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    Moves/Magic Attacks Guide by Mr.E

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/20/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    GRANDIA II: Moves/Magic Attacks Guide
    FAQ Version: 1.2 - 6/20/04, June 20th, 2004.
    Contact Info: MagikarpMaster@hotmail.com
    It's either Mr.E or Rising Chaos. And not at the same time, dudes. ;(
    I. Table of Contents
    Preface: Contact and FAQ Info
    I. Table of Contents (Duh)
    II. Introduction
    III. General Battle Information
      A) Statistics
      B) The IP Bar and IP/Counter Damage
      C) Status Disorders
    IV. General Information About Moves
    V. Detailed Moves Descriptions
      A) Ryudo
      B) Elena
      C) Millenia
      D) Roan
      E) Mareg
      F) Tio
    VI. Advanced Moves Techniques
    VII. General Information About Magic
    VIII. Detailed Magic Descriptions
      A) Support Magic
      B) Healing Magic
      C) Attack Magic
    IX. Advanced Magic Techniques
    End: Miscellaneous
    II. Introduction.
    Hmmm. Moves/Magic Attack Guide... I wonder what this FAQ could be for? Well
    I sure hope you realized this is a guide by the title of the FAQ, otherwise
    you may be in trouble. O_o Anyway, welcome! Obviously, this is a Guide
    created in order to bring light to the subject of Moves and Magic. After we
    get past the general information, I'll be delving into the nitty-gritty of
    the information. Basically, this guide shall cover every aspect of each
    character's Moves and every Magic Attack in this wonderful game. In
    addition to trivial information such as casting costs, I shall give an in-
    depth analysis of each Attack on what it does, its uses, etc. The guide was
    created to help everyone. For newer players, it will allow them to learn
    about each Attack and what makes them worth using or not. For older
    players, perhaps either playing through the game again to uncover all the
    secrets they missed before or simply to kill time, this can be used to best
    evaluate what to use, when, based on their own judgement, or which Attacks
    simply have the greatest raw power.
    In layman's Terms: This Guide was created in order to help you, the reader,
    learn more about Moves and Magic Attacks. It will cover from how to learn
    a particular Move or Spell to which one aren't even worth your time knowing
    what they're even called.
    Also, the primary reason I wrote this is because I'm a bit dissatisfied with
    the other FAQs posted on such a site as this. While all of the In-Depth
    guides on battle do contain useful information, it's largely incomplete or
    simply lists attack decisions and gives little information on why that
    particular attack is any good or not. This FAQ was created to give a
    detailed analysis of every Move and Magic Attack in the game, as well as some
    general information and advanced tactics.
    III. General Battle Information
    Now then, I can't just dive into the good stuff immediately. First I'm
    going to make you suffer through all the basic knowledge you need to know
    beforehand. Mwahaha! Anyway... This section will cover basic battle info
    that is related to our main subject, Moves and Magic Attack.
    A) Statistics
    Strength (STR): Actual attack stat. The higher this amount, the more damage
    that character deals with physical attacks, as well as most Moves. The
    "Strength" Skill enhances this stat.
    Attack (ATK): Battle attack stat. This is your Strength plus Attack boosts
    from certain equipment, and what is used when in battle.
    Vitality (VIT): Actual defense stat. The higher this amount, the less
    damage that character takes from enemy physical attacks, as well as some
    Moves. The "Toughness" Skill enhances this stat.
    Defense (DEF): Battle defense stat. This is your Vitality, plus Defense
    boosts from certain equipment, and what is used when in battle.
    Agility (AGI): Actual agility stat. This higher this amount, the quicker
    that character's icon advances on the IP Bar. The "Speed" Skill enhances
    this stat.
    Action (ACT): Battle agility stat. This is your agility plus Action boosts
    from certain equipment, and what is used when in battle.
    Speed (SPD): Actual speed stat. The higher this amount, the larger the
    distance that character can cover in order to physically attack before
    that character gets tired. The "Dash" Skill enhances this stat. The "Speed"
    Note: This stat will have no effect on any Moves or Magic Attacks.
    Movement (MOV): Battle speed stat. This is your speed plus Movement boosts
    from certain equipment, and what is used in battle.
    Note: This stat will have no effect on any Moves or Magic Attacks.
    Magic Attack (MAG): Actual/Battle magic attack stat. The higher this is,
    the more damage that character does with attack magic, heals with healing
    magic, and the chance for status magic to work. The "Intelligence" Skill
    enhances this stat. This is an unalterable stat in battle.
    Mentality (MEN): Actual/Battle magic defense stat. This higher this is,
    the less damage that character takes from attack magic and resist abnormal
    status effects. The "Mentality" Skill enhances this stat. This is an
    unalterable stat in battle.
    B) The IP Bar and IP/Counter Damage
    The IP bar is the large bar in the bottom-right of the battle screen that
    determines the order of attacks.
                                THE BATTLE IP BAR
    Enemy:  |---------------|---------------|---------------|
            |       |       |       |      COM >>>>>>>>>>> ACT
    You:    |---------------|---------------|---------------|
    The higher a character's ACT, the faster that icon will move on the IP bar.
    When the character's icon reaches the COM point, battle will freeze and
    you are given the chance to enter a command. Once chosen, battle resumes
    and the icon will move from COM to ACT. When ACT is reached, the given
    command will be executed.
    Note: The CPU chooses a command when they reach the halfway point of the bar
    rather than at COM. Halfway is marked by the enemy icon above, on the line.
    It gets more complicated. The way icons move on the IP Bar can be affected
    by certain Spells and Moves, or by special IP Damage effect. IP Damage or
    stunning occurs when certain attacks or items are used against an opponent.
    A Stun is nothing more than briefly stopping the icon from advancing,
    usually due to recoiling from an opponent's attack. IP Damage occurs from
    special attacks as well as some items. When IP Damage occurs, the icon of
    the attacked party is pushed back on the IP Bar, making them having to wait
    longer to act than normal. Some attacks cause greater IP damage than others.
    The "Full-Body Blow" Skill increases the IP Damage of a character's
    CRITICAL attack. If IP Damage builds up on a COM opponent who is not
    cancelled or one at the beginning of the IP Bar, the icon will simply be
    stunned for the period of time it would have taken for the icon to return
    where it is, rather than actually be pushed back.
