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"Prepare ! JGR will destroy your Social Life !"

Sega has always been known for their stylish games, and this game is no exception. Jet Grind Radio, in my opinion, is the most stylish and original game ever created. It's got so many elements that keep the game going, like spraying graffiti and doing outrageous stunts. In other words, you're never bored. There are 5 huge cities in Jet Grind Radio, and they are all so detailed.

Graphics : 10/10

Oh My God. These graphics have to been the most smoothest and most detailed I have ever seen. Thanks to the new cel-shading technology, the characters really look great. They have a cartoony, 2d feel on them, and they fit perfectly in this game. There is almost no slowdown, the only slowdown you will experience is when 10+ troopers come into the picture. Can't really blame the DC for slowing down though.

Gameplay : 9/10

The gameplay is also brilliant, the two main gameplay elements are spraying tags on the streets of Tokyo-to, while dodging the police and rival gangs, and making the most outrageous stunts. After I finished the game, I found myself coming back to this game constantly, if only for the stunts.

Sound : 10/10

I just have to give this a 10. The sound just fits this game so well. There are some very nice tunes in the soundtrack of JGR, and they are all mixed by a professional DJ. Fantastic.

Story : 9/10

I have to say, I was very suprised with the quality of the story in Jet Grind Radio. The story, for the most part, is being presented by a DJ called Professor K, and he does a terrific job at it too. I didn't took the story as serious as per example Final Fantasy 7's story, but JGR's story was by all means satisfying.

Replayability : 8/10

My feelings are mixed on this one. Sure, I have been playing this game non-stop for 2 weeks now, and finished the game 4 times, but I wonder if this will last more then a month. After you finish the game, you just have the feeling that you want more !

To buy or to rent ?

You simply have to buy this game. It's a classic ! I can recommend this game to anyone, you don't have to be a racing or skating fan to like this game. What are you waiting for ? Get to your local gamestore and buy this game !

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/04/00, Updated 12/04/00

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