    Launcher), and tells you he will give you the Zaibatsu Entry Codes in a few days 
    (as he thinks you're from the Krishnas). He will test the weapon using a nearby 
    building, then blow himself up after a few shots.
         For the next act, drive around and find a Hot Dog Van. Nick it, and go meet 
    the Z-Operative. He will get in, load the hot dogs, then get out. Take the 
    poisoned hot dogs to the target. Drive close to the target, and he'll get in the 
    van and take a hot dog. He will then get out, but you must stay put and keep him 
    on the screen at all times. Eventually, he'll get poisoned, turn green, and pull 
    you out of the van before dying.
         Thirdly, you must kill another Russian. Find the Z-Contact by going up a 
    ramp and jumping a few roofs. Make contact, and you'll have control of a remote-
    control Kovski Limousine. Drive the limo like any other car to the Russian area. 
    The Russians surrounding a car will spot you, get in their car, and follow you 
    when you arrive. Make sure it's behind you at all times.
          Follow Mr Pink Arrow to the Krishna district, finally stopping in front of 
    a group of Krishna members. They will shoot the Russian car as it is in enemy 
    territory, and when it blows up, it's Job Complete! The limo will blow up by 
    TB - Once Bilovski has the Rocket Launcher, stand back.  While getting to him, 
    look out for Hot Dog Van's to steal.  If you don't find any, park your car 
    across the nearby highway and hope a Hot Dog Van parks in front of it while 
    talking with Bilovski.  And if the Hare Krishna have disrespect for you, just 
    poison the guy and circle the screen until he's dead.  Don't run him over 
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - Uno Carb wants to cause trouble, starting with the Krishnas.
    NW - Head to the Krishna Krushers. Just inside the fence is the Jefferson. For 
    some reason this car is very important, so shoot or run over the Krishnas 
    guarding it. Steal the car, and drive it back to the Zaibatsu area. Follow the 
    arrow to the Power Cores, and drive into the doorway.
         Secondly, a Russian is waiting to make a drugs drop, and you must grab it 
    before he does. Head to the Russian area. The "dropper" will be in a Kovski 
    Bulwark, so follow the arrow till you find it, and hit it. The occupant will get 
    out, so kill him quickly. Steal the car, and take it back to the Power Cores.
         Thirdly, you must steal a car with two, umm, ladies inside. Head towards 
    Mad Island (follow the arrow). You'll end up at a set of stairs, which you must 
    use to gain access to the roof, and then hopefully, the docks. Follow the stairs 
    along the rooftops for as long as possible, jumping where necessary. You'll 
    eventually end at the docks, where the car is parked. Steal it.
         To get back to the mainland, use the ramp to the left. Get as big a run up 
    as possible, then jump the water. Take the car back to the Power Cores, and into 
    the now well-known door.
         But it doesn't end there! Uno Carb now wants a Cop Car, which is situated 
    on a trailer in Azeri Heights. To steal the trailer, you need a Truck Cab, so 
    find one cruising around and "borrow" it. If you're too lazy, there's one parked 
    in the yard just north of the Power Cores. Locate the trailer, and reverse the 
    Truck Cab into it so it latches on. Head to the Power Cores Crane (in the same 
    yard as the parked Cab), and park near the crane. The crane will take the Cop 
    Car off and place it on the ground. Get in it, and take it to (you guessed it!) 
    the Power Cores.
         Finally.....it's Job Complete!
    TB - Once you have the car in Mad Island, make sure that you're landing spot 
    over the water is on the footpath, not a building or the road.  It's best to 
    walk up the ramp and check exactly where your car will land first, because 
    you'll kick yourself if you find out you wasted all that time to die.
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - Uno Carb, the sly little man, has conned the black market into buying 
    legal drugs for double the retail price. Want in on the deal?
    NW - Take your trusty horse and go and meet Ziggy Pole. When close enough, he'll 
    tell you it's too risky to talk unless you come back in a Kovski car. Find a 
    Kovski car, nick it, and drive back to Ziggy. They'll get in, tell you what's on 
    their mind, then try to get you killed. Drive away as fast as possible, 
    following the arrow.
         You'll end up at a train station, and if you follow the top platform to the 
    left, you'll meet your men. Make contact, and they'll hand over Uno's money.
         Find the next group of dealers (pink arrow), who'll tell Uno to get 
    screwed. You must punish their foul language, so kill them all before they get 
    away (they don't offer any resistance).
         The final dealer is in Zaibatsu territory. Find him on the catwalk by going 
    up the nearby stairs. Make contact with main guy. He can't talk because he 
    thinks he's being tailed, but offers his mute handler who will instead hand over 
    the dough. Follow this guy, and he will eventually drop a briefcase as he walks.
         With all the money safe in your hands, you must steal a Kovski truck for 
    repayment of the money they refused to hand over. The truck contains reactor 
    fuel which could be helpful in teaching the Russians a lesson. Head to the 
    Brown-Eye Sewage Works, where you will find the front door is locked. To get in, 
    you must find a way around the back to destroy the generator. The way around the 
    back starts at a train station to the north-east. To get there, find the gap on 
    the fence on the right section of the north-south highway that is to the south 
    of the plant. Drive a car through it, and follow the rails north until you get 
    to the station (don't walk, or you'll zap yourself). If you can't follow these 
    directions (and I don't blame you), find another station, get on the train, and 
    get off when it gets to the station you want.