    A special type of IP Damage is called a "Cancel effect." When certain
    attacks connect when the opponent's icon is between COM and ACT, a Cancel
    occurs. A Cancel cancels the opponent's attack animation, and causes their
    icon to be pushed all the way back to at least the halfway point of the
    normal IP Bar, forcing them to move back up and re-enter a command. The
    CRITICAL attack is the most common way to Cancel, but all basic Moves also
    have this ability. With careful use of IP Damage and Cancels, it is
    possible for a single enemy of much greater stature to never land an attack
    on your multiple-member party.
    Special Note: The Hyper Mogay Bomb is the only item with a Cancel effect.
    Counter damage is simple. If you opponent (or you) are damaged in the middle
    of your physical attack animation, a Counter occurs and the damage taken is
    increased. Counters are usually not important, as they are tougher to plan
    than Cancels and much less useful. However, they are still there.
    C) Status Disorders
    Status: Name of Status Disorder
    Icon: What the icon that represents it looks like
    Description: What the Disorder does
    Oh my. NOT TEH PLAGUE AHAHAHHHHHHHHHHH! Status Disorders are a
    necessary evil to put up with throughout the world of Grandia II. Of course,
    you can put them to use too, and some are quite useful. This part covers
    each abnormality.
    Status: Sleep
    Icon: White Bubbles on Blue Square
    Description: Our best friend through most of the game. Sleep immobilizes
    the victim for a short time. Wears off after a short time, or usually after
    a physical hit. Inflicting Sleep resets the IP Bar. Sleep wears off at the
    end of battle.
    Status: Confusion
    Icon: Orange Swirl
    Description: Mixed results. You cannot control a confused ally, who may
    attack the enemy or you with any number of attacks. Same occurs when
    inflicted on the opponent. Inflicting Confusion resets the IP Bar. Confusion
    wears off at the end of battle.
    Status: Poison
    Icon: Poisonous Mushroom
    Description: Don't bother inflicting on an opponent. A low amount of damage
    (1-20 or so) occurs when Poisoned. However, heal this when you have it, as
    it does damage frequently and stuns your character each time it does so.
    Status: Paralysis
    Icon: Black Skull on Yellow Explosion
    Description: Paralysis is almost exactly like Sleep. Only difference is that
    being hit by a physical attack does not end this. Paralysis wears off after
    a short time. Paralysis is only inflicted randomly by most Lightning-based
    Moves and Spells. Inflicting Paralysis resets the IP Bar. Paralysis wears
    off at the end of battle.
    Status: Plague
    Icon: White, Cracked Skull on Dark Green Square
    Description: Now this is a bad one. When first received, it usually only does
    simply Poison damage and the like. If not treated, Plague will randomly
    inflict any of the other status effects at any time, as well as lowering
    battle stats. Heal it quick before it gets really bad. No player-usable spell
    inflicts Plague.
    Status: Move Block
    Icon: An X-ed out Fist
    Description: We don't like this. It blocks all Moves from being used,
    whether or not we have enough SP to cast the Move.
    Status: Magic Block
    Icon: A Lightning Bolt crashing down
    Description: Another one we don't like. It blocks all Magic Attacks from
    being used, regardless of casting cost and MP we have.
    Status: Sweatdrop
    Icon: 3 Sweatdrops Form on the Forehead
    Description: Not really a Disorder, but this is the effect you suffer
    from a physical attack if you run too far to attack. You Sweatdrop and
    miss the rest of your turn. The higher the Movement stat, the longer it
    takes for this to occur.
    IV. General Information About Moves
    Moves are the "special attacks" of a particular character or enemy. As
    expected, we will focus on the ones we can use.
    Moves differ from character to character, and each has a different use.
    Moves require Special Coins to learn or upgrade, and cannot be cast unless
    the character has at least the required amount of Special Points required
    to use the Move. The level of a Move determines casting speed as well as
    damage potential. Some Moves cannot be learned until a certain scenario
    has been passed.
    Should the original target of a Move be defeated, a new target will be
    randomly chosen to take the attack instead.
    V. Detailed Move Descriptions
    Move: Name of the Move (Lv1, Lv2, Lv3, Lv4, Lv5 cost to learn/upgrade)
    Cost: Casting Cost in SP
    Target: What/Where the Move hits
    "[In-game Description]"
      [Move Details]
    Note: Other Information. Not all Moves will be Noted.
    An asterisk (*) denotes the move is already known when first acquiring the
    "Counter damage" denotes that this Move may cause Counter damage.
    Level 5 is also known as MAX Level.
    Move: Tenseiken Slash (*, 250, 500, 1000, 2000)
    Cost: 24 SP
    Target: One Enemy
    "Upward slash from below   Cancel effect"
      Tenseiken Slash! The first Move of the game that you'll most likely use.
      It has a Cancel effect and casts instantly at Lv5. Cheap and effective.
      Counter damage.
    Move: Flying Tenseiken (800, 400, 800, 1600, 2400)
    Cost: 40 SP
    Target: One Enemy
    "Uppercut slash with Skye's help"
      Here goes... Flying Tenseiken! The first of the standard secondary Moves.
      No Cancel effect like Tenseiken Slash, but has a higher IP Damage effect
      and does about 50% more damage per level.
    Move: Purple Lightning (700, 350, 700, 1400, 2800)
    Cost: 32 SP
    Target: One Enemy
    "Deadly slash with a lightning-lit sword"
      Strike... Purple Lightning! It's not a bad attack, but not particularly
      useful. Power is balanced between Tenseiken Slash and Flying Tenseiken,
      but the IP Damage is kinda low. And Wailing Soul Slash is soooo much
      cooler. =) Lightning-based Move, damage affected partially by enemy
      Lightning resistance. No cancel but low IP Damage compared to Ryudo's
      first two Moves, stick with them in most instances.
    Move: Sky Dragon Slash (1500, 750, 1500, 3000, 6000)
    Cost: 99 SP
    Target: All Enemies
    "The ultimate esoteric deadly slash"
      Sworn enemies, you shall be defeated! Take that!... Sky Dragon SLASH!
