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"This is from Sega?"

This game is hard. Not hard as in a challenge. Hard as in ''STUPID SMILEBIT!''. Hard as in you almost immediately begin thinking: ''It seems Smilebit stole this game from a more competent development team, which would be difficult, due to the fact the Smilebit obviously was hand-picked to have to least competent programmers on Earth.'' Well, perhaps I'm exaggerating just a bit... but not much. Now on to the review.

Words can not describe how horrible the gameplay is... at least in the later levels. The early missions are fine. Spray cans are nicely distributed throughout the level, there isn't an overload of police to come and get you, and the graffiti spots are challenging to reach, but not evily challenging. However, everything changes in the later levels.

Suddenly, without warning, the police are gone and some other enemies come in. They apparently have nothing better to do than shoot up teens, and send in amazing numbers of assasins that can run at approxamately the speed of light. This is not fun. The graffiti spots suddenly become much more difficult to reach, and you are given no clue as to how to get some of them.

In one of the later levels, nearly all the graffiti spots are high up on the top of buildings. This wouldn't be so bad, except that you fall off almost every time you turn around!

Also, I hate the ''Instant Replays''. Sometimes, after you complete an ''Amazing'' jump, the game shows a short replay. This would be fine, except for one big problem: it doesn't wait until you've landed the jump to replay! Now, if it would nicely set you down while it's playing the replay, that would be fine. BUT, you MUST continue to hold the jump button and press the Analog Stick forward. If you forget.... too bad. Try again. The same thing happens after you ''escape'' The Man. Evil!

STORY: 9/10
Nice story, but a bit odd. Basically, you are trying to spray paint everything. Then the cops come. It picks up a bit later in the story, but I shouldn't ''ruin'' it for you.

The graphics are almost PERFECT, except for the occasional surprising popup of a very large object. Also, the camera is a bit annoying, but nothing too extreme. The sound is nice, but the character voices are horrible. The Japanese voices were MUCH better. The music is nice. Most of it is from Sega, but a few, like Rob Zombie's ''Dragula'', were taken from real CDs.

After you've played through once, you'll never want to play the actual game again. Ever. The police come at the same triggered times and all the graffiti spots are the same. Woo. There are some ''extras'' if you beat the game; you can see how fast you can tag the whole city and race against computer players, but it gets old fast. No two player.

Rent it, unless you just must learn the story, in which case you should buy it. But don't say I didn't warn you :&

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/02/00, Updated 12/02/00

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