Review by wolverinefan

Reviewed: 10/10/07

My least favorite game on the Dreamcast

In Tokyo-To, a city in Asia similar to Tokyo... The signal's goin' over buildings, across railways, traveling at the speed of sound out into the streets of Tokyo-To. This is Professor K, the man with the sounds, DJ of the underground and captain of the pirate station: Jet Grind Radio!!! The story is very bad, it first starts off that you have to protect your turf then you have to conquer al the other gangs turf THEN you have to stop some guy from finding a gold disc. This has to be the worst story in a game ever. I give story a 3/10

I have never played a game before with controls this bad. You only use 3 buttons, L, R and A. Why they put they put the spray paint and camera action on the same button is beyond me. Every character controls really bad, the camera always gets in the way, speeding up doesn't always work and doing some of the spray paint combos take forever and sometimes they mess up for no reason. You grind stuff when you don't want to cause if you try to jump over something it makes you grind it but if your running from something and try to grind it won't. The control needs so much work it isn't funny. I give control a 1/10

Voice Acting, Sound Effects and Music
The word horrible comes to mind when I think of the voice acting, Professor K has the most annoying voice ever! All the characters sound really bad. I wish there was at least one good voice. The sound effects are ok, the sound of trains, cars and gun fire sound good. I don't see ANY skater in the world listening to this horrible music. There isn't one good song on the soundtrack and some songs you will never hear for some reason. If I ever hear Super Brother again I think I might blow my Dreamcast up, the song is THAT bad. This game needs good music and good voice acting. I give voice acting, sound effects and music a 4/10

Game Play
The control almost makes the game unplayable. You jump and grind stuff and spray paint over other gangs tags. You can sorta do tricks but you have no control over them they just happen. There is only five cities with three or four stages each. There are a couple different modes for each city but they are really boring. Most of the time you have cops, copters, gang members, and other things trying to kill you. I don't really see why they would send a tank after some kid who is spray painting over things. You can make your own tags which is cool but making a cool background for them is hard. You can also download pictures from the net and use them as tags. There are a lot of characters you can get which is nice but they aren't very good. There is also a time limit on each stage which makes no sense. I give game play a 5/10

Replay Value
The game gets old fast. There are a ton of tag souls to find but it gets really boring since you have to beat that stage to keep the tag souls you found. You can also try for highe score and submit them online but thats also boring. This game needs some fun modes to play. I give replay value a 6/10

Final Score
I give Jet Grind Radio a 4/10

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Jet Grind Radio (US, 10/30/00)

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