      SDS = Ouch. In everything. Damage, full-screen shot, and cost. Great
      attack, just don't use it often because it quickly drains your SP
      reserves. Otherwise it's powerful, and visually impressive. High IP
      Damage. Counter Damage.
    Note: This Move cannot be learned until after defeating Melfice.
    Move: Impact Bomb (*, 250, 500, 1000, 2000)
    Cost: 25 SP
    Target: One Enemy
    "Ball of light pounds enemy   Cancel effect"
      Here goes my Impact Bomb! Standard basic Move. Insta-cast at Lv5
      ensures easy Cancelling and does decent enough damage. Being Holy-
      based, it does extra damage to undead foes. Counter Damage.
    Move: Nightmare Ball (600, 300, 600, 1200, 2400)
    Cost: 18 SP
    Target: Enemy Area
    "Bubbles from staff put enemy to sleep"
      Staff... of Nightmares! Now this is truly a great attack. What it
      lacks in power it makes up for in usefulness. Though this is the
      weakest Move in the game, it sends all enemies it hits to Sleep,
      usually for a sufficient length of time. Late in the game, Sleep
      wears off very quick. Even still, the Sleep is nearly guaranteed and
      at least will reset their IP Bar. Cheap and quick-casting, this is one
      of the most useful Moves of all.
    Move: Droplets of Life (1400, 700, 1400, 2800, 5600)
    Cost: 90 SP
    Target: All Allies
    "Water of life restores all"
      Oh Holy ones, send your rain of life! Bleh, nothing more than a
      REALLY powerful Alhealer. At Lv5, can heal over 3000 HP, which is
      usually healing-overkill anyway. Okay, if you're really ailing it can
      help, because it revives ALL allies (the only multi-revival tool at
      your disposal) and heals all status ailments. If you're down to only
      Elena or a two members highly injured, throw it out and save yourself.
      Not entirely useless, but the only enemies who could hurt you that
      badly are the ones who can just as easily kill off the remaining
      party members. Stick to the Alhealer spell except in the most dire of
    Move: White Apocalypse (1200, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800)
    Cost: 80 SP
    Target: All Enemies
    "Intense light reduces enemy to dust"
      Oh tainted ones, return to the world of Darkness! Quite good. Not as
      useful as Nightmare Ball, but this move packs the only reliable attack
      Elena has to deal big damage. Better than Ryudo's SDS, White Apocalypse
      is cheaper and deals extra (albeit unncessary) damage to undead. Also
      visually impressive. High IP Damage. Counter damage.
    Move: Arrow Shot (*, 250, 500, 1000, 2000)
    Cost: 25 SP
    Target: One Enemy
    "A single surefire shot"
      This may sting a little...! Easy. Millenia's basic Move. No worse than
      the rest of them, a good attack to use. As with all basic attack, it
      casts instantly on Lv5 and has a Cancel effect. Counter damage.
    Move: Heel Crush (500, 250, 500, 1000, 2000)
    Cost: 20 SP
    Target: One Enemy
    "Deadly heel attack saps enemy spirit"
      Bet you like this, you pig! Now we get into the good stuff that are
      Millenia's remaining Moves. Slightly weaker than Arrow Shot, but it's
      particularly useful for Bosses. Deals damage and decreases all enemy
      parameters by 1. While a good Move, it will later be overshadowed. Only
      non-basic Move to have the low upgrade cost of the basic techniques.
    Move: Fallen Wings (*, 400, 800, 1600, 3200)
    Cost: 75 SP
    Target: All Enemies
    "Attack with wing power"
      This is my way of thanking you... Well you just have to appreciate the
      little anime-modeled cutscene you get with it. Anyway, like Heel Crush,
      this is a fairly good attack on its own, but will also be overshadowed
      soon. Only non-basic Move to already be learnt. Medium-High IP Damage
      effect. Counter damage.
    Move: Starving Tongue (600, 300, 600, 1200, 2400)
    Cost: 55 SP
    Target: All Enemies
    "Absorb HP with tongue power"
      Chew on this, baby! And this is what overshadows Fallen Wings. Starving
      Tongue, like the rest of Valmar-based Moves, has a really bad-ass
      animation to it. Fallen Wings DOES have a higher IP Damage effect, but
      otherwise is inferior to this Move. This attack heals Millenia equal to
      the damage done to all enemies. Counter damage.
    Note: This Move cannot be learned until after the Tongue of Valmar has been
    defeated and absorbed by Millenia.
    Move: Spellbinding Eye (1000, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000)
    Cost: 60 SP
    Target: One Enemy
    "Block enemy movement"
      You're scared, aren't ya? This is the Move to overshadow Heel Crush for
      It stops the enemy's IP Bar movement. This effect can last anywhere from
      a single round to several minutes depending on the level of this Move.
      Being frozen in place allows easy IP Damage effects to keep pushing the
      icon further and further back which makes it extremely easy to reapply
      this after it wears off. Also deals small damage, like Poison. And to move
      it into the category of CHEAP, Eye even works on all the final fight 
      Bosses. It just doesn't get better than this.
    Note(1): Any enemy that depends on the movement of another enemy
     (Melfice's Sword, Tentacle, etc.) will not be able to physically
     attack so long as their movement-anchor is under the influence of Spell-
     Binding Eye (Melfice, Valmar's Eye, etc.).
    Note(2): This Move cannot be learned until after the Eye of Valmar has been
     defeated and absorbed by Millenia.
    Move: Gruding Claws (700, 350, 700, 1400, 2800)
    Cost: 42 SP
    Target: One Enemy
    "Split enemy with claw power"
      Mmm, fresh ground hamburger...! Basically akin to Flying Tenseiken,
      only used by Millenia. Raw damage and a good animation. High IP Damage
      effect. Counter damage.
    Note: This Move cannot be learned until after the Claws of Valmar have been
     defeated and absorbed by Millenia.
    Move: Golden Hammer (*, 250, 500, 1000, 2000)
    Cost: 22 SP
    Target: One Enemy
    "Attack with a hammer   Cancel effect"
      Yet another reincarnation of Tenseiken Slash. However, this one is the
      cheapest casting cost of the basic moves. As the rest, Lv5 instacast and
      Cancel effect. This attack does not change after Roan rejoins the party,
      though he simply says "There!" rather than "Golden Hammer... Crash!"
