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"An Amazingly Unique Title That All The More Proves What Sega Is Made Of"

Well, for the past few month's Jet Grind Radio has been the center of much talk in the videogame world for many reasons. One could be it's unique ''cell shading'' graphic technique that gives the game a somewhat cartoony look. Another could be the similarities in gameplay and level design to that of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Crazy Taxi. Well, whatever the reason, it's a positive buzz, and aptly so because the game is definitely a great game, but the question is still asked. Should you own this game?

Graphics- As stated earlier, Jet Grind uses a unique style called cell shading that makes the characters and some background elements look like a 3-D cartoon of sorts. Even though these graphics aren't the best we've ever seen, they are still fresh and very cool, which also describes most of the games other aspects. As for the cities themselves, they look very reminiscent of Crazy Taxi with the exception of the cell shading on some objects and structures. Very nice, nonetheless. 9/10

Sound- The sound in this game is ooooh so good. I don't care what your preference in music is, you'll love this soundtrack. While most of the soundtrack is J-Pop (Japanese pop music) it still has a lot of American music to appeal to you such as songs by Rob Zombie, Jurassic-S, Mix Master Mike (from the Beasty Boys), Cold and a few others. Still though, even with all of the American music (and being a fan of Rob Zombie and the Beasty Boys), the J-Pop is really amazing, I never thought it would sound so great until I actually herd it. On the other side though, the sound effects are nothing amazing (nothing bad either, mind you), but they work. 10/10

Gameplay- A lot of similarities and comparisons have been drawn between Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and JGR, and while it does have some basic elements like THPS, they are definitely not the same. While I do think THPS still has the gameplay down a little better, the gameplay in JGR is still very good. Some people may have a problem with pulling off tricks consisting of only jumping while skating fast, but I think it works fine and doesn't detract from the score. The only thing that actually does detract from the gameplay is the camera. Don't think it is all that bad though, it isn't, but there are some strange moments. After you play it a while, you'll have everything in this section down like the back of your hand. 9/10

Replay Value- Well, there's nothing phenomenal here either, but it does have a fairly long and quite challenging single player game. There is also a graffiti editor but it isn't that great either. I guess collecting all of the characters and the many secrets will keep you coming back for a while. I think the main draw for replay is probably the ''wow'' factor the game has, so basically you're probably going to want to show it to most of you're friends and once they play it they'll be hooked too. 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/09/01, Updated 01/13/01

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