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"Kill'em and Steal'em!!!"

If you have played the Playstation version there isn’t much of a difference in anything. The game features improved graphics, sound, more guns, and a lot more missions. This game isn’t a big leap over the Playstation version with more cars and guns to choose from the game should prove to be a fun experience. If you own the Playstation version of this game it’s not worth getting this one. The controls on this game are about the same as the Playstations except for the speed your player moves. The game is a very cool game where you get to go around town killing people. But beware this game gets very hard. Trying to find a place to save your game is almost impossible and it costs $50,000 to save. Money isn’t very hard to kid just shoot and kill people or blow up things. You get most of your money by completeing missions given to you by your gang leader through the telephone.


The same as the Playstations control provides to be almost as simple. Your guy moves a lot faster and sometimes is hard to control. It would be easier to control if they used the analog controller or the d-pad but they didn’t so you will have to get use to it being this way. All the controls for changing weapons, shooting, stealing cars, and walking are all pretty simple. Most everything in this game can be down with the touch of a button. Bottom line the movement of your character will take some getting use to but once you learn it shouldn’t be so hard. For a beginner though this gameplay is very confusing and takes quite a bit to get use to so beware.


The music in this game is so detailed. You can hear the car making sounds when it starts to burn or the people yelling when you are shooting. Everything in this game is in full detail you can hear the cars engine or people yelling when caught on fire. The cop’s siren is detailed and sounds very good. The music in this game is also detailed and sounds great. The music was wisely chosen and is great. Although most of the sounds of people make mostly yelling is repeated constantly in the game and it can get very annoying.


Everything is detailed to the fullest and looks great. With all of the additions of different cars they all are detailed and each have their own special touch. The guy you play as looks bad he has some pretty jagged graphics and is very rough. With cars from the Playstations version and brand new ones added just for the Dreamcast the cars are sure to grab some attention. The world is very cool with plenty of alleys and other places to hide from cops that are detailed a lot and could use maybe some misc. stuff in the alleys its not that big of deal. The town you play in is HUGE I mean its hard to remember where your at and trying to find your way around this town could take forever.


With plenty of levels to play through and plenty of guns and cars to steal the game should provide for some long lasting fun but does it. The game may get boring before you even start with no major improvements over the Playstations version. It’s got some cool guns to mess with and some trailers you can hook up to with trucks but that won’t keep you entertained for long. The game is a good game but not good enough in the replayability area to keep you coming back for more.


This game is very challenging. Once you take a side with one gang the other gangs will shoot at you and never leave you along. Most of the missions I’ve been through are fairly simple. The most challenging thing in this game is controlling your guy I mean how stupid can you be to make controlling a person like that. Also getting from one part of this town to another is a joke it’s almost impossible to know this town it’s so huge.


If your looking for the best game in this series this is probably it but if you already own the Playstations version I don’t think it’s worth the money. You may rent it just to check it out but the game itself is the same. This game may have a few improvements but not enough to make it all so great. Read the review you decide.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/22/00, Updated 08/14/02

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