      Counter damage.
    Move: Dragon Rise (800, 400, 800, 1600, 3200)
    Cost: 38 SP
    Target: One Enemy
    "Legendary esoteric attack"
      Dragon Rise! Standard secondary skill, just as Flying Tenseiken. Lower IP
      Damage than FT but slightly cheaper. Otherwise it's basically the same,
      in terms of battle. Medium-High IP Damage.
    Note: This Move is replaced by True Dragon Rise once Roan rejoins the party.
    Move: True Dragon Rise (Same as above)
    Cost: 42 SP
    Target: One Enemy
    "True legendary esoteric deadly attack"
      The ultimate secret... True Dragon Rise! Why is this a million times
      better than the regular version? You don't have to hear Roan's squeaky
      voice anymore! You get his more mature voice, thank you. Slightly more
      powerful and more expensive, but otherwise the same as Dragon Rise. High
      IP Damage.
    Note: This Move replaces Dragon Rise once Roan rejoins the party. It starts
     on the same level that Dragon Rise was on when Roan first leaves.
    Move: Snowball Fight (700, 350, 700, 1400, 2800)
    Cost: 40 SP
    Target: All Enemies
    "Attack by throwing a huge snowball"
      Expect an early winter, with lots of snow! This is better than what it is
      replaced with, unfortunately. This is the cheapest All Enemies-targeted
      type Moves, automatically making it worthwhile. Ice-Based Move, damage
      affected partially by enemy Blizzard resistance. Use it while you still
      have the chance to. Counter damage.
    Note: This Move is replaced by Ice Prison once Roan rejoins the party.
    Move: Ice Prison (Same as above)
    Cost: 30 SP
    Target: One Enemy
    "Deadly slash with cold"
      Chill out! Ice Prison! This actually is not a bad attack. It is akin to
      Ryudo's Purple Lightning, but it more useful because the cost gap between
      Ice Prison and TDR is larger than it is with Purple Lightning and Flying
      Tenseiken. Slightly less powerful than TDR. However, no IP Damage.
    Note: This Move replaces Snowball Fight once Roan rejoins the party. It starts
     on the same level that Snowball Fight was on when Roan first leaves.
    Move: Vitality March (400, 200, 400, 800, 1600)
    Cost: 20 SP
    Target: All Allies
    "Cures status disorders"
      Let my music cure you all! Does just what the description says. Heals all
      Status Disorders on all party members. This is useful in battle when you
      have Status Disorders on multiple party members at once.
    Note: Roan cannot use this spell to remove a Move Block inflicted upon himself.
    Move: Beast-Fang Cut (*, 250, 500, 1000, 2000)
    Cost: 26 SP
    Target: One Enemy
    "Spirited axe attack   Cancel effect"
      Beast-Fang Cut! Yawn. Same old basic attack. Lv5 instant casting, average
      power, and a Cancel effect. Good general Move, as always. Counter damage.
    Move: Beast-King Smash (800, 400, 800, 1600, 3200)
    Cost: 44 SP
    Target: One Enemy
    "Killer blow with all mind and body"
      Beast-King Smash! Standard secondary attack, doing about 50% more than
      BK-Cut and a high IP Damage effect. Also cool seeing Mareg flip around
      the way he does.
    Move: Beast-King Blast (1000, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000)
    Cost: 52 SP
    Target: Mareg
    "Blast enemy with beast-soul power"
      Rawr... BEAST-KING BLAST! Ahh, something refreshing and new. Damage
      ranges between BK-Cut and BK-Smash, but this Move is different from the
      others. The center of the attack is Mareg himself, and anything within
      the proper distance of Mareg gets hit. Don't bother with a single enemy,
      but it's a good Move if there are 2-3 enemies within Mareg's hit range.
      Fire-based, damage affected by enemy Fire resistance. Counter damage.
    Move: Lion's Roar (600, 300, 600, 1200, 2400)
    Cost: 18 SP
    Target: All Allies
    "Heartening roar ups attack power"
      All heed the lion's roar! Well, nothing much to this move. Only thing it
      does is modify the Attack stat +1 to all allies. Since stat mods aren't
      particularly useful in the game for the most part, use should be limited.
      However, it's really cheap, so feel free to use it when wanted.
    Move: Lotus Flower (*, 250, 500, 1000, 2000)
    Cost: 28 SP
    Target: Enemy Line
    "A splendid attack   Cancel effect"
      Lotus Flower, bloom!A twist on basic techniques. Unlike the rest, this one
      has the ability to connect with multiple targets. It's a small line, but
      still entirely possible. Though weaker and costlier than the rest, its chance
      to hit more than one enemy make it more useful in more situations. Lv5 instant
      castings, Cancel effect. Counter damage. And perty...
    Note: Though this is classified as an Enemy Line Move, the size of the hit area
    is much smaller compared to other Enemy Line-type attacks.
    Move: Fast-Dance Whirl (800, 400, 800, 1600, 3200)
    Cost: 38 SP
    Target: One Enemy
    "A legendary attack dance"
      Here it goes! Nothing much to explain, about the same as Flying Tenseiken,
      TDR, Grduging Claws, and BK-Smash. Medium-High IP Damage.
    Move: Tornado (1000, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000)
    Cost: 48 SP
    Target: All Enemies
    "A dance move that stops wind currents"
      Release wind! The cheapest All Enemies targeted attack that your later
      party will possess. It casts fairly quick too, making it a good Move choice.
      All foes and allies (except Tio herself) are randomly blown to a place on
      the battlefield, except exceptionally large or stationary enemies. No IP
      Damage. Counter damage.
    Move: Whisper to Stars (600, 300, 600, 1200, 2400)
    Cost: 36 SP
    Target: All Allies
    "Power of stars raise all variable stats"
      Oh stars above, please listen to my voice! Compared to Lion's Roar, this is
      a Godsend. A quality move. Raises Attack/Defense/Action/Movement by one
      level to all party members.
    Note: This Move cannot be learned until Mareg has died and your party returns
     from the Moon.
