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"What An Amazing Game!"

This is a must buy for all DreamCast owners! From the unique cellshaded graphics, to the extremely large cities, to the great playability, it will have you playing for months to come!

Graphics- The graphics are amazing! They're definitly not the most realistic, but that's a good thing! The characters, are are cell-shaded which makes them look cartoonish. Basically everything is cell-shaded-even the buildings! This game has some amazing graphics! 10/10

Story- This game has also got a great storyline! It starts out basically as a gang war, as the different rollerblade gangs spraypaint cities, and the GGs (your gang) sprays over the other gangs paint. The story eventually has some major twists and turns, and becomes far more than a gang war. An amazing story, that deserves a sequel! 10/10

Sound- Jet Grind Radio's also got some great sound. Every level in chapters one and three has j-pop (japanese pop) music, which is great, but some songs will quickly get on your nerves. There are also very few American songs (only on chapter two) such as Rob Zombie, Jurassic 5, MixMaster Mike, Cold, and maybe a few others. I almost forgot to mention the character voices! Mainly the only people who talk are Professor K, and Combo (unless u wanna count when everyone says ''yo!'', and ''hey'', or other things like that) but they've got some good voices. 9/10

Gameplay- The gameplay's great, too. The tricks are a little too easy to perform (go fast, and jump to perform most tricks), but that doesn't hurt the gameplay at all. Oh, and sometimes (mainly only when you're near a wall, the camera goes over your head, and that gets annoying. And when you do a big jump, or escae from the cops, the game does an instant replay, whether you want it to or not. Oh yeah, and the paint button's the same as the camera change button (I don't know why SEGA chose to make one button do two things, when there are also a bunch of unused buttons in this game) which makes the game slightly harder. There may be a lot of small mistakes like these, but they don't really affect the game at all. Most of these things are hard to notice. 8/10

Replay Value- This game has a great replay value, as there are many secrets, and a fairly long (and extremely challenging) one player mode (but no multiplayer). You will be playing this game months after you beat it! 10/10

Overall-This is, and will definately be for a long time to come, SEGA's best DreamCast game ever! This game, as I said before is a must buy for all fan's of every genre. This is an awesome game with only a few slight problems, that can easily be overlooked. This game is well worth the fortynine bucks it costs! 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/14/01, Updated 01/14/01

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