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Reviewed: 12/27/00 | Updated: 12/27/00

This game is for skating freaks, music lovers, and graffiti patronizers!

Lemme say that again...This game is for skating freaks, music lovers, and graffiti patronizers! We all like art, we like to see cool skating, and we love to groove to music!
So this game is everybody! It's a cool party game. (Even though it's only one player; if the players good, it's fun to watch.) Jet Grind Radio is a game mixed with some pretty innovative ideas, great graphics, and an awesome soundtrack all with a touch of modern-day pop culture.

The Good:
Graphics: You need to see this game in motion to really be impressed. You've probably heard a lot about I'll skip ahead....
Gameplay: This game is awesome! A great settings, huge envrionments! Grind your way through the stage while you spray away at walls, did I mention that you on jet-powered skates! Zoom as fast as you can cuz the police is on your tail!
Music: Groove on to some music, while your skate. Enjoy the DJ's scratching to the beat! It's spectacular. The Enligsh version kept the original soundtrack and added more tracks (with liscenes); this game (US) also featured two extra levels! Woohoo!

The Bad:
Slowdown: We have all felt this! Slowdown is so annoying especially when your skating away from people after you, and you try to make a jump across! SPLAT! I fall cuz the whole thing is just so slow!
Camera: Man! GET IT STRAIGHT! GET IT STRAIGHT! I don't wanna change it myself. The camera center button is also the same as the tag button (will cause trouble later especially during tag chasing)
Control: It's pretty clunky!

What should have been done to make the game better:
1. Tighter Controls
2. No slowdown!
3. Better Camera!
4. Make the game a little longer!
5. More story! (Now, it would have been better if all the mission were incoporated together! More use of cutscenes. Like some cool action scenes. I wanted dialgouge and chracter developement for some reason.....)

Overall: It's a great game you must not miss; borrow it, rent it, buy it! I don't care how just play it! And lemme say something that I'm pretty sure people would want: sequel! (I'm pretty scared that if they do have a sequel it might suck. Actually, all they need to do is maybe make new areas, make the game longer, make the controls tighter, make a really cool story with cutscenes (action style, with voices, and plot developement), actual use of the y, x, and b buttons.)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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