    VI. Advanced Moves Techniques
    One that everyone should know. As Level 5 basic techniques (the first ones
    listed under each character above) cast instantly, use them to cancel
    dangerous attack about to be performed by the enemy.
    Do not underestimate Elena's Nightmare Ball. Its sleep effect, at higher
    levels, work even on the toughest of opponents. The Devils of Raul Hills
    can be slept using this Move. Though it wears off nearly instantly against
    them, Elena can put an IP hold on them by resetting their IP Bars with sleep
    Remember that the secondary techniques (FlyTen, GrudClaws, TDR, BK-Smash,
    and F-DW) all have about double the IP Damage effect of their basic counter-
    parts. If you're going to hit the enemy before they reach the COM point, use
    these Moves to deal IP Damage instead.
    Don't use Moves for everything. Sure, that's what this guide covers, but
    use your common sense for this one. If you can already finish off your enemy
    with little to no damage without using your Moves, then don't go and waste
    Special Points. But feel free to go crazy if you're right by a save point.
    After defeating the Eye of Valmar, always save every last SP of Millenia's
    for using Spellbinding Eye against each Boss she faces in the future.
    Making them completely helpless and completely harmless, there's nothing else
    you could possibly do that would be of better use. Once you're under 60 SP,
    either restore Millenia's SP with items or use what's left to sap their
    stats with Heel Crush.
    VII. General Information About Magic
    The first rule of Magic is: Though (almost) every Move has its good and its
    bad uses, the same does NOT hold true for Magic. Not every Magic is good,
    not every Magic is useful. First off, most Stat Mod Magic is NOT useful,
    with the exception of ACT-altering ones. Only once reaching levels 3-5 do
    they start working well, and by then you could've easily killed your enemy
    or severely weakened a boss. Magic is contained in the 8 different Mana Eggs
    found throughout the game. Magic Coins are required to learn or upgrade the
    spell, just as Moves. To use a particular spell, you must equip a character
    with a Mana Egg that has that spell learned to it. Magic Attacks require
    Magic Points, or MP, to use. Magic Attacks normally do not have Cancel
    effects, but some may obtain this trait through the "Magica Esoterica" Skill.
    This usually works on most single-target attack Magics.
    There are 8 different Elements that each Magic Attack falls under. Fire,
    Earth, Wind, Lightning, Blizzard, Forest, Explosion, and Water. Any damage
    a spell of each Element deals to an enemy may be reduced or negated depending
    on the enemy's resistance to that element. In a sense, Explosion-Type is
    "non-elemental," or is a universal type. No enemy resists this type of attack.
    Water Element has no damaging spells.
    Magic Attack (MAG) affects damage done, amount of healing, or success rate
    of a status-inducing spell. Mentality (MEN), or Magic Defense, affects the
    amount of damage the target takes, and their ability to resist status change.
    Should the original target of a Magic Attack be defeated, a different target
    will randomly be chosen to take its effect.
    VIII. Detailed Magic Descriptions
    Magic: Name of Magic Attack
    Cost: Casting Cost in MP  Type: Element of Spell
    Eggs: Mana Eggs on which this spell can be found
    Target: Who/Where the Magic Affects
    "[In-Game description]"
      [Magic Attack Details]
    Note: Other information. Not all Magic will have notes.
    If anybody would like to help me on which attack Magics can Counter and which
    cannot, please e-mail me the list and I will be glad to credit you for it.
    A) Support Magic
    Support Magic are non-damaging spells that... Support you. Support Magic
    usually comes in the form of Stat Modifiers or Status Magic. Stat Modifers
    alter battle parameters: Attack, Defense, Action, Movement. Usually single-
    target Modifiers alter that stat by 2, while multitarget Modifiers will often
    lower that stat by 1. Status Magic includes all Magic that causes Status
    Disorders on the enemy. Status Magic inflicts nasty side-effects on the enemy
    that affects their ability to battle.
    As Magic is found on many Mana Eggs, and is much cheaper to learn and upgrade,
    I will not be listing the costs for them, unless I get flooded with requests
    for it or something. =P
    Magic: WOW!
    Cost: 5  Type: Explosion
    Eggs: Holy, Gravity, Star, Fairy
    Target: One Ally
    "Ups attack power"
      WOW! What an attack! Well, not really. WOW! simply add +2 Attack to an
      ally of your choice. It's ok early on, but just skip it later in the game.
    Magic: Stram
    Cost: 6  Type: Lightning
    Eggs: Chaos, Soul, Star, Fairy
    Target: One Enemy
    "Robs strength and drops enemy defense"
      Stram subtracts -2 Attack from an enemy of your choice. Nothing more. Not a
      particularly useful spell, unless your opponent already has +4 or +5 Attack.
      Does NOT drop Defense as it says.
    Magic: Diggin'
    Cost: 4  Type: Earth
    Eggs: Holy, Mist, Star, Fairy
    Target: All Allies
    "Ups defense with the power of earth"
      Cast Diggin' to gain a +1 Defense for All Allies for that battle. Peh, this
      one's useless, +1 is too small.
    Magic: Def-Loss
    Cost: 5  Type: Earth
    Eggs: Mist, Gravity, Soul, Fairy
    Target: All Enemies
    "Drops defense with the power of earth"
      Same as Diggin', except casts a -1 Defense modifier to All Enemies. Equally
      worthless as its counterpart.
    Magic: Speedy
    Cost: 7  Type: Forest
    Eggs: Holy, Mist, Star, Fairy
    Target: One Ally
    "Forest life-force ups movement ability"
      Now this isn't a bad one. Adding +2 Action to an ally can make a difference.
      Use this once or twice to substantially speed up a character or to counteract
      Cold. Combine this with Cold to even out the speed difference between your
      characters and Bosses. No, it does NOT increase Movement as it says.
    Magic: Cold
    Cost: 7  Type: Blizzard
    Eggs: Chaos, Gravity, Soul, Fairy
    Target: One Enemy
    "Drops movement with soul-chilling cold"
      Speedy's counterpart. This is actually better than Speedy usually, since it's
      faster to cast 2 Colds on 1 or 2 parts of a boss than it is to cast 2 Speedy
      on 3-4 party members. And no, it does NOT drop Movement as it says.