         There is a set of stairs at the station; follow them until you spot the two 
    guys with the cocktails. Kill them with your machine gun (for the closer guy), 
    and chuck a Molotov at the top guy. If you can't kill them, don't worry, you can 
    still get past them. Find the generator, and blow it up with a Molotov. Get in 
    the truck, and drive to the safehouse. Once inside, it's Job Complete!
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - The Russian Black Market and the Krishna Conversion Program are 
    eating away at the Zaibatsu profit. A gang war is need to save the day.
    NW - Go to the Russian area, and steal a Bulwark. Drive to the Krishna district, 
    and start running over gang members (50 to be exact). A nice place to find a lot 
    of Krishnas is the Vedic Temple. If at any stage the car threatens to blow, go 
    and find a new one then come back to resume killing. Once that's done, go find a 
    Krishna Bus to borrow.
         Take the bus to the Russian area, and run over 50 Kovskis. When that's 
    done, it's Job Complete! As a bonus, you receive $80 000 for completing this 
    Difficulty - Intermediate
    Synopsis - Zaibatsu AI Brain Units have been nicked by the Russians. Steal the 
    truck containing the units back from the Tedium Docks.
    NW - Security isn't that slack at the Docks, as you'll discover by the locked 
    door. Head south a bit until you find a ramp leading down (you'll know you're 
    close when a Russian bombards you with Molotovs). Alas! The back door is also 
    locked; it's time for Satchmo the Safecracker to save the day. Find Satchmo in 
    Sennora, and he'll offer to help you. Head back the, umm, back door with your 
         He thinks the door maybe booby-trapped, but stay put and his fingers will 
    do the work. Once open, he'll run to the next door and try to open it. 
    Unfortunately, it's the booby-trapped one, so it's goodbye to Satchmo.
         Go to the Russian area, and steal a Bulwark. Drive up to the once booby-
    trapped door, and they'll think it's a fellow Russian. Run over the guard, and 
    take the armour. Get a run up, and jump the ramp in your car. Kill the guard, 
    then get in the truck. Drive up to the door, but you'll find it won't budge. You 
    need to throw Molotov Cocktails at the generators above.
         To be able to hit the generators, you must get on higher ground. Go up the 
    stairs to the right, follow them around, then drop down near the guard. Dispose 
    of him, then go up the other stairs. Follow this route around the roofs, past 
    the Russian who was throwing the Molotovs. Get the Get Out of Jail Free Card, 
    then continue along on the left. Follow the stairs around the pillar, killing 
    the guard and picking up the Molotovs on the way.
         From up the top, throw a Molotov at the first generator (you may have to 
    stand back a bit, on an angle). To hit the farthest generator, stand as close to 
    the edge of the tower while running forward. Once both are blown, head back to 
    the truck (you can access the truck using the walkway near the first generator). 
    Take the truck to the Safehouse.
         On the way, two unmarked Russian cars will follow, ramming the truck. Get 
    out of the truck, and when the two Russian drivers get out of their cars, shoot 
    them. The safehouse door will open, so it's just a matter of driving the truck 
    inside. Job Complete!
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - Steal several types of police vehicles (including a tank), to show 
    the Zaibatsu still mean business.
    NW - Like other tank missions, this one is incredibly difficult. If you need 
    armour, health or firepower, there is some located near the crane. First of all, 
    you need to swipe a SWAT Van. Go to the Respray shop near the red Zaibatsu 
    phone, and park a normal car just outside the entrance. Get out, and start 
    attracting the police's attention. When a SWAT Van arrives, kill the occupants, 
    go back to the Respray Shop, and drive the car through it. Your wanted level 
    will disappear, and it is now safe to drive the van to the garage.
         Next on the list is a Special Agent Car. Do the same steps as listed above, 
    except wait for the FBI to arrive, kill them, Respray, and drive the car to the 
    garage. If you want, wait for the FBI to arrive when you want the SWAT Van, and 
    all you have to do then is go back and get the unoccupied Special Agents car 
    without attaining a wanted level.
         The final vehicle is, of course, the tank. But don't worry, you don't have 
    to face the army. You may have seen the Kill Frenzy tank sitting around on your 
    journeys, or during the demo that plays at the Main Menu. It is sitting to the 
    east of the Zaibatsu Garage (behind the bus stop), and hidden under a metal mesh 
    cage. To get it, you must jump the highway opposite the tank.
         Head north till you see the ramp (it's connected to a building). Find a 
    *fast* car, get a runup, slam down the accelerator, and pray. If you're going 
    fast enough, you'll land on top of the cage. Brake before you fly off the other 
    side. Follow the stairs down inside, nick the tank, and drive up and out of the 
    cage. Resist the urge to do the Kill Frenzy, as this will attract the police's 
    attention, and make driving the car to the garage even harder. Drive to the 
    garage like a responsible adult (ie. obey the road rules), and you should have 
    no worries. Job Complete! For some reason, the Kill Frenzy continues, so just 
    wait until it times out.
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - The tank you stole in the last mission blew up in Uno's garage. He 
    wants another tank, this time from the Army Base.
    NW - If you hate tank missions, stop now............. Oh, OK. Arm yourself with 
    the Rocket Launcher (it reappears), and head to the Army Base. The entrance is 
    to the west of the base. Head inside, making sure you dodge the tanks' fire (the 
    various crates stop the rockets). The tanks are slow to aim and fire, so you 
    should be able to outrun them.
       0.9 - First release: all but nine (??) missions included, with at least one 
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