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"Fun for the whole family! Well... Not the whole family..."

Ever have one of those days where you just feel like hijacking cars, killing people, and doing missions for gangs? If so, then this game is for you! GTA2 is better than it's predecesscor.

Graphics - 8/10
They're not amazingly great graphics, but who cares? That's the least of your worries, all I can say is that it's an improvement over the original GTA. There is some cool things though, like the explosions, the lighting is great though, cities are dark, just like in any good crime movie, there should of been more blood though, don't you think there would be a ton of blood after someone gets ran over with a car? I do.

Game play (AKA Fun Factor) - 10/10
I'm giving it a 10, because it's just a really fun game, with tons of missions to keep you busy. This is the basic format of the game, in each level, there is 3 rival gangs, you can choose any one of these gangs to do jobs for, and thus earning you gang respect, but here's the catch, For each gang you do jobs for, you're respect with the other gangs declines, so be on the look out! There's alot of fun missions to do, but some left me angry, because I was killed cheaply...

Sound - 10/10
I love the music that is played when you hijack a car, you can hear the radio crisp and clear. When you're on the streets wreaking havoc on innocent pedestrians, you can them scream in terror when you run at them with a gun! My favorite song is that one that goes ''Taxi drivers must die!''

Controls - 7/10
Coulda been better. I would of liked it better if you didn't have to use the analog stick to control your character. They're not that bad overall though. Controlling your car can be difficult sometimes, as you slide, but it's manageable.

Overall - 9/10
It's really fun and will keep you busy if you decide to play for awhile. The question of renting or buying though? You may want to rent it first if you're not into this sort of stuff, but I suggest buying it because it's such a good game, I just don't understand why some people rate it badly? Is it because they're not good at it? Who knows. But in this reviewers opinion, the game's a blast. So do yourself a favor, buy it! Whether it be from a used game store or brand new, it makes no difference, it's fun either way, I guess I just can't stress that enough.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/27/01, Updated 05/27/01

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