    Magic: Runner
    Cost: 3  Type: Wind
    Eggs: Holy, Chaos, Mist, Fairy
    Target: All Allies
    "Boosts movement with a tailwind"
      Bleh. Movement's no good, it only helps to give you a longer range for
      running to physically attack an opponent. Your natural Movement should
      usually suffice anyway.
    Magic: Freeze!
    Cost: 5  Type: Blizzard
    Eggs: Chaos, Gravity, Soul, Fairy
    Target: All Enemies
    "Drops action with bone-chilling cold"
      Equally as bad as Runner. 'Nuff said. Does NOT drop action as it says.
    Magic: Snooze
    Cost: 5  Type: Water
    Eggs: Holy, Chaos, Gravity, Star
    Target: All Enemies
    "Puts enemies to sleep with bubbles"
      Overall, it's cheap and effective. It's useful through the beginning of the
      game when everything falls for it. Once past Lumir Forest, though, it loses
      its power to sleep consistantly. Good at first, eventually will fall into
    Note: One of only 4 Spells to not belong to either the Fairy or Dragon Eggs.
    Magic: Craze
    Cost: 10  Type: Forest
    Eggs: Gravity, Soul, Fairy
    Target: Enemy Area
    "Confuse enemy by dropping spores"
      While Confusion is not as desirable as sleep, it's more powerful. Craze will
      continue to work through the entire game, also gotten later. =P Craze should
      mostly be used to reset the opponent's IP Bar, as Confusion is NOT a reliable
      Status Disorder.
    Magic: Fiora
    Cost: 12  Type: Blizzard
    Eggs: Holy, Chaos, Gravity
    Target: Enemy Area
    "Magic symbol blocks enemy moves"
      I suppose it's not bad. For all practical purposes though, it's not useful.
      Fiora doesn't have a high chance of working on later enemies (the ones who
      actually use Moves) and could be killed by the time you do get it to work.
    Note: One of only 4 Spells to not belong to either the Fairy or Dragon Eggs.
    Magic: Shhh!
    Cost: 10  Type: Wind
    Eggs: Holy, Mist, Soul
    Target: Enemy Area
    "Blocks magic with a vacuum"
      Same as Fiora. By the time you reach enemies that start to use Magic often
      enough that you'd actually have a use for this spell, it no longer works on
      them. Once again, pass.
    Note: One of only 4 Spells to not belong to either the Fairy or Dragon Eggs.
    Magic: Gravity
    Cost: 8  Type: Earth
    Eggs: Holy, Mist, Star, Fairy
    Target: Enemy Area
    "Use gravity to gather enemies"
      The spell that gravitizes other enemies toward your target. Use this to
      bunch up spread out enemies, making them easy to hit with Enemy Area or Enemy
      Line-type Magic Attacks.
    Note: Though it is classified as an Enemy Area-type Magic Attack, it is
     different than others of its type. The Area that this spell covers is MUCH
     larger than other Enemy Area-type Magic Attacks, allowing it to gather up
     enemies that you would normally miss if using a different Spell.
    B) Healing Magic
    We like this magic, don't we? Virtually required for long, tough battles.
    Certainly you know what Healing Magic does? WHAT?! YOU DON'T?! *gasps for air*
    It heals you! Healing Magic is used to heal either Hit Points or adverse Status
    Magic: Heal
    Cost: 6  Type: Water
    Eggs: Holy, Chaos, Mist, Gravity, Soul, Fairy
    Target: One Ally
    "Restores a little HP"
      Your basic healing spell. As it is a bit weak later on in the game, it's best
      to use them in between battles, so as to not waste turns on what could be
      used to finish off the opponent sooner. Average Magic-User should heal 1000-
      1500 HP later on in the game, or less while in the Pause Menu.
    Magic: Healer
    Cost: 12  Type: Water
    Eggs: Holy, Chaos, Mist, Soul, Fairy
    Target: One Ally
    "Restores a lot of HP"
      More suited to battle healing. Costs twice as much, however it is more
      powerful than Heal, allowing you to get back to defending yourself quicker.
      Average Magic-User should heal 1500-2000 HP later in the game.
    Magic: Healer+
    Cost: 24  Type: Water
    Eggs: Holy, Mist, Fairy
    Target: One Ally
    "Restores a whole lot of HP"
      This is more of a desparation heal than anything. As it will most likely heal
      over 3000 HP in one go, use this only if you've been slammed by a huge attack
      and in dire need of the quickest healing possible in the shortest amount of
    Magic: Alhealer
    Cost: 18  Type: Water
    Eggs: Holy, Gravity, Soul, Fairy
    Target: All Allies
    "Restores a lot of HP"
      Best suited to battle healing. It only costs 6 more MP than Healer, and acts
      as a "Healer" to All Allies. Very useful for healing the entire party at
      once. If  the entire party is damage rather than 1 or 2 characters, use this
      to heal them instead of Heal from the Pause Menu.
    Magic: Cure
    Cost: 4  Type: Forest
    Eggs: Holy, Mist, Star, Fairy
    Target: One Ally
    "Green power cures poison and paralysis"
      If you find somebody Poisoned or an important character that has becomed
      Paralyzed, this is your go-to Spell. Try to cure Poison outside of battle
      unless absolutely necessary.
    Magic: Refresh
    Cost: 12  Type: Forest
    Eggs: Holy, Mist, Fairy
    Target: One Ally
    "Unblocks magic/moves"
      Very useful once the game gets going. Use this to removed any Move or Magic
      Blocks on your characters. If you're in a major battle, remove Blocks ASAP.
      Otherwise just heal after the battle ends.
    Note: If a character is inflicted with Magic Block, they cannot use Refresh on
     themselves to remove the Block.
    Magic: Halvah
    Cost: 24  Type: Forest
    Eggs: Gravity, Soul, Fairy
    Target: One Ally
    "Cures all status abnormalities"
      Ahh, the Cure-All sort of thing. It's expensive for removing statuses. Use
      Cure or Refresh if possible, or outside of battle. Only use Halvah if it
      cannot be removed by the other two, such as Plague. Still has use, though.
