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"Brillant,Better then the original, and yet some aspects better then it's sequel."

This is one classic game for one classic system, simply a must for anyone that still owns a Dream Cast.

Gameplay-10/10 Not only can you do missions for whoever you want, you can do missions for anyone, all you have to do is shoot a few opposing gang members, and your “Respect” on the Respect-O-Meter goes up enough for you to do missions for them. What the heck is a respect-o-meter you ask? Well it is one of the best ideas in the whole Grand Theft Auto series, when you do missions for a gang you get respect, but you lose respect from that gangs rivals, when your respect is a t max you get the hard missions that are worth tons of money. One other feature that I love in this game is the weapons you can add onto the cars, such as the machine guns. One of the best features that would have made for spectacular movies in gta3 are the mid-air bailouts you could just jump out while in mid air fantastic. One of the other great features is the cheats, this way you don't have to worry about getting wasted or not having ammo in the right situation. One great thing about this game, like its predecessor, missions are not important to beating the city. All you need to do is get a set amount of points, sure the missions give you bonus multipliers and tons of cash, if your not one that cares for structure just go around and do whatever. One other rather fun thing in the game is called a “Kill Frenzy” what this is, is you get a high powered weapon and raise hell with it. One other thing I like about this game is that when you kill enough cops or civilians or medical workers, you get either a “Cop Killa!” a “Medical Emergency!” or a “GENOCIDE!”.

Controls-9/10 The Controls are a little bit confusing if you haven't played the first one, but you get used to them quickly. One feature that is hilarious is the gross out button (horn button when walking) and your guy either farts or burps, allowing you to make a cool fart/burp mix by rapidly pressing the button. The only real confusing thing about the controls is that you are walking/driving the way your character is facing, not just the direction you want him to go.

Graphics-2/10 8-bit overhead graphics bleh, the everything else easily makes up for it.

Sound-100/10 I still have gta2 songs stuck in my head such as the song “Taxi Drivers must Die” I still love that song, It’s still in my head even though I haven’t played this game in a while. Even though you couldn't turn the station in this game you could listen to several different stations it all depends on what part of town you stole the car, and if it is a gang car it’ll always be turned to the gangs station.

Replay-infinity/10 If you can dream of a crime this game probably has it, you can't get anymore fun then this game it is terrific replay value, hell you don't even have to play the missions you can just mess around to get to the goal. There is also great replay value in the missions because there is very little structure to them so there is several ways to complete most of the missions.

Overall 10/10This game has loads of replay value, there is no greater game thing to do when your bored then to jack a car and go on a killing spree, then be able to pause when you have to pee. This game is like committing crimes without the consequences it is simply a must for anyone that enjoys thinking of ways to have some fun with a car and some guns. This game is also a great game for anyone that thinks of himself as a crime buff, it allows you to get inside the head of a criminal as well as to have a little bit of the criminal fun yourself.

NOTE- This game is rated “M” for mature by the USRB which means you might need Mommy or Daddy present to buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/12/02, Updated 05/11/03

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