    Magic: Resurrect
    Cost: 40  Type: Water
    Eggs: Mist, Soul, Star, Fairy
    Target: One Ally
    "Revives a fallen character"
      Well hopefully this is a useless spell for you. If you have to use this,
      it means you've let a character fall under "Fallen" Status, normally referred
      to as being "killed" or "KOed." Resurrect revives Fallen characters and
      restores them to full HP.
    C) Attack Magic
    The meat and potatoes of Magic Attacks. Now this is the stuff we want to see!
    Big, mean attacks that decimate the opponent through use of force. Nummy.
    Attack Magics are the damaging moves that come from the Mana Eggs. Damage dealt
    depends not only on MAG, but will do less damage if the enemy has any sort of
    resistance to that particular element. Explosion-Type Magics are not resisted.
    Also, some Attack Magic deals a large amount of IP Damage and a big stun, while
    others give no IP Damage and virtually no stun.
    Magic: Poizn
    Cost: 15  Type: Forest
    Eggs: Mist, Gravity, Soul
    Target: Enemy Area
    "Covers a range with a poisonous gel"
      Eww. The first Attack Magic we cover is the worst of the bunch. It is the
      only Magic that can inflict Poison on the enemy. However, Poison is much less
      an annoyance to them as it is to us. Weakest damage and bad side-effect make
      this a bad choice normally.
    Note: One of only 4 Spells to not belong to either the Fairy or Dragon Eggs.
    Magic: Tremor
    Cost: 15  Type: Earth
    Eggs: Holy, Gravity, Star, Dragon
    Target: Enemy Area
    "Call up earth energy and attack"
      It's not bad. Though it is weak, it has a cheap cost and is a fine choice
      if you can exploit elemental weaknesses.
    Magic: Quake
    Cost: 40  Type: Earth
    Eggs: Holy, Gravity, Star, Dragon
    Target: All Enemies
    "Attack all enemies with earth rage"
      This isn't a particularly powerful Magic Attack compared to all other
      ones that target every enemy. But it's cheaper, so use this when you're
      a bit short on MP or to exploit an Earth weakness.
    Magic: Crackle
    Cost: 16  Type: Blizzard
    Eggs: Holy, Mist, Dragon
    Target: One Enemy
    "Attack enemy with icicle knives"
      Meh. You can get decent damage out of it, but you're usually just as well
      off using a powerful character to Combo the enemy rather than use this.
      Still okay against Ice-weak enemies, though.
    Magic: Crackling
    Cost: 52  Type: Blizzard
    Eggs: Holy, Mist, Dragon
    Target: All Enemies
    "Attack enemies with diamond dust"
      A big improvement in usefulness over Crackle. It's very powerful, and can
      be used to deal a very large amount of damage to multiple enemies at once.
      Just don't use it on Ice-based enemies.
    Magic: Howl
    Cost: 9  Type: Wind
    Eggs: Chaos, Mist, Soul, Dragon
    Target: Enemy Area
    "Attack with tornado energy"
      Howl should be your best friend through most of the game. It's the cheapest
      costing multitarget (damaging) Magic Attack in the game. It's a bit weaker
      than the other multitarget spells, but it still serves its purpose, and
      can actually become quite powerful if you invest in your Wind-based Chant
      Skills. A prime choice. Small IP Damage.
    Magic: Howlslash
    Cost: 14  Type: Wind
    Eggs: Chaos, Mist, Soul, Dragon
    Target: Enemy Line
    "Attack with sharp wind blades"
      Like Howl, this is also a very powerful attack for the cost. Cheapest
      second-level (damaging) Magic Attack spell. Has quite a large IP Damage
      effect for its cost and power. Again, a prime choice.
    Magic: Howlnado
    Cost: 45  Type: Wind
    Eggs: Chaos, Mist, Soul, Dragon
    Target: All Enemies
    "Tornado attack that engulfs all enemies"
      The last installment of the Howl series brings us to Howlnado. The cost
      evens out here. Howlnado is not an extremely cheap-for-the-power Magic
      Attacks that its weaker brothers are, but it's still a powerful choice
      for clearing out troublesome enemies. May cause Confusion. The animation
      stuns enemies... dropping them on their heads tends to do that.
    Magic: Burn!
    Cost: 6  Type: Fire
    Eggs: Chaos, Gravity, Star, Dragon
    Target: One Enemy
    "Attack enemy with fireballs"
      Burn! is merely average at best. This Magic should not be used very
      often, but can still be useful when used by weaker characters, such as
      Elena and Millenia. At least it's cheap.
    Magic: Burnflame
    Cost: 16  Type: Fire
    Eggs: Chaos, Gravity, Star, Dragon
    Target: Enemy Area
    "Attack with a huge pillar of fire"
      This is an improvement over Burn! It can hit multiple enemies for a
      cheap cost. Unlike Poizn, it has a tolerable power and is useful early
      on, when many enemies are weak to Fire. If things are just out of range
      of Howlslash's Line Area (or if the enemy is weak to Fire or resistant
      to Wind), use this instead. Albeit not as useful as Howl or Howlslash,
      a good attack nontheless.
    Magic: Burnstrike
    Cost: 20  Type: Fire
    Eggs: Chaos, Star, Dragon
    Target: One Enemy
    "Attack enemy with countless firebirds"
      Eh. It's kinda like Crackle, except slightly more powerful and a few MP
      more expensive. If anything, use it to watch its animation. =P MP can be
      better spent. =\
    Magic: Hellburner
    Cost: 42  Type: Fire
    Eggs: Chaos, Gravity, Star, Dragon
    Target: All Enemies
    "Burn up enemy with hellfire"
      Same ol' multitarget power spell. Only Fire, this time. Average Magic
    Magic: Zap!
    Cost: 24  Type: Lightning
    Eggs: Chaos, Soul, Star, Dragon
    Target: Enemy Area
    "Attack by shooting balls of lightning"
      Now this is a good spell. It's not much less powerful than the power
      Spells (Quake, Crackling, etc.) but a heck of a lot cheaper. Enemy Area
      is usually good enough to hit all enemies, making this extremely
      damaging for the cost. One of the best. Also, may cause Paralysis.
      However, should they be outside of the area's range...
    Magic: Zap All
    Cost: 36  Type: Lightning
    Eggs: Chaos, Soul, Star, Dragon
    Target: All Enemies
    "Lightning attack Burns all enemies"
      ...then use Zap All. =P Actually, Zap All is a big step down from Zap!
      it's basically Zap! at a 50% higher casting cost. However, it can hit
      enemies across the screen and it still just as powerful as the other
      power spells, and still cheaper. Also, may cause Paralysis. Another
      highly recommended Magic Attack, but stick to Zap! if you can still hit
      everything with it.
    Magic: DragonZap
    Cost: 58  Type: Lightning
    Eggs: Chaos, Dragon
    Target: Enemy Line
    "Attack with dragon lightning"
      Completely bad-ass. 8) As an actual Spell, it's not bad either. One of
      the most damaging spells, and may cause Paralysis. You just have to
      appreciate the good job the animators did on this spell.
    Magic: GadZap
    Cost: 55  Type: Lightning
    Eggs: Soul, Dragon
    Target: One Enemy
    "Attack with holy lightning from heaven"
      Well there's not much to say about it. Quite impressive animation, as
      all Lightning Spells get. Single most powerful attack in the game, and
      still may cause Paralysis. Probably the best choice for attacking a
      single opponent.
    Magic: BOOM!
    Cost: 22  Type: Explosion
    Eggs: Gravity, Star, Dragon
    Target: Enemy Area
    "Attack with an explosion"
      BOOM! is a pretty good spell. It's not quite as powerful as Zap!, but
      this actually does decent IP Damage also. Being Explosion, no enemy
      has an elemental resistance to this spell.
    Magic: BA-BOOM!
    Cost: 75  Type: Explosion
    Eggs: Gravity, Dragon
    Target: All Enemies
    "Attack with a huge explosion"
      Most expensive Magic Attack. As powerful as DragonZap and barely under
      Meteor Strike and GadZap, it's a good choice for clearing the screen.
      Use BA-BOOM! if you can't hit everything with DragonZap or face any
      Lightning-based enemies. Nuke effect. 8)
    Magic: Meteor Strike
    Cost: 50  Type: Explosion
    Eggs: Star, Dragon
    Target: One Enemy
    "Meteor attack from the sky"
      Mmm. Meteor Strike is our second most powerful Magic Attack, and like
      GadZap, only hits a single target. Will be just as useful as GadZap,
      since while it is barely less powerful, some of the later bosses take
      no damage from Lightning Magics. Once again, a cool-looking Spell.
    IX. Advanced Magic Techniques
    Unless you're near a Save Cone or just HAVE to view one of the greatest
    attack animations, save your MP and use only what you need to defeat the
    Equipping a character with two Chant Skills that boost the same type of Magic
    (such as Zapfire and Boomflame Chants) will cause all Magic of that type to
    cast instantly. (This only occurs if both of those Skills are MAX Level.)
    The damage/healing boosts are cumulative, so any spell under the influence
    of multiple Chants will not only cast instantly, but damage/heal double that
    of normal. Keep this in mind.
    Magica Esoterica, the final Skill in the final Book, will give most single-
    target damaging Magic Attacks a Cancel effect.
    If an enemy is running across the battlefield to attack your party
    physically, using Gravity on that enemy will instantly cause them to
    Sweatdrop (tire out) and lose their turn.
    If you somehow manage to put up with using Freeze! 5 times on the enemy,
    any enemies with -5 Movement modifiers will not be able to move at all if
    attempting to physically attack you. =)
    Use Craze or Snooze to cause Confusion or Sleep, which reset the opponent's
    IP Bar. Lightning attacks sporadically cause Paralysis, which also resets
    the Bar.
    Equipping all 3 Chants that relate to a single element on one character
    has no more effect than 2 Chants. As with the above example, if we added in
    Wizardry Chant to the other two, it would have no additional effect.
    End: Miscellaneous
    Well I'd say that's about it. We've covered each of the character's Moves
    and all of the Magic Attacks within the game in close detail. If you have any
    questions (perhaps I was a little TOO specific on some thing) or any
    additional information to contribute or correct, my contact information
    is at the top of this guide. I'd like to have some people to have on my
    contributor list!
    _Thanks to:_
    Alex Joshua- For the idea of the IP Bar representation demonstrated in his
    Battle FAQ.
    Wulfson- His Special Attacks Guide has all of the upgrade costs for each
    Move, allowing me to get the information I was missing without starting my
    game over yet again.
    Sonuis- An IRC friend of mine who did a bit of proofreading for me, and all
    that good jazz. Fixed a couple of typos and fixed something wrong with the
    description for Roan's "Snowball Fight."
    Chris Converso- He informs me that "Droplets of Life" heals status ailments
    and revives all Fallen allies, in addition to heal. Unfortunately, I can't
    confirm this myself due to the lack of this game at the moment, so I'll just
    have to take his word for it. Either way, here he is on the list.
    This is Mr.E saying, "Good fight, good night." ... Wait a minute, that's not
    the right one. Let's try that again.
    "Thank you and goodnight!"
    Much better.
    _Update History_
    Septemper 26, 2002: First version of FAQ.
    Septemper 29, 2002: Fixed a typo within Roan's Movelist and added in Tio's
    "Lotus Flower" quote. Slight modification to Copyright statement.
    June 20, 2004: Hey cool got an e-mail on my FAQ. That doesn't happen very
    often. "Droplets of Life" description updated, Chris Converso added to the
    Contributor's List.
    This Guide Copyright© 2002 Mr.E, all rights reserved. This FAQ may not be used
    on any website or any game information site without my permission (except
    GameFAQs), and may not be used in order to generate any monetary gain. Be sure
    to give credit where it's due. If you get my permission to use a FAQ somewhere,
    don't claim it for your own.=P This may be viewed and/or printed for personal
    use if so desired.
    If you want to put it on a site, just ask! I'm not a big, mean orge-man. I
    have no reason not to let you have it so long as you give me credit unless
    you're EXTREMELY suspicious for some odd reason or another. I just won't
    be very happy if I find this in a place I never knew about without my
    knowledge or with no due credit given. No problems with this so far...

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